Fall Rally #d25W

Mah gosh! it was my first time at fall rally last night.  MAH GOSH, once again, I HAD THE BEST TIME OF MY LIFE, in a while lol!!! There was this girl in green… and in black… and they give me free kisses. I CAN"T FIND THEM :’( they were such good kissers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember one was a giraffe or elephant lol! :/ It was great winning that spirit stick with mah pufferfish. We killed it. Met some fresh people from san diego and simi valley they were sooo trill! I hugged a total of 147 people and kissed about 7 people. not counting the guys tho lol. Dont worry they were face kisses… with the guys at least ;)

Fall Rally South! Photos with my favorite Key Clubbers, but I love everyone as an equal. It was such an aspiring event that it’s going to make me work so much harder as a Key Clubber and Division Technology Editor. From here on out until DCON 2014, I will save every penny until I get the money I need for Fall Rally. I want to meet all these people agin and I hope I get that chance at the Kiwanis Rose Parade decorating in December. Key Club, you have honestly changed my like so much better and thank you from all of my heart. You are my drive for life, school, work, play, and just everything I do. Thank You #fallrallysouth #fallyrally #fallrallysouth2013 #dcon2014 #inspiration (at Six Flags Magic Mountain)

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