false equivilancy

So, recently, some anonymous shit bags on the Internet have been raising up a stink about tumblr artists (tumblr poets in particular) “asking for handouts” and other absurd false-equivilancies.

As I go into my fourth month in a row of barely scraping by on rent, I’m a little bit out of patience for this nonsense.

Let’s go on an adventure:

Do you guys realize that with my current follower count, if all of you bought one, just ONE of my books, I could pay off my student loan debt three times over?

I’m definitely not trying to guilt anyone who can’t afford it (because god knows I understand), or who simply doesn’t like my poetry enough to warrant purchasing a book, I’m just trying to put things in perspective.

When you take into account the HUGE amount of content artists like myself and @tristamateer and @writingsforwinter offer to you ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE, it’s not unreasonable for us to ask some form of compensation.

You want art? You gotta pay for art. Artists have to eat, and pay rent, and LIVE. we don’t crawl out of our artist-hole and shit you a masterpiece. This is WORK, and most of us are self-marketing on top of that, which could easily be a full time job with how much time and effort it takes. You know who pays me for my marketing work? Nobody.

I work two jobs PLUS writing related income. Trista works two jobs, PLUS writing related income. Meggie works MORE than that, plus writing related income. So how fucking dare you accuse us of asking for handouts.

I don’t want you to give me handouts. I want you to donate to the creation of media you are ALREADY CONSUMING.
This isn’t charity, it’s basic human decency.

I will never hold it against you for not being able to afford my book, or Trista’s book, or Meggie’s or anyone else’s. But coming into any of our asks and being a shitlord about us TRYING TO SURVIVE is some grade A garbage and you can get out of my face.

This explains why White Pride and Black (or POC) Pride are false equivilancies

Black pride is #Blackout and #BlackLivesMatter. It’s loving your skin and your hair and your body. It’s protecting yourself and your loved ones.

White pride is violence, death, colonialism, slavery, and hatred of anyone who is not you. White pride has always been racism, and any other racial pride has always been a response to that. A self love in response to violent hatred.

“White Power” is what is screamed and yelled before people die. Before shots are fired and before people start to live in fear and self hate. No one else’s pride results in large scale disasters, over hundreds of years.

And that’s why “white pride” is never going to be about you loving yourselves. If you’re mad, take it up with the white people who made/continue to make white pride what it is, not the POC who are just trying to find joy and safety any way they can under that system.