false vampire bat

Yellow-winged Bat (Lavia frons)

…a species of false vampire bat (Megadermatidae) that is native to the continent of Africa, where it is known to occur throughout the middle of Africa ranging from Senegal east to Ethiopia and south to the northern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Yellow-winged bats typically inhabit woodland and savannahs where they usually roost in acacia trees and thorn bushes near bodies of water. Unlike other Megadermatid bats, Lavia frons feeds only on insects and will not take small vertebrates. L. frons is a “sit and wait predator”, listening for prey and striking when a potential prey item flies by. 


Animalia-Chordata-Mammalia-Chiroptera-Megadermatidae-Lavia-L. frons

Image: slamjack


Welcome to your daily dose of bat facts through the month of October! Happy national bat month!

There are two different bats known as ghost bats. The first, shown on the left, is also known as a “false vampire” bat, and found in Australia. They normally roost in caves and mine shafts. The other, shown on the right, is the Northern ghost bat, found in the southern parts of Mexico, the Caribbean, and northern parts of South America. Unlike its sibling bat, they prefer to roost in foliage. The Northern ghost bat is only slightly smaller than the other.


False Vampire bat

Effing adorable, look like it mix with bunny, mouse & bat. XD


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