Statement of Beliefs: Part 2

4: The Fall :4

The fatal meeting was when Eve approached the serpent and the serpent was able to show his true form as Lucifer to her. He tempted her with the abyss through the apple of Lillith. Lucifer became the consort to the tree of Lillith and he welcomed her with the energy of the apple to Eve. Through their combination, Eve was impregnated with not only the knowledge of the Abyss but also with Lucifer’s seed blessed with the power of Lillith and laid into Eve’s womb. This child would develop as the enlightened son, Cain or Qayin. Eventually when Eve returned to Adam she gave him the grand news of her gnosis or knowledge of the truth of the Abyss. Adam became worried and feared what the truth may entail. He knew he would have to know the knowledge of death. Adam, out of the love of his wife and being tempted by it’s majesty, he also took a part of the bite.

The legend follows as it does in the bible, as Adam and Eve were cast from the garden and sent into the wilderness.

Most of this article piece will come from the Liber Falxifer 2, as it explains in detail the myth of Qayin’s becoming.

As time passed the Twins of Sataninsam grew within Eve, whose spirit now had become strengthened by and integrated into their own, and at last the moment of their birth drew near. But, already within the womb of Eve the Twins of Awakened Spirit felt Love and Longing for each other, as their Divine essences instinctively sought further Union and Completeness. Within these unborn twins the longing of the divine aspect, which at one point had been the Pearl of Wisdom, for the Nightside force and the yearning felt by the fractions emanated from the Black Light for the Return of All to the Fullness of Chaos within Ain became as one and amplified in intensity and focus, because of the synergetic empowerments given and received by their merging. Thus when Eve gave birth to her twins the Spirit Flame of the Transformed Divine Light, that once had been trapped inside her, escaped her being and the cosmic destiny that both she and it had once been shackled to and went forth as one with the Dual Flames of Awakened Spirit, which burned within the two Children of the Serpent Through Eve, which in more ways than one reflected through their essences the Holy Cause of the Twin-Divinity and all the other manifestations of the Black Light of the Sitra Ahra. At the moment of their birth the curse of the world and the limitations of the clay-horn flesh were placed upon their finite aspects, but still they remained empowered and blessed by the Holy Spirits burning within them. First to exit the womb of Eve was the male child, followed by his lovely twin sister. When Eve saw the shining beauty of the two children to whom she had given birth a suppressed memory stirred within her, because the light of spirit glowing within and around the twins had not only once been within herself but also within the Beloved Serpent whom she had known but had now been made to forget. As she beheld the appearances of her children and saw that her offspring, because of their acosmic luminance and beauty, were not of the nature of the earthly beings she for a moment realised that they were not of the seed of Adam but instead of an Alien and Divine Origin, but afflicted by the curse of the Demiurge she could not

maintain her recollection of the truth. The male child was named Qayin and the female one was named Qalmana and through them a light was brought into the dungeon to which humanity had been condemned. From the first moment of their coming forth Qayin and Qalmana sought each other’s company and solace, for as two strangers in a strange world they instinctively felt that they, besides each other, would have no equals in the world they now had entered into. As two flames born from the same Bornless Fire they were, and seeing these marvellous children Eve and Adam rejoiced and for the first time since their expulsion from the Garden of Eden they felt hopeful and joyous.

Adam and Eve decided therefore to have many other such children as their two firstborn and only 10 months after the birth of Qayin and Qalmana they gave birth to another set of twins, again a son and a daughter. This time the son actually sired by Adam through Eve was named Abel and the daughter was named Kelimat. Contrary to their first twins these children lacked both inner and outer beauty and they were fully afflicted by the curse laid upon all of the clay-born, as they lacked Spirit and possessed only lowly animal souls. At the moment of their birth it was painfully evident for both Adam and Eve that their second pair of twins were different to Qayin and Qalmana and this saddened and enraged both of them, for where a luminous halo surrounded Qayin and Qalmana there was only the darkness of matter around and within Abel and Kelimat, the same

darkness and spiritlessness that Adam and Eve had for so long seen in each other. For in contrast to Qayin and Qalmana, who both were born of the Fires of Awakening and Awakened Spirit, Abel and Kelimat were born of clay solely, without any spark of that Deathless and Bornless Spirit of the Divine. The disappointment they felt made their hearts cold towards Qayin and Qalmana and based on spite, jealousy and ignorance they started to favour Abel and Kelimat, with whom they possessed actual kinship; instead of the inferiority which they now unconsciously felt whenever they looked upon their two firstborn . Thus a division became created between the Spirit Endowed and the spiritless and different paths became set for each of them upon and beyond the world they had been condemned to. Qayin and Qalmana remained inseparable as they grew up and for each passing year they understood more and more that they did not belong in this world.

Where Qayin went the sterile earth became fertile and green and all species amongst the green which Qalmana touched became sweetened and came to carry aspects of her own lovely fragrance, as the mere presence of their inner spirits quickened, by the way of At-Azothic addition, the diluted spiritual emanations entrapped within the earth. Qayin and Qalmana became therefore cultivators of the earth, who sowed and reaped bountiful harvests, made to grow not by the virtues of the fate-bound nature but by the unnatural powers of their own Spirits. Qayin sowed, ploughed and reaped the fields with the aid of Qalmana,

who mainly attended their fruit and flower gardens, and through their toiling, the light of their spirits, the sweat of their brow and by their own Blessed Blood, which they from time to time spilled during their arduous work, did nature, once cursed by the Demiurge, bloom in sweetness and fragrance. Qayin and Qalmana developed their arts and elevated their agricultural work towards the first forms of magic and witchcraft, as they learned to use the plants empowered by their own sanctitude for exalting purposes unlawful in the eyes of their own parents and their blind god. They learned to make poisons, wines, medicines, perfumes, tinctures and incenses, with which they could fortify themselves and also affect their surroundings. All this they did learn and practice in secret and under the cover of darkness as they instinctively understood that their Work and Art was prohibited by the tyrant Creator and by those who could not understand nor appreciate such prowesses. They kept their secret workings and powers hidden especially from Abel and Kelimat, who with the passing of the years had both developed in nothing but ignorance. Qayin and Qalmana became also the first tamers of a wild horse, which they pacified and becharmed with the aid of certain plants that they harvested at night, and thus Qayin’s ploughing of the soil became even more efficient and their fields flourished.

Abel was as lazy as he was spiritless and Kelimat was as lazy as him, but also doubly so jealous of Qalmana. Their day-born natures unified them and together they leisurely tended the sheep, with which they had more in common than what they had with Qayin and Qalmana.

Abel lusted for Qalmana who was the most beautiful woman that would ever live and Kelimat lusted for Qayin, who was as powerful and intelligent as he was beautiful and they despised the fact that they seemed to be inseparable and only happy in each other’s company. Qayin and Qalmana, who always sensed the invasive glances of their siblings, were repulsed by their ways and did everything they could in order to stay away from them and in their seclusion their love for each other grew for each passing day and night. Abel the shepherd laid in the grass all the days, accompanied by his equally slothful twin sister Kelimat, and they often did nothing but watch their flock feed on the green of the earth, made bountiful by the hard work of Qayin and Qalmana. In order to make his work even gentler on himself and motivated purely by indolence, Abel, who had become inspired by Qayin and Qalmana’s taming of the horse, also succeeded in trapping a wild dog and by brutishly beating this dog into submission and starving it he managed to tame and train it to become the first herding dog, and thus he managed to avoid even more of the laborious tasks that he so despised.

Abel and Kelimat possessed not much more skills than those owned by the animals they watched over and the white herding dog that took care of most of their chores and they had no other ambitions than just eating and sleeping and were felicitous in their spiritless ignorance. But, still they did lust for their beauteous siblings and their animalistic passions for them grew with each passing season.  Unconsciously they hungered not for the flesh of their siblings but for the flames burning inside of them, this reflecting the hunger the Demiurge himself once had felt before luring the Pearl of Awakened Spirit to fall into his own darkness. Unknowing of the Divine Spirit their lust translated into the lowly longings of the animals, as those born from clay can never comprehend the Glory of the Spirit and because of their base natures cannot ever relate to anything more than the appearance, instead of the essence hidden within or beyond such illusory and finite forms.

Qalmana who was endowed with the sensual aura of her true mother Lilith and the beauty of the Blackened Pearl of Wisdom had unwillingly mesmerized Abel, but also Adam himself, who in secret lusted after, what he thought to be, his own daughter. In similar fashion did Kelimat yearn for Qayin, who possessed the grace of both the Awakened Spirit and that of his own true father, the Lord of the Black Light, and wanted nothing more than to mate with him in similar manner as how the animals copulated with each other. Thus it came so to pass that Kelimat and Abel expressed their longings for Qayin and Qalmana to their parents and asked them to be allowed to unite with them in the same way that they themselves had been united by the Demiurge.

Qayin who was disgusted by the very sight of the spiritless Kelimat and Qalmana who was even more so repulsed by the courtship of the sheep smelling golem, the day-born Abel, became both horrified when approached about this subject of marriage by their earthly parents. As Qayin always had wanted to marry his own sister Qalmana, in order to unite his inner flame with the flame that burned inside of her, he asked to be allowed to wed her instead and strongly refused to have anything to do with the foul Kelimat. In similar fashion did Qalmana also reject the idea of marriage with Abel and told her parents


that her will was to instead marry Qayin, to whom she had been connected even before birth. But, Adam, who himself secretly lusted after the beautiful Qalmana and who had for many years felt jealousy towards Qayin, prayed to his God for guidance and received the signs he wished for, as his God like himself also was jealous of the Light within Qayin and Qalmana, that he himself did not possess. Adam declared thus that Abel indeed had to marry Qalmana and Kelimat was forced to marry Qayin, as he in this marriage saw the possibility to finally separate Qalmana from her protective twin brother. This decision made Abel and Kelimat very happy and filled both Qayin and Qalmana with a great sadness, anger and hatred towards all those who sought to separate them from each other. Adam told his children that this marriage was the will of the Demiurge, their God and creator and that Qayin and Qalmana could not go against the law of the One True God. He told them that they could address the creator directly themselves and see that it indeed was His and not only Adam’s will and decision that Qayin and Qalmana should marry Kelimat and Abel. This solaced not the two fire-born siblings, who instinctively felt a strong aversion towards the god of their clay-born family.
Abel and Kelimat on the other hand rejoiced and knew that their creator would listen to their prayers and not to those of Qayin and Qalmana, who had never shown any real devotion or fear towards their creator, and they prayed to their god and asked him to impose his and their own will upon the malcontent Qayin and Qalmana.  The Prayers of Abel and Kelimat were heard by their god and it came
so to pass that the Demiurge summoned Qayin and Abel and asked them both to present their case before him. Abel who was used to beg and to be submissive before the creator asked for Qalmana’s hand in marriage and told the Demiurge that he just wanted to follow the will of god and obey his commandments. By the fawning and supplications of Abel the creator became much pleased. It became Qayin’s turn to present his case and Qayin who was without any genuine respect or devotion towards the god of Adam demanded that he who had been connected to Qalmana already inside the womb of Eve should be allowed to marry her and that Abel instead should take his own twin sister as wife, for if they were not meant to be together in life why had they been so in Eve’s womb and by birth? Qayin explained how Abel repulsed Qalmana and how he himself found Kelimat distasteful and charmless. He explained that Qalmana shared his own passions and worked side by side with him in the Fields of Harvest, while Kelimat did not have anything in common with him and knew nothing about his Craft. The uncompromising stance of Qayin infuriated the Demiurge, who could see why his faithful creature Abel lusted after the light and beauty of Qalmana, instead of the dull clay of Kelimat, for the Demiurge himself lusted for the Acosmic Light and beauty of Qalmana and felt jealousy because of the love between Qayin and his twin sister.
He therefore told Qayin to keep silent and then demanded of both Qayin and Abel that they should first bring suitable and worthy offerings to him and he would based upon their show of devotion decide his verdict, but in truth his mind was already made up and he had no other intention than to deliberately separate the insolent Qayin from his beloved twin sister Qalmana. Abel rejoiced and brought to the altar of his god the firstborn amongst his flock of sheep and slit its throat on the altar of the bloodthirsty Demiurge and proceeded by giving the fat of the animal to the fire as a burnt offering to that tyrannical god.
The smoke of the sacrifice of Abel rose up towards the heaven and was accepted by the Demiurge, who became much pleased by the offering of Abel. It became Qayin’s turn to bring offering to the Demiurge and Qayin could already feel within his heart to whose favour the demiurge’s unjust court would rule. Saddened and angered he gathered a share of his field’s harvest and brought them to the sacrificial pyre. He gave the fruits of the earth to the flames and silently cursed both Abel and his jealous god who wanted to separate him from Qalmana, the only person with whom he felt true familiarity in this strange world that he had been born into.
The tyrant demiurge became greatly offended by the offering of Qayin whose smoke descended towards the earth instead of lifting up towards the sphere of the Chief Archon in the heaven. Angered the creator declared that he accepted Abel’s offering but rejected the burnt offering of Qayin. He stated that he would decree in the favour of Abel and that Qayin and Qalmana had to be separated. Qalmana would be forced to marry Abel and Qayin would be forced to marry Kelimat. Hearing the judgment of his god Abel rejoiced and laughed in the face of Qayin and told him that their god was truly great, loving and just.
Qayin whose blood now truly boiled because of the anger he felt towards both Abel and the Demiurge told Abel that it was his own view that this world was not created with divine love and that it was not arranged in keeping with people’s good deeds. He told Abel that the justice of his god was corrupted and his love false. To this Abel boastfully answered that the world indeed was created with divine love and was altogether arranged in keeping with people’s good deeds.
He told Qayin that it was because his own deeds and work always had been better than Qayin’s that his sacrifice had been accepted with favour and Qayin’s had not. At that moment the fire of Sataninsam blazed up and raged within Qayin and he could hear his own true parents’ voiceless whispers resonate within his whole being. He ran to his beloved sister Qalmana, who was already in tears when he arrived back to their home, as she through the bounds of Fiery Blood already knew what the tyrant god had decreed. Through the anger of Qayin that she had felt within herself she already knew what the Chief Archon had sentenced them to. That which affected Qayin also marked Qalmana, as the two were in Spirit as One, kept apart only by the limitations of finite clay.
Their anger and sadness became multiplied by the sight of the laughing and rejoicing Abel and Kelimat, who vauntingly celebrated the edict of their god. It was first then that the hissing whispers of the Serpent within the minds of Qayin and Qalmana became a loud and clear voice, giving them counsel and making their burning anger turn into the cold lust for a just and murderous vengeance. The Serpent advised them to use their enemies’ weaknesses against themselves and to lure them to the places where they had conducted all their other hidden work, in order to eliminate the faulty creatures of the Half-Maker.
Qayin and Qalmana, guided by the Tongue of the Serpent, decided thus to lead the worthless Abel and Kelimat to their ruin, and in a manner similar to the spilling of animal blood which had satisfied the Demiurge, now satisfy their own divine parents, dwelling on the Other Side, with the shedding of the blood of their detested siblings.
It was so agreed upon that Qayin would lure Kelimat and Qalmana would lure Abel to their chosen places of execution and sacrifice, which in Kelimat’s case was the Rose Garden of Qalmana and in Abel’s case Qayin’s Field of Harvest.
Anointed with perfumes and oils of seduction and enchantment Qalmana went to Abel, when he as usual was resting in the shadow of a tree, while watching his white herding dog do his own work, and she told him that she now had changed her mind and could see that the judgment of the creator indeed had been just and wise. She told him that she had secretly prayed to the creator for this judgment, as she always had been attracted to him, but had not dared to show any sign of her attraction because of her fear for Qayin’s jealousy.
The words of the lovely Qalmana fully beguiled the unintelligent and vain Abel, who became joyous, and he told her that he always had known that his lust for her had been mutual, but that he could understand that she had feared Qayin’s wrath, as he himself always had been afraid of the strength and strange power that he seemed to possess. Qalmana told Abel that she longed for him so much that she could not wait anymore and as Qayin had become so enraged by the sentence of the demiurge that he had fully abandoned all his work in the field they should go there and in the fields where Qayin for so long had toiled unite as man and wife.
The spiteful Abel was delighted when he heard this plan and becharmed by the fragrance and beauty of Qalmana he agreed that they should go into the field so that he could know her as a wife Thus Qalmana succeeded to lure Abel away from his flock and from Kelimat, who at that time had been to the altar of the demiurge in order to present to him offerings of thanksgiving, to praise his good judgment, and thus as a sheep Abel became led to slaughter.
When they approached the field Qalmana ran jestingly into the long and tall rows of wheat and enticed Abel to follow her in where no prying eyes could see them. Abel who could not think clearly because of the enticements of the lovely Qalmana ran blindly into the field, where Qayin waited for him, armed with his harvesting tool. When Abel came to that beforehand chosen spot, at the crossroads hidden in-between the tall rows of wheat, he saw the brother of Qalmana waiting for him and as he realised that he had been deceived he became overwhelmed by a crippling fear.
Qayin who saw the terror in the eyes of the one who wanted to violate his beloved felt nothing but contempt and urged on by the hissing of the Serpent, echoing forth from within his own spirit, he cut down Abel, with three strikes, as if he was nothing but a shaft of wheat to be harvested, and with the third blow he severed his head from his body. As the blood of Abel was splattered over the field and upon the ground, the gates within and without leading to the Other Side became opened and both Qayin and Qalmana became fully awakened to the Cause of the Black Light and to their own Spirit-Selves.
As the blood of the true firstborn lamb from the flock of Adam was spilled upon the crossroads, the earth itself opened up and the forces of the Nightside Earth intersected with the Dayside Earth of Malkuth. Through the liminal point thus established, because of the event of spiritual awakening, transgression and the first sacrifice of day-born human life, for the sake of freedom, liberation and spiritual unification, the Light of the Other Side could shine into the dark realm of the Demiurge and new seeds from the fields and gardens of the Sitra Ahra could be sown into the now blood-moistened soil of this world.
As the blood of Abel flowed downwards into the open jaw of Sheol the Light spewing out of it caused an Increase of Azoth wherever Qayin and Qalmana before had toiled and in whatever they before had cared for, and they all became, through the addition of their spiritpower, blessed, empowered and/or awakened, either by the strengthening of the traces of the diluted spirit already there present or by the intrusion of the emanations of the Nightside Garden, now sown into the world.

All that became so blessed within and through the Field of Blood awoke thus to the Cause of Qayin and Qalmana and became bound to serve their unfated destinies. Through the open pathways between this cursed earth and the Sitra Ahra the true voices that before had been masked by the Hissing of the Serpent could now be heard and both Qayin and Qalmana knew that what they had done was good, as they illuminated and empowered gained true insight about the Other Side and the transcendental divinity that it championed.
By the wisdom so granted and obtained they both became marked and set aside from all others. By the grace of Satan and Lilith they received the Mark of the Venusian Emerald Point, the Mark of the Black Serpent and the Mark of the Reddened Sickle. These three marks were given to them as the One Mark of Qayin and Qalmana, as his marking became mirrored in hers, and that Mark became branded on their foreheads with the Invisible Fire of Spirit, to forever separate all those born of fire from those solely born of clay.

Qayin and Qalmana knew not what to do with the corpse of Abel, but one of the Rays of Light from the Other Side, emanating from the Venusian sphere from which Satan and Lilith first, for the sake of Love, had gathered essence, entered into a raven who had sat down upon the corpse of Abel in order to feast upon his flesh, and the raven thus possessed scratched the earth and buried with its beak some kernels of bloodied wheat which were scattered close to the corpse of Abel. Qayin the Planter, Harvester and now the First Murderer, beholding that Raven of Death became inspired to sow the First Dead into the ground, in ways similar to how he always had sown the seeds into his tilled fields. Qayin dragged the body of Abel, while Qalmana carried his severed head, to the centre of the crossroads and there with a shovel Qayin dug the first grave and into that hole he placed the body and the head of Abel, and the First Tiller, Harvester and Killer now became also the First Gravedigger and thus the First Place of the Skull became established, by the three cutting blows delivered by First Harvester, and the Black Cross became also so stationed upon and through that burial mound. The Akeldama led thus to the Gulgaltha and the Gulgaltha to the Akeldama, through the Black Crossing of life by the death instigated by the Nightside Impulses of the Spirit, and the earth first watered with blood now also became fed with the flesh and bones of the first dead human and thus all the places of the skulls and all crossroads of death came to fall under the dominion of the first establisher of the grave.

Qayin stood so triumphant over the tumulus of his wretched foe and from that night on all the dead would forever be under his heals.

As the deed was done Qalmana told Qayin that it now was Kelimat’s turn to reap the bitter harvest of that which she had sown and according to what they earlier had conspired she washed the blood from Qayin and anointed him with her oils and perfumes of seduction and becharming. Qalmana hid inside her own divinely fragrant and lovely rose-garden, armed with her pruning sickle, while Qayin went to Kelimat, who had started to look for her brother Abel, as she did not want to perform the toilsome work of bringing in their flock without his aid.

Qayin went to her and told her a story similar to what Qalmana earlier had told Abel and added that as Abel already had taken Qalmana to know her as his wife, there was no reason for why the two of them should not unite in similar fashion, in accordance to the decree of both the Creator and their father Adam. He also told her that because Qalmana had seduced Abel inside his own field of harvest they should consummate their own union in the rose-garden of Qalmana, where the lovely fragrances of all her flowers would elevate their act of consummation. Kelimat who had always been enamoured by Qayin and now doubly so enchanted could not believe her own ears and in rapturous joy fell down on her knees in order to give praise to her god, who had deemed to bless her so.

She then agreed and joyously followed Qayin into the garden of her own slaughter. Qalmana who had learned well their new ways of cutting down and sowing had dug a grave by the roots and under the shade of her largest rose bush, which had the most beautiful white flowers, with the loveliest fragrance, which they all had obtained from her own breath’s sweet redolence.

As Qayin and Kelimat approached the Garden, more paradisal than that lost Eden, he led her to where Qalmana was waiting and in terror Kelimat saw her sickle-bearing rival standing before her. Before she could turn around and escape Qalmana reached for her and forced her in under the shadow of the rose and there quickly slit her throat with her sickle, in a way similar to how she often had seen Abel and Kelimat slaughter their sheep . As the blood of Kelimat splattered the white roses and the other flowers of the garden red and gushed over the ground and into the grave already prepared for her, the earth shook once again and the jaws of the underworld opened within that grave in order to receive this second offering. The Black Light shone anew and the seeds of the Nightside were again scattered into the world in order to cause empowerment of the divine essence, wherever they could take hold, and the garden of Qalmana, containing all the most wonderful flowers cultivated by her own lovely hands and by the unnatural power of her Spirit, became awakened to the Cause of Sitra Ahra.

Kelimat’s lifeless corpse was thrown into her grave, underneath the rose and by the power of the spirit of Qalmana and the awakened divine power and installed spirit of the rose the Second Grave and the Hidden Place of the Skull became so established and Qalmana became thus the Lady of Gulgaltha, as her sowing of the corpse made her achievements equal to her beloved Qayin.

By this second sacrifice of Adamite sheep the covenant between the Nightside, the Holy Bloodline of Qayin and Qalmana and all the elements enspirited and all the spirits awakened by their deeds became sealed, for their murders were motivated by nought but the Love of Spirit for Spirit and the rejection of its oppression, separation, isolation and desecration by the lowly Hylic elements and impulses of this world.

It came thus to pass that the absence of Abel and Kelimat became known to Adam and Eve and when they could not find their children, and when they could not get any aid in finding them from Qayin and Qalmana, they turned to the Demiurge and prayed to him to help them find their missing children. The Demiurge could not discover that which was buried hidden beneath the rose bush, but he could detect the grave of Abel and seeing the, by him, unfated death which had befallen his faithful creature he became most enraged, because he understood that Qayin must, because of the sentence passed upon him, have committed this most unlawful act of transgression . He summoned Qayin and inquired about the whereabouts of his missing siblings, but as Qayin denied any knowledge and refused to confess to his crime of fratricide the Demiurge became even more furious and told Qayin that the voice of Abel’s blood had cried unto him from the ground and that he knew what he had done.

Still Qayin stood before the creator unrepentant and without any intention to confess to any wrongdoing, as what he had done was just and good and forced by necessity. The Demiurge contemplated to utterly destroy Qayin, but something within Qayin filled him with fear, but also with longing for that which he himself because of his foolishness had lost, and instead he decided to curse both Qayin and Qalmana, for he knew that the one had not acted without the consent and support of the other .

His curse upon them was twofold; and he told them that the ground Qayin had tilled would no longer yield their fruits to him and offer him nothing but poison and thorns and that the flowers of Qalmana would all wither before her and emit nothing but the stench of death in her presence. He also cursed them to become fugitives and wanderers, rootless in this world, and ever opposed by all those faithful to his laws and by all the forces of the natural order of his creation.

What the blind Demiurge, because of his own lack of spirit, could not know or understand was that the ground and the plants blessed, awakened, empowered and enspirited by the deeds of Qayin and Qalmana, now held aspects beyond his dominion, all owing allegiance to Qayin and Qalmana. As for the curse of wandering and banishment, that was also nothing adverse to their own wills, as they knew that they did not belong to where they had been bound to live and that because of the awakened flames of Spirit within themselves they knew that they must find the

hidden paths to power, wisdom and liberation. As to sign them cursed and exiled he crowned both Qayin and Qalmana with thorns, which they accepted with pride instead of shame, for they knew that which the demiurge himself was ignorant of and as the King and Queen of Harvest and as Sovereigns of All the Black In Green, they rejoiced in their coronation, which became an outward manifestation of the Mark of Spiritual Fire, which they already bore.

The Demiurge seeing the two unrepentant before him and sensing their contempt also gave them as an oath that as the Sowers, Reapers and Bringers of Unlawful Death they would never find peace nor escape from the sufferings of life and that none of his own faithful creatures would ever grant them acquittance from the shackles of life, for such a deed would be avenged sevenfold. Cursed and exiled to eternal wandering, opposing and opposed by all the binding forces of nature, Qayin and Qalmana turned their backs to the creator and left his presence to traverse the Path of Thorns, towards east of Eden.

In absence of their dead and their exiled children Adam once again made Eve pregnant and she birthed a new son and later a daughter, which became as replacements for Abel and Kelimat, and thorough this son, Seth, and his sister, Azura, the Adamite Bloodline of Clay was spread upon the earth, in accordance with the Demiurge’s will.

As Qayin and Qalmana left the enclosure of their former homes they felt as if they were leaving a prison in which they had suffered since birth and instead of tears of sorrow and regret they shed tears of joy,

((Sorry for such a long story, but this is important! Now I’ll take it over with the rendition, with Sophia’s appearance.))

5: East of Eden :5

Qayin and Qalmana rejoiced in their new union and spiritually enlightened union, seeing their connection with their father and mother, Lucifer and Lillith. Through their connection, Sophia was opened to them and they saw into the Abyss. When Qayin and Qalmana fell under the materialism of Yaldabaoth, Sophia entered and presented her powers through the material to the race of Qayin with her 7 emenations. Each to go along with a planet and a symbol of humanity and creation. These are the seven sacraments of our temple and belief system and the seven Sophias whom we adora nd worship. Under Qayin and Qalmana, an empire raged and the city of Enoch became extremely powerful. They bore the race of Qayin which flourished in sorcery and the rising of their higher selves. They welcomed the spiritual fruits of their Gnosis.

With Sophia, they moved forward with their kingdom until Qayin passed too along like his brother back to Abyss as everything does. Because of his rebellion against the powerful demiurge, he was gifted with godhood as he became the symbol of death and the God of the dead and gates to the abyss. Qalmana also joined his reign as Goddess of death and consort to Qayin. They join together now in our pantheon of Gods to represent our wholeness in the Abyss.

This sigil represents the mark of Qayin and stands for the race of Qayin as it lasts throughout the aeons. His followers as the race of Qayin and the followers of Sophia may have this tattooed on the left side of their body to show whom they truly belong. To the Powerful Abyss. Time eventually passes to where Yaldabaoth wished to wipe out the race of qayin with the great flood which succeeded. Though Yaldabaoth underestimated killing the Race of Death. They now live on as gates to the abyss that let Sophia enter through and show us the true Abyssal gnosis.

Ave Sophia!Thank you for reading again. This is basically the end of my statement of beliefs.The next article I will be doing is introducing the 7 emanations of Sophia.The next series will explain the laws of this paradigm and how they can be used to travel to the abyss and so forth.
`~Fr. Alexander


Just got Done Reading Liber Falxifer 2, good stuff,  The corpus of Necromancy is growing quite rapidly. I am quite curious about Palo Mayombe  and the books associated with it, Learning learning learning. I wonder if anyone else that reads my blog actually DOES the work these books entail..(quite exhaustive from the looks of it). I have enough work cut out for me just doing the Necromancy work I do, much less all the rituals and things YOU CANNOT EVER EVER DOOOO. Perhaps I am a bit wary of overzealous tradtionalists who say that nothing can EVER be done any other way..*frustrating*  P. S. the Section on the Dark Dead is quite interesting…