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Royalty AU | Arranged Marriage AU | Slight Angst 

Summary: You’re unsure but hopeful about your arranged marriage to the handsome Prince Chanyeol of the neighboring kingdom. But you’re in for an unpleasant surprise when you find out he’s in love with someone else, and completely despises the idea of being married to you. 

Word Count : About 5,500 (i don’t know how this got so long)

A/N: I was originally considering making this a series because it’s so long, but I think it works as a super-long oneshot? I do hope you enjoy this, it’s probably the most ambitious thing I’ve attempted to write :) 

“Are you ready, your Highness?”

“I will be in just a minute!” you said, as your lady-in-waiting, Lily, gently placed the delicate tiara on your carefully styled up hair. You took a deep breath and stared at your reflection in the mirror.

“You look absolutely radiant, Princess,” she said, smiling. “I’m sure Prince Chanyeol will be swept off his feet with one look at you.”

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Too many people spend the majority of their lives planning for the future. Perhaps that would not be such a bad concept if they did not have misconceptions about what happiness truly is. Disconsolate people tend to believe in a false image of happiness, and therefore become woeful when considering the progress of their current lifestyle. Instead of working to acquire this image of falsity that modern society often portrays as happiness, let us focus our energy on internal desires. Refrain yourself from attempting to obtain a life which only appears grandiose before the outer layers are gently peeled away. Determine what YOU want out of life and then go get it. Keep in mind that happiness is not in your future, it is inside of you.

Aries: They start off the day with loads of “Happy Valentine’s Day, babe” messages from various unimportant people which feels pretty good at first, but as the day goes on they start to feel empty because they don’t have anyone that they truly care about.

Taurus: They don’t really mind the fact that they’re single on Valentine’s day because it’s just another day in the year. UNLESS they just got out of a relationship… if that’s the case then they’ll probably end up wallowing all day and listening to sad songs.

Gemini: There are two types of single gems on Valentine’s Day. Type one won’t even acknowledge that it’s Valentine’s Day and will just go on with their life as usual. While type two is just devastated that they are single and will probably text a few of their exes to try and have some fun later.

Cancer: Probably will lock themselves inside all day to avoid the cute couples and Valentine’s Day decorations. Also, is most likely to cry if they see either of those things. 

Leo: Are these guys ever really single on Valentine’s Day? Secret admirers and/or best friends are always around to give them small gifts, chocolates, or cards… They enjoy every second of Valentine’s Day- single or taken.

Virgo: Chill AF, they don’t waste time with sadness or hoping for a significant other to fall out the sky. They probably have plans to hang out with close friends or family later in the day because Valentine’s Day isn’t about being in love it’s about being around people you LOVE, right?

Libra: “Alright everyone, Happy Valentine’s Day, I may be single this year, but that’s no reason for me to be bitter over everyone else’s happiness. I’ve decided that I don’t need false validation to be happy today, I’m going to wait for my soulmate to appear. I need to love myself before someone else can love me. Good luck to all the couples out there xx” - Libra’s Facebook status. However, after they finish post this they proceed to cry themselves to sleep because of singleness.

Scorpio:  VALENTINE’S DAY WAS INVENTED BY THE GREETING CARD COMPANIES. EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO CELEBRATES VALENTINE’S DAY IS STUPID AND IS BEING FOOLED BY CAPITALISM! … someone please rise from the ashes and date me. - Scorpio’s mind for the full duration of Valentine’s Day

Sagittarius: A part of them is super chill about being single because relationships are too stressful, but hearing everyone else’s romantic plans on Valentine’s Day can depress them a bit. They’ll get over it after a while though and go to the movies with another hopelessly single friend.

Capricorn: They will try their hardest to come across as not caring about the fact that they are single, but on the inside they’re evaluating all the relationships they had over the past year. What went wrong? Why did it go wrong?  Nothing is my fault right? RIGHT…

Aquarius: The Valentine’s Day party-pooper along with Scorpio. However, they’ll go out of their way to let people know how stupid Valentine’s Day is. You see that angry couple walking down the street? Yep, they just got a lecture from our dear friend, Aquarius, about how stupid they are and how meaningless Valentine’s Day is.

Pisces: They’re crying all day, not just because they are single, but also because they have to wait one more day for all the Valentine’s candy to be on sale.

Cherry-Bomb Bastard

A/N: ~For the Anon who filled my Jungkook thirst~

Word Count: 10,269

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“Baek, why do I have to be here again?” Baekhyun rolled his eyes at your question, yanking out one of your earbuds as you blew a bubble into the gum you were smacking on.

“Maybe if you weren’t playing your music so loud you would’ve heard me the first time.” he raised his brow at you, nodding his head to the loose earbud that was playing loud rock ‘n roll into the open air. “I told you; this was a last-minute MC thing they needed me to do and I wouldn’t dare leave you at the dorm with the sausage party living there.”

“I’m a big girl, I can handle myself.” you pouted, crossing your arms over your chest as you popped your gum.

“Oh, I know you can, I also know that the guys wouldn’t control themselves around you.” Baekhyun pointed out, dragging you further in the backstage area of the TV set.

“How come things like this always happen when I come to visit you?” you huffed, blowing another bubble as you followed your older brother.

“Coincidence?” Baekhyun smiled and shrugged, chuckling when he heard the music coming out of your exposed earbud.

“Really? ‘Super Freak’ by Rick James?” you just smirked and winked at your brother.

“Hey, 70′s American funk is amazing and you can’t tell me otherwise big bro.” you saw him poke his tongue out at you as you shoved your earbud back in, taking out a fresh stick of gum and adding it to the growing wad in your mouth. You tugged the leather jacket you wore closer to you; well, really it was Baekhyun’s, but after hearing you complain about the cold he immediately gave it up to you. He knew he wouldn’t hear the end of your whining if he didn’t.

You sighed, aimlessly looking around at the hustle and bustle of the studio as your mind became absorbed in funky bass and brass music. You took your phone out of your pocket, intending to change the song when you ran smack dab into someone, losing your brother in the throng of stage workers. You fell straight on your bottom, your earbuds popping out of your ears as your phone slid across the floor.

“Shit.” you muttered, scrambling after your phone. You reached out to grab it when a hand beat you to it, picking it up and examining the screen. You looked at the person on the ground next to you (obviously, they were the one you had ran into) and were fully intending on giving them a good cussing out not only for taking your property, but for not even mumbling a sorry, when your words got caught in your throat.

The person you ran into had to be one of the best-looking people you had seen in your entire life; with sweet chocolate brown hair, dark eyes and sharp facial features you didn’t know if you had ran into a normal human being, or some sort child of Aphrodite. You stopped your persistent gum chewing when he finally acknowledged you, his lips curving into a smirk as he held your phone out to you cheekily.

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You Guys Fight But Try To Hide It From Your Friends (pt. II)


pt. i

“Go shoot that fucking film, Darcy and I can survive without you.”

After those words leave your mouth, it’s as if Harry transforms in front of you. Gone is the gentle, kind man you love as his features twist and harden into something cruel and malicious.
“Fine.” Is the last word that you expect him to say, but he does anyway. And he continues to do what you least expect, because he’s gathering up his coat and twisting open the front door. He takes one last long look at you, and for a short moment (although it seems to last forever), everything is silent.

A scene plays in your mind–a scene that you can easily recreate. You rush across the room and embrace Harry, begging him not to go, taking back your initial thoughts and words and offering to live in France with him and Darcy. Him smiling down at you and telling you he would love that. You can almost see it….how simple it would be to achieve that.

And you see how easy it would be for another scenario to occur. The one where Harry is the one slamming the door back shut and shrugging off his coat, getting down on his knees in front of you like it’s the very first time and taking all his words back.

But neither of those things happen, because you both are stubborn people. The whole room is still, and when you almost think Harry’s going to leave for certain, a voice cuts through his chest. “Woah, easy there girl. Don’t want your mommy and daddy getting mad at me for destroying their washroom.” It’s Louis, and it’s…Darcy. Laughing. Upstairs. Oblivious to what’s happening down here. Tears start to gather up in your eyes. 

Harry’s head drops to the ground, and when you’re just about to open your mouth and tell him to stay, he’s already out the door. Liam looks at you with an apologetic stare, but you can’t move. Not until you hear Harry’s car start, and the gates closing signalling he has already driven away. And when that all happens, you collapse onto the ground, in a sea of tears and hair and bones.
Darcy is still laughing.

How much you would give to have Harry upstairs with her…

Three weeks later and no word from Harry. He had one of his friends that you have never met before come over to the house and gather his things. Darcy is confused to why “daddy” isn’t around, but with just a handful of smiles and false promises, happiness surrounds her days once again.

If only you could say the same.

You check your phone every second of every single day, and you are not mistaken. Harry has not called you nor texted you. The only evidence that you have to prove that he has not blocked your number is the occasional status updates he would post…in France.

“So he’s really shooting that movie, then.” Gemma was over for a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits (and to make sure you are alright). She nods, pressing her lips into a thin line before snatching up a wafer cookie on a plate on the coffee table. Darcy was at a playdate, and you had two hours to kill before you had to go pick her up. 

“Has he contacted you at all?” Gemma asks politely. You were almost certain Anne, and probably Gemma herself, had already asked Harry about you two. After all, he was spotted everywhere without you, and there is no universe in which Harry would lie to the two people he values the most. 

So you don’t know why she was asking you this question, when the answer was obviously known between you both. But still, out of kindness and respect, you confess, “Nope. Not a call or even a text.”

“He’s going to come around,” Gemma reassures you. You smile politely, but doubts are lining every square inch of your mind. He’s going to come around.

That night, long after Gemma had left apologetically, and shortly after you had tucked Darcy in, you couldn’t take it anymore. Throughout the day, little bits of you had broken over small things. 

Darcy seeing a random guy on the street and calling him daddy. TMZ blowing up when you weren’t spotted in France with him. The house phone ringing off the hook, and the messages you had to take from his friends: No, Harry isn’t here. He’s off in France, shooting a movie. And worse of all: I don’t know when he’ll be back.

You had thought you were capable of holding it together until you couldn’t anymore. Closing the door to your bedroom shut, tears begin to cascade down your cheeks until your vision is but a pool of water and the blurry whiteness of the bedsheets. Why didn’t he call?

You didn’t understand. And you didn’t know why you were so confused by this. You said some really shitty things to him, even though he had expressed his strong wishes of doing this for his career, and you totally disregarded him! Maybe it wasn’t he who should be the one to call, but you…

Fingers hovering over the CALL button, you hesitate. What if he doesn’t pick up? And then the logical part of your brain (minuscule, at the moment), tells you that of course he wouldn’t. He’s probably sleeping. Then it hits you. He is most likely to be asleep. Quickly, with no time to waste, you google Dunkirk, France time.

And then you see him.

Well, a picture of him.

Your first reaction is one of happiness. You haven’t seen him for weeks, and even though it’s through a screen, you are relived. He’s not dead (why one small part of you thought he was dead, you don’t know. But he has never gone this long without speaking to you.). And then when you get over your initial reaction, your fingers absent-mindedly click on the link displaying the picture of him, and you suck in a gasp. 

Because he’s smiling. It’s a picture of him smiling. Out of all the years that you have known him, you have learned to differentiate his smiles: what he gives the paparazzi and what his joy looks like. This smile–this one that the cameras have captured, is the latter. He’s…. “He’s so happy,” you whisper to yourself. “He’s truly happy.”

And with that, you turn off your phone. 

Harry’s POV.

“Goddammit, why hasn’t she called yet?”

“Don’t you think you both are behaving quite childishly?”

Harry stands on the set of his new movie, groaning out loud to himself. He looks up suddenly when he hears a voice answer him back. Cillian Murphy stands there, and repeats, “You both are being children.”

Harry furrows his eyebrows, “What are you talking about?”

The other man sighs, “You and Y/N? Just give her a call. This is ridiculous.”

Harry can’t believe the Cillian Murphy is giving him love advice. “How do you know her name?”

“You’ve been muttering it for about an hour, man.” Cillian rolls his eyes. “Just take it from me and call her. Nothing is worse than the silent treatment.”

“Yeah?” Harry’s thumb hovers over your contact. Cillian nods. “Maybe I will.”


jk here you go 

pt. 3


// Headcanon: Muse’s Mindscape. I imagine if there were any music in her own personal mindscape this would be it. The place seems to be a mix of melancholy and classy, a place stuck in a time, much like she is.

thoughts from my Raven Boys reread:

highlights include some rambling analysis of Adam and Ronan’s dynamic in the first book, yelling about how Gansey definitely has social anxiety, gushing about the Henrietta library, and trying to accept the fact that this is probably the best book out of the whole series. WOO. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

  • Blue is impatient and vain along with being sensible and I love her for it because it helps her feel so real to me yknow? she constructs her difference so carefully and owns it and all that but unlike most YA protags she still feels BELIEVABLE in spite of how intentional she is about being “different” because she does it in a way that doesn’t feel contrived to me
  • there may be other issues with the writing in TRC but Maggie got that right good job
  • “I thought you were dead in a ditch” oh honey just wait :^)))))
  • I know we talk about Ronan’s oral fixation like…. all the time….. but. Okay I just really love this fidgety boy and his habit of chewing on those bracelets. Someone please get him a fidget cube or something
  • (jumping ahead to TRK but I loved the detail of Opal chewing on Adam’s watchband, it’s a nice tic for her and Ronan to share and it reminds you that she’s been living in his head for most of his life)
  • “All night. This was going to bother him all night” did you mean the moment I vowed to protect this socially anxious child with my life
  • Persephone is working on a graduate thesis?? She listens to angry music when she’s working on it??? Why didn’t we get to explore that more I have SO MANY questions (does she listen to Halestorm when writing like I do omg I would die)
  • “ARE YOU LISTENING, GLENDOWER? I AM COMING TO FIND YOU!” Gansey….. my nerdy son…… a dweeb…….
  • The gang doing traditional library research!! Digging through courthouse records of land ownership! Making maps!!! 
  • Honestly I’m probably biased as a current library science student but I would read an entire book about the staff at the Henrietta Library dealing with these weird teens and their magic quest.
  • …..yeah i gotta put the rest under a read more this got SO MUCH LONGER than I meant it to be just like every other post I make whoops

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break a leg: broadway!tom holland

tom holland x reader

A/N: so far i’ve gotten such an amazing response to i’ll take care of you so thank you so much for reading it! requests are open! I will be continuing this story in a series :-)


requested: nope!

Words: ~1500

Warnings: little bit of swearing. tom’s a bit of an ass in this, which is in no way indicative of what I think he’s like in real life!

summary: you didn’t make it to broadway by the age of 19 by slacking off. it seemed like tom, on the other hand, had gotten everything you could’ve ever wanted without much work at all, and nothing pissed you off more. Broadway AU because I still think Tom should’ve been in Newsies at least once in his life.

let me know if you’d like to be added to my (thus far non-existent) tag list!


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My heart is so cold in the past weeks that talking about God is hard for me. I’m like a prodigal daughter who went away just to cover up my pain with false happiness. He keeps pursuing me through other people’s words but i keep abandoning Him because i keep listening to my pain. I thought life without Him will be easier but i ended up in misery because i have no joy at all. I want to go back as i cried to Him. I realized that i am not abandoned by Him, i am the one who abandoned Him. It just breaks my heart that i did it to the One who loves me most.

I want to be honest to who i am instead of acting like i don’t have struggles. To those who are ready to give up, always know that no matter how hard the storm is, just to be with God is the most beautiful thing this life has to offer. Don’t give up and keep the faith.
What is Nodding Out like?

Do you ever wake up in the morning, and one of your parents is talking to you, and although you’re responsive, you’re still half asleep and barely paying attention? That’s what nodding out is like, except a million times better. For me, time stood still. Life continued on around me, and I could tell it was, but I was stuck in my own little bubble of content-ness. I felt like hours would pass, but in reality it would only be  minutes. My body would tingle, and nothing could bring me down. I was on cloud nine; my own little personal Heaven.

And then…then the climax would end. I would still be “half awake” but I would start to itch. Disappointment would sink in as I realized it was ending. Then I would wake up some more…and fuck, the itchiness was awful. All my false happiness was swept away, and all the dark emotions came back. Except this time, they seemed to be worse. 

“hello again! my last quotes post was pretty popular, so i thought this might be a good opportunity to introduce more people to the wonders of persian poetry. obviously they sound prettier in farsi, but the messages are wonderful nonetheless. i bought a few poetry collections while i was in iran in the summer so i’m just posting quotes from there, apologies if the translations aren’t perfect


“i wish i could show you when you are lonely or in the darkness the astonishing light of your own being”

“even after all this time the sun never says to the sky, ‘you owe me’, look what happens with a love like that. it lights the whole sky”

“the words you speak build the house you live in”

“stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive”

“an awake heart is like a sky that pours light”

“you yourself are your own obstacle, rise above yourself”


“you have escaped the cage. your wings are stretched out. now fly.”

“remember the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you”

“let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love”

“why do you stay in prison when the door is so wide open?”

“let the beauty we love be what we do”

“the wound is the place where the light enters you”

“if all you can do is crawl, start crawling”

“being a candle is not easy: in order to give light one must burn”

“the art of knowing is knowing what to ignore”

“with life as short as a half taken breath, don’t plant anything but love”

“i am neither of the east or of the west, no boundaries exist within my chest”

“every story is us”


“but all this world is like a tale we hear; men’s evil, and their glory, disappear”

“on the ant bearing the grain bring not strife, he is alive and joyous is sweet life”

“i am deathless… for i have spread the seed of the word”


“have patience. all things are difficult before the become easy.”

“a man is insensible to the relish of prosperity ‘til he has tasted adversity”

“if a gem falls into the mud it is still valuable”

attar of nishapur

“the sea will be the sea whatever’s the drop’s philosophy”

“he who would know the secret of both worlds, will find the secret of them both, is love”

omar khayyam

“a hair divides what is true and what is false”

“be happy for this moment. this moment is your life.”

“pass, therefore, not today in vain, for it will never come again”

“when i want to understand what is happening today or try to decide what will happen tomorrow, i look back”

“a thoughtful soul to solitude retires”

“one thing at least is certain- this life flies; one thing is certain and the rest is lies; the flower that once has blown forever dies”

Ray of Sunshine (Jason Todd x Reader)

Anon: “Can you do one with Jason x reader where the reader is really close friends with Dick and Jason gets really self-conscious and jealous”

Schninner: Why yes indeed I can! I’m actually pretty happy on how this turned out! So I hope you like it anon!

(Reader can be a guy, gal, or non-binary pal)

Warnings: there is literally like, 1 swear word.

Key: [S/N] Scent name

Word Count: 675

Master List

Jason walked into Wayne Manor, only to be greeted by your booming laughter echoing through the halls. The lighthearted sound caused a faint smile to form on his lips and his muscles to relax. He didn’t want to come to Bruce’s “Family dinner,” but you had, through your persistence, convinced him to come. You two had been dating for about a year and a half now, yet he was still amazed that he had someone like you to call his own, and even more surprised that you had stayed with him for this long. Jason had always thought that you were too good for him, that you deserved better. Of course, he never told you this; knowing full well that you would say he was being ridiculous.

His smile remained on his face as he followed the sound of your laughter to the dining room. But it vanished as soon as he saw who you were laughing at.

His brother, Dick Grayson.

You and Dick had been good friends since before Jason and your relationship started. You had always told Jason that Dick was like a brother to you, and most of the time, he believed you. But it was times like this, when you just seem so happy to be with him, that made him wonder, “What if it’s something more?”

His heart sunk in his chest, all of his previous feelings of happiness vanished, leaving way for jealousy.

He must have made some kind of noise to alert you of his presence, because your head snapped in his direction. You already had a wide smile on your face, but upon seeing him, your smile only seemed to grow (if that was even possible.) In a flash, you had risen from your chair, and bounded over to him pulling him into a loving embrace. A smile tugged at his lips once more as he returned the hug. He breathed in your [S/N] scent, feeling the fragrance tickle his nose.

You gently pulled away, and looked at him with your big bright [E/C] eyes that he loved so much.

“Hey you!” You chirped, your voice filed with brimming happiness as you pulled him into a short yet sweet kiss. “Where have you been? You’re late!” You teased, letting go of him only to grab ahold of his hand.

“Sorry about that [F/N], traffic was bad.” He said with an equally light voice.

He didn’t know how you did it, but you always managed to put him into a good mood, even when you didn’t mean to. Your happiness was always just so contagious, simply smiling at him made his heart swell up with joy.

“Ahh, that’s rough,” You said, tugging at his hand for him to follow you. “Well, Lucky for you, I saved you a seat right next to me!”

Jason turned to Dick, who happened to be sitting in the only chair that was next to you.

“Hey Grayson! Get your ass out of my boy Jay’s chair and sit back in your own seat!” Your voice was playful, feigning irritation.

Dick stood up with his hands raised in defense, but his facial features showed signs of amusement.

“Fine, fine, whatever!” He said, walking over to an empty seat next to Damian.

Bruce scolded you for swearing, although Jason could sense a hint of amusement in his voice as well.

Damian was the only one not happy, he rolled his eyes in disgust as the two of you sat down next to each other.

“Must you two always flirt in our presence? It’s repulsive!”

You gave Damian a fake smile and said in an equally false happy voice, “Why, thank you for your opinion Damian, I’ll definitely make sure to keep that in mind next time.”

As the night went on, Jason’s paranoid thoughts of losing you drifted further and further from his mind.

He loved you, loved the sunshine that you had brought into his life, and he knew, and would always know, that you love him just as much.

Instead of wasting our energy to supply ourselves with so many facilities and modern amenities, we should apply intelligence to understand who and what we are. We do not like to suffer, but we should understand why suffering is being forced upon us. By so-called knowledge we have simply succeeded in manufacturing the atomic bomb. Thus the killing process has been accelerated. We are so proud to think that this is advancement of knowledge, but if we can manufacture something that can stop death, we have really advanced in knowledge.
—  On The Way To Krsna
Sonny Carisi / You’re Enough

Imagine comforting Sonny after the events of “Mood” (S19 E2)

I’m about to start calling this the “Sorry Sonny” series with how many traumatic moments he has. 

This is for @ohbelieveyoume and also for myself, since SONNY DESERVES MORE. Damn it, they are putting him through too many traumatic experiences. First they almost let a man shoot him and now this? What is this?? Anyway, i hope you all enjoy! 

This is also the song i listened to while writing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1l9zJd8ULA&list=WL&index=164

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