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When people STILL bash your fave stars for things that they haven’t even done.

Me in the majestic chapter 199

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Aqours First Live Asks Masterpost

I’ve compiled answers to all the asks I got back when the Live Viewings were happening in February and March! I wasn’t going to answer them until I finished writing up my LV report (currently on hold until I have a big enough chunk of time to finish and release the next part), but since that’s taking forever and Anime Expo is coming up, I figured I should just answer them all now before it got too late. It’s been over 4 months… _(:3 」∠)_


I tried to write at least a couple of sentences for each to make up for the 3-4 month lag in answering, as well as lack of Shuka reaction pictures and tags for each individual ask (•̀ ∀ •́)ﻭ✧

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What advice would you give me for my first time summoning/contacting a spirit?

This caused me to think a bunch, but I do have some advice!

  1. Make doubly sure that you’re confident and comfortable. I don’t recommend starting if you don’t feel ready, or if you’re scared of the spirit you’re summoning. Fear may result in rash reactions and false sensations; also, malicious spirits, should you run into one, love feeding off that.
  2. Protect yourself. Wear protection jewelry, cast a circle, and/or have a backup or banishment plan. I want you all to be safe!
  3. Take everything the spirit says with a grain of salt. Spirits don’t know everything. Spirits don’t always tell the truth. Know that some may be malicious, abusive, full of flattery, or a liar. Which floods into my next point
  4. Don’t make any deals. Never make a deal with a spirit on the first meeting. Ever. Don’t be all “You’re my spirit companion!” or “You can come through whenever!” Confirm that you’ll actually want this spirit around, first. To do that, you should speak with them more than once. 
  5. Establish house rules if you’re summoning at home. You’re allowed to be firm and state explicitly what you want. You can tell the spirit not to come back unless summoned, or not to touch you, or not to go into certain rooms. Establish whatever makes you feel comfortable, and cover your bases. You have that power. 
  6. Believe in yourself. You have the power to sense and summon spirits, even if it doesn’t work once or twice. You’ll get to experience it, and you’ll have fun.

That’s all I can think of! I wish you luck and hope you have a lot of fun!! Also, feel free to submit your experience afterwards! Have a beautiful day ( ^ v ^ ) /

Life is indeed absurd. Our protest, “No, it is not,” is but a momentary reaction, a false hope, perhaps the expression of a temporary good mood, or of stubbornness, a refusal to admit the obvious. The truth is that life is not fair, it has no ultimate meaning, and in the end we are unable to give any good reason for living, except, perhaps, that we have gotten used to it, sometimes enjoy it, and have a project or two in process that we would like to see through.
—  Dark Feelings, Grim Thoughts, Experience and Reflection in Camus & Sartre by Robert C. Solomon
Taylor Swift owning her groper is great news — and it sets a powerful example for other women

WEDNESDAY, AUG 16, 2017 06:59 AM MYT

Famously lanky pop songstress Taylor Swift is, it seems, as badass as she is tall. For years, Swift has advanced a kind of pop feminism, focused more on girl-power cheerleading than the grimier work of resisting patriarchy. That changed, through no fault of her own, when former DJ David Mueller sued her over an incident in which he allegedly groped her butt during a 2013 radio meet-and-greet.

Mueller says he didn’t do it, and accuses Swift of getting him fired based on a false accusation. In reaction, Swift countersued him. On Monday, she won in court, after clearly winning in the court of public opinion.

What’s really exciting is what this all could mean not just for Swift, but for women all over the country who face sexual harassment and even assault in their schools and workplaces. Can Swift use all her fame, power and privilege to help rewrite the script for how we understand these sexual harassment disputes? Can she push the public a little closer to realizing that sexual abuse is real and not something women just make up for mysterious reasons?

Alexandra Brodsky, the co-founder of the anti-rape group Know Your IX and an attorney working on education equity for the National Women’s Law Center, certainly hopes so.

Many people still “expect the survivor to slink away quietly” after a sexual assault, Brodsky explained. By sticking to her guns and countersuing, she continued, Swift is sending a message to those who would “intimidate survivors: You better be ready for a fight.”

Swift’s court testimony on Thursday was thrilling, as she coolly shut down Mueller’s lawyer, Gabe McFarland, during his repeated efforts to shift the blame to Swift, suggest that she was lying and deflect responsibility for the incident away from his client.

“I’m not going to allow you or your client [to] make me feel in any way that this is my fault,” Swift said, in a particularly fist-pumping moment. “Here we are years later, and I’m being blamed for the unfortunate events of his life that are the product of his decisions — not mine.”

Mueller’s case isn’t helped by the fact that the alleged ass-grabbing occurred during a photo shoot, which means there’s a picture.

Brodsky explained that lawsuits are a common strategy to silence women or retaliate against them when they report sexual harassment or abuse.

“We, in recent years, have seen a rash of male students who were suspended or expelled for sexual assault suing the alleged survivors in retaliation, using these kind of defamation laws,” she explained. “What’s scary is that the knowledge that’s a risk is part of a victim’s calculus in whether to come forward, whether to report someone to his or her school or whether to pursue litigation.”

Unfortunately, Brodsky added, survivors don’t often have the resources to fight off such lawsuits, “and so often end up settling in ways that are counter to their interests and counter to justice, because they don’t feel like they can fight a well-resourced opponent.”

Swift, of course, has plentiful resources, which she deliberately highlighted by suing Mueller for $1. But it’s not a huge surprise that Mueller still took his chances. The myth that women lie about sexual abuse for the hell of it is still deeply ingrained in our society, and it’s notoriously hard even for lawyers with hard evidence to persuade jurors who want to cling to the belief that most such allegations are false.

Just last week, in fact, a male journalist, Yashar Ali, was targeted by a similar lawsuit. Fox News host Eric Bolling is suing Ali for $50 million for a story Ali wrote in which multiple women alleged that Bolling sent them unsolicited photos of male genitalia. Ali spoke to 14 sources for his story, and presumably there is a digital record if such text messages did occur.

The choice to target Ali personally instead of HuffPost, which published his story and has much deeper pockets, only adds to the suspicion that Bolling’s suits has less to do with uncovering the truth than with silencing women who have come forward with the counts his alleged sexual harassment.

In the past, women who made claims of harassment or abuse had real reason to fear public shame and approbation for coming forward. Watching that narrative turn around in pop culture, which can have a massive impact on culture at large, is a reason for hope.

It’s not just that Swift is gaining the upper hand in public opinion. The story of her fellow pop singer Kesha shows that women these days can come out about alleged sexual abuse without being relegated to pariah status.

Unlike Swift, with her cool certainty about what happened to her in the face of some pretty aggressive denials, Kesha’s journey has been a messier one. She has been entrenched in a public and horrific battle with her former producer, Dr. Luke, whom she accuses of sexual and emotional abuse. He, too, has countersued for defamation. Kesha has lost many of her court battles, due more to contractual issues than legal findings about her accusations, but it seems the public is on her side.

Kesha’s new album, “Rainbow,” was released last week to critical acclaim, and the media narrative quickly forming around her is inspirational, so much that it verges on cloying. But it’s tough to quibble with that, since Kesha, like Swift, is reaching the broader public with a narrative feminists have been proclaiming forever: the story of the survivor. It’s one where a woman does not need to be permanently broken or forever traumatized in order to demand justice. It’s one where the man who rapes, hits or harasses is the one to blame, not the woman who was simply trying to live her life, do her job or make her art when she was targeted.

To be clear, both these women have money and fame and all the attendant privileges, which most women lack. But these kinds of pop culture moments can create dialogue among ordinary people about issues like sexual abuse, power and how we know who to believe when someone makes an explosive accusation of sexual misconduct. We can hope that makes it easier for people to take such accusations seriously when they happen closer to home.

Clearing up from FNaF misconceptions

I’ll do it in bullet point form to make it easier to understand.

1. I do not hate the game Five Nights at Freddy’s and I am not shitting on the game Five Nights at Franky’s. If you watch me actually play the game I try the new game and figure out what it’s about with the help of two vets, learn and appreciate the lore, and find myself enjoying the game despite the pre-meditated notion to want to dislike the game because of how a loud sub-group of the FNaF fandom behaves (toxic af). I put aside my differences with the crazy fanbase of the game (again not everyone, if you are not batshit bonkers then I am not talking about you), found myself to be enjoying it, even though I did not find myself as startled by the content as others would consider proper. 

 2. With the evidence as presented here, I would like to further state that in the previous Tumblr post I never once discredited the game Five Nights at Frumpy’s, but moreso the inane concept that individuals are expecting a person to force false reactions towards content to appease desires that he, given the current context that the individual has already stated, finds no terror in the subjected video game entertainment, is purely, and utterly, batshit ludicrous and I will poke fun at that notion till I am too old to care anymore. (Yes that was a long butchered run-on sentence and I am damn proud of my knife-work)

 3. In conclusion, y'all have a nice day, but please refrain from putting words in someone’s mouth who is fully able to speak their peace on the matter like the big boy he is - and though you may see yourself as some kind of holy crusader for your video game fandom, you’re making yourself out to be the chihuahua that just, won’t, shut, up. And that’s no good.

Members of the British Military Reaction Force/Mobile Reconnaissance Force. A counter-insurgency unit stationed in Northern Ireland, they were described as a legalized death squad and were responsible for the tracking and killing of suspected IRA/PIRA members, but also helped run many of the illegal Loyalist paramilitary groups and organized false flag attacks.

True or False reaction

So I loved this video so much, really educational and fun, and also made me build more on the Antisepticeye is Jack right now theory.

So during the episode , he went into this creepy deep voice that he used a lot for Anti in the Halloween video. Now i know that’s not a lot to go off of but if you think about it, Anti’s going along trying to pretend to be Jack , but every once in a while, he revels him self, but just tried to play it off like it’s nothing. So the game is going along normally then he’s just liked, “death distruction.” Then he remembers he’s suppose to be JAck and is like, “ ya…that’s messed up, i am Jack yep i am a good person.” >w< I don’t know , is it just me or would that be friggin awesome ????

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Rose Tyler didn't immediately attack the console to try to get back to the Doctor. She needed time to realize that she could get back, and then tried to get back. Clara knew she couldn't get back without the TARDIS. We don't know if she was thinking of something or if she had given up. And I realize this isn't real life, but false reactions from characters can make the show look cheesy and signify bad acting/writing.

…yes, Rose did. Literally as the hologram fades Rose is banging on the console trying to work it and screaming at it to take her back:

(The hologram flickers out.) 
ROSE: You can’t do this to me. You can’t. Take me back! Take me back! No! 
(Rose tries to use the controls, but the engine stops. She runs outside into the Powell Estate, then back inside.) 
ROSE: Come on, fly. How do you fly? Come on, help me!

And again. AGAIN. CLARA IS NOT REAL. IT IS WRITING. THEY DIDN’T HAVE TO WRITE THE TARDIS DISAPPEARING AFTER IT DROPPED HER OFF. The point is that the BAD WRITING was writing it that way at ALL. We don’t know what she was thinking because IT WASN’T WRITTEN TO SHOW US.

I’m sorry, I’m done. I’m not answering any more of these, three times is enough.

Scene shifts to the strategy room at Rushima.

“Currently engaging in combat…”
“This is the Qs Squad… We’ve located a cave, we will be infiltrating…”

Transmissions enter one after another. This seems to be taking place before Mutsuki was found.

Special Class Marude is inside the room and is pointing a gun towards Yoshitoki. There are also a number of people behind him.

Yoshitoki: …Maru, what happened to commanding?
Marude: Well, just finished the first part.
Yoshitoki: …
Yoshitoki: What are you planning to do with ‘that’? This is no laughing matter.
Marude: Yoshitoki-san…

Marude: It’s not like I fell at the mercy of that useless reading material.
(prob refers to Eto’s book)
Marude: It’s just that the book claimed that the 'Washuus are cooperating with the Ghouls’… That they’re 'wrong’.
Marude: I’ve let myself get washed by 'Washuu’.
Marude: Taking meals, all those actions. There’s nothing suspicious no matter where you look.
Marude: There was nothing suspicious at all. But with the exception “of one thing”.

Marude: There was information that there was 'something done’ to the 'gate’.
Marude: A system where it won’t do a false reaction to a Quinque… and also to certain individuals.
Marude: I asked someone who was familiar to look it up.

Marude: The times when this 'system’ reacted.
Marude: …It reacted to the 'Garden Graduates’ of the Zero Squad which Arima Kishou started.
Marude: Qs Member Shao Jinri. And also when you Washuus pass thru.

Marude: The Washuus aren’t 'just cooperating with Ghouls’… They are 'Ghouls themselves’.

Yoshitoki turns around but his expression doesn’t change.

Unhappy Ending

Inspired by an ask from @speaknow1989red96 and some helpful suggestions from @ohhnoobabe :)

- - - -

Seven and a half months of bliss, she was surprised it had lasted this long. The inevitable had finally happened. She knew it would happen eventually but in truth this was still shocking. This was a step too far. Unforgivable.

She read the headline again - 

Taylor Swift dumps Calvin Harris after ‘happy ending’ at LA massage parlour

Her eyes welled up with tears and she didn’t try to make them stop. She cried because she knew it was over. She knew they were done; it was almost like grieving.

She went to pick up her phone to speak with him, to get this out of the way, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She wasn’t ready to let him go.

How could he forgive this? How could she ask him to deal with this? She couldn’t.


He had just returned from the gym, mercifully he didn’t meet any paparazzi on the way. He was in no mood to deal with them today. His phone beeped from his pocket - a small smile appeared on his face thinking it might be her. He’d be seeing her later but that wasn’t soon enough. His smile faded when he read Charlie’s name on his screen, he opened the text - smile turning to confusion.

Charlie: Hey dude, have you seen the latest story about you and Tay?

His brows furrowed in confusion as he opened up his emails, sure enough there was an email from his publicist - subject line URGENT. He opened it, slightly nervously, and clicked on the link that directed him to an article on Hollywood Life. His confusion turned to anger, anger lead to fury until finally he put his phone down and succumbed to an uncontrollable fear.

Has she seen this? Does she believe it? He felt sick, his skin clammy with a cold sweat. He stood up, completely unsure what to do and began pacing back and forth. He went to grab his phone to call her but fear stopped him. If she’s seen it she hasn’t called him - she doesn’t want to speak with him. His worst fears were all but verbally confirmed by this action. She was done.

He walked into his kitchen and did something he hadn’t done for a long time. He grabbed a bottle from the side, not even bothering to see what it was and unscrewed the top. Liquid sloshed into the glass as he poured a healthy measure. He downed it in one and preceded to pour another.


She was pacing her kitchen with her phone against her ear. She’d been calling him non-stop for the past half an hour. No answer. She’d be lying if she said she wasn’t worried. SHe knew without a shadow of a doubt that the story as false but this reaction frightened her. The fact he hadn’t reached out to speak to her; the paparazzi had finally done it, they’d drive another relationship away. She was due to go over to his place within the next hour and she nodded to herself, almost to convince herself, that she would go.

She was nearly ready, she grabbed some shoes, tidied up her hair and slicked her cherry red armour over her lips as the final flourish. Grabbing her keys she ran out of her door and straight to the car.

Within 20 minutes she was at his door, the key he’d given her in hand. She’d had time to think and she was angry now. He hadn’t called, hadn’t check on her. The promises he’d made about not leaving were broken and she was mad.

She opened the door, music coming from the lounge. She followed the sound, anger increasing with every step.

‘Adam!’ she shouted out. His reply was delayed and his voice sounded unfamiliar to her but she couldn’t figure out why. She turned the corner and he came into view. He was sitting on his couch, an empty bottle of what she ascertained was whiskey next to him. He looked up at her; a mixture of emotions on his face that she couldn’t quite read.

‘Adam, what the hell? I’ve been trying to call you. What the fuck is going on?’

He just continued to stare at her, opening and closing his mouth as he struggled to form words.

‘I- I’m s-You’re here. My baby is here.’ he finally got the words out. He was stuttering, his voice shaky. She immediately recognised the symptoms. He was drunk - blind drunk.

‘You’re fucking drunk? You’re that scared to talk to me, to tell me to my face that we’re done so you get drunk?’ she was fuming, she stamped her feet over to him grabbing the bottle and waving it in front of his face. ‘I can’t believe this’ she finished, more to herself that anyone else.

He stood up now, his face dropped with sadness. ‘So we are done? You’re finished with me? I swear I didn’t do it Taylor. I love you. I love you so much it scares me.’ he stuttered his way through the sentence, slurring almost every word as he made his way towards her but his footing was awkward and his depth perception obviously off. He walked directly into the low coffee table in front of him and plummeted to the floor.

She watched everything happen in almost slow motion, she reached out to him to break his fall but it was no use. He was too heavy, too big. She watched helplessly as he hit the floor. She rushed to his side, he was unharmed but passed out.

‘You idiot. I love you too, always. But don’t you dare do this to me again.’ she whispered to him, knowing full well he couldn’t hear her. She tried to lift him, to at least get him back on the couch would be better than this. Even with all the strength in her arms he didn’t move an inch.

She started shaking him, lightly at first. ‘Adam. Adam wake up. Come on baby.’ she said, louder than before. He was still - his heavy drunk breathing the only sound. She grabbed her phone from her pocket and called the only people she knew that would be able to help her.


Almost 20 minutes later a knock at the door pulled her out of her seat where she’d been watching Adam breathing in and out, whispering her name in his sleep.

She opened up and was greeted by her security team -. ‘Thanks for coming guys, he’s through here.’ she said, relief running through her. They followed her in to the room, lightly laughing as she rolled her eyes comically as she gestured to him. They pulled him upright with ease and carried him to the bedroom, flopping him down on the bed.

‘Thanks guy, I really appreciate it. I’ll take it from here.’

‘No problem, Ms. Swift. Let us know if you need anything else.’

She turned back around, looking at her boyfriend and sighing. She moved over to him, pulling off his shoes and tugging his jeans off. As she made her way around to her side of the bed he began to stir, his arms reaching out to her.

‘M’sorry, babe.’ his accent deeper and stronger with the added alcohol.

‘I know, I know. Go to sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow.’ she said, stripping off her own clothes and grabbing a tshirt of Adam’s to throw on. She crawled into bed beside him as he rolled towards her, leaning his head on her shoulder. She absent-mindedly stoked his hair thinking about the events of the day. Adam hadn’t spoken to her thinking she believed the story, she hadn’t spoken to him thinking he was done with the paparazzi intrusion into their life but she was wrong and so was he. He loved her - he didn’t run. He was scared of losing her but he didn’t run and she focused on that thought as she drifted off to sleep.


He groaned; his head was thumping, his mouth dry and gasping for water. He hadn’t felt this bad in a long time. He’d stopped drinking precisely to avoid this feeling. He stretched his arm out to her side but found it empty. His mind wandered through his fuzzy memory of last night - she’d come over and they’d been shouting. After that his memory was blank - nothing. He looked around the room for evidence of her. Her clothes were on the floor, her jewellery tangled on his bedside. She was still here somewhere. He let out the breath he was unconsciously holding in and jumped out of bed.

He walked down the stairs, sounds of life coming from the kitchen. The soft melodies of music and singing spreading out towards him. He walked through the door into the kitchen, nerves shaking through him.

She turned to him as soon as he entered. ‘Hey, you’re awake.’ she was quiet, almost somber.

'Yeah.’ he replied. His hand going to the back of his neck, he was unsure of how this was going to go.

'We should talk about last night, Adam. Firstly, please don’t get like that again. I could barely move you alone, I had to call my security.’ He nodded at her, this was it he thought. He couldn’t breathe he was so nervous. 'But mostly, I’m sorry.’ she finished.

'You’re sorry? Why are you sorry? It’s me that should be sorry. I didn’t do anything at that massage place. I swear Taylor! And then I got drunk, I’m the biggest idiot. I was so terrified you believed the story and wanted to end it. The thought of not being with you killed me.’ he was rambling, talking ten to the dozen.

'Stop.’ she said, she’d walked over to him during his ramble and placed her hands on to his. 'Stop talking.’ He breathed out, in relief. 'I know the story isn’t true. I knew as soon as I read it. I trust you. I love you. I was scared that you’d had enough of the paparazzi and that’s why you didn’t call. I thought you were done with me.’ she looked down at the floor, sadness in her eyes at the mere thought of being apart from him.

He titled her chin up with his finger and kissed her lightly on the lips. 'Never. I’ll never be done with you.’

She smiled, the kind of smile that made his heart stop. 'Good. We need to trust each other, we need to talk to each other. I need to call Tree and get this story retracted’ She hugged him close, snuggling her face into his chest. ’…and you need to shower. You smell like a brewery!’

He laughed. Kissing her on the forehead and heading upstairs to the bathroom, he started thinking about what she’d said about Tree. He should do something to show her that he can deal with this stuff and that he can deal with the stories, the ridiculous lies. He opened up Twitter and laid the rumours to rest with one simple tweet.