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Arp 299: Black Holes in Colliding Galaxies : Is only one black hole spewing high energy radiation or two? To help find out, astronomers trained NASAs Earth-orbiting NuSTAR and Chandra telescopes on Arp 299, the enigmatic colliding galaxies expelling the radiation. The two galaxies of Arp 299 have been locked in a gravitational combat for millions of years, while their central black holes will soon do battle themselves. Featured, the high-resolution visible-light image was taken by Hubble, while the superposed diffuse glow of X-ray light was imaged by NuSTAR and shown in false-color red, green, and blue. NuSTAR observations show that only one of the central black holes is seen fighting its way through a region of gas and dust and so absorbing matter and emitting X-rays. The energetic radiation, coming only from the galaxy center on the right, is surely created nearby but outside the central black holes event horizon. In a billion years or so, only one composite galaxy will remain, and only one central supermassive black hole. Soon thereafter, though, another galaxy may enter the fray. via NASA


IC 5067 in the Pelican Nebula : The prominent ridge of emission featured in this sharp, colorful skyscape is cataloged as IC 5067. Part of a larger emission nebula with a distinctive shape, popularly called The Pelican Nebula, the ridge spans about 10 light-years following the curve of the cosmic pelicans head and neck. This false-color view also translates the pervasive glow of narrow emission lines from atoms in the nebula to a color palette made popular in Hubble Space Telescope images of star forming regions. Fantastic, dark shapes inhabiting the degree wide field are clouds of cool gas and dust sculpted by the winds and radiation from hot, massive stars. Close-ups of some of the sculpted clouds show clear signs of newly forming stars. The Pelican Nebula, itself cataloged as IC 5070, is about 2,000 light-years away. To find it, look northeast of bright star Deneb in the high flying constellation Cygnus. via NASA


I hate how there is practically no Ravenclaw merch, and when there is it’s in the WRONG COLORS

// So often, we hide ourselves, painting over our true hearts with false colors for fear we would not satisfy as we are. We’re held captive by the demands of the world and relentless expectations of who we ought to be, those based on empty opinions and narrow guidelines that aren’t even real.

But this is real–you were fastened by the hands that hung that stars, and you were knit together and breathed into life for a reason. You are called for so much greater than expected of you, even what you expect of yourself. You’re meant to be completely, unashamedly you, the one God has made with fondest intent. You can be real with God, and honestly His opinion is the only one worth seeking.

Be honest, be true. Do not hide yourselves to please others, win affections, or blend into society. You are called to be you and absolutely no one else can fill that role. Do what you love and know what you believe in with confidence, and just embrace yourself, every part of you. Find acceptance and be content in your personality, your abilities, your appearance, your thoughts and feelings. And let God have you just as you are, in all your weaknesses and flaws, and He will render them with beauty, with grace, and with purpose.

Once we realize we are His, we shall have nothing to hide.

Infrared Saturn Clouds : This false-color view from NASAs Cassini spacecraft shows clouds in Saturns northern hemisphere. The view was made using images taken by Cassinis wide-angle camera on July 20, 2016, using a combination of spectral filters sensitive to infrared light at 750, 727 and 619 nanometers.


The full face pictures suck but the look is good

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“NASA released a false-color image of Pluto on Thursday, revealing an unprecedented view of the planet’s vividly contrasting patches of terrain.”

This is kind of interesting if you think about the themes of Pluto - rising from the depths of darkness into eternal light. There’s a change in colour gradient that seems to reflect ascending from the bloodied coldness into the golden riches of divinity. And then there is the wings of the phoenix to take them there

This is a false equivalence. Changing hair color is not the same as Blackface. With the exception of Tiny cosmetically changing her eye color, none of the other women have tried to change their race. None of the real Black women have pretended to be white for 10 years, placed themselves in white spaces as leaders, nor have they attempted to explain issues that effect white people in America. Why do ya’ll go so hard for white women to drag Black women?