so I reached my next hundred followers and I wanted to do a follow forever for a while to show my endless love to all the following blogs, so here it is!


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Too late, but finally we managed to post the Tumblr Awards Winners!

Here are the winners for Viki’s and Caro’s Tumblr Awards. It wasn’t easy for us to chose, but in the end we did,

Look through these awesome blogs, if you’re looking for a specific one… These are just perfect in each category!

Congratulations to everyone! Every blog is worth following!

Best URL

Winners: Team-Free-Will

Runner up: Castieltheangelofthetardis

Best Theme

Winners: Winchesterre

Runner up: Goodbyepond

Best Graphics/Edits/Gif's

Winners: Theidjitsimpala

Runner up: Karlurbance

Nicest Person

Winners: Malfoyinthetardis

Runner up: Samwinchesterissaved

Best Supernatural

Winners: Jensenswonkyeye

Runner up: Castiel-Sastiel

Best Doctor Who

Winners: I-Am-The-Doctah

Runner up: Claraismyrose

Best Sherlock

Winners: therealcumberbatch

Best Hannibal

Winners: Hanniballecterssuit

Runner up: Stagstrong

Best Multifandom

Winners: Jaredpadawecki

Runner up: Assbutt-Timelord

Best Overall

Winners: Padaleckolypse

Runner up: Winchesterising

So, this is my first follow forever, and I decided to do it because lately i’ve been following amazingly beautiful blogs. I had a very hard time narrowing it down, but here we are. Since this is the first one, there will be just a few blogs, but I will update it!  

Italian bloggers.

They actually exist and I follow them since my early tumblr-steps. God bless them.
Della serie gente che seguitela.

This little shit ♡ Bring Romanticism Back ♡ I Nutrimenti Terrestri ♡ Lost at the Sea ♡ Dicotomia Imperante ♡ La Lumaca Ha Tre Corna ♡ Memento Mihi ♡ Juliet Was An Idiot ♡ Hello Stranger, I’m a Disaster ♡


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