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So hey do you think we could maybe get some more Kaze loveposts bc they make me happy <:3c

looks like I’m going to have to tell the boys to double production so we can reach our goal of 50,000 Kaze loveposts a day. They may have to work a few Saturdays, but in their hearts they know its worth it

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Any fluff headcanons for mcree, junkrat, and mei?

((Sure thing famalama, I’ve done this as genral fluffy things that they do))


•His hat is called Kayla, he won’t tell you why it’s called Kayla it just is

•Sings to country music in the shower

•That tune he whistles (the one when idle) his dad taught it to him

•If any team mate is feeling sad he will wrap them in his poncho

•He is one of many Heroes that falls asleep on the way back from a mission

Junkrat -

•He gets very sad and mopey if he expects fireworks one night and there aren’t any

•Adores animals, if he’s sees an injured one he’ll try and nurse it back to health

•Usually falls asleep at the end of missions with Mccree

•If he sees a pretty person he will literally stop what he’s doing and gawk at them, this includes in the middle of a battle

•He will tell everyone he only has bubble baths to get the ash out of his skin but really he loves the bubbles

Mei -

•Loves poetry and is currently getting taught by Hanzo how to write a haiku

•Many people have walked in on Mei dancing to a song on the Tv but no one has had the heart to tell her though

•Blushes and stutters along as soon as anything romantic is brought up in any conversation

•Is a very good cook, and often cooks for the team. She always has the biggest grins and becomes very chatty if anyone compliments her food

•If she feels sad or distressed she will hug her little robot for comfort