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“Looting and Rioting”

First, people need to understand something about the “riots” in Ferguson: I get the feeling that a lot of White people are somehow thinking “Wow, those Black people just stood up in their living rooms and basically set fires to their own residences”

Not the way it works…

You know what neighborhood businesses typically get burned? The ones that aren’t Black owned. You’ve seen them — the pawn shops, the quick-marts, the pay-day loan stores, the liquor stores, the third tier rent-to-own stores…you know, the kind of stores you rarely see on every other corner in middle class White neighborhoods. In short, all the businesses endemic of profiteering and structural poverty…the same businesses that like to follow innocent Black people around in stores for no reason. The businesses that won’t hire many of the Black people living in the neighborhoods they’re profiting off of. The businesses that charge twice as much for the same goods & services that are half as expensive in White neighborhoods

THOSE are the businesses that typically get burned in impoverished neighborhoods. Now, while I’m not necessarily advocating riots, I will repeat the words of Martin Luther King Jr, I think that we’ve got to see that a riot is the language of the unheard

Second, Other than corporate media outlets repeating what the police are telling them, I haven’t seen much hard evidence of honest to God unprovoked “rioting”…but what I have seen is lots of white police firing tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters. I’ve seen militarized police aim guns, tanks and sound cannons at unarmed civilians in their own neighborhoods. I’ve seen police not interviewing, but arresting key witnesses. I’ve seen people getting gassed in their homes—THEIR HOMES—for committing the crime of what, being Black at home?

The media goes on and on about “looting and rioting” without focusing too much on the police’s strong-arm tactics, they’re complicit in furthering the ratings meme of “unreasonably angry Black people” 

False media narratives: do the words match the facts?


There was an altercation” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

There was a struggle” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

There was a confrontation” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Was holding a [common object]” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Acted suspiciously” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Officer thought they saw a gun” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Officer was afraid for their life” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Was fleeing” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Behaved oddly / became belligerent” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Officer reported that…” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Conflicting reports” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Occurred in a drug area / bad neighborhood” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

A tragic mistake / misunderstanding” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Was wanted for / suspected of…” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Was uncooperative” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Had a past criminal record” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Was a known sex worker / drug dealer / etc” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Had drugs in their system” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Was a known associate of…” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Had a history of mental problems / instability” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Known drug user / alcoholic” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Known trouble maker” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Was suspended in school” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Didn’t graduate high school / college” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Was from a bad family” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Had a toy gun [in an open carry state]” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Was big for their age / looked older” = The police shot an unarmed Black person for no good reason.

Dirk is emoting. He’s smiling. He’s happy. This is literally something he’s never done in his life. This is something he never even thought himself capable of. 

Dave, too. 

This is just really important.

They put the call out for a Weekend of Resistance. We (myself and other activists) are answering it. If you can’t physically be there with us, there are other ways you can help. Here are at least 6:

• When people on the ground in Ferguson put a ‘Call for Action’ out, respond! If it’s making calls, sending an email, signing a petition etc. Do it!

• DONATE, DONATE, DONATE! Ferguson is a grassroots movement. To sustain it, they need money for bail, supplies etc.

• Retweet/repost tweets & photos from people on the ground as much as possible. This helps everyone else see what’s happening as it happens

• Combat false narratives circulated by media and others online.

• When independent journalists on the ground start streaming live, TUNE IN each & every time. This way we can all bear witness to what is happening in real-time.

• Talk about injustices in Ferguson (and beyond) with friends and loved one. Teach people about militarization in US cities & marginalized groups, racism, police brutality, criminalization etc

The police and military in Ferguson are already gearing up for our arrival so it’s imperative that we all stay vigilant this weekend

I’ll be live-tweeting & documenting (via videos & photos) as much as possible to help expose injustice(s) & highlight the forward progress of the movement, especially the residents of Ferguson who have been doing the work daily

Every single one of us has a role to play in this movement. We don’t always have to be physically present to help. Utilize the tools you have at our disposal to help.

Let’s get to work! ✊

For more info on Ferguson October, visit their website: www.fergusonoctober.com

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It’s really important that we stop referring to Marvel not making merchandise with female characters as Marvel ignoring the female fanbase.

That’s part of the problem, and I don’t want to minimize that. But that implies that women and girls are only into female characters, and that men and boys could never be into female characters.

Diversity isn’t just important for the group that’s underrepresented. It’s also important for all the people out there that are part of dominant groups, who need to be exposed to seeing everyone else as just as important as them.

It’s fucked up that little girls aren’t getting action figures of women, but it’s fucked up that little boys aren’t getting action figures of women too.


(by Andy Borowitz | photo by John Locher, AP)

Bernie Sanders failed to impress major media outlets over the weekend as he barely managed to win seventy per cent of the vote in three western primaries.

The major cable networks briefly mentioned Sanders’s vote tallies in Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii but noted that he ran out of steam well shy of eighty per cent.

“There’s no point in sugarcoating it,” one analyst put it. “Rough night for Sanders.”

According to one cable executive, Sanders needs to “put up some big numbers fast” if he expects the networks to continue giving his campaign airtime.

“It’s going to be harder and harder to justify covering him while he’s stuck down in the seventy-per-cent range,” the executive said.

While Sanders campaign officials remain optimistic about the upcoming primary in Wisconsin, media outlets are calling it a “do or die” state after his sputtering finishes over the weekend.

“I think if he limps across the finish line with, say, seventy-five or seventy-nine per cent, it’s going to be time for him to reassess things,” one cable representative said. “That would have to be a wake-up call.”

A spokesperson for CNN could not be reached for comment, as the network was busy preparing a ninety-minute special on the birth of Donald Trump’s new grandchild.

(via theNewYorker)

Too often, the aesthetics of the LGBT equality movement have reflected an unfortunate – and untrue – narrative, portraying LGBT people as white and economically privileged and the black community as homophobic. This false narrative has been reinforced by the fact that white celebrities have overwhelmingly been the primary representations of the LGBT community in the media. Some commentators have even speculated that black celebrities are reluctant to come out because they fear backlash within the black community, fueling the unfair claims that the black community is somehow uniquely unsupportive of LGBT people. This pervasive myth has rendered non-white members of the LGBT community largely invisible in the public sphere.
—  Making History, Undermining Stereotypes and Changing the LGBT Equality Movement | Ashland Johnson for the Huffington Post Gay Voices

the point, about “black on black crime” (😒 whatever that is) vs cops killing ppl, that you keep choosing to ignore!


The ‘Crimewave’ That Wasn’t

Hm…if I reflected on this data critically and compared it to recent news reports about how the police are now in more danger than ever, I might conclude that it almost seems like the police and corporate media are conspiring to push a false, misleading “runaway crime wave” narrative in order to justify out of control police brutality.

#StayWoke: the police are brutal and the media is complicit.

The media creates a false narrative and does a disservice to truth when it pits “science” and “creation” as being at odds with one another. There is no actual conflict between the two, the ones creating conflict are scientists who have little understanding of philosophy, and second rate theologians who cannot imagine a God bigger than their own understanding.

FACT CHECK: The Federal Reserve and The U.S. Treasury Department are in fact, two completely different agencies. The false media narrative being pushed by the Clinton campaign and her surrogates.

(by Ryan Grim)

A notion is rapidly crystallizing among the national media that Bernie Sanders majorly bungled an interview with the editorial board of the New York Daily News. His rival, Hillary Clinton, has even sent a transcript of the interview to supporters as part of a fundraising push. A close look at that transcript, though, suggests the media may be getting worked up over nothing.

In fact, in several instances, it’s the Daily News editors who are bungling the facts in an interview designed to show that Sanders doesn’t understand the fine points of policy. In questions about breaking up big banks, the powers of the Treasury Department and drone strikes, the editors were simply wrong on details.

Take the exchange getting the most attention: Sanders’ supposed inability to describe exactly how he would break up the biggest banks. Sanders said that if the Treasury Department deemed it necessary to do so, the bank would go about unwinding itself as it best saw fit to get to a size that the administration considered no longer a systemic risk to the economy. Sanders said this could be done with new legislation, or through administrative authority under Dodd-Frank.

This is true, as economist Dean Baker, Peter Eavis at The New York Times, and HuffPost’s Zach Carter in a Twitter rant have all pointed out. It’s also the position of Clinton herself. “We now have power under the Dodd-Frank legislation to break up banks. And I’ve said I will use that power if they pose a systemic risk,” Clinton said at a February debate. No media outcry followed her assertion, because it was true.

As the interview went on, though, it began to appear that the Daily News editors didn’t understand the difference between the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve. Follow in the transcript how Sanders kept referring to the authority of the administration and the Treasury Department through Dodd-Frank, known as Wall Street reform, while the Daily News editors (repeatedly) shifted to the Fed.

  • DAILY NEWS: Okay. Well, let’s assume that you’re correct on that point. How do you go about doing it?
  • SANDERS: How you go about doing it is having legislation passed, or giving the authority to the secretary of treasury to determine, under Dodd-Frank, that these banks are a danger to the economy over the problem of too-big-to-fail.
  • DAILY NEWS: But do you think that the Fed, now, has that authority?
  • SANDERS: Well, I don’t know if the Fed has it. But I think the administration can have it.
  • DAILY  NEWS: How? How does a president turn to JPMorgan Chase, or have the treasury turn to any of those banks and say, “Now you must do X, Y and Z?”
  • SANDERS: Well, you do have authority under the Dodd-Frank legislation to do that, make that determination.
  • DAILY NEWS: You do, just by Federal Reserve fiat, you do?

This is simply a factual dispute between the Daily News and Sanders, not a matter of opinion. The Daily News was wrong.

(read the full HuffingtonPost article »here)

As more and more information comes out about the murder of Samuel DuBose — who was shot in the head by University of Cincinnati officer Roy Tensing last month while sitting in his car during a traffic stop —  stories are emerging about the two officers who supported Tensing’s false narrative of the shooting: officers Phillip Kidd and David Lindenschmidt. In direct contravention to video evidence, the officers corroborated Tensing’s lie that DuBose dragged him and therefore his life was in danger. Furthermore, Kidd was among seven University of Cincinnati police officers who were named in the wrongful death of another Black man, Kelly Brinson, in 2010.

For once, a police officer was charged with murder. But even now, we have reasons to doubt the system’s sincerity

Newseum visitors agree that media coverage of Ferguson has been biased and inaccurate.

We have been reporting the gross inaccuracies of the media since day 1, encouraging people to wait for the facts.  Even with every shred of evidence pointing to the fact that Michael Brown did not have his hands up, the media continues to push this false narrative.  

One cannot help but wonder what kind of culpability the media have for the shooting ambush of Ferguson cops last night

New media meme detected: John Boehner...the "moderate"

Shh! Shh…just forget about those 46 times he lead symbolic (yet costly) votes attempting to repeal Obamacare…and ignore how he opposed the Violence Against Women Act…and forget how he fought to protect “normal” marriage against marriage equality…forget all about how he is STILL fighting Obamacare so that the uninsured stay that way…and forget how Boehner is currently blocking a vote on The DREAM Act & immigration reform…and ignore how he’s still fighting access to safe any abortions and women’s reproductive rights…ignore how he isn’t doing ANYTHING to restore the Voting Rights Act…and let’s completely ignore how he’s still against even basic background checks to buy a gun

Hey, you just forget about all that stuff. Ignore it all…because it messes up the media’s new false narrative. Because John Boehner is a “moderate” now. He’s nothing like those “crazy” Tea Party politicians. The media said so. And they have an upcoming midterm election to sell -er, I mean cover

Texas approves textbooks with Moses as Founding Father

November 21, 2014 by

Michael Stone

Christian conservatives win, children lose: Texas textbooks will teach public school students that the Founding Fathers based the Constitution on the Bible, and the American system of democracy was inspired by Moses.

On Friday the Republican-controlled Texas State Board of Education voted along party lines 10-5 to approve the biased and inaccurate textbooks. The vote signals a victory for Christian conservatives in Texas, and a disappointing defeat for historical accuracy and the education of innocent children.

The textbooks were written to align with instructional standards that the Board of Education approved back in 2010 with the explicit intention of forcing social studies teaching to adhere to a conservative Christian agenda. The standards require teachers to emphasize America’s so called “Christian heritage.”

In essence, Christian conservatives in Texas have successfully forced a false historical narrative into public school textbooks that portray Moses as an influence on the Constitution and the Old Testament as the root of democracy.

Critics called the whole process into question after publishers posted a number of last-minute changes to the textbooks yesterday, leaving board members and observers without time to figure out exactly what was in the approved texts.

According to reports, scholars did not have an opportunity to review and comment on the numerous changes publishers have submitted since the last public hearing. Some of those changes appeared to have been negotiated with state board members behind closed doors.

Texas Freedom Network President Kathy Miller issued the following statement:

“What we saw today shows very clearly that the process the State Board of Education uses to adopt textbooks is a sham. This board adopted textbooks with numerous late changes that the public had little opportunity to review and comment on and that even board members themselves admitted they had not read. They can’t honestly say they know what’s in these textbooks, which could be in classrooms for a decade.”

In addition to Miller’s complaints about the process, the Texas Freedom Network issued a statement on today’s State Board of Education vote to adopt new social studies textbooks for Texas public schools, noting:

the new textbooks also include passages that suggest Moses influenced the writing of the Constitution and that the roots of democracy can be found in the Old Testament. Scholars from across the country have said such claims are inaccurate and mislead students about the historical record.

Emile Lester, a professor of history in the Department of Political Science and International Affairs at the University of Mary Washington, claim the textbooks contain “inventions and exaggerations” about Christianity’s influence on the Founding Fathers and, by extension, the formation of American democracy.

Credible historians warn the misguided attempt to suggest biblical origins for the Constitution would lead students to believe that “Moses was the first American.”

Scholars claim the decision to include the biblical figure of Moses in social studies education is part of a concerted effort by Christian extremists to promote the idea that the United States is a “redeemer nation” – giving a divine justification for supposed American exceptionalism.

The proposed textbooks are deeply flawed, and have no place in a public school classroom. It is wrong and factually incorrect to teach Texas public school students that the Founding Fathers based the Constitution on the Bible.

Despite the efforts of Christian conservatives to pervert and twist U.S. history to satisfy their religious superstition, the fact remains Moses was not the first American, and America is not a Christian nation.

Children deserve the truth.

(H/T Right Wing Watch)

Read more:


14 year old muslim student, Ahmed Mohamed builds a clock for school. Then he gets arrested, mugshots, finger prints taken and accused of being a terrorist because the teachers thought it was a bomb. All because of this false narrative that Muslims were responsible for 9/11. Four letter word “BUSH”. Fingers are being pointed in the wrong direction and innocent lives are being ruined and taken because of it. Disgusting. Meanwhile an actual terrorist, Dillon Roff murders 9 black people and gets a pass. 😒

#IStandWithAhmed #IStandWithAhmedMohamed #Islamophobia

#Repost @Sonsandbros #IStandWithAhmedMohamed #Islamophobia

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