The clarification post

First of all, and this is the last I’m going to talk about the attacks on the poster, you guys need to actually read the poster first before you throw slurs on the person who made it.

FACT: There is no attack on homosexuals as a community being the one to blame for the spread of HIV and AIDS that could be seen in this poster. 

FACT: These are statistics. These are numbers. It is information. And information is not biased nor does it take sides. It just is. If you have any doubts, please check them yourselves. Visit http://doh.gov.ph/

Second, why would I take so much effort to have that poster done in such a beautiful way (and yes, I think my design was good), endorse it to all of my friends, and actually lobby it to be placed on Tumblr Philippines’ radar if all I wanted was to spread hate?

FACT: I used such colors in such a way that it would not be seen as something dark or aggressive, instead as something that could be attention-grabbing and a poster that needs to be seen and read.

Finally, please, before you start questioning what people are doing and attack their person, please, please, do actual research first.

FACT: The side bar on my Tumblr site has this description of who I am…

I’m a pro RH Bill nurse who fight against sexual inequalityHIVand AIDS, and abuse of mother nature. Read about those stuff and my daily shiz right here.

Does that not, in anyway, make you think that I could actually be just, as what I intended to do, stating facts?

FACT: There is an actual rise of newly reported cases of HIV and AIDS in the Philippines. One of the statistics that rises the fastest is among men who have sex with men. Thus, it is necessary to inform the people about issues that concern them. This information dissemination is targeting such people because they have to be informed.

FACT: I work for one of the leading HIV and AIDS organizations in the country, and I am currently involved in the work that helps prevent the spread of the virus. And one of our measures is education.

FACT: and I can’t stress how big of a fact this is, and I am sure you would have figured it out if you even bothered visiting my site before throwing hurtful words against me…


Why in the world would I attack or put down who I am? Like seriously?


For the people who said negative things. Read before you act.

And for those who thought well of me and thanked me for the information, I commend you for allowing yourself to partake in this exchange of education. Believe you me, I learned as well. 

For thisisdemfae, I thank you for trying to clarify things. I owe you a hug.

As for everyone, continue spreading the poster. The more information spread, and the better access people have to the truth, the better.