About Me Tag

Was tagged by two amazing people from our desi tumblr community @aiklahori and @naveedahsan

1)what language beside your native language would you like to be fluent in ?
First question hi itna aukha 😕
Persian,Arabic,German,French and the list goes on

2)How many pairs of shoes do you own currently?
12 “Mama ko pta chal gaya to wohi sab mujhy par jani hyn”

3)what’s the last compliment you got?
“Aapki editing skills achi hyn wesy” *Blushing* 😇😇😂

4) what does your name mean?

Soha *Bright star* Aimen “The one who brings goodluck”

5)Music taste ?
Depends…but normally mystics

6)Do you have any other SM sites you can link us too, what’s your fav?
Instagram and only if you can bear me with all the faltu stuff i tweet about then also twitter…

8)What is your fave food ?
Really? Seriously? Matlab Kasam say? Mery jesy bndy sy esy questions puchna is Haraam okay!

9)Age ?

10) birthday ?
24 october

11)What is your favourite drink ?
Shezan maybe

12)Current drama?
Udaari 😶

13)If you were a Pokemon what who you be and what would you look like?
Bhai pikachu ky ilawa kisi ka pta v nai mujhy to😕

14)Cats or dogs?
Cats all the wayyyy

15)Do you have freckles ?

16)who is you style crush?

17)Favourite candle sent or scent in general?
In general to phir petrol or paint zindabaad 😂😂

18)Favorite things about each season?
Winter - Winter mornings are beeesssttt!

Summer - mangoes …maybe😕 but i dont know where the “Man” really “Goes” Okay i know thandi jugat thi 😐

Autumn - Umm the color of dead leaves

Spring - nothing 😕

19)Do you have a weird obsession and if so what is it?
Umm i do have obsessions but i dont think any of them is weird

20)Do you still watch cartoons?
YAAAAASSSS! Spongebob is loveeee

21)Do you like to wear slippers ?

22)shark dicing , bungee jumping or sky diving ?
Bungee jumping

23) Who did you look up to when you were younger ?
My grandfather

24) What are your favourite clothing stores ?
Not a brand person…so kuch bhi chalay ga

25)What is your favourite ice cream flavour ?

26) Do you have an phobias ?
I dont think so

27)what is your wardrobe colour scheme ?
Do i really have one? 😮

28)Tea or coffee ?
Kashmiri chai all the wayyyy

29)Favourite clothing item ?
Anything comfortable will work

30) What would your dream bedroom look like ?
Hayeee hard to describe …but a biiiiiigggg bookshelf is must!

31) What is your favourite childhood tv show?
Ainak wala jin, Blues Clues 😇and the list is never ending

32)What do you always have on you?
Amma ki nazar 😂😂😂
33)what is your current temperature ?

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Aannnd you all have to do this “Baron ki baat mano sab shabash” 😇