Hanging out with the fam

“I hear they’re making a new ghost busters!” ☺️
“It’s all girls this time! How stupid is that?” 😐
“Totally just gonna ruin it.” 😑
“You put girls in there, they’d all just run away screaming!” 😤

“Did you see the Bruce Jenner interview?” 😊
“What. A. NUT.” 😑
“The man’s a top athlete and then decides he’s a woman?? He’s gone crazy.” 😤

“I love walking dead! It’s gotten really violent lately. Really in your face. I love it.” 😊
“I used to watch Once Upon a Time but I had to stop when they made Mulan gay” 😐
“You can’t just take a straight character and make them gay!” 😑
“ I won’t let my kids watch it anymore. So inappropriate!!!” 😤

The Signs in High School
  • Aries:the jock that's chillin with no makeup on
  • Taurus:the person that saves your fucking life before class cuz they let you copy their hw
  • Gemini:the girl who is known for partying all the time
  • Cancer:the emo kid who has great taste in music
  • Virgo:the stoner who aces all their fucking tests and lends you their notes, u the real MVP
  • Libra:the sweetheart that's friends with everyone and always shows up to class 5 minutes late with starbucks
  • Scorpio:the kid in the back of class u thought was a vampire but nah, turns out they just enjoy drinking blood
  • Sagittarius:the one kid that's always either smoking cigs in the student parking lot or drinking and dgaf
  • Capricorn:top of their class and secretly wants to kill everyone cause they're fucking idiots
  • Aquarius:the hipster that doesn't even know they're hipster, they just doin their own thing fam
  • Pisces:the one the teacher always calls on in class to see if they're paying attention. surprise, they weren't
shoutout to all my black sistassss
  • love urself!!!! ur cuTE
  • don’t take being called “white” or an “oreo” as a compliment!!!!!
  • if u have a mental issue/ disorder you are VALID
  • your feelings are VALID
  • if you aren’t cis you are VALID
  • if you aren’t straight you are V A L I D 
  • your hair is beautiful!!!!!  idc how you wear it!!! weave?? cool!! wig?? aight!!! natural?? nice !!! relaxed?? you go glenn coco!! braids??? OK AWESOME
  • your skin is gorgeous!!! i don’t care if you’re a light caramel or a dark mocha!!! it doesn’t matter if you have freckles or get sunburnt easily you’re absolutely STUNNING 
  • don’t worry about wearing colors to “compliment your skin tones” weaR WHATEVER tF U ARE COMFORTABLE WITH BC IT’LL LOOK FAB
  • i love you!!! and i want you to be happy with yourself and your culture :-)