Scott Charlesworth
Falmouth, UK
Canon EOS 5D Mark III | Hasselblad 500C/M

Tell us about the subjects in your work. What role do these people play in your photography?

I would say that I’m not bias towards any kind of subject matter, I just shoot what screams out to me. I enjoy a minimalistic look to my work so I try to remove any distractions from within an image and usually only use one focal point to make my images free-flowing and easy to look at. I treat photography almost as a puzzle, trying to remove any unneeded information to create the simplest but most beautiful photograph possible.

Since I photograph mainly friends and myself; I believe that I’m really capturing the essence of what it means to be young. I capture everything from sunny days at the beach right to mysterious adventures in a misty forest, almost showcasing a highlight reel of my life and those around me. I feel it’s this genuineness, that is brought from the trust that I have with my peers, is what really makes my work stand out.

Tumblr: @scottcharlesworthphotography
Website: @scottcharlesworthphotography
Facebook: @scottcharlesworthphotography