(( i will actually do them in parts because it took a while to just do one ;w; ))


Galacta: Galacta will sleep with his wings around him as if his wings are a blanket. but when others are with him he wraps them up in the wings to warm them up or even just for protection

Arthur: hes the guy who if you have a nightmare you go and snuggle next to to get comfort. hence the little trooper dee there

Dragato: Dragato hardly ever sleeps in his bed. he usually crashes while working on his machinary. the others find him sleeping on the floor with a wrench in his hands or napping on his blue prints.

Nonsurat: nonsurat has insomnia so he hardly ever sleeps. only way to actually make him sleep is by knocking him out pretty much

Falspar: falspar kinda crashes anywhere that is comfortable. 

Meta knight: pretty much the only one who is use to sleeping in armor the weirdo.


do i need to explain this little adorable sqwishy sqwash?


A lot of Kirby gijinka stuff here :0

first 4 being headcannon stuff with a baby Kirby and a teenage Kirby (and an adult tiff who is a soldier at the GSA). and a teen Kirby with a baby galacta for sad headcannon reasons. 

A commission purchased by @deadlyspideer of My gijinkas of Adeline and Ribbon! 80

NECRODEUS GIJINKA and an updated galacta knight because his armor was annoying as shit to draw


((Hi everyone! The mun smeet is here! Sorry for the next update taking forever I got hella side tracked. I also posted these on my art tumblr and twitter. but sense these guys are in this bog i’ll post em here too!

These are just minor design changes! the major changes other than Falspars outfit; is mostly gks eye color, which has to do with my entire GK head cannon change. (what happens when I don’t write my Headcannons down lolol) I should so far have everything sorted out and ready to continue updating this blog again now!

Thank you all super much for your patience!))