Somin vs Jiwoo

This gotta stop man. I was thinking to wirte this since KARAD released Don’t Recall but then I thought everything has already cool down but nope… when they upload the dance version there were a lot of dissatisfaction. Sigh.

Like seriously guys? They didn’t debut yet and you all fighting about “equalism”. Geez.

before I start let me clarified myself first. Yes, my bias is Somin. I’ve known her since Puretty and till now I’m still rooting for her. Never miss anything new or updates about her activities . So, excuse me for being defensive over her. But, doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the other members of KARD!

First of all, Oh Nana. Poeple said that it’s unfair that Somin sang a lot and JIwoo has so little part. Come on guys. Obviously DSP going to give the limelight to their most famous trainee/artist. Somin is popular and a lot of people look up amd support KARD in the first place was because Somin is in the group.

Somin is also the most experience. We are not talking about seniority here okay guys. We are solely talking about EXPERIENCES.

In Oh nana for me between the girls they got equal lines. They sang the chorus part together. And yes, you can hear Somin’s voice more in the song but maybe because Somin’s voice suited more compared to Jiwoo’s voice (gosh i freaking love her husky voice TT). Even when you see the live version when they perform Jiwoo sang with Somin but then ended up only let Somin sing and Jiwoo focus n dancing. Maybe she still not comfortable and need the courage and be more ease on the stage in terms of singing (we know she’s really good in dancing, that freaking charisma <3). It also gained Jiwoo more fans as people start to know the group which makes me so happy TT.

Then I saw someone commented on one of the video that the more she/he watch Somin the more that person doesn’t like her. Reason? Because she’s so touchy/clingy to the boys. SERIOUSLY? Like seriously -.- They’ve known each other for freaking 5 years. they were in the dungeon together… what did you expect???Somin is a tye of person that like to smile, laugh and very affectionate.

The Don’t Recall came out. geez guys. *facepalm*

obviously the same problem, not equal line between the girls! Like come on.

This time obviously DSP gave Jiwoo to shine! They gave the really badass and cool line in the beginning to Jiwoo! she can show off that husky sexy voice! obviously that part suitable for Jiwoo so they gave it to her. The same thing when they gave the chorus to Somin because it suited her voice. Even if you watch the live version and see their singing parts it is faitly distributeed between the girls!

and yes, it actually makes me sad that people commenting about Jiwoo and so little thing about Somin. But, it’s their right. is that who you like then go ahead. But then don’t get bitter when someone do/say the same thing about Somin that she didn’t get enough love like Jiwoo in Oh nana. Don’t says that “Oh! Somin already shines in Oh nana and a lot of people talks about her and no one talks about Jiwoo bla bla bla” Like seriously? Obviously people will talk about Somin because they don’t know Jiwoo yet! and people keep comparing them. Gosh!

They both obviously have different style! Jiwoo with more powerful, edgy and husky dance/voice.Whereas Somin with powerful, sexy and smooth dance/voice. Both of them have differemt aura okay! They compliment each other. There obviously something that Somin is weak at and there is somthing that Jiwoo weak at. They help to fill the gap that both of them don’t have.

I just don’t get it why can people not fight about the boys and can fight about the girls. Instead of comparing and complaining, support ALL OF THEM. There will always be a time where on person will shine more but they can take turn! there will always be a time whereby Somin sings more or Jiwoo sings more. but it’s not the end of KARD! in fact, DSP is really good when it comes to line distribution along the way. ex: KARA. Yes, I’m sure April will be soon TT. At lest their b-sides they gave the members to shine XD

So yeah, I apologize if I hurt any of you fans’ heart. Can’t help it when it is the truth. It needs to be said. Sorry for the very lengthy post.


About today's stream....

Hi guys!! How are you all? I just came here to say that I won’t stream today. Some of you might know that I stream every saturday and do 4 doodle requests per person on it….but today I can’t… I’m really tired and tomorrow I’ll need to wake up early….I’m sorry for breaking the schedule….BUT next week, close to this hour, I’ll stream and take 8 doodle requests per person! I hope you guys understand. Again I’m really sorry! Love you all!!!!! TT^TT

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