falsemrsa replied to your post: haha, so can i show u my mysteries?
can I paint my wiener and surrounding grundle area grey and send you the photo? cuz that would be funny…

Yes! Yes! A thousand times, yes!

iammexico asked:

HeyI have finally managed to convince my parents to let me stretch my lobes and get a cartridge priced . I am only 13 as well Also, does both piercings hurt badly?! Can you explain the process?

Hello! I’m very happy to hear that your parents support your decision to modify yourself! Although I am modified, I am not a professional, so I don’t feel as though I should give out advice.

Here are some wonderful and talented piercers who are better suited to answer your questions:

Nate Janke
Haley st
Luis Garcia
And last but not least the APP page
safe piercing

Hope this was helpful!