Happy Birthday A Head Full Of Dreams!
Released: December 4, 2015

“On the very first song on their very first album, Coldplay introduced themselves with a heartfelt declaration: "We live in a beautiful world.” Fifteen years and some 80 million albums sold later, the British quartet haven’t elaborated on that philosophy—they’ve just amplified it. Where massive success has a tendency to make bands more jaded and aloof, Coldplay only seem more gobsmacked and in awe of life itself. Their songs aren’t just designed to uplift, they’re often about the very sensation of being uplifted.“ x

The T-Shirt - Part 2

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Characters - Sam x Reader

Summary - Sometimes we forget to say things, for later may be too late. Sometimes things turn out differently than we think, too.

Word Count - 825

Warnings - Angst, drinking and drunkenness

A/N - Be sure to read Part 1 if you haven’t! This was a long time coming, and I hope you enjoy it. This one is from Sam’s point of view, and there is gonna be a part three at some point in the future.

Rough hunts were not uncommon for the brothers. Throughout their lives, they’d had more than their fair share.

Sam though- he’d had one of the worst that night. Much like that night one year ago.

One year. He could’ve sworn it felt far longer than that. He spent the first few hours honest to god freaking the fuck out as all his calls to your cell dumped him straight to voicemail. Your cheery recorded voice mocked him, encouraging him to leave a message after the beep.

He left several of those.

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18~Luke Hemmings

*Picture is not mine creds to @ bitchinedits* 

Based off of 18 by Anarbor 

You pulled up to Luke’s house in your dads car. You had texted him that you would be coming over. You and Luke never really made it official that you were together or anything but he had somehow always gotten you alone somewhere to have sex. 

“What are you doing here, babygirl?” He asked coming out of the house as you got out and grabbed a bag that contained your clothes. 

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Goalie - Football!Luke AU

Requested: Yups (But I changed it up a bit since I couldn’t get much of a proper idea from what was originally requested) 

Word count: 1.2k 

Summary: Luke’s a goalie in the german football team 


I stepped out of the SUV, the rest of my bandmates following behind as we slipped through the crowd and into the stadium without anyone recognising us. We had managed to get front row seats, so we could watch the game up close. The other best part was that our seats were right behind the benches the German team would use.

“How did you even get these seats last minute?” Rose asked, turning to me.

“I have my ways.” I smiled at her, turning back to the field. I turned to Lune and Cyra who were getting increasingly excited as the team walked out into the field.

“Oh my god, it’s Luke!” Cyra squealed, pointing towards the gorgeous blond that was walking with his team. I chuckled at her, leaning against the railing.

“You only pay attention to Luke. I pay attention to all of them.” Lune teased her, before turning back to the team.

“Name the rest of them then.” Rose crossed her arms as she tested him.

“Muller, Gotze, Kroos, Ozil,” He pointed to the players as he continued on with their names. He smirked at Rose’s expression before turning back to the game. It went on for an hour before there was a break. The players came to the bench, picking up their water bottles.

“Oh god, he’s right there.” Cyra whispered, her eyes widening as she leaned further into the rail. We saw Luke and Calum approaching the bench. I didn’t want to admit it, but I could feel my heart pounding as they came closer. The guard by our side was looking around to make sure no one noticed us as Luke came to me,

“Hey, you’re (Y/n) (Y/ln), right?” He asked, smiling awkwardly.

“Uh, yeah.” I felt my cheeks heat up as he looked directly at my eyes, “Why?” I asked.

“I, uh, I’m a fan of your band. Especially you. I mean even though you’re the lead singer, people think I just like you because you’re the lead, but I really love your voice,” He scratched the back of his neck, his cheeks going pink, “And, I was just wondering if you aren’t too busy after the game. I, uh, we can, uhm, grab something to eat?” He asked. I felt a harsh nudge on my shoulder before nodding my head,

“That sounds like a great idea.” I smiled. Luke looked up from the ground, smiling,

“Cool, so,” He cleared his throat, “I’ll, uh, see you after the game.” He turned around walking away but tripping on his own feet and falling over. I let out a laugh as he stood up, brushing himself and turning around to smile at me sheepishly before going back into the field.

“You have got to be kidding me.” Rose spoke up behind me. I turned around, matching their shocked expressions.

“What the hell just happened?” I asked.

“Luke fucking Hemmings just asked you out!” Lune yelled. Our guard hushed him quickly, making sure no one was looking.

“Oh my god.” I leaned against the railing, trying to grasp whether or not this was really happening, “Oh my god, Luke Hemmings just asked me out.” I slapped my forehead, “This isn’t a dream. Luke just asked me out.” I looked up at the three.

“Hell yea he asked you out.” Cyra hugged me in a tight hug.

“Cy, I can’t breathe.” I patted her back with both my hands. She let go, letting me take a gasp of air. I took a step back,

“This is, this is a dream.” I turned around, watching Luke guard at the goalpost.

“It is impossible that he did that.” I laughed in disbelief.

“Eh, he did, but he got a penalty from it.” Luke chuckled, opening the glass door for me.

“Thank you.” I smiled, walking out. He followed after,

“You wanna head back to the stadium? I need to practice for a bit then I’ll walk you back to your apartment.” He smiled. I nodded, pausing before turning to the guard that was standing behind me. “I don’t mind Jack following. He is your bodyguard.” He smiled as we started walking back to the stadium. I turned to Jack,

“The other guards will know about Luke.” I told him.

“Why?” He questioned. Luke turned to me.

“Because he’s coming backstage with his three friends, Calum, Ashton and Michael at our next show.” I smiled, giggling as Luke’s jaw dropped.

“Yes ma'am.” Jack grinned breifly before his face turned back to his normal expressionless look. I smiled, taking Luke’s hand,

“Free seats and backstage passes.” I smiled, booping his nose with my finger.

“That is awesome! I’ve gotta tell the guys.” He stopped walking, crouching down in front of me before picking me up so that I was piggyback riding him.

“Luke!” I squealed as he lifted me up.

“Hey Jack.” Luke turned to Jack, “We’re running.” He smiled before taking off. We ran straight to the stadium, Luke letting me hop off of his back when we entered the field,

“You did really well just now, by the way.” I smiled, placing my hand on his shoulder as we watched his teammates practice.

“Thanks.” His face flushed pink as he grabbed the gloves on the bench that were covered in dried mud and small specks of grass. He held onto my hand, “Let me teach you how to play football.” He smiled.

“I, uh,” I turned to Jack for a moment, “You don’t mind sitting by the side, right?” I asked. He shook his head,

“Go have your fun. I’ll just sit down with their guards.” He smiled, taking my bag from my hands and going over to the group of security guards. I turned around, taking Luke’s hand as he pulled me into the middle of the field.

“Hemmings!” Both of us turned around at the call of his voice. “Oh my god.” Michael gasped when he saw me, “There is no fucking way she’s real.” He came over to me, poking my arm.

“Quit it.” I giggled, lightly slapping his hand away. Calum and Ashton ran over from across the field, all three of them surrounding me except for Luke.

“It’s really her.” Calum poked my cheek. I scrunched my nose, turning my head and biting his finger. He yelped pulling his finger back.

“She’s even more adorable in real life.” Ashton giggled.

“And you guys are much taller than I thought you were.” I smiled, looking at the giants.

“You’re just tiny.” Luke piped in, grabbing my arm and pulling me out of the circle his friends had made around me, “And we’re going to play football.” He said.

“Oh right, Hemmings has a serious crush on her.” Michael crossed his arms with a smirk on his lips. I turned to Luke,

“That’s cute.” I grinned, pressing a kiss to his cheek. The other three’s jaws dropped as I did.

“Luke really scored, didn’t he?” Calum questioned quietly.

“Yeah, I did, which means she’s mine now.” Luke put his arm around my shoulders, “And none of you guys will do anything with her.” He growled. I put my hand on his arm to calm him slightly. He took the gesture and turned around with me, “They all have crushes on you too.” He said.

“It’s okay. I have a crush on you.” I grinned.

anonymous asked:

can we get a list of some of your abarai (and uncle bya) hcs?

Sure, here you go :D I also have some others, here’s an excerpt:

+ Byakuya was okay with Ichika being named after Renji’s family name because it was his way to say he now considers Renji as his equal so Ichika will carry on the Abarai name instead of the Kuchiki name (I already posted that hc some time ago but it fits so here is it again)

+ Ichika was born in early spring during the time when the first cherry blossoms would bloom. I think Hisana died around that time (correct me if I am wrong) so Ichika’s birth had a little extra sentimental touch for Byakuya

+ Ichika adores Byakuya’s koi carps and is the only one who is allowed to gently touch them. At some point some of the shinigami dorks tried to catch some of the carps and Ichika got really angry at them

+ Byakuya loves Ichika very much and from time to time she teases out this energetic part of him he had in his youth. they play tag (in shunpo)

+ I really appreciate the idea of Renji being a stay-at-home-dad and I think he’s at home for the most of the time. However I don’t think that he’s completely out of office (maybe it’s more like Renji’s at home for three days a week, Rukia for two if they have a five days working week). Mostly because he is still a highly ranked officer, has duties to fulfill and I doubt he would drop his own or his recruits’ training for a longer time. But also because I think Rukia wouldn’t like to be at work all day and miss her daughter’s development

+ Still, Renji and Rukia are quite busy and therefore Ichika’s often in the office as well (their squads have a large collection of toys at some point)

+ To kill some time, Ichika wanders around the squads by herself and maybe that is one factor that contributes to Ichika being independent at an early age

+ But she also likes to help her dad stamping forms

+ With Rukia as her mama, Ichika owns several sets of those plush onesies (can we actually consider this canon?)

+ As soon as Ichika was able to run she joined Renji’s football team

+ Rukia spends a decent amount of time to write and draw bed time stories for her daughter

+ Quite often Ichika sleeps in the bed of her parents; when Rukia and Renji were kids they and their friends usually slept huddled together so to them it’s more natural that the family always stays close at night

+ Except when mom and dad need some private time (and they are shocked when Ichika figures out this connection quite early)

+ so soon Renji accepted the fact that he would share his bed with a lot of plush toys at least for the rest of Ichika’s early (and middle) childhood. The seaweed ambassador doll often lies on his face when he wakes up in the morning

+ at least once a year they take her to a trip to the grave of their friends; although Ichika is growing up in wealth, Renji and Rukia want to teach her 1) their origins and 2) that not everybody in Soul Society is blessed like them

+ Considering that in ch.686 Ichika already was a shinigami in training she must have met her zanpakutou at a very early age. I like to think that her zanpakutou is more fire based (following her father) and her zanpakutou’s spirit manifests in some kind of animal (I like to think it’s some kind of fire fox, very similar to the Ninetales Pokémon). Although Ichika is very confident and brave, the dreams in which she’s meeting her zanpakutou at first scare her off. At some point Renji and Rukia figure out what those dreams mean but it takes some time for them to explain her that she does not need to be frightened (because Ichika is still very young)