As part of our yearly Fambly Secret Santa exchange it’s time for some ~HOLIDAY GIFT ART~.

This year my giftee is Elgie, so here is her character Selene enjoying a nice brisk breeze in colorful scenery.

I hope you like it Elgie-! I know Torrin should probably be around there somewhere, but he was cramming up the place being all palefaced and tangental so let’s say he’s wheezing on the ground from the long and tiresome hike to the pretty red tree place and just didn’t make it into the angle of the scene. Yep.


i was part of a secret santa drawing exchange with a bunch of friends again this year and my gift was for Jamie, aka catandcrown aka silver aka all sorts of things. this is his character Silver fucking around with his mechanical legs and looking dramatic in front of a field of yellow. this picture combined many things i am awful at drawing - backgrounds, legs, and robotics - into one big package and im actually surprisingly proud of it.

i hope you like it, bro! we dont get a lot of chances to chat due to us both being busy as dicks and living 8 hours from each other at least, but maybe we can chill more in the future! there are some issues here i’ll probably fix in the future but the thing is due today so hmu if you see anything in particular you want me to fix!


I am so sorry this isn’t painted and completely finished yet! b-but it will happen! i promise! with a neato colour scheme and everything! I also apologise if i have given off the wrong ‘feel’ for the world of Just! I just had this image of the military outpost having all of these massive tubes and filters everywhere that help the water for the steam powered devices worked. So all of these hisses and constant low lying fog just as he cleans the gun…which i may also have messed up! Nyeeeaaah! 

I wanted to show him preening the gun, as they seem so personal in the story from what ive gathered so far, so just gently buffing away left over marks and dirt from living so close to the forest and patrols.

I-In any case! I hope you like it so far!

(reluctantly presses the post button)

I was part of a secret santa gift art event with my best bros The Fambly and I got Jojo! This is her characters Subu and Meskah, who are part of the same world and potentially more than freennnsss?? Meskah is having a hard time breathing and Subu is pretty much showing off awww bless.
A-anyway hope you like and have a fantastic holiday and get spoiled by your husbando and eat food and generally relax/be lazy BECAUSE WHAT A YEAR!