jubi-liana  asked:

I agree with you on Emily. I also think Jessica provokes her quite a lot just to see her being jealous. That's why we see a bad side of Emily more than the other characters. Also people tend to forget about Ashley actually killing Chris and voting for Emily's death. I think people omit a lot of other girls sins while centre on Emily's falws.

The way all the women were written in Until Dawn can be… lacking? I like all of them, but sometimes it’s despite the material. To me the big thing is that ok, Jess can be as nasty and mean as Emily, and Ashley can potentially do some pretty terrible things, BUT we are invited to really empathize with them. Jess gets that huge scene with Mike after her fight with Emily, and we spend a ton of time with Ashley. 

Emily also has a cute side scene with Matt where they’re sweet together, but it was DLC only so most people never get to see it. Plus it’s pretty short. So yeah, we scarcely get to see much of the kinder side of Emily.

I don’t want to turn this into a one female character is superior to this other one thing. I see a lot of that going around in terms of Emily vs. Ashley right now, weirdly enough. 8(