==>F!Sherly: Find 3yr-old Wholock.

You give an annoyed sigh as you walk through the halls of the TARDIS, have been turned into a female again. The upside this time is that you were not also inflicted with sexual influence. Along the way as you muttered random things to yourself, you come across something rather odd….Your beta’s coat and glasses were left in the middle of the floor. You thouhgt as to why a moment, then realized you didn’t care, and was about to just leave it there when another sound caught your attention. Some sort of clanging and then a thud. You assume it was Wholock as you walk towards the direction of it’s origin. Adler was not around, so you were safe to assume it was nothing kinky going on per say.

F!DS: “What in the name of Gallifrey do you think you are doin you tw-!?”

You stop looking down at a much smaller child that looked a lot like Wholock, who had apparently tripped over his own scarf that was far too big for his size, spilling some some various things he had been attempting to carry. He looked up at you and your befuddled expression, before pointing at the things on the floor and bluntly stating.

Y!WL: “espeWimenting.”

You continued to stare for a moment, wondering as to how he got that way, what he was “experiementing with”, and more importantly what should you do with with him now?