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Daddy, daddy
You were my hero
Constructed of an idealised image
That which was false

I ignored the parts of you
That broke my mothers heart
That took your freedom away
That came out in violent outbursts

All the hurtful memories of you
Were misplaced and hidden deep
Buried under my hopes
My dreams of you

Daddy, daddy
It took me a while
To truly overcome my fantasies
That you were a good father.

—  Daddy, Daddy

The Elder God:  You cannot destroy me, Kain. I am the Engine of Life itself… the Wheel will turn. The plague of your kind will be purged from this world. And on that inevitable day, your wretched, stagnant soul will finally be mine!

Kain:  In the meantime, you’d best burrow deep.

-The Elder God, “Legacy of Kain: Defiance”

I want to learn Stain’s backstory. I want to know how old he is. I want to know the exact moment in time his views on heroes became as corrupt as how he perceives them. I WANT TO SEE HIM AGAIN!!!

Did he go to UA or any other hero centric school? Did he want to be a genuine hero only to see how most are not as heroic as they seem? Did he go to a hero school and drop out because of that? Up to what point did he decide that he had to take matters into his own hands? Had he thought about killing villains instead of the heroes? Was he that pissed at them for not prioritizing saving people? How long did he train to become the hero killer? How did he feel after killing his first victim? Did he have some doubts? What are his criteria for judging whether or not they are not false heroes?


Damn the Cicadas (and the other hymns of noon)

Damn the cicadas
And songs of a false

Damn the cicadas,
My eyes may be bloodshot
But remain far from

Damn the cicadas,
The confetti born a
Party I’d never been

Damn the cicadas
And a father’s throes,
He grasps bed sheets
While winter paints my cheek.

And damn the cicadas,
When terrains become quiet,
When the mountains mourn,
When the bottle’s empty,

Damn them and the
Damn them.

     - L.C.

I think one of my favourite things about redeemed!Kylo is the thought of him coming face-to-face with Hux.

Scruffy and feral Hux who’s still hurt from Kylo abandoning him, abandoning them.

Hux, who’s lost everything now that the First Order is in ruins, is almost growling as Kylo stands in front of him. He tries not to think of how his Ren has been replaced by this cowardly, false hero with Ren’s body, the body that Hux knows so well.

And Kylo is at peace with himself so he’s unnaturally calm in front of Hux, so opposite of what Hux’s Ren would be like, his eyes soft and his tone warm despite being able to sense the intense anger and hatred rolling off Hux in tsunami-like waves.

Hux calls him ‘Ben’, sneering at him as though the name is an insult and Kylo tries not to react, tries not to show how much Hux’s fury is hurting him.

Kylo promises Hux that he’ll be unharmed if he surrenders quietly, that he doesn’t want to cause Hux any more pain. And he means it.

But Hux won’t surrender, especially not to Ben Solo, the man who killed Kylo Ren and took everything from him.

This is Hux’s last stand.

And it’s against the man who he’s sold his heart and soul to.

Spake the hostess of Pohjola:
“Never will I give my daughter
To a hero false and worthless,
To a minstrel vain and evil;
Therefore, pray thou for my maiden,
Therefore, woo the sweet-faced flower,
When thou bringest me the wild-moose
From the Hisi fields and forests.”

                                                              —- Kalevala
                                                                    (John Martin Crawford translation)

artwork by Karelian artist Tamara Yufa

Say what you will about Louhi, evil witch or conjured through a cloudy dark  vision of matriarchy, she was one protective mother.

Happy Mother’s Day , Louhi!
Hyvää äitienpäivää, Louhi!                   

Attention Iida Protection Squad

Remember this scene? Midoriya and Uraraka offering their help if Iida ever needs it?

Look at his expression in the first panel and his blunt response: “Sure.”

Iida is putting on a brave face so that his friends don’t need to worry about him. Why?

Look at his determined expression in the last panel; it’s obvious he’s thinking about his brother’s incident. And didn’t he say “I can’t take on the name of Ingenium yet” in the previous chapter? 

So what I’m speculating here is that he wants to avenge his brother before taking on his hero name. He surely plans to hunt down Stain by himself. Iida makes everyone else believe he’s fine, because he doesn’t want anyone interfering or worrying about him. 

Mido is saying, “It was something I would soon come to regret.”, so nothing good is going to come out of this.



It’s not that he has incredible super strength. It’s not that he has lasers shooting out from his eyes. It’s not that he defies gravity. It’s not that he is virtually indestructible. It’s not his desire to fit it. It’s not that he only has good intentions. It’s not his innocence. It’s not his selflessness. It’s not his desire to help others. These aren’t what make Kal a hero. What makes him a hero is that he still loves mankind even though we reject him, hate him, loathe him his entire life. Even when he saves the world, we humans scorn it. It doesn’t matter what we think of him good or bad, he would still save every last one of us one by one. His heart, that’s what makes him a hero. Thats what makes him Superman.

added some color. still not content with the overall design but I’ll get there.

Anyways, little bit about the character!

She is a devout follower of a legendary hero, who mysteriously vanished without a trace. However, the hero left behind a magical sword which - because it’s still awaiting its true master’s return - maintains an inactive state.

Organizations and groups aim to obtain the sword for their own different unknown goals and reasons, so the girl took possession of the sword despite its current uselessness in function. Due to this, she began to be labeled as a “false hero,” wrongfully accused of stealing a legendary relic. Fighting to escape constant pursuit by these groups, she aims one day to find the sword’s original owner.

(Notes: - she has her own abilities to compensate for the lack of the sword’s power

- No the sword does not talk)