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the finer points of WINGS to appreciate:
  • shoutout to Rapmon for helping to write and compose 10/15 tracks on the album and slaying every single one of them
  • shoutout to Jhope for writing and composing the intro and his own solo track, which he dedicated to his mother. how often do you see a kpop idol or a rapper dedicate his very first solo track to his mom?
  • shoutout to Suga for making 2016 his bitch  with his fire mixtape and now his solo track. he keeps fuckin killin it 
  • shoutout to Jimin for composing and writing his own solo song and for being the 2nd highest track on melon chart after their title song!!!! 
  • shoutout to V for composing and writing his solo track too, and WHO KNEW HE COULD HIT SUCH FUCKIN HIGH NOTES? HOLY SHIT NOT ME FAM IM STILL SHOOK
  • shoutout to Jin for also composing and writing his solo song which was as beautiful as he is. and even though he had no solo verses in Blood Sweat Tears, Awake more than made up for it
  • shoutout to Jungkook, even though he didn’t get any individual credit in the album, he still had a big chunk of lines in all of their group songs
  • shoutout to BTS for coming back stronger every single comeback and blowing all of our expectations away and for slaying all the fucking music charts, yet always staying humble like the fucking princes of kpop they are
Jonghyun/Kibum; fuckign idk; PG

idk its rly simple but i like it lmao au were jongs famous ™ and kibums a 7-11 clerk and jong comes in sometimes and just buys an icee

“Can I ask you something?” he asks, tugging Jonghyun’s drink closer to scan. Jonghyun raises his own brows, looking him up and down quickly. Kibum doesn’t know what he’s looking for; it’s not like he’s a new human in Jonghyun’s life or anything. He’s seen Kibum almost every Tuesday for over a year.

“I mean, I don’t know,” he says. “Depends on what it is.”


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Outer Space- Malum (Use Earphones)
5 seconds of summer
Outer Space- Malum (Use Earphones)

I DID A THING. use headphones.

Michael’s chorus on right, Calum’s on left.

this is not my song. all rights reserved to 5 Seconds of Summer. I just edited the original song.


THE GANG’S ALL HERE… in winter clothes doodles. Put together, these look like a page from some kind of gang fam photo album, and I can only assume that the next page is just pictures of Narancia shoving snow down Fugo’s people’s coats.