My 2nd purchase from Top Gear-Trax, and I believe the 1st Falcon that they issued in 1:24 scale. It was released June 1999.  I can’t say enough about this diecast. It does not have some of the fine detail and features offered by the Mints. No matter, it makes up for it in character and its uniqueness. The replica is finished in True Blue & Matte Black. It is a Limited Edition of 5000 pcs. Trax has issued several other ‘70 & '71 Falcons, they are always very popular and sell out quickly.

Avengers NOW! in a Minute

Avengers NOW! in a Minute

Whilst I’ve been off the radar it appears Marvel have been on a bit of a pre-SDCC promotional tour releasing all kinds of changes to the Marvel Comics Universe through the mainstream media. In case you missed it too here’s the lowdown skinny:

  • Falcon will be passed the shield, taking on the role of Captain America…again.
  • Thor is finally getting that sexual reassignment surgery he’s so verrily…

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Elon Musk explains reason of Falcon 9 rocket failure

Elon Musk explains reason of Falcon 9 rocket failure

NEW YORK: Elon Musk the CEO of the company SpaceX has detailed the reasons for the failure of the Falcon 9 rocket.
Falocn 9 has successfully launched from the ejection seat and the dragon capsule has delivered the cargo to International Space Station, but when it comes to the reusability of the rocket it has failed in this step.
The rocket looks as though it will land because it has returned to…

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