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first-mate-redbeard  asked:

I have exams all of next week here in Australia! 😩 maybe a little motivation? 😁

Hey, prashant299

Exams are….

We know that feeling when you see exams approaching.

Studying can make you got a little crazy…

You may even be a little sleep deprived! 

Don’t worry, though! You’ve got this! 

You’ll need a bit of coffee or tea to fuel your study-thon! 

You’re going to kick some major butt on these exams.

Just make sure not to get too distracted by the internet! 

Go into those exams knowing that you’re going to do awesome and you’ve been studying all week for them! 

Leaving class after your last exam will be like…

The only thing left to do is… PARTY! 

Good luck on exams, pal! You’re gonna do great! - Noah

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