false labelling

When you decide that a category of people don’t deserve human rights, you create a very strong incentive for abusers to falsely label people as belonging to that category.


Trump’s 10 Steps for Turning Lies into Half-Truths

Earlier this year the Wall Street Journal’s editor-in-chief insisted that the Wall Street Journal wouldn’t label Trump’s false statements as “lies.” Lying, said the editor, requires a deliberate intention to mislead, which couldn’t be proven in Trump’s case. 

But Donald Trump is the most lying president we’ve ever had, and he seems to get away with it. Here’s his 10-step plan for turning lies into near truths:

Step 1: He lies.

Step 2: Experts contradict him, saying his claim is baseless and false. The media report that the claim is false.

Step 3: Trump blasts the experts and condemns the media for being “dishonest.”

Step 4: Trump repeats the lie in tweets and speeches. And asserts that “many people” say he’s right.

Step 5: The mainstream media start to describe the lie as a “disputed fact.“

Step 6: Trump repeats the lie in tweets, interviews, and speeches. His surrogates repeat it on TV and in the right-wing blogosphere.

Step 7: The mainstream media begin to describe Trump’s lie as a "controversy.”

Step 8: Polls show a growing number of Americans (including most Republicans) believing Trump’s lie to be true.

Step 9: The media start describing Trump’s lie as “a claim that reflects a partisan divide in America,” and is “found to be true by many.”

Step 10: The public is confused and disoriented about what the facts are. Trump wins.

Don’t let Trump’s lies become near truths. Be vigilant. Know the truth, and spread it. The media should stop mincing words. Report Trump’s lies as lies.

Please stop hating on hetero pairing just because they don’t match up with your ship or because both parties involved appear to be heterosexual. One or both of the characters in the pairing could be bi or pan so calling it homophobia just because it’s a m/f pairing is wrong and for a lot of people who preach acceptance for all types of love except for hetero, hypocritical. Trust me, the latter isn’t that rare of a bird on tumblr. And if the pairing is straight then so what? Are you telling me that by having a straight m/f pairing, they are automatically an insult to every other type of romantic/platonic ship? That’s just ridiculous. If you don’t like the ship, okay, but don’t label it falsely and spread hate because you want to discourage/shame others from shipping it. How about spreading positivity towards something you do ship? After all you attract more flies with honey than vinegar.

Following that @zenlikejen homophobe anon story, I’d like to take this opportunity to please ask people to think very hard before you accuse anyone of what that anon accused louis of. If you are an ally and are branded as a homopbobe, or you’re in the closet branded as a homophobe, that can be very hurtful and mentally damaging. If there is even the slightest chance that you could be wrong - don’t say it. You wouldn’t appreciate false labels being slapped on you, so stop doing it to other people.

Many men tend to ask me, “Why do you care about how you look?”

I don’t mean to offend you males but I don’t think you guys understand how hard it is to be a woman in this society. If you do understand, then props to you, but I’m asking you all to just listen to what I have to say. You guys believe that we women tend to overcomplicate everything, whether it applies to relationships, friendships, or appearances. This is extremely true but only because we have to care about how we look and how we handle situations. It’s very easy to say “be unique” or “dress the way you want to dress” but you don’t tend to fully understand how damn impossible that is. We have to wear clothes that show the right amount of skin but not too much otherwise we’re known as sluts, whores, ugly, or even fat. It doesn’t matter if this is completely false, those labels will stick with us no matter how hard we try to dispose of them. We wear makeup because our natural faces are considered hideous, and no matter how many times you say we’re beautiful the way we are, we feel as if we aren’t. It seems like women are in constant competition with each other trying to prove who can fit in the best or who’s the prettiest, and while there are millions of women who are supportive, deep inside, we’re just a bit jealous. I can’t even explain how many women strive for bigger boobs and butts because we’re looked down upon for not being “thick” enough. We’ve fought so damn hard for equality and we’re still waiting for that day but it’s become so impossible because you guys keep craving more than we can ever give! Do you see children these days? Little girls lean towards makeup to try to be pretty! Yeah, it’s kind of fun to dress up, but that’s no longer the case. It honestly feels like women were only created to please men and the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach. Year by year, the standards keep piling on and on and on. It’s become so hard to keep up. Every year, more women are starving themselves, cutting themselves, killing themselves! I am aware that you men suffer through the same problems as we do and I am aware that this is coming to be a bit sexist of me, but I’m just so tired of having men ask me why I care about my appearance. The definition of “slut” and “whore” used to be a woman who slept with countless men. It then shifted to a woman who showed “too much” skin, but now, the definition has turned into a woman who has made a mistake. Not even a mistake, I can’t even describe the definition. Women who fall for somebody’s partner are considered sluts. Women who just like a simple photo of someone’s partner are considered sluts. Women who wear too much makeup (more so at a young age) are considered sluts. Women who are wearing clothes that show cleavage are considered as sluts. Now, this does not apply to all women. It applies to women who aren’t popular or women who don’t “fit in”. Maybe this doesn’t apply everywhere, but it definitely applies to where I live. This isn’t really your fault… I guess this is just how the world works. Anytime you men see a beautiful woman, that’s all you really see. You don’t see the pain it took to achieve that kind of beauty. The hours it took to perfect the makeup, the hours it took to put together the outfit. We really have come a long way and I’m so proud of the women who no longer care about the calories they consume or how they look, but the amount of women who are affected by society’s standards vastly outweigh those who aren’t. I fear to see what standards come next and what our future daughters and granddaughters will have to endure. I’m praying that it will get easier, but I don’t think it ever will. So if you have read this far, remember what I said before you ask a woman why they care about how they look. It’s not because we want to, but because we have to. There are so many of other things that I did not mention, far more painful things, but this seems to be the most common one.

Like I said, this has come to be a bit sexist of me. I know that some men go through these hardships too. Maybe you guys have it just as bad. We all hide our fears of society and its standards. I fail to understand why we have created these complications for another. Aren’t you tired of living this way?

—  To all the men out there who ask us women, “Why do you care about how you look?”
Hey, this is a problem

For those of you who aren’t Australian, and for many Australians, the above image may not be too shocking to you. Coming from a place who’s popular culture is so heavily influenced by American culture, it can be easy to celebrate Australia Day in the same way that American celebrate ‘American (Independence) Day’. But the reality is not this way at all. In simple terms, Australia Day is the Australian equivalent of Thanks giving. It celebrates the landing of the First Fleet at Port Jackson, and as a result, the beginning of the colonisation of Australia. 

However, as is the case with Thanksgiving, there is political baggage that comes with it. This day is more than just the day that Australia was discovered, because it was absolutely discovered before. It is, instead, the day that colonies began to form, and was the first step in a long line of actions that systematically steal from, destroy land of, and hurt the First Nation people of Australia. By seeing this day as the be all to end all event to reflect on good Australian history, and our various accomplishments, we undermine the awful things we’ve done. Even to simply say that people should reflect on the bad, won’t change the history of celebration the day brings.

But here’s also the thing. Australia does have an independence day. Which, in reality, would be a way better day to celebrate the accomplishments of us as a people. The British Colonies of Australia form a Federation on January 1st 1901, and truly I think if we were to celebrate in accordance with America, we should be more inclined to do it then. But, this is not the only proposed option

May 8 has been proposed by many, many people as the day to celebrate. And why not? It sounds like the word Mate. It’s as good and arbitrary a reason as any to celebrate. And in this life of truly meaningless events, why not just choose the day that literally sounds the best. Honestly.

But ultimately, it’s something that needs to change. We, as a nation, have done many great things, but with that needs to come an understanding of the bad. We can understand the reflect on both, but to undermine the bad purely for the sake of the good will solve nothing. By changing Australia Day, we can show that we are capable of look at ourselves, and our history and admitting the sins of our fathers and that we are willing to make good of them. That progress can be made.

I recognise that many people won’t see this as a huge issue, but I implore you to share ti regardless. The fact that Australia Day is falsely labelled as Australian Independence Day and have been dubbed ‘Invasion’ or ‘Survival Day’ shows a serious backlash against these celebrations. I also recognise that Australia Day means a lot to a lot of Australians. There is nostalgia that comes with it, and to take that away, or pass it aside can hurt. But we need to recognise that in changing the day we celebrate and realising the reality of Australian History, we don’t take away those moments. They still happened, and they still can be enjoyed, but they are no reason to keep hurting so many people. 

Are You A Racist?

A racist … are you one? I do hope not, because to be a racist is not only deeply unpleasant, it is also the number one sin today. If you are merely labelled a racist you are shunned by society, could very well lose your job or even get a facial of pepper spray by ISIS-cosplayers. So it’s clear, being a racist is a very bad thing as I’m sure we can all agree.

This explains why all senior policemen, media broadcasters, politicians, teachers and social workers are confirmed non-racists. Unfortunately, it also means thousands of white girls are gang-raped, drugged, tortured and abused under the noses of all these wonderful non-racists because to mention that the gang rapists might just be non-white or even, heaven forfend, Muslim, might bring with it accusations of racism and the loss of their jobs or promotion chances. Far better therefore in modern, progressive Britain to keep quiet about it. Far better to let the rape, torture and terror continue. Far better not to be a racist in these perverted progressive times - which really should make responsible people question just what it means to be a racist today.

Racism is discrimination against, or antagonism towards other races. Now this description would seem to fit certain people’s attitudes toward other races. How much racial hatred do you need to have in your heart if, as a Pakistani, Somali or indeed any sort of brown Muslim, you can happily gang-rape white girls whilst calling them white bitches, or kafirs or infidels? Surely these rapes are race crimes carried out by genuine racists, are they not? Well, we all know the answer to that one. When did you last hear a single politician, news reporter, policeman or judge accuse these disgusting people of being racists? Never, is the answer to that foolish question.

What a strange new world we live in. Instead, racists are now deemed to be confined to people who dare to notice the crimes carried out against a race by people from another race. Isn’t this quite extraordinary? Isn’t it a sign of a world gone mad when policemen allow the rape of white girls by brown men because they fear being called a racist for noticing the rape? Isn’t it a sign of national mental breakdown when the evil racists are, apparently, according to the entire leftist establishment, white people who wish to talk about crimes committed against them, and the apparent non-racists are those from another race who wish to destroy another race and culture?

But to go back to my opening question, are you a racist? The reason I ask left-liberals this is because they cannot imagine they themselves are racists. We have them saying mixed-racial breeding in the West should be mandatory to outbreed whites and put an end of this horrible, nauseating, oppressive white race. We have them calling whiteness the cancer of human history, white people being obsolete, chanting “kill all white men,” students protesting for universities to stop hiring white teachers and to ban white students from classes and areas on campus. Is this racist? Apparently not, according to the leftists. “They are just expressing themselves and to question them or the hatred they feel for white people is racist.” 

Revealing the left’s racism is really not very difficult, it’s actually quite fun. The first thing you should ask them is, ‘Do they believe colonialism was a good thing or a bad thing?’ They always quickly say a bad thing of course, what with all the rape, murder and imperialism associated with colonialism. Then ask them if they think allowing the United States or Britain to be colonised by non-Westerners is a good thing or a bad thing. They make the usual dishonest leftist manoeuvres when backed into a corner and try to wriggle out of it, but if you press them they will always end up saying there is nothing wrong with the colonisation of England, North America, France, Sweden or Australia, because we now have to pay for the perceived sins of our imperialist forefathers and it is now our turn to be raped, murdered and oppressed. 

The other approach that’s fun to take with the racist left-liberals is to ask if Africans, Arabs or Asians have the moral and ethical right to remain the majority race and culture in their homeland. They again quickly say this a good thing, as do I, but when asked if Westerners have the moral and ethical right to remain the majority race and culture in their own homeland, they say no, we do not, we deserve all we get for our historical sins. When you point out that this could mean the total eradication of the West, they just reply, ‘so what? We deserve it.’

And these people with their genocidally anti-white, anti-Western and hateful racist world view do not consider themselves to be racists. Can you, if you are a reasonable, sane, moral human being, even begin to understand where their bitter hatred of their own people comes from? I can’t. But welcome to the Progressive Western Asylum, currently run by the leftist inmates rather than the apolitical doctors.

The regressive left have managed to make a total mockery of the word racist by deliberately using it with increasing desperation, in entirely the wrong manner, to brand people with a false label of being a racist for pointing out that Pakistani Muslim gang rapists are in actual fact Pakistani Muslim gang rapists. 

I understand fully why leftists throw the “You are a racist” accusation around, because up until now it has created such fear it has shut down all argument around it, just as was intended. But who is morally and ethically right and wrong here: normal, decent, natural people who speak openly about the truth and facts, or those who try to demonize others with a word designed to take away their voice and credibility when trying to openly speak the truth and facts.

There should be no fear of the word racist anymore when it is only used to shout down good, moral people - because the truth, the absolute truth, is that it is not racist in any way to notice evil deeds by evil people, nor is it racist to be against your race and culture being spat on and intended to be destroyed, that goes for all races and all cultures. What is deeply, obscenely racist though is the regressive left who wish to harm and expel white people today for historical sins that they had nothing to do with and what every other race have done and are still doing themselves today. This is more than just racism, it is genocidal racism and those guilty of it are only coming from the single direction: the left. 

I’ve seen more Sag Rising’s in my life be falsely labeled as liars more than other placement.
The truth is that they aren’t liars but rather big exaggerator’s, who have a tendency to take their stories too far. You can always rely on a Sag Rising to make a story bigger than life. It’s the Naive nature of the Sagittarius to not think about whether they sound legit.

Gemini Rising’s can lie but in the opposite way.
The basis of their story could have been pulled out of their ass but u can bet they’re going to make it sound as realistic as possible.

marches45  asked:

What's your opinion on the "punch Nazis" debate?

If you had asked me ten years ago, I would have said “Hell yeah, punch ‘em ALL!”.

I feel fortunate that I have matured since then, because there are dangerous flaws in this idea–specifically that people are left to define “nazi” for themselves.  I have seen people make extremely serious false accusations on this site without proper justification (for example, I’ve seen teenage girls being referred to as “pedophiles” for shipping a teenage male character with a young adult male character within a 5-year age gap.  Not kidding–look at the Voltron fandom).

There are people that think of themselves as “progressive”, yet have a nasty tendency to only see the world in a false dichotomy.  This makes it so that there is no middle ground, which is a manipulative and precarious environment for people that don’t fall into either side of the extremes.  Disagreeing with the methods of a movement–despite agreeing with the sentiment behind a movement–is enough to have a person falsely labeled as something they aren’t.  That is not okay.  Ideals NEED to be scrutinized and criticized in order to be refined, lest they become toxic (which is, sadly, what’s happening now).  Besides that, I also don’t condone anyone taking the law into their own hands in general.

However, if someone is stupid enough to publicly declare a genuine belief in white supremacy, they kind of get whatever’s coming to them, and I have no sympathy for them. 

“Why does it matter if they were black?”

Sorry but I need to rant about this now. 

While watching the youtube video 10 Shocking Suicide Mysteries uploaded by Alltime10, some of the ‘mysteries’ mentioned were actual racially motivated murders. Not suicides. Sandra Bland and Lennon Lacy were both mentioned. 

The problem was not so much that they were labeled falsely as suicides (even though anyone with common sense knows that these deaths were not suicides). The major problem was in the comments. 

Here are just a few of them: 

“Why does it matter if they were black?”

“if a white guy ever does anything to a black guy its automaticly racist” (they couldn’t even spell automatically)

“a black guy died, it must be racism!“

This is absolutely sickening. To put it bluntly, it matters that they were black because black lives matter. Simple as that. 

It matters because the colored people of this nation are being treated as lesser people. It matters because racist cops are not a stereotype anymore but a statistic. It matters because 14.3% or 46,282,080 people that make up the United States are black and are segregated to this day. Treated unfairly and unjust because of their skin. It matters because each and every person that makes up that 14.3% of America matter.

This movement is not to segregate further and say black lives matter more than any other, it’s to demand the same respect and equality that they deserve as fellow Americans and fellow human beings. 

Forgiveness does not mean ignoring what has been done or putting a false label on an evil act. It means, rather, that the evil act no longer remains as a barrier to the relationship. Forgiveness is a catalyst creating the atmosphere necessary for a fresh start and a new beginning. It is the lifting of a burden or the canceling of a debt. The words  'I will forgive you, but I’ll never forget what you’ve done’ never explain the real nature of forgiveness. Certainly one can never forget, if that means erasing it totally from his mind. But when we forgive, we forget in the sense that the evil deed is no longer a mental block impeding a new relationship. Likewise, we can never say, ‘I will forgive you, but I won’t have anything further to do with you.’ Forgiveness means reconciliation, a coming together again. Without this, no man can love his enemies. The degree to which we are able to forgive determines the degree to which we are able to love our enemies.
—  Martin Luther King Jr. in “Loving Your Enemies” (Strength to Love, pp. 42-3)
time for Eugene to get into the discourse

Since I was on the topic of side blogs here’s a weird fact: I had a different 18+ blog in the past but deleted it because at the time due to some toxic tumblr shenanigans making me hella uncomfy about reblogging anything there at all. For real I come form a really Catholic community where being queer or having any weird sexual interest was beyond taboo. This was definitely not the experience I needed when I was trying to recover from that.

I mean I know “kinkshaming” is kinda a massive joke online but there really is something fucked up about trying to find a way to make every single strange fetish into a problematic thing that’s harmful somehow. Hell sometimes just mundane nsfw art of certain people is FALSELY labelled fetish art just so people can sneak some discourse into how wrong it is to draw that thing.

Like when you’re telling fat people to not draw sexual art of themselves because ~it promotes treating those people like fuck toys~ you really need to pull your head out of your ass. Seriously, if you consider yourself progressive but breath down the neck of anyone that doesn’t draw nothing but skinny cisgender perisex individuals with no visible disabilities you’re just making those body types even more into a “forbidden fruit” instead of actually normalizing them. 

Anyone can be considered sexy, this is not the same as objectification which is dehumanizing and harmful. If you can’t tell the difference its time to leave the topic to those that can. Any attempt at debate will ultimately lead to more harm than good as you make marginalized people AFRAID TO DRAW THEMSELVES.


shout out to 4c hair

shout out to hair like clouds

shout out to fairy knots and zig-zaggy curls

shout out to big afros and twas

shout out to intricate protective styles and simple ones

shout out to twists outs and braid outs

shout out to hair that is falsely labeled “bad” or “unruly”

shout out to hair that, with the right love and care will grow and grow and grow

Leimenids Λειμενίδες

the naiads that dwell in freshwater lakes

The Astakides (αι Ἀστακίδες): nymphs of the Lake Astakos in Bithynia. Known to sing dirges for virgin nymphs

Bolbe (Βόλβη): the beautiful nymph that dwelled in a Macedonian lake of the same name- the now modern Lake Volvi

Limnaee (Λιμναία): daughter of the Indian river god Ganges, one of the reputed mothers of Athis

Pallas (Παλλάς): daughter of Triton, inspired a yearly festival in Libya dedicated to Athena. Girls from the Machlyans and Auseans tribes would fight each other, and those who died were labeled false virgins

Tritonis (Τριτονίς): nymph of the homonymous salt-water lake in Libya, mother of Nasamon and Caphaurus (or Cephalion) by Amphithemis, and, according to an archaic version of the myth, also of Athena by Poseidon

Random thoughts (16/5/2017-18/5/2017

Each night we fall asleep on the phone and we say our good nights i just think about how it is one day closer to me being there me not having to watch you through a screen but instead squeeze you tight and fall asleep with you on my chest snuggled up . Its also just strange how as cocky as i am as a dom my body is not something i show yet with you… well its like im a god i enjoy it . Alot i say it like I’m being vane but i do love how you are and how you make me feel about myself even so that i find myself looking at you and just thinking “ wow i am gonna worship her , im gonna worship her and make her see that her "imperfections” that society label on her are nothing more than false names , false labels used to make her feel less value so they can have her for themselves but not on my watch she’s mine and will always be mine"

The next thing is how no matter what goes on in my day she always knows how to put the fun into funeral because she kills that doubt instantly with just a few words for her sweet yet devilish voice she cuts it off at the source . I loved teaching her how to play guitar and how to actually make her act in ways i like she does it sooo easily she picks up in everything its like even though her canvas is detailed enough you can still add bits and pieces layer after layer and it won’t crowd the piece it just makes her more unique more her and i love it . So…. even when she sits there planning her wedding with this clown i still think wow… how me of all people i mean if i had to go through any amount of bad days to finally have my harlequin then i would go through more and more daily just to have her in my arms laughing as the world around us goes through pain and chaos and we just sit back with some smores enjoying the taste of our own hell such a great feeling and such a utopia for us crazy mad lovers…. so what can i say you ready to watch the world burn with me or even better kiss me as the horizion is set a blaze , the walls crumble and the people scream ? Are you ready to do that with me for life ? My beautiful yet crazy babe ? @alyykitten

INFJ Confession #172

I know I have different sides to me: when I’m studious, when I want to have fun, when I want to be quiet, when I went to be a little rebellious. But when I meet someone I only show my passive, studious side. This side is basically a wall I put up for weeks. And then they falsely label me as that. And they think it’s so weird when I end up being sassy or make a joke, but that’s my actual personality coming out but they don’t realize it. I feel like no one really understands this about me.