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It seems important that in A Storm of Swords, the chapter following Jon betraying Ygritte is a Dany chapter. It’s the one where Dany invades Yunkai (primarily a city known for their bed slaves), and she meets Daario for the first time. She likes that he betrayed his men for her, and immediately brings him into her service. 

Have book readers noticed how the show has completely erased Dany’s foolishness and immaturity around Daario? She’s more like a badass femme fatal around him. In the books – she’s anything but that. When ADWD first came out, the responses to her chapters were a resounding disappointment that she was acting like a horny 16 year old girl who wasn’t thinking clearly. People were appalled by how much of a child she was, in comparison to other characters like Sansa (who is 3 years younger, yet has grown into maturity in her Feast chapters). In the books you really get the sense that Dany is in love with Daario, and she cares about him.

So why did the show make this major change to her character? My guess is that they didn’t want to give too much away. They dumbed down Jon and made Dany smarter. However, readers of the books would know that these traits are reversed: Jon would be too smart to fall head-over-heels in love with Dany, and Dany would be the one foolish enough to mix love/politics like Show!Robb. Perhaps D&D sacrificed Jon and Dany’s character traits in order to “surprise” the reader that Jon has played her…

Well, at least Jorah can say he warned her:

“Daenerys, I am thrice your age,” Ser Jorah said. “I have seen how false men are. Very few are worthy of trust, and Daario Naharis is not one of them. Even his beard wears false colors.”
That angered her. “Whilst you have an honest beard, is that what you are telling me? You are the only man I should ever trust?”
He stiffened. “I did not say that.”
“You say it every day. Pyat Pree’s a liar, Xaro’s a schemer, Belwas a braggart, Arstan an assassin … do you think I’m still some virgin girl, that I cannot hear the words behind the words?”
-Daenerys, A Storm of Swords

No, I don’t think she can hear the words behind the words, because even during a single storyline, she didn’t trust Jon when he was being honest and she decides to trust him when he’s not.  

Jorah continues to warn Dany throughout the books. Barristan and Brown Benn warn her to never trust a sellsword. Twice now, Book!Dany has tried to bring sellswords into her service, accepting the fact that they betrayed other people to switch allegiances to her. Isn’t this extremely risky? 

In a way, Jon switches sides like a sellsword, even though he’s never had that title. This may be why her storyline in Essos is so consumed with sellswords–because it’s foreshadowing Jon. If our theories are correct, Jon looks as honest as he could possibly be, so Dany may think the advice about sellswords doesn’t apply to him.

In short, in this chapter you can see her acting like a conqueror, but when it comes to men she’s attracted to, she becomes the “young girl who knows little of the ways of war,” because she is mixing a dangerous cocktail of love and politics. She hasn’t learned her lesson about that. Jon has (see: Ygritte). It didn’t hurt her in Meereen (because lucky for her, Daario loved her), but it will hurt her in Westeros. 

This chapter also features Barristan discussing the tourney at Harrenhal. Dany thinks if Rhaegar would have been married to her, he wouldn’t have chosen the “Stark girl.” 

Betrayal is coming, ya’ll.

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Harry dressed up as Santa and wanting u to sit in his lap but ur like no u old man!! Blurb??

Oh my god haha. I gave some extra-bits to the blurb. Hope you like it :)

You stood in the kitchen swaying your hips to the song playing on the radio as you stirred the vegetables in the pan. London was already covered in white snow and was glowing with the golden fairy lights decorating the streets and house beautifully. It never failed to made you fall in love with the place all over and over again. 

 You always imagined for Christmas to be like this. With you cooking delicious meals in the kitchen, vanilla aroma taking over the house and a Christmas tree decorated up by you and your husband as you wait for your man to return from work. Everything was going perfect but still something was missing, and that was kids. It’s been only four months of you guys’s wedding and all you wanted was to start working on kids. You wanted to have mini versions of you and Harry who’ll stand beside you holding your t-shirt as they learn how to walk, or wobble to you whenever you open your arms for the little babies.

You wanted to have all of that.

“ho ho hO! Merry Christmas young lady!!” You heard someone Harry trying to mock your favorite Santa. You giggled to self and padded to you rliving room after turning your stove flame to medium. The fuzzy Christmas socks that you had on warmed your feet up.

“Oh merry Christmas Santa!!” You giggled at Harry who was dressed in red suit and had a white beard on. Though he looked like a complete old man, he still was the sexiest man to you. A squeal left your mouth when all of a sudden he had you in his arms in a tight crushing hug. He nuzzled his face in your neck that had a long false white beard on that was tickling your skin. You squirmed and laughed when he purposely tickled you more with his beard.

“Harryy hahah oh my- Jesus!!” You laughed and pushed him back that made him tumble a bit and fall on the couch landing on his bum in a sitting position.

“Oh now look what you did to the old man!!” He said caressing the white hair that he had stuck on his chin.

“Oh hush.” you giggled and started to walk back to the kitchen when Harry pulled you back by your arm and had you on his lap within a second. Harry wrapped his arm around you, pulling you to him as he took the beard off and kissed your neck slowly. His kisses weren’t playful but were intense and slow. He pushed your hair to one side of your neck and pulled the sleeve of your sweater down, exposing the soft skin and pressed soft kissed along your neck to your shoulder.

“oh let go Harry” you said unwrapping his arms from you and stood up once the smell of now cooked veggies filled your nose.

“whaaat?? Come back!! Sit on my lap baby…I was having fun!!” Harry groaned from the couch. 

“I’ve to finish cooking H, plus how can I sit on the lap of an old man huh?” You flicked your hair and walked to kitchen but once again was held back when Harry pulled you to his chest, his face just a mere inches away from you as he leaned down so that his lips were almost touching yours when he spoke.

“Let’s have baby” He whispered. Your eyes grew as you stared at him.

“let’s make a baby sweets, I want little versions of you and mini till next Christmas so that I can get presents for them too along with other kids” Harry said probably referring to the red empty bag that had presents for the kids of orphanage a few hours back. Being a kind person from the starting,Harry decided to dress as Santa and give presents to the kids of orphanage. His kindness never failed to amaze you. He deserved every happiness of the world and now he wanted to have some of his own, just like you.

“Let me switch off the stove so that we can start making babies right from this moment” You smiled and ran to turn the gas off and after that, just like you said-spent the whole night working on babies.


“Statue of Osiris discovered in a deep pit in the tomb of Psamtik at Saqqara. Osiris is shown seated, wrapped tightly, and holding the crook and flail - symbols of kingship in his hands, crossed at his torso. He wears the atef-crown and a uraeus, as well as a false beard. The base is inscribed with a conventional offering formula. CG 38358 , schist; H. 89.5 cm. 26th Dynasty, Late Period, Saqqara. Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Ground Floor, Room 24.”

Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass

Ten ways to keep the wolf from the door

1. Construct a system of fake doors of unremarkable architecture and decoration until the wolf gets bored of doors and goes away.

2. Invest in a door which can travel across country at a greater average speed than that of your wolf. For example, it could be attached to a caravan, or possibly strapped to the back of another wolf which can run slightly faster.

3. Divide all things in the Universe into those beginning with the letters A-M, and those beginning with the letters N-Z, and file them in different places.

4. Let it be known, by means of certain useful dogs, that doors are dangerous things; that a wolf might get a paw or a tail caught in them and suffer a crush injury which forever constrains them to a life of woeful scavenging; and that it is a shameful dereliction of wolf duty to endanger their safety in this way. Let it be known that there are human strongholds which have become no-go areas for wolves due to the abundance of doors therein.

5. Wolves are notoriously disorganised at getting tickets and they hate to queue. Put on a popular show at your house and sell tickets at the door. Let the wolf give up in disgust before it reaches you and vow never to return.

6. Send the wolf a hat, a false beard and an airline ticket to some part of the world that has endless forests rolling with fat hoglets. If this part of the world does not exist, it may be necessary to invent it.

7. Accept nothing and nobody at your door. Brick it up. Make a wall, and a ditch, a cattlegrid, an electric fence, a barbed-wire house-scarf, a nuclear ha-ha and sundry other barriers of the sort that will stop wolves and also everything else. In order to survive, you may be forced to live outside these fortifications. Consider investing in a small external gatehouse that you can keep watch in in order to observe the wolf gazing mournfully at the fortifications in front of your old door, shaking its head and walking away.

8. Put on a spacesuit and surf your door through space into the gleaming, wolf-free, prismatic and superplasmatic heartlands of the sun.

9. Don’t have a wolf.

10. Don’t have a door.

Santa’s Little Helper

I don’t really know what this is


Side note: If any of you amazing artists out there feel like drawing Santa!Jughead and Elf!Betty I will love you forever and ever

“I look ridiculous.”

Betty turned at the sound of Jughead’s voice, a small giggle unwittingly escaping her lips when she registered the costumed boy before her. Clad entirely in red and white, Jughead stood in the doorway in an over-sized Santa suit, missing only the hat and long white beard. As she tried to sequester her laugh, Jughead’s frown deepened, his arms crossing over his chest in silent protest.

“Oh, c’mon,” Betty said playfully, crossing the room to meet him where he stood, “It’s not that bad.” She poked at his cushioned stomach, knowing full-well it would only make him pout more. “You only have to wear it for one night - the regular Santa will be back tomorrow. Besides, it’s for the kids - it’ll be fun!”

“Easy for you to say.” Jughead mumbled, “You get to be the elf.” He reached out and thumbed the black belt wrapped around her green and red dress, pulling her close and wrapping his arm around her waist. “You look really good in those striped tights, by the way.” 

“And you  look pretty great in that coat,” Betty grinned, leaning forward to place a quick peck on Jughead’s cheek that caused the bell on the top of her elf hat to jingle. “Let’s go. Can’t keep your adoring fans waiting!”

She picked up the Santa hat from the table beside them, plopping it down on top of Jughead’s still-present beanie and giving it a gentle tug. He rolled his eyes in response, pulling the false white beard up from where it hung around his neck over his mouth. 

Betty headed out first, greeting the handful of families that had gathered outside the Riverdale mall’s makeshift North Pole set. She smiled as parents began to shush their children, prompting them to pay attention to the elf who had just appeared.

“Merry Christmas everybody!” Betty announced, purposefully heightening the frequency of her voice to sound more elf-like, “Welcome to the North Pole! Are you ready to meet Santa?” Satisfied with the cheers she received in response, Betty gestured toward the gingerbread house door, “Santa! Come on out!”

After a brief moment, Jughead emerged from the door and walked toward the designated throne while waving half-heartedly at the crowd. When he sat down Betty came up beside him, leaning in closely and whispering in his ear, reminding him to be on his best behavior.

When Jughead gave a hearty “Ho ho ho!” in response, Betty smiled and walked to the line of waiting visitors. 

Child by child went by, asking Jughead for puppies and race cars and dolls, one after the other. Betty smiled to herself as a frazzled mother plopped a crying baby on Jughead’s lap, her boyfriend caught of guard and completely out of his element. He accidentally laughed at a girl who legitimately requested a pay raise for her allowance and he struggled to maintain his facade when a young boy got a bit too grabby with his beard, but for the most part Jughead was a convincing Santa.

Three hours later visiting time ended, all the children who had come to visit Santa having made their requests and scurried home with their parents. The mall had started to clear out, closing hours fast approaching, as Betty put up a final sign announcing that Santa would be back tomorrow. 

Betty turned back to Jughead, walking up to his chair and giggling as he pulled her onto his lap.

“And what would you like for Christmas?” Jughead asked, Santa voice intact.

“Well,” Betty bit her lip, pretending to think, “Gosh, I just don’t know! There’s so many options… a barbie dream house, a giant teddy bear - Oh! How about a pony!”

Jughead laughed -  a real laugh - his fingers toying with the fabric of Betty’s skirt, “You’re really setting me up for failure, aren’t you? How’s a guy supposed to get a pony on a budget?”

“I don’t know…” Betty started, “Something tells me you’ll find a way to make it up to me.” She gently tugged at his beard, pulling it down off his face and leaning in to brush her lips against his. 

“You know,” Betty traced a finger up the white stripe on his chest, “You were pretty great with all those kids.”

“Even the one who almost threw up on me?” Jughead joked, “Thank goodness his dad pulled him away in time. I’m pretty sure it would render the suit nonrefundable.”

Betty smiled, tugging at fabric on his shoulder, “I’m serious. You’re a real natural. You’re going to make a wonderful father someday.” She was whispering now, watching as the weight of her words transforming into the familiar spark of flattery in Jughead’s eyes. Betty felt her stomach flutter at the adoration on his face, unable to resist leaning in one more time.

It was only meant to be a light kiss, but the instant she made contact Jughead’s hand tightened around her thigh, sliding up beneath Betty’s skirt as he deepened the pressure of his lips on hers. It was an action brimming with something deeper, a message unfamiliar and exciting. Her adrenaline instantly heightened, Betty reached her hand up to grip his jaw, holding on to him for balance as she readily returned his advances. 

She pushed her torso further up against his, tongue toying at his upper lip in a question of entrance. She felt him smile against her, surprised when he pulled away. Cockily, he dove for her neck, sucking along her collarbone and working all the way up to her ear. Despite her best efforts to maintain composure, Betty couldn’t resist releasing a breathy sigh when his teeth found purchase on her earlobe. Her chest arched upward as her fingers gripped at the hair by his neck, pulling harshly at the tendrils. His fingers skimmed greedily over the tights on her upper thigh and he brought her lips back to his. The push and pull of their mouths intensified, the two losing track of themselves so much so that they almost didn’t hear the voice calling out from the edge of the North Pole set. 

“Hey kids! You gotta go!”

The two of them jumped apart, Betty flushing red as she looked at the janitor with hooded, apologetic eyes. 

“Sorry.” She mumbled, climbing off of Jughead’s lap and smoothing down her skirt, “We’ll head right out.”

The janitor walked off, mumbling something indiscernible beneath his breath. When he disappeared from sight, Betty and Jughead locked eyes before smiling at each other sheepishly.

Betty reached out and took Jughead’s hand, tugging him up from his seat and pulling him toward the locker room. He happily complied, interlocking his fingers with her own.

“Admit it,” Betty joked, playfully nudging Jughead with her hip, “You had fun today.”

“I had fun a few minutes ago.” Jughead smirked, earning a light slap on the arm from Betty, “And I suppose,” He rolled is eyes, “the rest of it wasn’t so bad either.”

“So we do it again next year?” Betty asked, laughing when Jughead’s eyes widened. “Don’t worry I’m only joking.“

“Thank goodness.” Jughead laughed, wrapping his arm across her shoulder and pressing his lips to their connected fingers. “I did… have a nice time today.” He admitted nuzzling closer to her ear. “And for the record, you’re going to make an excellent mother on day too.”

Betty smiled, resting her head on his shoulder with a contented sigh, "I love you Jughead Jones.”

He tightened his grip on her shoulder, placing a delicate kiss in her hair, “I love you too, Betty Cooper.”

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I remember reading somewhere that, because of Japan's different relationship with LGBT things than we have in the west, subtext is pretty much taken as confirmation for LGBT pairings in things like anime. So if that's the case it makes sense the Japanese audience and the RWBY localization team took what is just subtext in the show and treated it as basically canon confirmation.

i know exactly which post you’re talking about, although i can’t find it currently. it was a post about the way lightning farron is practically confirmed to be a lesbian when viewed through the lens of japanese culture and how lgbt rep is handled over there. 

the thing about japan is that, in some ways, it’s a very repressed society. (and this is not an insult, just when in comparison to more obnoxious cultures like america.) there’s a lot of these things where westerners misunderstand things about japan based on what they see in the media, which also works in the reverse in how eastern cultures misunderstand america based on what they see on tv, etc. 

in japan, there is this pressure to conform. where as individualism is rewarded and encouraged in the west, in japan and in other asian countries such as korea or china, this “individualism” is not something that is encouraged or even desired in most aspects. in japan, it’s less about being unique and more about fitting into the crowd? in a way. not in a bad way, but more along the lines of japan being less about the individual and more about the group as a whole. 

if you need proof, just look at any anime or video game that has a character who stands out from the crowd. a good example is persona 5′s ryuji. he doesn’t wear the typical school uniform, he doesn’t blend in with a crowd–he dyes his hair, he wears his clothes sloppily, he wears a loud t-shirt rather than the usual uniform. he’s presented as a troublemaker, and this is shown largely through his appearance. this is intentional, and this doesn’t stop with him. look at other characters like ichigo from bleach, etc. characters who standout are often seen as problematic in some way, and this is tied into japanese society and how “individualism” is treated there.

you could look at it as the western ideal being “myself; unique”. who YOU are is important, making something of yourself, etc. 
in japan especially, it’s more, “us; belonging (to a group)”. who you are is important as far as what you can bring to your family, friends, society, etc. it’s less about the individual and more about what they can provide to the “group”. 

so when you consider that in reference to lgbt representation, just the act of being openly lgbt is going against the grain in japan, it’s standing out, it’s making a spectacle of yourself. this goes against japanese culture. over there, it’s much more typical for lgbt people to put their own desires aside for the sake of conforming, remaining closeted so as not to bring discrimination upon themselves, engaging in false marriages/having “beards” etc. you could think of japanese lgbt community being about 20 years behind us as far as openness, if it makes it easier. 

so when it comes to lgbt rep in japanese media, it’s kind of a “seen, but not heard” thing. what western media would treat as subtext or hints, in japan, those same things would be taken in cultural context to be as good as canon. that’s likely why bumbleby is being treated the way it is by the japanese RWBY team–because, coming from a japanese viewer’s point of view, bumbleby isn’t just subtext or “queerbait”. from their point of view, bumbleby is obvious canon. 

Detail of sphinx of Queen Hatshepsut 

Hatshepsut is presented here in the form of a sphinx, in a similar manner to the Middle Kingdom sphinxes of Amenemhat III on display nearby. She has a human face with feminine features, displaying her power and dignity, and wears the nemes-headdress, a prominent false beard, and an elaborate collar composed of five rows of beads, followed by a row of tear-shaped pendants. Her front legs are extended before her, and her tail is wrapped around her rear right leg. Inscriptions provide her name and describe her as beloved of the god Amun. Egyptian Museum, Cairo; JE 53114-CEM 2033; granite; L. 260 cm; 18th Dynasty, New Kingdom; Deir el-Bahari, Luxor; Ground Floor, Room 6.

Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass (Author), Sandro Vannini (Photographer).

I read somewhere that when recorded music became available to the general public, people stopped singing. Because suddenly they could compare themselves to the professionals (and if you listen to, say, wax rolls of early 20th century folk singers, they’re not exactly Maria Callas).

I wonder if not the internet has the same effect, when it comes to - well, pretty much anything, but take art and crafts as an example: no matter what you want to do, google it and there’s a hundred ones better than yours will ever be. It’s suffocating.

And then the question of plagiarism: you’re probably not the first person to crochet a false beard. 30 years ago you might never ever hear of another person to come up with the idea, manufacture and sell them. Today you might find 10 different people who sell theirs on etsy. So who owns the idea, worldwide? Even if it can’t be copyrighted, you might still get angry anons calling you a copycat. Better come up with something else.

And yeah, I know - intellectual property questions and art theory isn’t quite the same thing. Some mediums will be forgotten as Art Marches On, and tomorrow’s artists are Entrepreneurs™ or whatever the buzzword is right now. And let’s face it, your greatgreatgreatgreatgrandma’s singing probably sounded like crap, objectively speaking. It’s just that I had self-esteem problems even before I was suddenly expected to compare myself to the entire online world population every time I even thing about doing something, and I’m not sure there’s a constructive and successful way of handling that (apart from just not doing stuff).

Menkaure, son of Khafre and grandson of Khufu, built the Third Pyramid at Giza. Unlike the First and Second Pyramids of his father and grandfather which were covered in white limestone, Menkaure planned to case his pyramid in granite. This remained unfinished at his death and was never completed. His pyramid complex was excavated by a joint expedition of Harvard University and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in 1908.

This unfinished statuette of Menkaure was found in a sculptor’s workshop associated with the valley temple of his pyramid. It was one of fourteen statuettes of the king found there, all unfinished and in various stages of the sculptural process. It depicts the king in the traditional pose, seated with his left hand flat, palm down on this thigh; his right hand, here broken off, would have been in a fist. The feet of the statuette and the front part of the base on which they rested were destroyed as well. The king is seated on a blocklike throne that, when complete, would have been carved with the sematawy symbol, which represents the unity of Upper and Lower Egypt. He wears the nemes headcloth and false beard, and traces of the uraeus can be seen on the brow.

The statuette is made of a good quality hard limestone and still shows traces of the preliminary blocking-out of the figure, which have been partly obscured by the initial polishing of the surface. The musculature of the torso has been indicated and the statuette shows the outlines of the square mature face of Menkaure displayed in the large statues of greywacke and alabaster found elsewhere in his valley temple.

Seated Statue of King Menkaure, ca.  2490–2472 B.C.E, 4th Dynasty, New Kingdom

I can remember buying this issue of Plastic Man at my regular 7-11, but I have no idea what possessed me to select this comic that week. Certainly, it’s a more typical and genuine jeopardy-laden cover image than one would usually expect to see on a PLASTIC MAN comic. It could simply be that I was expanding my horizons and trying something new. And while it’s a very fun comic book that holds a lot of appeal for me in the present, at the time I was underwhelmed by its silliness and overt cartoonyness. Like almost all nine-year-olds, I took my super heroes seriously and I expected the same from those who were writing and drawing the stories.

A pretty good indicator of what was to come is called out directly on the splash page, which touts the return of Carrot Man, the Vegetable King of Crime. I obviously hadn’t read his previous appearance, but I could tell right away that this pre-era Flaming Carrot wasn’t really to be taken seriously. Strangely, I didn’t have the same reaction to Plastic Man posing as a fire hydrant. Go figure.

Writer Steve Skeates and artist Ramona Fradon are clearly having a lot of fun with the material in this series, which is why it’s fondly recalled today. It stands among the best revivals of Plastic Man since the demise of the character’s originator, Jack Cole. The story opens with a roomful of Italian gangster stereotypes right out of the Godfather lamenting the fact that Plastic Man is working with the police and kiboshing their criminal activities. Things are so bad that Boss Annova (yes, really!) puts in a call to the greatest hit-man in mob history: Rice O’Rooney (again, yes, really!) Annova wants Plastic Man whacked, and O’Rooney has just the weapon for the job…

The weapon is the Snuffer, a cyborg killing machine that Rice O’Rooney keeps in suspended animation like the later-era Winter Soldier for those times when a murder really has to be special. And now, the Snuffer has been unleashed on Plastic Man. Unaware of what’s coming at him, the pliable policeman visits NBI headquarters and tries to get the Chief to take him off loan to the cops. But the NBI’s profile is pretty bad at this point, so the Chief needs the good P.R. that Plastic Man cleaning up crime provides. Elsewhere, Carrot Man smuggles himself out of prison amidst the refuse. Without his elongating agent, the Chief is forced to put Woozy Winks on the job of recapturing Carrot Man.

Out catching purse-snatchers and other lowlifes, Plastic Man is stalked by the Snuffer, who sprays our hero with a coating of lacquer, preventing him from stretching or changing shape. Powerless, Plas has no recourse but to flee the cyborg assassin. News reports clue Carrot Man in to the chase, and he’ll be damned if any other villain is going to wipe out his enemy Plastic Man, so he joins the parade–followed closely by the pursuing Woozy.

Eventually, Plas tires and is cornered by the Snuffer, who comes prepared with plastic-piercing pellets in order to rub out the ductile do-gooder. But before he can fire, on the rooftop above, Woozy tackles the observing Carrot Man, and the pair falls atop the Snuffer, he and Carrot Man head-butting each other into insensibility.

Not only does the impact knock out the Snuffer, but it also reverses the effects of a previous impact on Carrot man, one that turned him into a criminal in the first place. What’s more, the observing reporters have mistaken him for a super hero, so he gets the credit for saving Plastic Man, all memory of his former misdeeds forgotten. The Snuffer flips on Rice O’Rooney, resulting in his capture, and so Boss Annova is now sweating. But his day is apparently about to get even worse as a mysterious Kolonel Kool arrives to see him–one wearing goggles similar to Plastic Man’s, and a large, false beard. (This isn’t actually Plas, but fellow agent Foyle in disguise, and attempting to bring down the big boss as a way to restore his standing in the NBI. But I didn’t know that at the time.) The whole story is pretty absurd, but it’s infused with enough fun to make it all lively. Not really my cup of tea when I was nine years old, however.

Architecture (3): The Great Pyramid of Giza

The pyramid complex at Giza was built in the 4th Dynasty, during three generations of pharaohs – Khufu (Great Pyramid of Giza), Khafre (Pyramid of Khafre), and Menkaure (Pyramid of Menkaure).  The complex contains on a grand scale all of the architectural features associated with royal tombs.

Thousands of blocks of stone were transported along the river, and then dragged by sled to the edge of the desert, to build the pyramid. The Great Pyramid of Giza is considered the peak of Egyptian pyramidal architecture, and has been influential on modern architecture – for example, the Louvre has the same form.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest one – 146m high, covering an area of 52,000 square metres.  On each side, a pit was dug and a boat put in, so that the pharaoh’s spirit could travel freely.  The Funerary Ship of Khufu was reconstructed from the remains found in one of these boat pits.

Funerary Ship of Khufu; a boat pit next to the causeway, with stairs going into it.

The three pyramids lie in a nearly-diagonal line, with their mortuary temples on the east side, facing towards the Nile.  To the west, a mastaba cemetery housed the bodies of high officials.

Map of the pyramid complex.

East Field of Mastabas.

West Field of Mastabas.

The Sphinx was built in association with the Pyramid of Khafre, out of a single outcrop of limestone.  It is a lion with a pharaoh’s head, head-dress and false beard.  The Sphinx was a the guardian of the royal tombs, and it is the earliest-surviving example of this form.

The Sphinx.

The king & queen’s burial chambers, and an underground chamber, were accessed through 3 stone-lined corridors (descending & ascending).  The longest is over 100m, and they are undecorated.  They were a passage for the deceased.

Internal structure of the pyramids.

The king’s chamber was roofed with 5 tiers (each built of 9 stone slaps), one above the other, with relief chambers in between.  Above these tiers was a vault of two relieving stones.  Two narrow shafts led from the chamber to the outside.  The king’s chamber was separated from the gallery by an antechamber, which was protected by a portcullis.

The pyramids were originally cased in limestone, and the reflection of sunlight would have been dazzling (perhaps intended to associate the dead pharaoh with Ra).  A pyramidion would have capped the pyramid – a gilded, pyramid-shaped stone with prayers inscribed on it.

A pyramidion from the private tomb of Amenhotep-Huy.

The Great Pyramid’s core was made of thousands of locally-quarried blocks, weighing 2.5 tonnes each on average.  They were transported by human power to the site, and then manoeuvred into position, with the help of a thin lime mortar lubricant.

Most of Egypt’s pyramids are made of core stones which fill the bulk of the pyramid.  They were built up in tiers, making a crude step pyramid, and then masonry (packing stones) filled in the steps.  A softer stone (packing stone) was put between the core and casing; and finally the pyramid was cased in a smooth outer layer of limestone or granite.

Four relieving stones were placed on top of the pyramid’s entrance, to relieve it of much of the weight from above.  This shows that the Egyptians understood how to apply physics to monumental architecture. The entrance was then sealed and covered in limestone casing, increasing security by making it invisible from the outside.

Entrance to the Great Pyramid of Giza.  The relieving stones form the upside-down double V.

The ascending gallery leads to two levels of chambers (the king’s & queen’s burial chambers).  It is made up of seven projecting courses, each one supporting the one above it (corbelling!)  It is undecorated, reflecting the “restrained monumentalism of the pyramid with the continued use of large-scale masonry”.

The gallery.


Steve Argyle - Magic: the Gathering
Amonkhet Soul-Scar Mage, card # 148/269

[Overall release #116] - [Regular release #60] - [Reprint release #38]

Amonkhet is the Ancient Egypt inspired set released on April 28, 2017.  Steve Argyle made three illustrations for the set.  Steve hasn’t had this many illustrations in a single set since Khans of Tarkir two-and-a-half years earlier. This is the second of those three.

Steve has had the good fortune over the years to have had his artwork appear on important and powerful cards in the game.  This always helps Steve’s overall popularity with Magic players as his illustrations get seen more often.  Amonkhet has provided all three of Steve’s cards to be solid cards that will absolutely see limited play at least.

Being a 1 / 2 Prowess for R draws obvious comparisons with the constructed favorite Monastery Swiftspear, which just happens to be (or maybe Wizards did it on purpose) another Steve Argyle illustrated card.  Losing Haste and being rare will no doubt make this a less popular card in the long run, but the creature still has a strong potential impact turning all of red’s burn arsenal into permanent creature damage and “indestructible” God-killers.

If I have one criticism for this illustration it is a strange claustrophobic quality that seems to disrupt the overall perception of scale.  The obelisks in the foreground seem out of place.  The monuments in the background are all excellent, but there are a lot of them.  They aren’t quite too crowded… until you add the ones in front.  The obelisks in front seem to switch between comparison with the figure and looking like smaller, shoulder-high structures surrounding him, which I’m sure was the intent, and comparison with the background monuments and suddenly the figure looks like a giant towering over the many surrounding buildings below.

Regardless, the illustration is, to coin a term that needs to exist, classic Argyle.  The dramatic lighting, well-defined musculature, beautiful clothing, distinct facial expression, facial tattoos… and fire.  The only thing missing is the pretty girl.  Pink clouds are also a common thing in his work… but maybe not often enough to be “classic.”  Everything is in place.  The stage is set for an awesome display.

The hair is interesting.  I’m glad Steve chose to leave out the headdress that is prominent in the other sketches.  The half-shaved head would be merely an interesting choice but for the very short hair still present on the shaved area.  The stubble of facial hair is also done very well although apparently at a time in Egypt where such a false beard would have been worn the man would have been otherwise clean-shaven, but don’t let things like that bother you when Amonkhet is merely “inspired by” ancient Egypt and not attempting to copy it.

I also like how the tattoo doesn’t continue into the hairline.  That decision adds something subtle to the piece and I’m not even quite sure how to explain that one.

The fire is expertly done.  We can expect no less.  I have to admit that after so long it is almost no big thing to admire the fire in Steve Argyle’s work, however that doesn’t mean we simply check the “fire” box and move along.  Check out that smoke in the upper-right corner.  It has a quality of oily ink drifting on water.  The delicate touch of such a strong black is pretty impressive.  Also a point of interest is the energy spiraling down the handle of his scepter.  That element is part fire… yet part not.  Steve can still surprise us with how he treats fire in his pieces, so don’t ever take it for granted.

I, as usual, love the facial expression.  There is an intensity that isn’t quite anger yet still there is malicious intent toward whatever his gaze is upon.  Every muscle in the face conveys this appropriately.

This card is the original printing but because it is a standard-legal rare (from September 26, 2015 forward) it also has an alternate date-stamped printing available.  [The date-stamped version is noted as the original printing but also as a promo in these archives which is why this printing is noted above as a reprint as well as a regular printing.]

Statue of Khafre JE 10062

The king is sitting on a lion-legged throne. He wears the nemes-headdress, with a uraeus at the forehead, a false beard and a short kilt. His left arm is placed on his left knee, while his right hand is on his right knee, clasped around a folded cloth a symbol of authority. On each side of the throne can be seen the sema-tawy motif representing the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt. Although the statue looks to be of one person King Khafre it is, in fact, a triad. The king is Osiris in death, while the falcon at the back of his head is Horus; the throne upon which the king sits is the hieroglyphic symbol for Isis. Diorite, 4th Dynasty, Old Kingdom, Khafre’s Valley Temple, Giza. Ground floor, room 42, JE 10062 - CG 14-CEM 090608-018, Egyptian Museum, Cairo.

Inside the Egyptian Museum with Zahi Hawass (Author), Sandro Vannini (Photographer)

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INGLÉS Hi, sorry if this bothers you, but I'd like you to say a few words to those people who are giving up believing in CrissColfer. There are many people who begin to believe that Chris is truly happy with Will, just as Darren is truly happy with Mia. There are many people who begin to convince themselves that Darren and Chris are not together and that they never were and that everything is an illusion of ours

I wasn’t sure about replying to you nonnie. That “Ingles” before your message shows me that you used a translator or… i don’t know.. don’t wanna think about it tbh.  But i decided to use this ask anyway to give my point of view.

I don’t think there are more people believing in Chill or Miarren. Chill: with Chris’ radio interview it revealed itself a joke as much as Miarren… and about Miarren… i don’t think we need other confirmation about its falseness: beard provides us a lot of stuff lately… both directly that through fake accounts.

What i think it’s happening rn? More people knowing that it’s only a facade and thank God, more people who don’t buy bullshit as it is and searching and trying to understand what is really happening. Well i see some of the “old people here” acting like they don’t even know what is pr and all of these anymore. too.. being a little too much obnoxious in a wrong way and “demanding” to know how is better for C or D to act in their situation when the don’t owe us nothing… but whatever.

So….my dear (troll?) Nonnie. I don’t have to say anything to convince people of anything. It’s all out here.. for people to see and understand. 

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marriage is all about giving to get
  • Gogol: anyway ur right i do actually just want to hang out in a gravyard with you
  • Gogol: i mean, also terry pratchett
  • Gogol: but MOSTLY with you!
  • pip: yeah!
  • pip: i dont know i feel like if we invited terry prachett i'd end up doing what i did a week ago during an avocadohouse discussion about discworld which was just, say loudly, WHY IS AUTOCRACY OKAY WHEN IT'S FUNNY, TERRY? WHY IS THAT?
  • Gogol: this is why i wanna be in neil gaiman's body! i'll have the distraction of trying not to break character
  • Gogol: to cool my nerves
  • Gogol: otherwise i'd probably really embarrass myself!
  • pip: i sometimes resent when my friends purposefully lead me down the talking about discworld path
  • pip: just bc they want to see me get mad
  • Gogol: regards you fondly....
  • Gogol: beamingly....
  • pip: it's fine
  • pip: let's just
  • pip: i'll wear a false beard
  • Gogol: oh this is good. we'll roleplay

appreciation for how hard jared is trying to go in for hiatus beard when he only has a mini hiatus to do it