5/31 -Flagstaff @ Big House w/ Emperor X

6/1 - PHX DOUBLE TOUR KICKOFF @ Trunk Space w/Diners!
6/2 - Tucson
6/3 - San Diego @ Che Cafe w/ Good Amount, Kids and Colony
6/4 - Riverside
6/5 - Pasadena
6/6 - LA
6/7 - Santa Barbara
6/8 - Hanford / Fresno

6/9 - Bay Area
6/10 - Bay Area 
6/11 - Sacramento
6/12 - Eugene
6/13 - Portland
6/14 - Olympia
6/15 - Longview
6/16 - Seattle
6/22 - Vancouver BIKE BIKE fest
6/23 - BIKE BIKE
6/24 - BIKE BIKE

More dates will be posted soon!!

Area-50FUN! EP. 43 on KJACK RADIO
Playlist from 4/24/13 Area-50FUN! radio show on KJACK.

Wednesdays from 5-6PM on kjack.org / 1680 AM in Flagstaff, AZ / Ch. 61 on NAU Campus Cable


Ex Wife: “Columbus, Oh” from Care Less

Brilliant Colors: “How Much Younger” from Again And Again

Major Bummer: “Beautiful And Very Smart” from Three Years

Falsetto Boy: “Back Produce Cooler” from Buzz Ballads split w/ Dogbreth

Andrew Cedermark: “Canis Major” from Home Life


Datagram Lanyard: “fake nails (sri’s french tips mix)” from Giggle Whatsoever

Gorgeous Suntan: “sofr~ s.” from Giggle Whatsoever

Rare Fruit: “Swimming in the Ocean” from Disambiguation

Wormy Earth: “Nihilism” from YWRAL


Mewtant: “Fall Song” from Mewsic

Jordan Knecht: “Mantra” from Summer 2012

Real Live Tigers: “Leave A Map” from Denatured

Teardrop Factory: “Vanity Unfair” from Topshop EP

The Act of Estimating as Worthless: “Circadian Tremors” from Circadian Tremors


Eddie Golden III: “Memori The Witch” from Songs From A Sunken Ship

Drainbow: “B” from II

We played a set of mostly new songs tonight at Ben’s goodbye show and I think it went really well! Definitely the best we’ve played first-time songs yet. Tomorrow (or I guess technically today) we’re recording all of them plus a Watercolor Paintings cover for a split tape we’re doing with Falsetto Boy. I think we decided to title the split “Buzz Ballads”. I’m really excited for it. 

It might be the Dr Pepper talking, but I’m feeling super emotional right now. Playing in Porches one last time tonight has really made me think about how temporary shit is. And how lucky I’ve been to be able to play so much music with so many incredible friends. 

uhhh…. goodnight!


Tour Kick Off Tomorrow

Golden Hour (The Songs of Falsetto Boy and Jordan Knecht) has their tour kick off tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited. The show starts at 7pm at Ironwood. We’re sharing the bill with the wonderful Sister Grotto. Please donate five bucks. There will be a station for stick and poke tattoos. Holy hell. See you there. 


More tour dates!

Here are the dates of the midwest portion of our tour!

All show’s will be with Falsetto Boy , of whom we have a split cassette coming out with on Skulltula! If you can help out with any of these dates, send me an email @ workoutmontage@yahoo.com. Thanks!

7/21 - St Louis 7/23 - Carbondale, IL 7/24 - Bloomington, IN 7/25 - Dayton OH 7/26 - Colombus 7/27 - Pittsburg PA 7/28 - Day Off 7/29 - Cleveland 7/30 - Ann Arbor MI 7/31 - Chicago 8/1   - Springfield, IL -Tristan

Hey everyone! Just want to let you know we’re working on a lot of big things for this Summer! And I mean BIG things, like BIG, BIG things.

Specifically, a big us tour, two 7" records (one with Flagstaff-based buds Dragons, and one just us), and a split cassette with Falsetto Boy, an amazing songwriter from St. Louis. We’re pretty excited about it all. I’ll keep you posted, online friends!

We have a couple Phoenix shows coming up soon, too. Here’s the info:

April 4th, @ Trunk Space: BAD BRAIDS & BLACK MAGIC FAMILY BAND (both on tour from Phillidelphia), Josue Kinter and us. 7:30, 5 or 6 bucks.

April 6th @ Trunk Space: TRUNK SPACE 8 YEAR BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION w/ Andrew Jackson Jihad, Liam & The Ladies & Good Amount. 7:30, 7 bucks. The Trunk Space has been around for 8 fucking years. It’s so crazy! This band would not exsist if it wasn’t for TS, needless to say we’re stoked to play this celebration!

Also, I’ve been working on my pedal board a lot lately and I think everyone’s going to be surprised and impressed by my new and improved guitar tone.

So anyway hope you’re having a rad day!

Stay true to metal.


Hey! Lookin' for help booking these areas:

(All shows w/ Falsetto Boy)

7/22 Louisville / Lexington 

7/25 Columbus, Ohio

7/29 Cleveland, Ohio

7/31 Ann Arbor, Michigan 

Any help or leads would be so tight!

T'row a dog an email @ workoutmontage@yahoo.com