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understandable!!!!! I'm just really curious, so if you end up being able to talk about it more, I'm sure your followers (myself included) would love to hear more about it!

It took a while to feel safe about talking about it because the hold on the position I was scared would be taken away if there was ever a chance in the future to do it again. Since time has passed and I did get permission, I think it’s okay now to. Although I’m still worried D: Anyways, taking a deep breath, but it was actually people from DreamWorks who requested me as Hiccup for that screening. It was the biggest honor in the world and I would give up anything to do it again because I had never been happier. Thanks for asking :)  

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Adventure Time

Steven Universe

Gravity Falls

Over the Garden Wall


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Dank memes

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Bob’s Burgers


Or just humor in general

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[[ s T ARES AT YOU. inspector-art gdi this is going to be longer than three sentences isn’t it si gh s]]

Mao relaxed minutely when he felt the warm breath of a person by his left ear - something he noted, with wry amusement, one only did when they had grown too used to this shady business. It would be more difficult swing the knife hidden under his sleeve with locked limbs after all. 

“Thanks for the info last week - ” whispered Nice, as he pushed what felt like notes into Mao’s empty hand. “Would you have anything on this one?" 

Shifting his hand so that he could easily see and count them, the broker flicked through them, totaling it to two million yen before coming to the passport photo in the middle. Scrutinizing it for a moment, he hummed a little before murmuring back.

"Always drinks at the EastWind by the shopping district from seven to eight, a sleep drunk, walks along a river on the way home -and also frequents and causes problems in your territory. Is that why…?" 

Mao left the question waited for a response but only received a quiet ‘thanks’ and a kiss on the skin behind his ear before the other man turned and disappeared back where he came from without a sound. 

[[ i don’t even know im sorry |’D]]