false chanterelle


Die Pilzsaison hat begonnen. Am Wochenende haben wir eine Wanderung in den Wäldern gemacht, um Pilze zu sammeln. Das Ergebnis: Leider nur ein Steinpilz, aber Pfifferlinge und viele Fichten-Reizker. So konnte eine leckere Pilzpfanne zubereitet werden.

The mushroom season has started. On the weekend we went hiking in the woods to gather mushrooms. The result: Unfortunately only one porcino, but chanterelles and many false saffron milkcaps. So a delicious mushroom pan could be cooked.


Hygrophoropsis aurantiaca or the False Chanterelle. Often mistaken for a true Chanterelle, especially as they get older and begin to dry out and fade to pale orange/yellow. Fortunately, this mushroom isn’t poisonous but neither is it tasty, unlike its much sought after delicious doppleganger.
The False Chanterelle is a beautiful mushroom in its own right, with fantastic gills. The gills remind me of a firework explosion or an old fashioned church organ. Sometimes, I feel fungi fanciers, in their haste to fill their baskets, often dismiss non edible species as a distraction. If you enjoy photography, nature provides wonderful models in the bizarre world of mycology.