some of yall take kpop so seriously like drink some damn water bro i dont see u getting possessive over kanye west. like??? get a lil loose fam!!! enjoy the music!!! why are u tellin ppl who they can and cannot stan??? why u gettin bitter over someone liking the same person u do??? let people stan idols for whatever reasons they have!! if i wanna stan someone bc they’re hot? you bet ur ass ima do that. and if someone else wanna stan them bc of other reasons thats cool too dude!! and who cares if someone hopped on board 2 seconds ago, they’re as much as a fan as you.

Caught: Daddykink!Ashton

Request: Can u do a smut about Ashton being ur dads best friend and u have a crush on him. And one night u were home alone cause ur parents went to visit ur grandma so u invited one of ur guy friends and when u were about to do it with him Ashton came and made the boy leave and punishes u with his daddy kink

Requested by: crazyfandommasterlist

A/N: HI guys I’m so excited to post this first smut on my page. I’ve written smut for years but have never published it. I hope you guys like it but that you understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!

I was sitting in my room doing homework when my parents call me down stairs. Groaning, I get up from my desk and trudge down stairs. When I walk into the living room they are both sitting on the couch and my dad’s best friend Ashton is sitting in one of the chairs. I stop dead in my tracks and cross my arms awkwardly. If I would have known Ashton was here I would have changed and ran down to them immediately. I’ve always thought he was extremely attractive and have slowly fallen in love with him over the years. His laugh is intoxicating, his music so full of soul, and his heart being the kindest I’ve ever encountered. As I’ve gotten older I’ve almost felt like he’s feeling the same way, but sadly I can never know for sure and even if he did there was no way he would act on those feelings. To him I’m probably just his mate’s kid.  

“Y/N sit down, honey.” My mom says and I do calmy, but also very confused on what is happening.

My dad sighs. “So you’re not going to like this, but since we are going to be on vacation all next week and you have to stay home for school, we want Ashton to check in on you every now and then just to make sure you’re okay…”

I scoff. “Like a babysitter?” I’m eighteen years old and my parents can even trust me to stay home by myself, how typical. “This is ridiculous…” I say, but then trail off. Ashton and I by ourselves with my parents away? Who knows what could happen… but still I’m not a child and this is my senior year.

“I know you want to be treated like an adult, but we worry.” My mom says.

Nodding and shrugging still I look over at Ashton and he finally speaks up. “I promise I won’t be too… overbearing…”

A few days have passed since that conversation with my parents. Since they are out I thought I’d take advantage of this opportunity. I pick up my phone and dial Sam. Sam and I have strictly friends with benefits. Hell not even really friends. We mess around and fuck from time to time and then we just leave each other alone. It’s not my ideal situation, I mean I’d like to be in an actual relationship with someone some day, but it’s been since anyone has shown any interest and well… a girl has got needs. Sam says he’s on his way and I freshen up a bit.

“It’s Sam.” He says coming inside knowing I left the door unlocked for him.

I call back to him turning off the tv. “Upstairs.”

He comes up stairs and kicks his shoes off immediately along with taking his hoodie off. “How are you?”

“About to be a whole lot better you?” I say waiting for him.

“Agreed…” He mumbles and pulls me down to sit with him on the bed. “You ready to go?” I nod and he kisses me roughly.

For a while we just get warmed up by making out and running our hands over each other. He takes his shirt off and swiftly pulls me onto his lap. I can feel myself getting more and more worked up as he grasps my hips to help me firmly to grind against him.

“Fuck Y/N…” He says.

“Yeah, What the fuck Y/N?!” A voice other than Sam’s rings through the room and we both jump in shock to see Ashton standing in the doorway.

“Ashton?!” I say confused and embarrassed.

He comes up to me pulls me off of Sam’s lap and looks at Sam with a look that could kill. “Get out…. Now.”

Sam picks up all of his stuff and practically runs out of the door. “Ashton! Are you serious that’s so un-!” I go to start yelling and complaining, but he pulls me close to him and gives me the same look he gave Sam.

“Is this what you do when your parents are away? Invite boys over to fuck you? Can you imagine what your parents would say about this Y/N? Do you have any idea how much trouble your in?” He asks deeply and roughly.

Quietly I whimper out. “Please don’t tell them….”

He sighs heavily and lets me go. “Sit on the bed.” I give him a strange and confused look. “Sit. On. The. Bed.” He repeats, obviously not pleased. I do as he says and become suddenly aware that I’m still only in a bra and cloth shorts. I cross my arms over myself feeling very vulnerable in front of him.  “Y/N I’m not going to tell your parents you’re eighteen for god’s sake.” He says sharply, obviously still pissed and pauses walking up to me and placing one of his huge muscular hands on my cheek caressing it with his thumb. “But you still need to be punished darling… and I think you and I both know Daddy’s the one you want to punish you.”

I look at him shocked and gasp surprised at his forwardness. Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? Fuck I need to say something, just do it. “Yes, Daddy.” I shyly and quietly say.

Ashton wraps a hand around my throat firmly in the most intoxicating way. “Louder princess…”

“Yes, Daddy.” I say more confidentiality, but my voice still quivering.

He growls. “On my lap.” He demands sitting on my bed and I follow his directions immediately. “Good girl, of course now you can listen….” I smile a little bit, even though I’m so nervous I’m almost shaking. “Now even though you need to be punished if you need to stop your safeword is pineapples. Tell me if you understand.”

“I understand Daddy.” I say and I can feel his fingers slowly unhooking my bra and letting it fall to the floor.

He groans and massages them lightly with his hands. I gasp at the coldness and the sudden touch. “Oh babygirl you are so beautiful… take the rest of your clothes off for Daddy, yeah?” He asks and I stand up a little awkwardly stripping for him. “So beautiful, you are a masterpiece Y/N… get back here.” He commands, and again, I follow his orders but this time he stops me in front of him. He runs his hands all over my skin and curves while turning me in a slow circle. He then takes his clothes off besides his boxers and stands in front of me. I reach out to finally feel his body but he bats my hand away. “You haven’t even been punished yet…”

“I’m sorry, Daddy.” I tell him and he smiles a small smile before sitting on the bed and draping me over his lap.  

“Count them or you’ll get more…” He warns spanking my butt making me wince in pain and moan in pleasure. In all the fantasies I’ve ever had of Ashton I never dreamed he would have ever been as kinky as I’ve always been but now I’ve been proven wrong.

He spanks me 20 times by the time he’s done there are tears running down my cheeks. Ashton pulls me up and hold me close. “It’s okay… Daddy’s here… I’ve got you.” He whispers his tone and demeanor completely changing. I pull back and look at him for a moment and then with a leap of faith I kiss him. He’s kissing me back and it’s the most passionate kiss I’ve ever experienced, My breath is almost taken away by it. He immediately, then shifts us so that I’m on my back and he’s hovering over me. He kisses down my body and I wrap my fingers up in his hair.

“Daddy.” I moan once he gets to my heat and starts softly teasing my clit.

He chuckles and yanks his boxers off throwing them somewhere out of view. We start kissing again and he thrusts into me roughly making me squeal a little in pain. He holds me close, whispering that it’s okay and that he’s got me in between hard thrusts. “You feel so much better than I ever imagined fuck.” He groans.

Meanwhile, I’m moaning and whimpering too much to even respond, but soon he flips me over and stands me on all fours. I moan loudly at the new position while tightly grasping at the bed sheets. With one hand he reaches under me and rubs my clit, making my pleasure even more intense than before and he used the other to firmly hold onto my hip which I’m positive with have a handprint on it even tomorrow. “Who’s your Daddy?” He asks groaning.

I moan out getting so incredibly close to my orgasm. “You are Daddy, oh my god I’m close.”

“Hold for Daddy, baby girl, just a minute longer.” He tells me and I try as hard as possible and when my legs start shaking he finally gives me the okay.  

I hit my high so hard and I know he hits his when I feel his load on my butt and lower back. “Oh god.” I gasp, still feeling the orgasm race through my veins.

“I’ll be right back.” He whispers.

Ashton disappears for a minute and then I feel him wipe the cum off of me. He picks me up in his hard and carries me to the shower, which I can know hear water running from.

He takes me into the shower and lets the warm water hit us both. Then kissing me passionately and roughly and whispers. “I love you.”

I look up at him. “You do?”

He nods. “I have for awhile… and seeing you with that… that… that kid I couldn’t take it anymore, you had to be mine…”

“W-what about my parents?” I ask confused. “They would never accept us… they think you’re like my uncle…”

“Thought maybe I could follow you to whatever college you decide on… keep us for a secret for a while… find the right time eventually or maybe not…. But I mean all that only if you’d want me too…” He explains still holding me close.

My eyes light up in happiness, and I pull him down and kiss him. “I love you too… and I like that plan a lot.”

He chuckles. “I’m glad… This isn’t the way I was planing to tell you by the way. Thought we’d go on some dates first or something. Something more romantic… you deserve more that a surprise fuck.”

I laugh and blush at him. “We can still do that… I’d like that a lot.”

“Well, I mean I could just take you to my place while your parents are away… watch over you a little more closely… I mean just for your safety obviously…” He winks at me.

“Only if you help me pack.” I tease him playfully.

“You got yourself a deal baby, I love you.” He says.

I grin at him and kiss him softly. “I love you too Daddy.”

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Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people in your activity.

Hello anon!

1. B.A.P (they never fail to make me happy and i love them so much oml)
2. Puppies
3. My friends/ family (both my irl family and my tumblr fam 💕)
4. Music/kpop in general
5. PENGUINS CAUse they’re adorable

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could u hit hmu with some laurette (john/laf)

got you fam


Music was soft, playing one random quietly in the background. John sighed, stretching his arms behind his head, the dim lights feeling comforting as he continued to dance about the kitchen, stirring the noodles slightly.

“Mmm,” Laf came in, led by their nose as they wrapped their arms around John’s waist, “It smells good mon tout, what are you making?”

John smiled at the pet name, leaning back into Laf’s arms. “New recipe, beef and broccoli ramen stir fry. Herc says Peggy loves it so I thought I’d give it a go.”

“Well, it certainly does smell good.” Laf stole a piece of broccoli off of the cutting board, and John swatted their hand away.

Laf smiled innocently, eyes lit up with mischief though. “Alex and Thomas got into another fight at work today.”

John rolled his eyes, mixing some seasoning in, “What else is new?”

“Well, I did believe with them finally together they would, how you say - “

John interrupted, turning with the hot spoon in his hands, pointing it threateningly at Laf. “Listen you french accented penguin, you speak English better than half of us, stop with the how you say!” Though his voice held no real malice.

Laf raised their hands in surrender. “Okay okay!” They laughed. “Either way, I did believe once they began dating they wouldn’t argue so much.”

John turned back, snorting to himself, “Please, it’s going to take more than even being in love to keep the two from arguing,” He reached over the stove to get a spice higher up in the cabinet, “Besides they - shit!” 

John jumped back, instinctively holding a hand to his chest where it had been pressed against the hot skillet. “Mother fucking shit heads!”

“Merde!” Laf rushed forward, pulling John away from the stove, lifting his shirt up.

The skin was already red, small blisters popping up, white and swollen. “On baby,” Laf turned John, moving him towards the skin and running the cold water on low.

They wet a rag that was laid near by, letting it become cool before gently applying it to the burnt area. John hissed, body instinctively moving backwards, but Laf shushed him, gently laying it on the wound.

“I should have pain medicine in the bathroom, hold this softly to the wound.” Laf rushed up the stairs, opening the sink cabinet and grabbing the bottle of pills, checking to make sure they were the correct ones, before coming back down, skipping steps on the way.

Unscrewing the cap, they handed John two pills, already holding a bottle of water. In Laf’s other hand was some gauze they’d grabbed on the way out. They waited till John took the pills, wincing as he swallowed without water, before removing the wash clothe. 

“Now, we must put some of that burn stuff on it. We don’t have any, but for now just keeping it clean and away from stuff touching it should be okay.” They held the gauze, “Do I put this on it?”

John smiled softly at Laf’s concern, kissing them softly on the cheek. “Yes babe, you do. But gently.”

Laf nodded, and together they wrapped the gauze around, covering John’s burn. When their work was done, Laf nodded to themself. “Now, you go watch netflix, I will finish this…stir fry, did you say?”

John rolled his eyes. “Laf, it’s a little burn I can - “

“No no no! I will finish the food! You,” They pecked John on his lips, “Go rest mon ange.” 

John playfully glared. “What did I say about speaking French?”

“Not even pet names?” Laf had already moved to the stove, pouring the broccoli in, “Go sit down pet, dinner should be ready shortly.”

With a pout firmly placed on his lips John headed into the living room, sitting down carefully, Laf humming along with the new Imagine Dragons song as they finished up dinner. 

The Man Next Door:

Request: AIGHT THIS MAY BE VERY SPECIFIC BUT- neighbour ashton and ur parents r friends with him and u babysit his daughter and u find him so hOOOoOoT that one thing leads 2 another and YA

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: Hey guys I’m excited to post this smut as a response to a request by one of my beautiful followers! I would really appreciate it if you reblogged this smut if you liked it I would be so appreciative! As always I hope you guys like it but that you understand that is very graphic and sexual in nature. Therefore if you are not comfortable with that please do not read. Thanks you all so much, enjoy!

When my parents told me our neighbor Ashton Irwin wanted me to babysit his one year old son I almost peed myself. For the last few months ever since Ashton moved in next door I couldn’t help but to be extremely attracted to him. He’s gorgeous. Tall, fit, rugged, yet soft, I’d swear he’s perfect. So of course I agreed and now here I am waiting for him to answer the door. I try to calm my breathing slowly and stop myself from looking completely terrified.

“Y/N!” He smile opening the door. “Nice to see you, thank you so much again for babysitting Brendon, this meeting popped up very last minute.”

I smile and turn a little pink in the cheeks. “Of course Mr. Irwin.” I say as he allows me to set inside.

“Oh please Y/N, Ashton is fine, believe or not I’m not that much older than you… Your in what? Your second year of college?” He asks.

Shocked that he remembers anything about me from the few times we’ve been my pink darkens and is probably noticeable by now. “Yes I am.”

“Good, good… now let’s go over some things yeah?” He asks and I nod following him to the kitchen. We go over her sleep and feeding schedule and what he likes and does like. Being barely one however he’s not exactly picky. I pay attention to what he’s saying but at the same time I wonder why his girlfriend would ever leave him, with a baby nonetheless. “You got all that?” He asks worried and snapping me from my thoughts.

“Um yeah I think we should be good.” I smile up at him.

“Good, thanks so much again. I should be home about eight.” He smiles grabbing his keys and jacket before going over to Brendon in his little bouncy chair. “Bye Buddy, Dad will be back, be nice to ms. Y/N.”

I chuckle at him and he waves before heading out the door. I then spend the night giving Brendon a bath, getting him ready for bed, and then rocking him to sleep. He goes down pretty easily so while I wait for Ashton to come back I sit on his couch and read the book I brought along. Not too long after I hear him pull up in the driveway and come through the door.

“How was your meeting?” I ask standing up from the couch and smiling at him.

“It was okay thank you for asking. Was he good for you? Did he have any problems?” He asks taking his coat off, tossing it somewhere and then walking over to me.

I smile and try to keep from blushing. “He was actually basically an angle.”

“Wow really? You should come around more often, I swear sometimes he hates me.” Ashton sighs and slumps onto the couch.

I sit down next to him. “He doesn’t hate you. I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you but… he doesn’t hate you. How could he? Look at everything you do for him, you are a great Dad.” I say softly worried that he’s upset.

He looks at me and smiles. “That means a lot thank you Y/N… are your parents not home? Your house seemed very dark…”

I shrug. “They’re out of town it’s just me tonight.” I explain but he starts shaking his head and sits up.

“You shouldn’t have to be by yourself in that big house, I don’t like the thought of you being alone like that…” He pauses and clears his throat slowing his speech down. “Why don’t you say here, I have a guest bedroom you could sleep in.”

“Okay, thank you Ashton…” I say awkwardly but excitedly.

He stands up and helps me up too. “You know I was surprised you were free tonight; a beautiful young girl like yourself that is….”

I bite at my bottom lip nervously not sure what to say. My heart is beating a thousand times a second from him calling me beautiful. “Nope I’m all yours tonight.”

He nods. “All mine.” I nod back and all of a sudden tension fills the air. For a moment we just stand there looking at each other.

“Ashton?” I ask confused and worried.

He steps closer to me and softly tucks some hair behind my ear. “Would it be extremely inappropriate for me to kiss you?”

“I… I…” I stutter out a little and turning completely red and my heart starts beating so fast I think i’m having a heart attack. “Probably….” I whisper knowing the truth but I can’t pass up this opportunity. He frowns and looks at the ground but then say. “I want you to anyway.”

He looks back up at me and pulls me in close before kissing me long and soft. “I’ve been wanting to do that for ages.” He chuckles and I giggle back and then kisses me again only this time it’s rougher, needier, more passionate. “If you want me to stop all you have to do it to say the word.”

I shake my head. “No, I want you, I really want you.” I whisper softly and he groans softly as we continue to kiss. He pulls us back down onto the couch so we are at a more even level. I wrap my arms loosely around his neck as he grabs my hips pulling me closer. Slowly he moves and kisses my neck. I shiver in surprise before feeling him nip at the skin causing me to moan out.

“Fuck Y/N…. I’ve wanted you for so long, but I didn’t think you’d want this…” He smiles before kissing my lips softly again.

I giggle a little and run my fingers through his hair. “Trust me I’ve always felt the same.”

“I really want to do this right, maybe we should stop and you know actually go out on a date first, and stuff…. but fuck I need you right now so bad… He trails off.

I kiss him and then smile. “I would love to date you Ashton, but right now I need you too.” A smirk comes across his face. “I’ve waited too long for you to just stop here.” I laugh.

“Fuck why didn’t I tell you sooner?” He asks laughing and swooping my up in his arms before kissing me again like he was before.

I giggle too but I quickly push him away and whisper. “We can’t wake Brendon.” I remind Ashton of his son sleeping only yards away.

“Shit that’s right… What if we took this to the bedroom?” He asks while he gets distracted and starts kissing my neck again. “Closed the door, turned on the baby monitor, fuck as loud as we want?” I giggle again and give him the okay. Keeping me in his arms he takes us to his bedroom and lays me on the bed. He stands back and stares at me for a moment and then suddenly smashes his lips against before we start tearing each other’s clothes off. “God you’re so fucking beautiful, a fucking goddess.” He whispers and I shiver at his words.

“You’re too sexy Ash, please do something.” I beg a little not only because I need him extremely bad but that as he runs his hands and eyes up and down my body I start to feel self conscious.

He notices me covering my body with my arms. “Stop that, you are so beautiful baby you don’t even know it… “ He then starts kissing me again and as he reaches down to let his hand explore my body. I can’t help but to buck my hips a little. I feel him smile against my lips. “You’re right I can wait any fucking longer either.” He teases my clit and slit with the head of his cock causes he to moan for him. “Are you ready baby?” He asks.

“Yes Ashton.” I moan nodding and I feel him fill me up with every single inch of himself. “Fuck!” I moan out gasping.

“You feel even better than I imagined.” He says after he moans too. “I’m gonna move now.” He tell me and I nod. He starts slow but then picks up the pace moving in and out of me like it’s him job. “Fuck I’m warning you I’m not going to last very long.”

I grip the setts on his bed and moan loudly which gives him my answer. “Ashton harder please.” I  almost beg.

His thrusts are more forceful and he reaches down to tease my clit on top of everything. “Come on baby I can feel how close you are. I’m not coming until you do.” I nod and as he kisses me roughly I tangle my hands in his hair pulling a little here and there.

“Fuck.” I mumble through a moan feeling my orgasm approaching. It only takes seconds for me to reach my high and Ashton reaches his a few seconds later. He lays  basically on top of me and both of us are covered in a thin layer of sweat as we lay there trying to calm our breathing.

“That was amazing.” He whispers kissing my neck causes me to smile and shiver.

“I agree.” I mumble making him chuckle.

Just then Brendon starts crying and Ashton groans but then kisses my lips. “Go get in the shower, I’ll be in with you soon.” I nod and watch him pull on his boxers and walk towards the door. Just before leaving he turns to me. “I really do like you Y/N and I’m very happy you agreed to go out with me. “ He smiles.

I smile back blushing at him. “Me too Ashton.”