My Ranking of the Parenthood Characters
  1. Amber Holt
  2. Drew Holt
  3. Zeek Braverman
  4. Sarah Braverman
  5. Zeek Holt, to be honest
  6. Crosby Braverman
  7. Julia Graham
  8. Joel Graham
  9. Kristina Braverman
  10. Mark Cyr
  11. Max Braverman
  12. Nora Braverman 
  13. Jabbar Trussell
  14. Victor Graham
  15. Jasmine Trussell
  16. Aida Braverman
  17. Adam Braverman
  18. Haddie Braverman
  19. Camille Braverman
  20. Hank Rizzoli
  21. Sydney Graham

falseliesdeceit any changes/disagreements?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm grateful for

  • Niko <3
  • My family
  • Jipsee, my cat
  • Lucy, my dog
  • Bailey
  • The summertime and the warmth that comes with it
  • Music and every single one of my favorite bands
  • Hayley
  • Being able to have an education, even though I complain about it more than anything
  • My cell phone
  • My bed and all the hours of sleep I put into that bed
  • Allison
  • Food
  • Weekends
  • Memories
  • Hugs that make everything all better
  • Sasha
  • Funny movies
  • Working out
  • Peanut butter
  • Disney World
  • Smiling :)
  • Claire, I’d link her, but she changes her URL all the time.
  • Starbucks
  • Laughing until I cry
  • Dairy Queen
  • Lexxi, I’d link her also, but she changes her URL all the time
  • Happiness
  • Gilmore Girls
  • New Girl
  • Boy Meets World
  • Life

If I forgot ANY OF YOU, I’m so sorry :\ but, I’m thankful for you <3

    falseliesdeceit  asked:

    You and your bestie are really cute best friends. I don't know that much about your friendship obv but I just KNOW y'all are cute besties and that makes me so happy for you guys bc best friends are so important.

    She once told me that if I didn’t start the car for my driving lesson she was going to berate me to tears. But anyway…. 

    I dont even know what to say to this so I’m just gonna copy and paste what Morgan, vincentvanghoul , said: 

    • yes we are very cute
    • is that because we cried over tyler’s nipples tho? bc out of everything we’ve done the mutual sobbing wasn’t very cute. I’m laughing [about Tyler Posey’s triskele nipple tattoos] again FUCK.

    and then she sent me this: 

    But really thank you for being happy for us. I am very happy for us too. I am so glad that I found the weird left triskele TPosey nipple to match my weird right triskele TPosey nipple, she has made my life immeasurably better and definitely more interesting. 

    falseliesdeceit replied to your post: “is ronnie radke still an asshole? ”:

    Odds are yes. When you get arrested for domestic violence after prison related to a shooting?? Yeahhhh.

    he’s even been a douche even after that. I had such high hopes for him after prison and 


    I thought him having a kid would help, I haven’t payed attention to him in a while for obvious reasons.