false vampire bat

I decided to draw a bunch of bats while I was drawing a thing about white nose syndrome.  Also, here are some random bat facts:

  • With over 1,200 total species, bats (order: Chiroptera) make up more than one-fifth of all total mammal species
  • Bats help out in many different ways.  An individual insectivorous bat eats thousands of insects a night (pregnant and nursing bats often eat the equivalent of their own body weight or more),  and it’s estimated in the US alone they save the agriculture industry billions of dollars (low estimate of $3.7 billion and high estimates of over $50 billion) a year in pest control services. 
  • Nectivorous bats (bats that feed on nectar) are needed to help pollinate plants that have night-blooming flowers.
  • Fruit bats are very good at seed dispersal and helping with forest regeneration.  They are especially needed in areas where rainforests have been clear-cut since bats, unlike many forest birds, will fly across the open spaces.

In short bats are awesome. Be nice to bats.

anonymous asked:

Dear Koryos: Can you imagine a universe wherein bats have become the ancestors of some kind of Highly Intelligent Life Form (not necessarily humanlike intelligence, but something as different from today-bats as humans are different from Ancient Primate Ancestor)? I originally just was thinking about what kind of Cultural Norms such beings would have, but then I realized I couldn't really imagine anything except bat-shaped things that more or less thought like humans.

I’ve sat on this question a while because it’s such an interesting one to me. The biggest issue here is that you’d have to specify which bats you’re making your theoretical ancient ancestor, because there’s such a vast diversity of behavior within the group. A vampire bat would be different from a sac-winged bat would be different from a hoary bat would be different from a flying fox ancestor, is what I’m saying. Any social or behavioral organization paradigm that you can think of, there’s a bat that has it.

So to think about what a sapient bat would look like, we first need to assess the intelligence and behavior of possible ancestral bats. And here I’m gonna stick a readmore, because this gets looooong.

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Yellow-winged Bat (Lavia frons)

…a species of false vampire bat (Megadermatidae) that is native to the continent of Africa, where it is known to occur throughout the middle of Africa ranging from Senegal east to Ethiopia and south to the northern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Yellow-winged bats typically inhabit woodland and savannahs where they usually roost in acacia trees and thorn bushes near bodies of water. Unlike other Megadermatid bats, Lavia frons feeds only on insects and will not take small vertebrates. L. frons is a “sit and wait predator”, listening for prey and striking when a potential prey item flies by. 


Animalia-Chordata-Mammalia-Chiroptera-Megadermatidae-Lavia-L. frons

Image: slamjack

batslime  asked:

Do you happen to know much about Honduran fruit bats? I'm having a hard time finding info on them since they're so tough to come across, and when I do it seems to always be a different bat mistaken for one because of white fur. I'm especially perplexed by their faces, they're built like they're meant to echolocate, even though they EXCLUSIVELY eat fruit, yet STILL only hunt for food at night?. They're very weird little guys

Honduran white bats are members of the bat family Phyllostomatidae, the New World leaf-nosed bats- which you can tell by the leaf-shape on their nose. And you’re right, they do echolocate.

In fact, many fruit-eating bats still need to echolocate, because even though they may not need to use it to hunt (though some fruit-eaters may still nab a bug when they spot one) they still need to navigate through the darkness.

Why would a fruit-eater only come out at night? Well, for many reasons. There’s less competition at night, for starters- most primates and birds have gone to sleep. This means there are also fewer flying predators like hawks. It’s also cooler at night, which can prevent a flying mammal that’s working its metabolism to the limit from overheating.

Many plant species accommodate nocturnal customers by adding things like leaves or flowers that reflect sound in a certain way when fruit, nectar, or pollen is available. They also put out stronger smells that lure in the bats. (One species of pitcher plant uses sound reflection to invite insectivorous bats to come poop in it.) So being diurnal is in now way a prerequisite if you want to eat fruit- I myself enjoy a good late night banana.

I would bet that the white-furred bats people keep mistaking for Honduran white bats are Northern ghost bats, which belong to a totally different family. Easiest way to tell them apart is that ghost bats have no leaf on their nose and instead look like grumpy little goblins.

Maybe people also mistake yellow-winged bats for them (again, from a completely different family) or desert long-eared bats or even ghost false vampire bats, but I think the differences there are more obvious unless you’re really unfamiliar with bats in general.

Also, if you see a bat that looks like this… it’s not a real bat, it’s a pin made by CreturFetur on Etsy. Absolutely adorable, but baffling that it keeps being used as though it’s a photo of the real thing.


False Vampire bat

Effing adorable, look like it mix with bunny, mouse & bat. XD

sylph0fl1ght  asked:

Do you have a favorite species of bat or do you love them all?

My god why would you even ask this this is a DIFFICULT QUESTION UGH

I mean some of my favorites are bats I’ve actually gotten to handle. Like the first bat I ever held was a big brown bat and they are so nasty and mean and loud and I love them.

(I took these pictures so they aren’t the best.)

the grumpinest

in a bag waiting to be weighed

and this gal was a very upset juvenile.

And similarly I also love Eastern red bats because they are gorgeous little demons (that I got to hold).


“why bat god”

Expressing rage over being banded.

And last on the list of “bats I love mainly because I got to touch them” is the hoary bat. GIANT GORGEOUS CHILD

(This one is still a juvenile!)

But I have a lot of other secret bat loves… the wooly false vampire bat, for example.

(Actually, I did get to touch this gal, since she was shown to us at a demonstration in Belize.)

Also a fan of pallid bats, ghost bats, and Egyptian fruit bats… lesser short-tails obviously… banana bats… vampire bats in general… tube-lipped nectar bats… jamaican fruit bats… aaaaaa this question is too hard and I hate you. I’VE NEVER MET A BAT I DIDN’T LIKE, let’s put it that way.