luke and calum just KILLIN it on the xylophone !!!

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I’ve been wanting to make a music video for Disconnected for a really long-ass time but no one I know irl has been willing to be in it. I had the idea all planned out but without someone to star in it, I can’t make it.

That’s why I’m completely changing my approach. The song doesn’t have to have romantic connotations so I’m not taking that route anymore. Instead of a story line music video, I’m asking you guys to help me make a fan-fueled music video.

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Send me a short video clip (or long video clip or whatever) of you and your friends just hanging out and having a good time (ideas of this would be just hanging out on the internet, watching a movie, having a sleepover, hanging out at a park, etc. As long as you’re with your friends and having fun, that’s what matters)
  • I’ll take the clips and put them together to make the music video so if you want to send a video of you + your friends singing along, I might throw that in there. I’m trying to stay away from a singing video and make it more like an official fan video, y’know?
  • Once that’s done, I’ll post it on tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube in hopes of the band seeing it. I’ll tag everyone and have a credits list at the end of the video!

This will only work if enough people send me a video so if you want to send a video, here’s what you should do:

  • Send the video via email to disconnectedmv @ mail.com
  • Make sure the subject title is : Disconnected Music Video
  • If you want to be credited at the end, add your tumblr url or Twitter handle so i can list you

I have no idea if this will work so if you send in a clip and the video isn’t posted by let’s say November, not enough people participated. Hopefully if this gets good feedback, I’ll have it done by October but I’m saying November so people can get their videos sent in. Please do this if you can!

A summary of the APMAs

-Mark Hoppus is my spirit animal
-Shitty sound for the first fifteen minutes
-Shade, shade everywhere
-No one likes Trace
-5sos? Really?
-Brendon us piss drunk but still is a singing angel, that piece of trash
-Hella shade


Hurts like a car crash

(Part seven out of seven of the apology)




physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.
“she’s in great pain”
synonyms: suffering, agony, torture, torment, discomfort More
careful effort; great care or trouble.
“she took pains to see that everyone ate well”

To say that {Y/N} was sacred would be an understatement, in fact, there was no word on the dictionary to define how she actually felt; that’s what was scary.
She was honestly at a crossroads, she knew that to her, Luke was her boyfriend, that was it. But as hard as tried to hide the existence of Calum from her; it failed.
She thought Luke liked her, but, not as much as Calum, he loved her, she knew that to be a fact, but she knew loving her best friend would be wrong.
{Y/N} sat in her black Range Rover trying not to cry, she hated crying, it made her feel weak.
While she attempted to fight back tears her phone began ringing; it was Luke of course, but she didn’t answer, deep down, she was afraid that if she had told him that she was pregnant he’d leave her.
She quickly hit decline then picked her phone up again.
{Y/N} couldn’t stand the silence, she needed someone to talk to but she didn’t know who.
She could call {Y/B/N}, sure, but she’d most definitely convince her to tell her where she was and then tell Luke; so no.
She could call her mom? But then her mother would ask who got her pregnant in the first place, and that’d be another story she’d have to explain, being that she told her mother the other day that things were going great.
There was only one person left, someone that she absolutely knew she could trust even in a situation like this; She decided to call Calum.
The call gave two rings before Calum decided to pick up, “Hello?” He asked; an obvious smirk on his face.
“Calum? Are you busy?” She asked while tying to sound as if she wasn’t crying.
“I’m never to busy for you baby girl, what’s wrong? You sound sad.”
She tried her hardest to wipe her eyes as vision began blurred by tears.
“I just, I just really need someone to talk to.” She spoke again, busting out into a fit of tears, “But-but I don’t want you to get mad at me.”
She sobbed.
“I could never be mad at you baby, where are you right now?”
“I’m at the park, the one broad street.” She whispered.
“Okay.” He spoke, “I’ll be there an a little bit.”
Luke was on the verge of destruction, he had called {Y/B/F}, and the rest of the guys to help find {Y/N} Calum of course was no help, complaining about the fact that he had other things to do than to find Luke’s run away whore; which pissed him off so he hung up.
Once the rest of the guys got to Luke’s they immediately started asking questions.
“Alright mate, when’s the last time you saw her?” Ashton asked.
“I-I-I-uh.” Luke tried to form words, but nothing would come out, only jammed up parts of a sentence.
“It’s alright Luke, take your time.”
He took a deep sigh before trying to speak again.
“It was before he doctors appointment.” He spoke, thinking about that moment.
The was her lips tasted like strawberries, and the how her hair smelled of her wild berry shampoo.
“Okay. Have you tried calling the office she went to?” Luke laughed aloud as he stared at Ashton.
“Yeah. It’s not like I’m a complete idiot.” He spoke. “He’s just trying to help Luke, calm down.” {Y/F/N} spoke, causing Luke to stand up.
“Yeah? Well who the hell says I need your fucking his help, huh?” Ashton reacted angrily, immediately standing up to be face to face with Luke.
“If I remember correctly it was you who called us here; something about a missing girlfriend?” Michael stood up as soon as Ashton said that.
“Alright guys, calm down and remember why we’re all here in the first place.” Michael said, trying to bring the tension down.
Luke gave another smirk before waving a hand in the air.
“I promise you mate, I'f it weren’t for the fact that {Y/F/N} was sitting right there, and that I’m trying to find my girlfriend, I’d beat your ass.”
Ashton laughed off his comment and sat down, Luke following suit.
“Hey, doesn’t {Y/N} have an iPhone?” {Y/B/F} asked. “Uh, yeah why?” A smiled appeared onto {Y/F/N} face as she pulled out her phone.
“I swear if guys actually used their brains it’d be a miracle.”
{Y/N} sat on the old brown bench that rest directly in front of the swings.
A smile appeared onto her automatically as she watched the play ground, adults taking turns pushing one another back and forth.
She began to wonder if that’s were she’d be one day, maybe with less drama but still.
Suddenly, being pregnant didn’t seem like such a big deal.
Before she could think about anything else someone behind her grabbed her shoulders.
“Hey kitten.” Calum’s voice rang behind her.
She let out a sigh of relief once she knew who it was.
“Hi” She spoke as she watched him take a seat next to her.
“Are you okay? You seemed really worked up earlier.”
“Yeah. Wait, no….” She stuttered undecidedly.
“You can tell me anything you know.” He spoke, looking at her, “Guess now that I bring it up I should follow my one rules.” He spoke lowly, probably assuming she would hear.
“What?” She laughed.
“Look {Y/N}, I don’t know what Luke told you about me. But I think he might have lied to you.” A thousand questions began to run through {Y/N’s} mind before she actually decided on one to ask.
“I-I don’t understand.” She stuttered.
He took a deep breath before opening his mouth again.
“{Y/N}, I’m your boyfriend. Luke was just-just a friend. You and I had got into an argument but-but that doesn’t change how I feel about you.”
Without a word Calum slammed his lips against her’s, and for a moment, she kissed him back.
She came to her senses immediately and jumped up from her seat and Calum stood up too.
“{Y/N}, calm down, you look angry.”
“No. I-I love Luke.” She she spoke before walking towards her car.
“Fuck” He cursed before following behind her.
“I can’t pin her location.” {Y/B/F} spoke.
The five of them had been trying for hours to find {Y/N}, but to no avail, “Thanks for trying guys. I guess I’ll just have to-” Luke was interrupted by someone pounding on the front door.
Luke gave the group a look before getting up to get it. He swung the door open to reveal an sad looking {Y/N}.
“Oh my god.” He spoke “Where the he-” He was once again interrupted, but this time it was by a hard slap that {Y/N} had delivered to him, causing his face to sting immediately.
The sadness that he thought he had seen was replaced with a cold dead stare.
“Your such a fucking lier!!” {Y/N} spat. Giving Luke a hard push backwards.
“Woah, okay, {Y/N} you need to calm down.” She gave another angry look before pushing past him and into their normally shared bedroom.
He gave the guys a quick look back, signaling for them to leave. And they got it.
“Hold on {Y/N}, let’s talk. First off where were you.” She looked at him with disgust before scoffing.
“I was at the doctors Luke.” She spoke plainly, standing in the middle of the bedroom.
“And?” Luke asked.
“Why do you care Luke? Oh, that’s right, you don’t. Your just lying to like you’ve been doing, and you’ve had me fooled this far.”
She tried to leave but Luke slammed the door shut and stood in front of it.
“What.the fuck.are you taking about?” He asked as he blocked the door.
For the third time today {Y/N} began to cry.
“You know exactly what I’m talking about Luke. You lied to me about who Calum was.” She spoke as she walked up to him.
“You told me he was my friend!!” She yelled, smacking his chest. “You told me he didn’t love me, you did!” She yelled again though tears.
“I-I thought you loved me.” She began to sob, falling into his chest “But I guess not-” Luke cut her off by slamming her lips against his softly.
“I’m so sorry.” He spoke through the kiss,
“I wanted you to be happy.” He spoke again. “And-and I thought happiness would be with me.” He brung his hands through the back of her shirt, running his long calloused finger tips on her spine as he started to kiss her neck.
“Luke.” She moaned, “We can’t.”
“He immediately removed his mouth from her neck, a small frown on his face.

“You love him; don’t you?”

“What? No.” She laughed.

“It’s just, I’m-we’re-Luke. I’m pregnant.”

“FUCK!!” Calum yelled as he hit the steering wheel. He thought for a moment that {G/N} actually loved him, he loved her, and was that so wrong? Having a feeling like that for someone? He thought about that’s as he drove through the poring rain.
He had somehow managed to stay sober for a while in, but that recorded had disappeared as he had made it to the closest ABC store for a Jack Daniels.
“I fucking loved her!!” He yelled again, putting the bottle to his lips.
The roads were slippery due to the rain, but Calum didn’t care. He was only concerned about {Y/N}. Suddenly his vision began to change, things started to move slowly and he could hear the cars behind him began to honk loudly.
“Oh fuck off mate!!” He yelled, sticking his middle finger out the window.
Calum could see the “Road repair” signs but decided to ignore them. Taking matters into his own hands he began to drive into them, laughing as he did so.
After driving for a little while longer he began feeling the car move slower, but he was on the highway.
“Great. A fucking flat.” He laughed, but kept driving. As his car drive slower cars began driving by faster then he could see, and soon his car came to a screeching stop; causing the cars behind him to slam into the back of him.
Calum of course wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

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{ L I S T E N }

“we’re lost somewhere in outer space, in a hotel room where demons play.”

coming down + halsey // stars + the xx // the driver + bastille // trees + twenty one pilots // arabella + arctic monkeys // immortal + marina and the diamonds // fever + night panther // is there somewhere + halsey