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Keith has been working at the same company for almost 5 years.

Since he’s bilingual they have him in foreign affairs, which pays well and is actually pretty cool, since he usually gets to travel out to Korea every now and then on business trips. He’s not complaining, the company’s not complaining, and all is well.

All is well except… The new guy, apparently, is complaining.

Keith has seen him every day for the past 2 months. He doesn’t know his name, doesn’t know what department he’s in, and doesn’t know whether he knows that Keith does, in fact, speak English as well as Korean.

What he does know, though, is that the guy has a loud mouth.

Keith makes his phone calls in the mornings. Due to time zones and sound business sense, the mornings are the best times to do business overseas. This means that at least 3 days out of the week are spent waking up at nearly 4 A.M. to spend nearly 3 hours on conference calls. Keith has always been a morning person, though, so he never minds.

It’s a bit harder to make his calls, though, when the guy sharing the elevator feels the need to talk over him in order to have his own conversations. Most of those conversations involve Keith.

“Yeah, he’s here again,” the guy had said one day. “I dunno if he even speaks English. Makes it hard to talk to other people in the elevator, though.” He’d paused for a minute before his face screwed up in annoyance. “Well, Pidge, if there was anyone else in the elevator then I wouldn't be able to talk to them over this guy!”

Keith had ignored him, finishing closing a deal with the company’s partners.

“He has a mullet,” the guy had said another day, and Keith felt the muscle in his jaw tighten. “Yeah, a real life mullet. And his suits look kind of cheap.” Another pause. “Look, Hunk, my suits may be cheap, but they don't look cheap.”

Keith ignored him again, and used the money from his next commission to buy a better suit.

One day Keith hadn’t had a call, and he stood in the elevator, hands in his pockets, watching the other guy’s reflection in the elevator door’s reflection.

“He’s not talking today,” he’d said into his phone, and Keith had to suppress a smile. “It’s kind of a shame, because his voice is kind of nice.”

This had taken Keith off guard. He had made sure to plan his next conference call for the next morning.

So today, as he stands in the elevator with his usual riding partner behind him, he isn’t surprised to learn that the conversation is about him.

“He’s wearing his best suit today,” the guys says, and Keith watches his expression in the elevator doors carefully. The guy gives him a once-over, nodding in approval. “Yeah, it’s the one that really brings out his eyes.”

There’s a pause. “No, he’s on a call again. I don’t- I don’t know, Pidge, he doesn’t speak English, remember?” Another pause. “Yes, I know.”

It’s quiet, and Keith can hear the sounds of someone talking on the other end of the guy’s phone line, but due to the chatter in his own ear it’s hard to make out the words.

“You said that last time! I don’t care how much you’ll pay me, I’m not asking him out.” Keith chokes, and attempts to cover it up with a small cough.

“I know. Pidge, Pidge,” the guy waves his hands in front of him, as if trying to calm down an angry child. “I know. And I’ve told you, if you could see how attractive this guy is, you’d understand why.”

Keith chokes again. This time, he doesn’t cover it up.

The guy shoots him a look, but doesn’t give the action too much thought. “He still has a mullet, yes. No, I know that it’s weird. I know. Yeah. Uh huh. I dunno, the more I see it the… more I tolerate it? It’s hard to explain.”

Keith grits his teeth. Someone on the other end of the conference call asks for his opinion on something. He gives a half-hearted, practiced answer, and refocuses on the person behind him.

“See? He only knows Korean. Yeah. Yeah, and I have the time to try and learn an entire language just to ask someone to dinner.” He rolls his eyes, the sarcasm practically dripping off of his tongue. “And then when we get tot he restaurant and we run out of conversation due to my lack of vocabulary, I could entertain him with magic tricks.”

Keith snorts out a laugh, and he sees the guy shoot him another look out of the corner of his eye. This one looks slightly more confused than the last. He still presses on, though, hesitantly.

“The point is that it won’t happen. I’ll just admire him from afar.” The pauses, running a hand through his hair and rolling his eyes. “Alright, dude. Well, I’m gonna go, I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Say hi to Hunk and Shiro for me. And Allura. And Coran. Okay. Alright. Bye.”

He hangs up, humming a bit to himself as he pockets his phone. Keith’s conference call ends a few seconds later, and he turns off his own. The two of them stand in silence for the final 5 floors.

The door opens, and Keith moves to step out of the elevator. He pauses once he’s out, turning around and sticking his hand between the doors so it would delay closing.

“Ah, I really do enjoy magic tricks if they’re done right.”

The guy’s face pales, and his eyes grow larger than Keith has ever seen. He only smiles.

“My name is Keith. Kogane. Uh, Keith Kogane. And I very much do speak English.”

The guy seems to find some remnants of his voice.


“Hi, Lance,” Keith grins as he waves. “Ask me to dinner tomorrow, if you’re not busy telling your friend about how good I look in my suit.”

He steps back, letting go of the doors, and he flashes another smile at a stunned Lance just before they close.

“Do you, ah, do you want to go to dinner with me?”

“I dunno. Are you going to insult my hair all night?”

“Okay you know what? Maybe I will. How about that?”

“Pick me up at 8. The magic tricks had better be good.”


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AU where Keith and Lance live next to each other in an appt and the walls are thin, so Keith has nightmares and cries a lot and one night Lance gets too worried and busts in to comfort him.

oh my gOd wait i love this so much

and like,,,i can see them as pretty much strangers beforehand, only ever really interacting whenever they happened to leave their apartments at the same time. so the first time this happens, it’s awkward as all hell. neither of them really know how to react afterwards and they attempt to avoid any and all interaction between each other for the next few days.

but each time it happens, they grow more comfortable. keith will start to open up about the nightmares to lance, and lance will talk his ear off with stories of just about anything until keith falls asleep again. eventually, lance stops going back to his own apartment afterwards.

bi boys are so important and hardly ever talked about. like i see hundreds of posts about bi girls a day but hardly any about bi boys. so anyways, if ur a bi boy:

  • ur great
  • ur sexual/romantic orientation is valid
  • ur attraction to men is great and does not make u gay
  • ur attraction to women is great and does not make u straight
  • u are still bi while dating a man, u are still bi while dating a woman, u are still bi while dating nobody
  • ur not “just in the closet” and ur not “suffering from compulsory heterosexuality” and ur not “just experimenting” 
  • u deserve positivity and acceptance and representation
  • i love u!!

Modern Les Mis: Courfeyrac & Combeferre aesthetics for @whensunscollide (Hogwarts!AU)

Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.


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why you should listen to monstercat

-everyone is super nice in the fandom (for the most part)

-the record label’s staff itself even goes to the lengths to call the fandom their family

-the label is extremely diverse and includes tons of EDM genres

-currently there’s a huge story arc going on according to the album covers

-all the artists there are not only super good at making music, but are huge nerds

-one of the artists is literally a robot, and another has a fruit fetish

-memes are made daily

Omg I just finished A torch against the night and how am I supposed to live on??? This was so good??? I had to put down the book several times just to walk around and then get back and this book has killed me guys. I am dead and I will not rise until the next book.

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