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When You Fail To Be

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Anyways. Here it is, chapter 1. Lance and Shiro angst + broganes angst + KLANCE angst + ….Just angst all around, yo.

Um…So yeah, hope you like??? It’s also on Ao3 on my same name. It’s the second part of the Human Healing Pod Au.

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. Human Healing Pod Au doesn’t belong to me.


Shiro frowns exasperated as he catches Lance’s blue glowing light from the corner of his eye.

It’s been a few weeks since their last group training took place with Lance’s new healing powers. The brunet insisted that he had the hang of it, being able to work through the process on small injuries without getting dizzy after it.

Lance had reassure Shiro that he will continue training on his own but Shiro had just pursed his lips, not convinced in the least. After a few minutes arguing, Shiro finally agreed to Lance’s plan but only if the brunet had someone with him during his training sessions, something that Lance had grudgingly agreed to along with a few more conditions.

One week later and Lance was already breaking one of their conditions.

“That boy, I swear.” Shiro mumbles, making his way towards Lance as the brunet places his hands over the alien refugee they just saved in today’s mission, his blue eyes falling into a vivid glow entirely in less than a tick, “Hey, I said no more healing today, Lance. You –“

It was just a light pull. Shiro placed his Galra arm over the brunet’s shoulder and pull just enough break apart the contact between him and the alien’s wound and suddenly there was screaming.

Agonized and pained screaming echoes around them and Shiro just stares in horror as Lance shakes and continues to scream in his arms, his glowing eyes getting brighter before losing their light and then being bright once again.

“Lance!” Shiro shouts startled, “Lance, buddy, what’s wrong¡?” He yells in panic, making sure to hold the teen tight against him as he continues to scream and then –

Then Lance sighs, eyes rolling to the back of his head, losing their blue glow, and he goes limp on Shiro’s arms, mouth hanging open in a silent scream and Shiro’s heart skips a beat at the sight.

“L-Lance?” He whispers softly, voice cracking, “Buddy?”

“LANCE!” Keith’s voice echoes in panic and urgency, “Lance¡? Shiro, what happened¡? LANCE!”

“H-He’s not breathing.” Shiro gasps, a cold shiver running through his spine, “H-he’s not –“

Lance’s suddenly taken away from him by a pair of red armored hands. Shiro blinks in panic and confusion for a moment before he raises his head and stares at Keith as the black haired teen cradles Lance’s body against his.

“Lance, baby, hey, come on, come on, this is not funny, Lance, please.” Keith mumbles, his free hand gently patting Lance’s cheek in hopes of getting a reaction, “L-Lance, baby, please, please, no. Hey! Come on, you promised! Lance!”

Everything’s a blur for Shiro after that. Keith’s screams and pleads echo inside him, mixing themselves with Lance’s screams along with Hunk’s sobs and the image of Pidge’s scared face. Barely noticing when Coran makes his way towards them and takes Lance from Keith’s arms, followed by the blurry image of Hunk holding Keith back as he trashes and screams wildly when Lance is taken away from him.

He doesn’t even notice Allura’s presence until she whispers his name against his ear and he snaps out of it. He blinks hard and takes the surroundings around him. He’s in Allura’s room, lying down on her bed, facing the ceiling in disorientation and confusion.

“Wha –“ Shiro mumbles softly, “What.”

“Hey, it’s alright. Take it easy.” Allura whispers gently, stroking his hair, “It’s alright.”

“What happened?” Shiro asks in a daze, eyes groggy and tired before they snap wide open as he remembers Lance’s limp weight on his arms, “Lance. What happened to Lance? Allura?”

“You killed him, that’s what happened.” Shiro freezes at the cold harsh voice that answers him and slowly turns his head to the side to meet his little brother’s glare.

“Keith!” Allura snaps, sighing in exasperation as if it wasn’t the first time she has scolded the teen.

“What? It’s true, isn’t it?” Keith snaps back, frowning and glaring angrily.

Allura stays quiet and Shiro’s blood turns cold.

“Allura?” He asks in a small voice and Allura shakes her head.

“He died for a few ticks but we were able to get him back.” Allura answers, her shoulders tense and her voice tired, “But it wasn’t anyone’s fau –“

“No. It was Shiro’s. It was Shiro who made Lance push himself in every training session knowing the danger. It was Shiro who made Lance feel like he needed to push and push and push himself more every time. It’s because of Shiro that Lance has dark bags and swollen red eyes and is tired all the time. It was Shiro –It was Shiro who broke the connection and caused Lance’s heart to stop.”

One, two, three beats and then –

“What?” Shiro breaths out, slowly sitting up on the bed and waving away Allura’s complaints, “What? What does that – What?

“Keith.” Allura says calmly but with an edge of warning in her tone, “Stand down.”

“Whatever.” Keith mumbles, scoffing and sending Shiro a dark glare before turning around and walking towards the exit, leaving behind a frozen Shiro.

“What.” Shiro whispers, “What?”

“Shiro –“

“Keith, no, wait!” Shiro ignores Allura’s words as he climbs down the bed and follows his brother with wobbly but fast steps, “Keith Kogane Shirogane, come back her –!”

Keith turns around sharply and Shiro takes a surprised step back at the furious snarl on his kid brother’s face.

“Don’t call me that.” Keith whispers with menace, “I want nothing to do with you, you hear me? Nothing.”

“Keith –“ Shiro stops as Keith suddenly crashes against him, barely dodging the fist that was aimed for his face, “Keith!” He repeats, grabbing Keith by the arms and keeping him still.

“You damn son of a –! It was your fault! You and your stupid rules! You and – and – God, I hate you, Ifucking hate you!” Keith screams, fist hitting the young adult on the chest, “You fucking – I fucking hate –“

“Buddy –“

“You didn’t protect him!” Keith screams, still trashing and kicking against Shiro’s hold on his arms, “You didn’t protect him! You promised and you didn’t –! You just let him die in your arms! You just stood there as he died and –! Fuck!”

“Keith, please –“ Shiro rasps out brokenly but Keith shakes his head, taking a step back from his older brother, shrugging his hold.

“No. No. He died, Shiro. My – Lance died and I – I couldn’t – And –“ A sudden abrupt sob escapes his mouth and suddenly Keith falls to the ground, sobs shaking his entire body, “I –I –I didn’t know what – And you were – You looked so hopeless as you held him and I couldn’t – I fucking lost it –“

“Keith.” Shiro mumbles, his heart breaking for his little brother but the teen just continues to sob on the ground in the middle of the hallway.

“I-I’m sorry, fuck – I’m sorry, Shiro – I know it wasn’t – wasn’t your fault but –“ Keith presses the palm of his hands hard against his eyes in hopes to stop the flowing tears, “It was mine. It was my fault – And I slash out at you and I’m – He was dead, god , he wasDEAD, SHIRO!”

Shiro doesn’t hesitates and then he’s on the floor, wrapping his arms around his little brother as the teen shakes with sobs, still mumbling incoherently against his brother’s chest and Shiro takes no mind as snot and tears mix themselves on his shirt.

He just holds his brother, tight and strong, and sucks in a deep breath to stop his own tears from falling.

“I’m sorry.” He murmurs under his breath against Keith’s wild hair, “I’m so sorry, little brother.”

Allura just stands quietly on the corner, watching with sad eyes as the brothers sit on the floor, holding each other. She turns then, giving them their privacy before she enters the first room down the opposite hall.

Her footsteps are soft as she walks towards the bed on the corner of the room. The room is dark and quiet, for the exception of the hard panting breathing coming from the bed.

Allura takes a seat on the start of the bed, near Lance’s face, and watches sadly as the brunet rasps out harsh breaths through his mouth, unable to fill his lungs properly.

“Hush, now, it’s okay, Lance. It’s okay.” She mumbles gently, brushing Lance’s wet hair back as the the brunet whimpers inconsolably, “Sh, asteráki. You’re alright.”

She stays there for a while, humming under her voice to calm the brunet down and whispering comfort words as he whimpers and whines unconsciously.

Allura losses track of the time but suddenly, the door opens once again and she meets Shiro’s wide scared eyes at the edge of the door.

“Shiro.” She calls softly and frowns when the leader of Voltron doesn’t knowledge her calling, his gray eyes solemnly placed on the shivering brunet on the bed, “Shiro, love.”

One, two, three steps back out of shock and then Shiro’s running out of the room. 

Nice Things People Forget About in The Outsiders

I see a lot of negative
posts about what people forget about in The Outsiders, so I decided to make a more positive one.

😄 Darry called Ponyboy “baby” when Ponyboy asked if he would be put into a boys home. Darry replied with “I don’t know, baby. I just don’t know.” How sweet! It makes me wanna cry!

😄 Ponyboy also had a lot of middle class friends at school.

😄 Ponyboy was upset because he thought he never called for Darry in the hospital, but Sodapop told him he actually did!

😄 Sodapop and Darry had never lost a fight before (I’m not sure if this is a “nice” thing, but hey, good for them!)

😄 After Dally died, Steve was about to fall to the ground while sobbing, but then Sodapop caught him and soothed him! 😭

😄 After Johmny died and Dallas ran off, Ponyboy was stumbling around town all by himself. Then a super nice stranger asked if he was ok, and gave him a ride.

😄 While in the stranger’s car Ponyboy got blood on the seat. The stranger just told Ponyboy not to worry about it, and that his car has been through much worse.

😄 Unlike the Shepard and Brumley gangs who will only get worse as they get older, Ponyboy knew that his friends and him will only get better as they grow up.

😄 Dallas had a cousin that lived in Windrixville. I feel like it’s nice to know that Dallas still had some family members still in contact with him.

😄 When Steve’s cousin came to visit, none of the boys were rude or talked dirty to her. The boys are respectful to girls at school and girls who are the family/cousin type.

😄 Jerry was a super duper awesome dude. While in the ambulance, Jerry let Ponyboy tell him everything that had happened, and Jerry did not judge him or Johnny and Dallas one bit. He also stayed with Ponyboy the entire time to make sure he was ok. Jerry is much more than just the fat guy that couldn’t fit through the window at the church!!!

😄 Dallas was afraid he had killed Ponyboy after hitting his back in order to stop the fire on his jacket. He was actually really upset about it, and was so happy when he saw Ponyboy was ok.

😄 Ponyboy hates it when women get sworn at or when they cry.

😄 Okay so in the beginning of the story Ponyboy says he doesn’t like people with green eyes. But after him and Cherry have a chat and he realizes that him and Cherry will always see the same sunset, he makes a comment that Cherry has green eyes. This shows how Ponyboy has learned that not all socs are bad, just like how not all people with green eyes are bad.

Rockabye (pt.6)

genre: fluff and just a little angst / stripper!au

pairing: you x jimin 

word count: 3.3k 

You still couldn’t believe Jae-Eun called Jimin dad. That was his first word. Yeah, he’s mumbled words here and there but never once called you mom. He normally just screamed to get your attention and that seemed to work pretty well.  The fact that Jae-Eun called Jimin dad shocked you. It was so unexpected and crazy because the two haven’t even been together much and even when they were, it was for only a couple of minutes.

Jimin felt so bad, not because Jae-Eun called him dad but because he still hasn’t called you mom. You understood, though. He was only around 7 months old and you figured his brain hasn’t quite figured everything out yet. As much as it hurt your feelings, you knew Jae-Eun would never understand, let alone do anything on purpose considering his age.

Your phone buzzed you out of your thoughts and you looked down to smile at who it was that was texting you.

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Only Us (Part Eight)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you? (things have changed but fuck it I’m still using this summary cuz idk)

Word Count: 1299

Warning(s): Swearing

Additional Notes: If you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  

I heard a loud crash and gaze locked down the streets of downtown Queens. There were screams and people began to yell running away from the explosion. I stopped, avoiding the people who ran and tried to see what had happened.

It was Saturday, and I had just gotten off work which was a relief. For some reason Saturday mornings were really popular and it always stressed me greatly. There was another sound from a few houses down and fear stuck me. I heard a gasps around me as I made my way to the explosion. Suddenly, a hand gripped my wrist pulling me back.

“So I thought I told you not to get into trouble.” Spiderman said looking down at me.

“Oh hey Spidey.” I grinned.

“Y/N.” he warned.

“I wanna know what’s happening.” I told him.

“I’ll tell you when it’s finished.” He said. “Now go. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“Oh come on.” I groaned. “I’ll just peak in—”

“No.” He interrupted.

“What if I—”


“Come on—”

“No.” Another explosion sounded and his gaze ripped from mine. “Y/N go now.” He said.

“Wait.” I said grabbing his wrist. He looked back at me.

“Be careful.” I mumbled. “Please.” Spiderman nodded shooting his webs to the building next to me.

“I’ll be fine Y/N.” He said. “Now go.” I let his wrist go watching him propel into the sky to the explosion. I waited for a little bit before shaking my head continuing to walk toward the explosion. He wouldn’t see me, it didn’t matter. And I would be fine, I just had to be careful. I climbed into the wreckage as a small bomb blew up a few feet from me. Shit. I thought. This may not have been a good idea. I walked quickly toward only standing building peering through one of the window. Woah Ironman! I thought. He fought against a tall man and I watched as the man slowly lost. I snorted. What did he expect? He was fighting Ironman. I felt someone grab my wrist again and force me against the wall of the crumbling building.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.” Spiderman growled. “Do you ever listen?”

“I wanted to see—” I started before there was another explosion.

“Shit.” Spiderman whispered. He grabbed me pulling me closer to him. His web shot up to attach to the building next to us. “Hold on.” He mumbled before I attached myself to him and we went soaring up. We landed abruptly and I let go of him looking down at the wreckage. “You know, Y/N I have enough shit to deal with. And then you—”

“Don’t worry about me.”

“Yeah well that’s hard to do when you go exactly where I told you not to go.” He said. “Honestly Y/N do I need to web you to something?”  

“I’m fine.” I shrugged. “Are you working with Ironman?” I asked.


“His suit is so cool.” I smiled.


“What?” I asked.

“Stay here.” He said. “I mean it.” I nodded slowly.


“Promise me.”

“Okay I promise now go the save the world.” He stared at me for a moment before shooting himself away. I ran to the edge of the building to look over at the fight. I cursed frowning as it disappeared from my view. I stared out before I sat down sighing. “Stupid Spiderman.” I mumbled.


It felt like a couple hours that I was sitting there, the explosions had not gone off in a long time. I slowly stood up hearing sirens. I quickly made my way down the stairs tripping a little bit at the rubble that surrounded me. Was he okay? I thought. I made my way carefully through the rocks into the main building. I swallowed when I saw no one there. Where was he? I thought. I made my way around for about ten minutes continuing tripping. Why was I so clumsy? I thought. I rubbed my elbow that I had hit pretty harshly against a rock until I heard voices from an alley near me. I walked quickly toward the voices. I saw Ironman and I smiled watching how his mask disappeared from his face. My gaze found my webbed friend as they stood next to each other the guy who I assumed was the villain was knocked out cold and webbed lying on the ground.

“Nice job kid.” Tony Stark grinned down at Spiderman.

“Thanks Mr. Stark.” Spiderman said. “He wasn’t much of a threat.” I breathed a sigh of relief as I looked at him, both of them still oblivious to me, standing a couple of feet away. Spiderman reached toward his head slowly pulling off his mask. I froze. His hair was messy and he continued to grin at Tony Stark, not noticing me. Tears filled my eyes as I looked at Spiderman—no not spiderman Peter, Peter Parker. I swallowed as a tear rolled down my cheek. I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move. It felt as if my world was crashing down on me. How could I have been so stupid?

“Whoops sorry nothing to see here.” Tony grinned looking at me. Peter, who hadn’t seen me yet smiled at his mentor before looking over at me his smile falling from his face.

“Y/N.” I heard him whisper.

“You know her?” Tony asked. “Great, now we don’t have to erase her memory.” I assumed he was joking but that was the last thing on my mind. More tears fell from my eyes as I slowly backed away.

“Shit—Y/N.” He said taking a step toward me. I shook my head letting out a sob before turning and running out of the alley. I heard him follow me as I ran. I tripped suddenly falling on the ground sobs ripping through me. “Y/N.” I felt his hand on my back. I stood up ignoring the pain that swept through me.

“Don’t touch me.” I whispered before I started to run again tripping again but quickly recovering.

“Y/N!” I heard him yell at me. I stopped suddenly feeling webs on my the wrist of my right arm. I tugged trying to get away, the tears in my eyes blinding my sight. “Y/N please listen to me.” He said as I felt his hand grip my wrist.

“Leave me alone.” I tugged turning around.

“Y/N.” He said grabbing my other arm turning me to face him.

“Are you happy now?” I asked.


“You are a real hero Peter.” I sobbed. “I trusted you—”

“Y/N please—” I shook my head thinking about all the times I had talked to to Spiderman, all the things I said to him.

“‘I bet Peters a really nice—I’m sure he likes you.’” I sobbed. “You are a real piece of work you know that?”

“Y/N I’m so sorry.” He started.

“Let me go.” I tugged at the webs.

“Please just listen to me—”

“Let me go!” I yelled at him. He swallowed helping me out of the webs. I turned before his hand wrapped around my wrist turning me to face him.

“Y/N please, just let me explain.” He begged.

“I wish you’d never saved me.” I sobbed trying to tug my wrist out of his grip.


“Did you enjoy leading me on?” I asked. “It’s amazing—I told myself I would never let anyone break my heart but congratulations Peter—or Spiderman, you won that prize.”

“I didn’t mean—”

“Sure you didn’t.” I sobbed.

“Please Y/N just listen to me.”

“I hate you.” I glared at him.


“Stay away from me Peter—I mean it.” I ripped my hand from his grip walking away quickly.

Part 9

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Before The Light Seeps Into The Windows (An Adlock Fanfiction)

(As I am cleansing my soul against the past few toxic things that has been going on in the tags of this fandom, I decided to write more fanfiction. I honestly enjoyed writing the two involving Mary, and as I love her so much, I decided to have her as the center (sort of) of this fic. Warning though, this can get really sad as this is based on my own experience of grief so…. erm…. Still, hope you enjoy, loves! xx)

Originally posted by caffeinerebelqueen

Sherlock could still hear the gunshot echoing in his ears. 

Every step felt cold and numb, his mind replaying how the light left Mary Watson’s blue eyes. 

“I so like you. Did I ever say?”

There was so much pain in her voice. So much suffering. And she never deserved any of it. She was supposed to grow old and happy, from taking her daughter to school to taking photographs of Rosie before her wedding day. 

She was supposed to spend her years teasing John about how his hair had gone grey before her, or how he always forgets to buy some milk when he shops.

So how could Sherlock not feel responsible?

He remembered the first time he met her, ever so calm and accepting. With her genuine smile, she told him that she would help him have the only friend he ever had back, and he felt so foolish to have never thanked her. 

But now it’s already too late. 

How could she have given value to him – a sociopath who cares for no one – whose heart was cold and whose brain was fixated on people’s flaws than triumphs?  

Him, who is an addict, whose fix was to be exhilarated by other people’s demise and death?

Baker Street felt hollow. Upon hearing the news of her passing, everyone rushed to give John the comfort he could not provide. He was shut out by the man who used to believe in the best of him, and he had every right to do so. 

He didn’t even dare open the lights. As soon as he reached his flat, he felt his knees fall to the ground, hysterical sobs inevitably escaping his lips. 

His lungs felt like they were losing air, his entire body trembling. Before he could lose his tether to reality, he reached for his phone, calling the one person he had ever addressed the familiar emotion of grief to. 

Irene Adler. 

After three rings, the other line on the phone opened. 

“Mr. Holmes, I wasn’t –” Irene started off with a playful greeting, but once she heard the uncontrolled despair from Sherlock’s breathing, she was filled with alarm. “Sherlock, what happened?”

Sherlock could feel himself trembling more violently now, the image of blood and water filling in his senses. “I – I killed her. Mary… I killed her.”

“Oh my goodness! That can’t… No, darling. You couldn’t have…. Tell me what happened.” Irene replied, her voice filled with confusion and concern.

“For someone who claims to be smart, I can’t even comprehend that she’s gone… How can she be gone?” his voice was full of spite and poison.

Tears continuously fell down the his cheeks, one of his hands balled into a fist and the other holding the phone rather harshly. 

“I was just talking to her earlier. I was just standing next to her. And she merited value in my life by taking a bullet in my place… A bullet I was so arrogantly asking for…”

“Sherlock, please don’t say that. Please…” Irene was at a loss, her voice also breaking. 

“She is… she is my friend… And I made a vow to her… and John…” Sherlock continued, unable to even hold the phone right in his anguish. It fell to the floor, the light coming from its screen casting more haunting shadows against the dim walls. 

Sherlock gripped his hair, anger towards himself filling him completely. His sobs echoed through the halls, tired eyes unforgiving. Irene Adler stayed on the line the entire night, patiently waiting for him to pick the phone back up. 

Alas, when he did, she had five words ready for him: “Expect me in the morning.”

But she arrived much earlier, just a couple of hours shy from their last conversation, much too early for the light to seep into the windows. Sherlock had his face buried in his hands as he sat on his chair, face pale from exhaustion and eyes red from crying. Irene saw a couple of boxes in front of him, and a syringe, obvious implications of why he managed to calm himself down despite the earlier outburst of emotions. 

She knelt in front of him, much like how that exciting exchange in Coventry happened so many years ago in front of the same fireplace, knowing how much has changed since then. 

This was Sherlock’s first ever experience of grief – grief that he understood and accepted – which in contrast to what he felt for her fake death before, is much more pronounced and amplified. Irene completely believed that he called her for this very reason, for although the impact of the two instances are obviously approached differently, it is of the same nature. 

Her hand touched his, warm and gentle, causing him to look down to meet her eyes. 

She simply gave him a kind smile, and he could tell she also spent some time crying for Mary, whom despite having only met once, had she learned to loved instantly. Still, he appreciated how she was holding up considerably for his sake. 

He read into her expression that she was not rushing him to talk, and was merely offering her company. Taking her hand in his, he felt himself losing control of his emotions once more, his hold on her tightening as if it was the only thing keeping him upright in his seat. 

Irene’s other hand reached for Sherlock’s shoulder, her fingers squeezing it softly, holding him together. The detective felt frail and broken against her touch, and she was trying hard not to let her own tears fall even if her mind, she could also picture Mary Watson’s lifeless body. 

“This… hurts… so much.” Sherlock breathed against her hair, and Irene simply gave a nod, stroking his hair gently.

“I know… I know… But you should never blame yourself. Don’t.” Irene whispered, her hands cupping the sides of Sherlock’s face.

The detective’s head hung low, his agony evident in all his features. “It was much more easier when I didn’t know that what I was feeling was grief.”

Irene gave a soft laugh. “Some things are much easier when you don’t know much about them. That’s why it’s so easy to simply not get involved.You always win. You always overcome. You said it yourself… Sentiment. But feeling… and loving very deeply… Would you really say that you lost?” 

Another tear fell from Sherlock’s eye. “She wasn’t supposed to die.”

Irene nodded. “I know.”

And just like that, Sherlock fell into a fit of tears once more, breathing growing heavy. “It should’ve been… me…” 

He choked out the last word, heaving loudly as he tried to control his trembling body. Irene was shaking her head, wiping away Sherlock’s tears with her thumb. 

“Look at me.” she asked firmly. “Sherlock, look at me.”

Sherlock could barely see her, his eyes clouded with his own tears, but he could feel her warm touch against his skin. 

“Grief, sadness, love – these things can be painful, but you have to endure. Understand?” Irene breathed, her forehead touching his, eyes close. “It can be quite amusing, coming from me, I imagine. But you and I know that everyone, even you and me, are capable of these things.”

Sherlock could tell that she was holding in her own tears for his sake, and he closed his eyes as well, holding on to his fondest memories of Mary. 

“You said you made a vow, yes?” he heard Irene say, to which he nodded. 

“Then go on with it. In memory of Mary, save John… and their daughter.” Irene’s voice was cracking, but she held herself with conviction when she continued. 

“And most importantly, Sherlock, save yourself. Because if you don’t, it’s like letting Mary die in vain.”

“I do not know how to return the value she bestowed on my life.” Sherlock whispered, voice trembling in harmony with his tears. 

“Live…” the word escaped her lips like a plea. “Every time you feel like you’re lost, think of her. Think of how much she means to you and that she gave her life for you to live your own.” she continued, her arms wrapping around him as she didn’t want him to see that the tears had already escaped her eyes. 

John’s forgiveness did not lift the burden he was carrying in his heart. 

But he did feel a little lighter, knowing that this forgiveness meant he could go back to fulfilling his vow.  

He never got a chance to reply to Irene’s birthday greeting immediately, for John’s eyes were ever so attentive everytime he reached for his phone. But as soon as he gets the chance, he knows exactly what to reply to The Woman. 

I never got the chance to thank you. Expect me in the morning. SH.

But just like the day of his immense grief, he arrived much earlier, just a couple of hours shy from their last conversation, much too early for the light to seep into the windows.

son-of-rome  asked:

"#when your fav is problematic" Excuse you? I'm not at all- okay yeah I'm v problematic

You’re totally problematic, but problematic in the best way! And as it turns out, you’re not the only problematic one…

A gift for you - my very first official fanfic. I hope you enjoy it, because I legitimately wrote it just for you, @son-of-rome :)

Empty Kisses and Broken Bottles

It had been 11 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days.


Not that she was counting.

She was staring out of the frost-covered window of the apartment, looking over the city before her, but seeing nothing. The streets were broken memories of a love long lost, but never forgotten. It all felt empty now.

Sometimes there were good days. Where she almost forgot, where she felt like she could breathe. But today was too much. The pressure on her chest, where her heart was supposed to be, hurt too much.

Supposed to be.

Because her heart was, and forever would be, with him.

She blinked once, twice, and looked around the comfortable room. Her new home.

She wiggled further into the worn-out couch, pulling her blanket tighter around her, as the fire roared in the fireplace. The distant sound of One Direction playing over the speakers in the kitchen pulled her out of her stupor, but it was the terrible off-key singing which accompanied it that brought the small smile to her face.

The delicious smells swirling in the air reminded her that she hadn’t eaten since that morning. Her stomach growled in protest.

She sat up, the large quilt slipping off of her as she stretched and walked towards the kitchen. It had been a gift from her mother-in-law. All of his T-shirts were sewn together in a swirling pattern, allowing her to surround herself with the only memory she allowed of him.

Of Percy.

Her bare feet padded against the cold hardwood floors as she crossed her arms, pulling her sweater tighter around her body. Her long, blonde ponytail swayed at her back.

She walked into the kitchen and instantly stepped up behind Jason, wrapping her arms around his waist and leaning into his back.

A small smile she couldn’t see grew on his lips, as he intertwined his fingers with hers, reminded once again of how much he loved her. Of how happy he was to have her with him. He bobbed his head to the music, shaking his hips against her to drag a laugh out of the lips she had pressed to his back, as he stirred the various pots on the stove top with his other hand.

After Percy had died, he was the one desperately trying to make sure she didn’t fall apart. He hadn’t really cared for the guy, but he’d spent his life loving Annabeth, even if she hadn’t known it.

Everyone thought he was the asshole stealing the dead hero’s girl.

He didn’t care what they thought.

He just wanted her to be happy. He didn’t care if she didn’t love him. And most days, he was almost sure she didn’t.

All he wanted was to keep her alive. After the accident, he had been the one to find her at the hospital sobbing on the ground, falling into oblivion.

He was the one who made sure she survived.

He made sure she ate, and hydrated, and showered, and showed up to work on time, and stayed alive.

But he knew that nights were the worst of all. And there was nothing he could do about that.

Until the day she couldn’t take it anymore. Being alone. Looking at the empty bed where her husband used to lie.

Until the day she asked him to stay. So he did.

And other days, she stayed with him.

Some days she had to stay with him. Some days she couldn’t look at their house anymore. At the memories. The porch swing where they’d sat up all night looking at the stars. The bed where they slept together. The kitchen where they’d cooked together, because neither of them was good enough to cook alone- and the blue-stained counters from the food coloring he insisted on putting in every batch of pancakes. The bathroom, with its memories of their morning showers. The couch where they would marathon show after show, not really paying attention, and having to watch the same episode countless times. The tomato sauce stain on the carpet where they’d knocked over their pizza in anger the day the Mets played the Yankees. She couldn’t even remember which team won anymore, she just remembered their laughter as they’d tried to clean it up. Her breathy giggles on the phone as she attempted to order another, while he placed soft kisses along her neck.

The beach where he’d proposed.

Tears pricked her eyes.

And then she was pulled out of her memories again. “Annabeth, you asleep back there?” He turned his head, rubbing her hand.

“Mmm,” she mumbled, “I was trying to be.” She hated letting him see her like this. Hated the look on his face, the sadness there, that she knew was reflected in her. The love, that was not reflected.

She loved him, that much was for sure. He had been the reason she had begun to smile again.

But even after everything he’d done for her, she couldn’t love him the way he loved her.

She couldn’t love him enough.

He chuckled at her grumbled response, pulling her arms tighter around him, and turning back to whatever he was sautéing.

He found her on one of those days, in her old house, their old house, on the floor, aching, sobbing, breaking.


She couldn’t breathe. She couldn’t even remember what had triggered her. Just that she had been. And suddenly she was in the hospital again. The panic had hit, the misery swept through her heart, the pain, god the pain was unbearable, she pulled her hair, feeling herself falling apart, as she curled up in a ball on the ground, shaking, dying. No, not dying. But wishing she was.

And he’d found her there.

And she’d begged him, begged him, to take her away. And he had. And she hadn’t set foot in Montauk since.

That was the first night she’d kissed him. The first night she’d done more. The first time she’d selfishly used him, as a distraction. As something, anything, to pull her away. And she hated herself, because deep down, she knew it wasn’t the last.

But when she moved in, it grew. The love grew. And some days, the good days, he was all she saw. He was the light in her life. And they laughed, and they held hands, and she was there, and she was with him, and she was happy to be there with him. They kissed, and they touched, and sometimes she couldn’t keep her hands off him, and she didn’t want to.

But the bad days. God, the bad days. Those were the hardest of all.

There were different kinds of bad days. First, the kind where she started to cry, and she couldn’t stop. When it all became too much. The memories. The sadness. The abandonment. The darkness. Too much. But it was okay, because he held her. And she knew he would never let go.

Then, there were the bad days filled with guilt. The days where she couldn’t even look at him. The days she screamed. The days she couldn’t eat. Where if she did, she’d throw up. Where she hated herself for being with Jason, feeling like she’d left Percy. Where she hated herself for feeling that way. Where she hated herself for being with Jason because she knew that he deserved so, so, much better.

Lastly, there were the silent days. The days where she was simply numb. Where she didn’t know what to say. Where she felt like there was nothing to say at all. Where she was too broken to breathe. Too shattered to exist. Those were the days that Jason had to do the most to pull her through. Where she was a ghost. They were also the days that scared him the most. Because he could feel her slipping away.

He stepped out of her arms to grab more spices and she smiled up at him as he turned back towards her.

He bent down, placing a sweet kiss to her nose as he pulled her into his chest.

His hands went straight to her ass as she stood up on her toes, pulling herself out of her memories, and kissing his lips. He was a little shorter than Percy, easier to reach. Her hips ground against his as her arms wrapped around his neck. He growled against her lips, gently biting them as one of his hands climbed up her back, reaching under her shirt. He pulled his lips off of hers to press gentle kisses to her neck, nipping at the sensitive spot right where it met her shoulder, and sending chills down her spine. A hazy moan slipped past her lips as he sucked on her collar bone. “Dinner is going to burn,” he murmured against her warm skin, “and it’s going to be all your fault.” She pulled his head back up to meet her eyes, a real smile on her lips as she kissed him softly one last time.

“Thank you,” she whispered, causing him to chuckle as he completely misunderstood the reason behind it. Turning around to grab forks and knives, she let him get back to making dinner.

“Really,” he continued, “it’s probably more your leggings’ fault than anything else. Those things make your ass look way better than should be legal.”

The sound of metal hitting the ground caused him to quickly turn around, just in time to see her bending over, her face turned towards him, a mischievous smile on her lips. “Oops,” she grinned as he bit his lip, the lust evident in his stormy blue eyes.

He moved as though he was about to step forward, and then quickly turned back to the stove top, aggressively stirring his sauce. She pretended not to notice as he adjusted his pants, and grabbed some plates and wine glasses to bring to the table.

The wine rack called to her on the way back, and she stopped to assess their collection. “White or red,” she called out to him, over the sounds of his dying whale noises.

“How about a nice Cabernet Sauvignion?”

Reaching for the bottle he’d brought back from his last trip to California, she began the hunt for a corkscrew.

Soon enough, the table was set, the food was served, and Jason had even begun to look with her, but the corkscrew was nowhere to be found.

Suddenly, he stopped.

“Hold up, I got this.”

Bottle of wine in hand, he headed into the basement.

Annabeth simply shook her head, rolled her eyes, and resumed her search. Her boyfriend claimed to “have it” far more often than he actually did.




Dead husband.

And there it was. Just like that, it began.

She stopped breathing. She couldn’t breathe. Silent tears poured out of her as she fell to the ground.

The wake. The closed casket because her husband’s body had been too battered, too broken, too burned to show.

The funeral. The bodies. Friends, family, neighbors, strangers. All gathered. Percy had always said that he wanted a celebration at his death. People remembering his happy life, instead of the sad end. So that’s what she did, she smiled, and celebrated, and hosted, and put on a mask. The perfect wife, the perfect widow, while people cried around her, and she comforted them. She comforted them. Telling them it would be okay. Telling them he wouldn’t want their tears.

But when all was said and done. When there was no one left. When she crawled into bed alone, staring at the spot where he used to lie. There was no one there to dry her tears. No one to tell her it would be okay. And even though she knew it, there was no one there to tell her Percy wouldn’t want her to cry.

And again they fell. Rolling down her cheeks, unstoppable, as a chill settled in her heart and wouldn’t leave. This time felt different. It felt like they would never leave.

Jason cheered coming up the stairs, a giddy smile on his face, not knowing the storm he was about to walk into. “Babe, I just opened a wine bottle with a screwdriver. Call me Bob the Builder, fixing shit. Solving problems.” He laughed, taking a victory swig from the bottle, before he turned towards her.

The bottle shattered against the tiles of the empty kitchen, as he ran over and fell down to the ground beside her, wrapping her into his warm embrace.

This was a different kind of bad day.

Dinner was forgotten as he surrounded all of her with all of him. She felt so small in that moment. And it killed him.

He scooped her shaking body into his arms, pulling her into his lap, and holding her close. Aching sobs racked through her chest, echoing through the apartment. He rocked back and forth, trying to whisper comfort into her soft blonde curls.  His arms tightened around her as the intolerable pain felt like it would take her all over again.

She loved him.

She loved him.

She loved him.

And he was gone.

Jason’s heart was breaking for the girl he loved.

The girl who would never fully love again.

So he held the broken pieces of his shattered soul mate, kissing her tears away, desperately trying to hold her together.

Because he may not have been the love of her life.

But she would always be the love of his.

Note: Jason x Piper (Jasper/Jasiper/whatever you want to call them) was never a thing in this AU.

You Need Help || Joe Sugg Imagine

A smile graces my lips as the cool droplets of water soak through my clothes, effectively freezing me and all of my thoughts. I walk through the rain and into the middle of the road. My thoughts cloud my better judgment and I open my arms wide waiting for impact. When it doesn’t come I open my eyes and let the tears fall from them when they meet those of my boyfriends. I turn around and begin to run, away from him. My feet pound against the pavement. My breathing becomes ragged and I fall to the ground. Sobs rack my body. I feel arms pull me into a warm, dry body. I thrash my body around screaming at the person to let me go.

“I can’t do that,” A voice I don’t recognize says, “Ma'am you need to stop screaming.”

I stop screaming, my throat hurting. But the sobs just keep overloading my body.

“Y/N, Love, Please calm down,” Joe’s voice breaks through the sounds of the many thoughts rushing through my brain. My sobs slow down and I feel a familiar body wrap themselves around me. My breathing slows down completely and I find myself gasping for air. Suddenly my vision goes black and my body goes limp.


“Family of Y/N?” A doctor makes his way into the waiting room. I stand up, tears gathered in my eyes. My hand makes its way up to my mouth, holding my chin.

“You are?”

“Her boyfriend,” I reply.

“She’s in a stable condition. We have spoken to her about what had happened,” The doctor flips over the sheet of paper, “She confessed to trying to kill herself, and we have diagnosed her with major depression.”

The breath is knocked out of my system, “Can I see her? Please?” I choke out. The doctor nods his head, I follow him into the room with Y/N laid in a bed.

“She looks lifeless,” I mumble, watching as the doctor nods his head.

“She’s alive, she’s just sleeping,” He says exiting the room.

I make my way over and sit in the seat next to her bed. I take her hand in mine and place my lips on the back of her hand softly. I feel her shift in her sleep.

“Joe?” She asks, voice thick with sleep.

“I’m here love,” I whisper moving my face to where she can see me.

Tears gather in her eyes, “I’m so sorry.”

“Oh no, Y/N, you don’t need to be sorry,” I hush her raking my fingers over her cheek, “But you need help, love.”

“I know, will you help me?” She asks.

I nod my head, “Of course I will, I love you so much,” I kiss her softly, pulling away, “You’re my home.”

You're Insane: Part 4

“No we don’t need to talk. I know what I fucking saw you psycho!”

“Shut the fuck up before you make a goddamn scene!”

“Oh what? Little REB doesn’t want anyone to know what he is planning?”

The class bell rang and the hallway soon flooded. You felt a familiar strong grip on your wrist but this time it was violent and aggressive. You were again pulled into a nearly empty hallway. You felt so angry, when Eric pulled you aside all you could do was shove him. Over and over you just kept pushing him and throwing pity punches before falling to the ground sobbing.

“Y/n. Please just stop.”

“Me? I should just stop? What’s wrong with you Eric?”

“You need to stop crying before someone starts questioning us.”

“Oh all you care about is if I rat you out. I wouldn’t anyways. I don’t even wanna say your name anymore.”


“And I don’t want you to say my name either.”

“That’s it. Fuck this shit we are going for a fucking drive.”

Eric pulled you on to your feet abd dragged you towards the parking lot doors. You tried your best to resist but you couldn’t stop crying and feeling weak. You spotted Dylan already near Eric’s car and cried a bit harder. You could hear Eric give out a loud audible sigh, you knew he was getting annoyed and will probably snap out you again if you keep it up. But at this point you didn’t care.

You reached the car and Dylan tried to pull you into a hug but you just pushed him away and got into the backseat. Dylan offered to drive while Eric was still trying to tell you to calm down. At this point your tears were dried out and your eyes began to sting. You had a faint headache and Dylan stopped at a store to get you a bottle of water. You grabbed the cold water with warm, shakey hands. Your breathing was still heavy and took very small sips. You felt like crying but you couldn’t.

Eric took this as an opportunity to climb into the backseat and try to talk to you. He pulled you into a hug, you wanted to resist but you just needed any kind of comfort. You felt his arm wrap around you as he cooed into your hair. He kissed your forehead and felt the warmth of his breath. You couldn’t stop shaking.

“I hate you.”

“No you don’t. You hate what I’ve become.”

“What’s the fucking difference? It’s still you!”

“It wasn’t always me. You know that.”

You broke free from his hold. You immediately missed the comfort and the warmth but you couldn’t go back. You didn’t want to go back. Not with him. Not this new Eric or this new Dylan. You looked over to the driver seat. You could see how distraught he was. You wanted to ever so slightly rub his arm and make him feel better. The air was so heavy and dense.

“Why Dylan? Why do you want this?”

“I don’t want this y/n. But it needs to happen.”

“Nothing needs to fucking happen.”

Your heart kept sinking further. You felt like throwing up. You rolled down the window and took deep and desperate breaths of air. You felt a hand rub circles into your back. You tried to brush him off but in the end you just let him. You turned slowly to face Eric and grabbed his hand.

“Please we can stop this. It will be okay. We..we can… We can run away. Yeah wouldn’t you like that. Me, you, and Dylan. The 3 amigos?”…please Eric"

He pulled you into a hug. You noticed his breaths deepening. You felt warm drops on top of your head. You knew he was crying. You looked to your right and saw Dylan looking at you through the driver’s mirror. His eyes were red and puffy.

“Please, let’s just go.”

Three Months.

It’s been too long for a man to go without his boyfriend.

When Harry was sent away on a auror mission with no contact to anyone, Draco wasn’t worried. Harry’s been on trips like this before, they usually only last a week.

The day of the trip Harry tells Draco he doesn’t know when he will be back, he gives Draco a long and passionate kiss, and boards the train of fellow members on the mission.

This worries Draco, Harry has never told him that he won’t know when he will be back, but that soon gets tucked away in his mind when he was invited by Hermione Weasley to go on a little shopping trip for household items.

Two weeks into the “trip” and Draco is losing sleep. How is he supposed to not worry. What if something happened to Harry? His Harry? His doubts soon wash away when he calls Ron and asks him if Harry is going to be okay, which was answered with a “of course mate, the man defeated You-Know-Who he’ll get whatever he’s been sent to do”.

One month into the trip and Draco is bloodshot, he barley gets more than a few hours of sleep. He now wears Harry’s sweaters and shirts because they have a calming smell to them, but now they are wearing out, even Harry’s pillow barely smells like him anymore, Draco curses to himself telling him to not sleep in Harry’s spot from now on. Maybe the smell will come back? After a while of searching, all the fretting has faded away when he finds an extra box of clothes Draco had hid from Harry because they were hideous, but now he can’t resist himself, cause they smell like Harry and for now he is content.

Three months. Draco now doesn’t have anything to occupy himself with. He is now worried sick, he now only sleeps when exhaustion catches up with him. Even Ron and Hermione are worried about Harry. The sweaters of Harry have now lost all their scent. He cries frequently because, what if Harry never comes back? He now stays home, and rarely leaves the house, much less their room.

One day he was eating dinner, (He always left a spot open for Harry just in case he came back and was hungry) and he heard a loud, CRACK! He spun around already knowing who it was, Harry, HIS Harry has just apparated in their home. Draco drops his glass, not worrying about the spill. He now feels tears going down his cheeks. “Harry”, he croaks out not believing his eyes.
“Yes Love it’s me,“ Harry says in almost a whisper.

Just like that Draco and Harry are running into each other’s arms whispering how much they’ve missed each other. Draco is now a shaking mess, and Harry is sobbing so hard they bout fall to the ground. I love yous are murmured every time they break a small kiss.

They stand there wrapped in each other’s arms, all cried out. Draco breaks the silence, “Harry if you’re gone for that long again I will kill you”, Harry chuckles and says “I brought gifts, I hope that will make it up”, Draco looks at him like he’s one crazy man, “I don’t need gifts, I have you”.
“Oh you great sap”, Harry said with the utmost love in his voice. They smiled and knew that they were both safe, they were home, they were with each other.

Harry never had another long mission like that again, Draco made sure of it, because the day after Harry came home Draco marched to the ministry and made a whole scene of how he is now sleep deprived and was very worried of his boyfriend. Draco made the ministry promise to never send him on another mission like that again, because even though Draco might not have any power in the ministry he sure makes a good point, and is also very scary when he hasn’t seen his boyfriend in three months. Harry laughed at his boyfriend, for later on that night he would be known as his husband soon to be. Which then Draco made Harry promise they would go by Potter-Malfoy, but Harry had no objections because he was marrying the love of his life.

And all was right in the world.

Chasing The Past

Originally posted by katlovestvd13

Synopsis: Barry can’t let you go, he won’t which is why he is ruining your date by showing up at your house before you go on your date.

Request: Could you write a Barry Allen imagine with a ton of angst where Barry gets super jealous and upset when the reader goes on a date because they used to be together before he messed up the timeline?- @carbonated-beverage

WARNINGS: angst.

Characters: Barry, y/n.

Word count:702

A/n: this is written is Barry’s pov. First time I’ve done this so I apologize if it is bad.


I ran faster towards (y/n)’s apartment.

Rushing past a woman, and knocking down her groceries in the process.

“Idiot” she grumbled, putting the bag down, she crouched down, picking up some fruit.

“Sorry” I apologies, helping her.

Then run back up the stairs again. Quickly zooming, to her door.

Just as I was about to knock the door opened, revealing (y/n) in a tight black dress.

“Barry” she gasped out.

“I thought you were tom” she sighed, walking back inside. I followed after her.

“(y/n), can I just talk to you?” I begged her, as she walked into her bedroom.

“Did it have to be tonight, of all nights?” she grumbled, walking towards her cupboard and opening it, and grabbing a pair of black heels.

“What’s tonight?” I asked her, knowing full well what tonight was.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know Barry” she grumbled, sitting on her bed.

“Oh, right, your date” I bitterly replied, making her let out an annoyed groan.

“Why are you here Barry?” she asked, as she put her heels on.

“I, just, I don’t think this date is a good idea” I grumbled, making her look up. Her hard gaze staring at me. I quickly looked away.

“Seriously, Barry, we broke up, you have no right telling me, who I should and shouldn’t date” she shouted, getting up, only to lose balance, I quickly put my hands on her waist only for her to push me away.

“(y/n), I just, I get that I stuffed up, but I can fix this, I still love you” I choked out, as she stared at me coldly.

“No Barry, you lost my love when you left me in a restaurant, just so you could time travel” She shouted, throwing her arms up in frustration.

“Please (y/n), I can make this better, I can fix this” I begged, taking ahold of her hands.

“Barry, we are never getting back together” she said, her voice wavering with anger.

“Don’t say that (y/n), what if I reverse time and-” I started to say, but she cut me off, yanking her hands out of mine in the process.

“Barry, our relationship is expired, nothing is going to happen Barry, you have to let me go, because I’ve already let you go” she snapped, her fist clenched.

“But, I love you, I can’t stop loving you, and I won’t stop loving you. I can’t let us go. Yes, I made a mistake, a big one, but please, please just give me another chance, I can’t (y/n) and I won’t” I said.

She let out a frustrated sigh, turning around and grabbing her clutch and going over to her bedside table.

“(y/n)” I said, as she put her phone in the clutch.

She walked into her bathroom. She came out of the bathroom, her scent was intoxicating me, making me forget, what I was about to say to her.

She quickly walked past me, making me snap out of daze.

“Please” I begged, as I quickly followed after her.

She quickly stopped, meters from the door.

“I just can’t Barry, that night I made a vow to myself that I would never let myself be hurt by you again” she sighed, her back still facing towards me.

“(y/n), please, just give me another chance, give us another shot” I begged, walking closer.

“I’m going out, my dates waiting downstairs” she sighed, walking to the door. She turned the knob, opening the door.

“I won’t stop trying” I yelled, as the door slammed closed.

“I won’t stop” I sobbed, falling down onto the ground..

Together (Pietro Maximoff x Reader)

Request: Hello! Can you do a Pietro x Reader fic where they are dating and while on a date they get abducted by HYDRA and are tortured in front of each other but they are saved? Thank you!

Requested By: Anonymous

Word Count: 2,133

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Needles

A/N: Here you go! Sorry if the ending sucked, wasn’t too sure on how to end it, so I hope that was good enough. Once again I have tried to put in the “keep reading” thing but it just won’t work for me. I don’t know why. It hates me. So, sorry to everyone since this is one really long post. FYI, “printesa” means “princess.” Also, the italicized part in the middle is a flashback. Well, enjoy!

Originally posted by marvelprincesspants

Waking up, you shield your eyes from the blinding lights. Hearing an alarm go off, you swing your legs over your bed, noticing that you have a tracking device clamped onto your ankle. Pushing your tangled hair out of your face, you move towards the barred door. Grasping it, you notice that you can begin to see your knuckles through your skin. Peering through the bars, you hear shouting from multiple people, but you mainly hear a Sokovian accent cursing someone out lividly. 

Your eyes widen as you see your Sokovian boyfriend, Pietro, being dragged out into the hallway, kicking and screaming at the guards restraining him. Tears welling up in your eyes, you wince when you see them kick Pietro, knocking him down. Stumbling back up, Pietro looks up and sees your face staring frightened back at his. Rushing over to your door, Pietro’s hands finds yours as the guards begin to pull him away.

“I’m going to be okay, I’m going to be okay,” Pietro keeps repeating over and over again to you. Tears now spilling onto your cheeks, you nod, not believing him one bit. As the guards begin to tug on him harder, your hands grasp onto Pietro’s hand, trying to keep him near. “I’ll be back for you, (Y/N), we’ll get out of this, we’ll-”

And with that, you scream as you see your boyfriend fall into a crumpled heap on the ground. Now sobbing, you watch as the guard puts away the taser that he had just used on your Pietro back into his pocket. Screaming for Pietro, you watch as the guards drag him into the horrid room at the end of the hall.

Fulling throwing your weight onto the door, you try to break it down. Sobbing, you pull back once more, preparing to throw your weight at the door again. Pietro, I need to get to Pietro, is all you think as you throw your battered shoulder at the door. Just as you were about to run at the door once more, a woman dressed in white enters, holding a syringe. Eyes wide, you start to back away into the corner.

“PIETRO!” You scream, trying to push away the woman. Seeing two guards enter, you start to scream for Pietro more. Grabbing one arm each, they begin to pin you down onto the cold mattress. Screaming hysterically, you try to shrink away from the woman with the needle. Wincing as it enters your skin, you begin to feel yourself calm down as the contents start to spread through your system.

Laying back down on the mattress, you feel yourself start to slip off into unconsciousness. Feeling yourself being strapped down, you dip into the welcoming blackness as your mind holds onto one word: Pietro.

It was a regular day, really, when you woke up that Tuesday. You walked out of your room into the familiar kitchen, greeting all of your friends as you began to pour yourself a cup of coffee. Following routine, you began to make Pietro’s coffee along with yours, waiting for your boyfriend to make an appearance. As per usual, he walked in groggy and half-asleep.

“Morning, Printesa,” He mumbled, silently walking towards you. Placing a kiss on his stubbly cheek, you handed him his cup of coffee.

“Morning, Speedy,” You laugh as you feel his arms wrap around your waist. You feel his face snuggle into your neck, making you laugh even more. Sleepy Pietro was always your favorite, seeing as he became extremely needy when he was tired. Mornings were not an exception.

“You guys are gross,” Tony fake gags, earning laughs from the Avengers. Rolling your eyes at him, you took your usual seat at the table, as does Pietro. 

Leaning over during breakfast, Pietro began to whisper in your ear. “How about we go for a little walk today?”

Turning to look at him, you smiled and nodded.

Walking through the nearby park, you and Pietro swung your connected hands in bliss. It was a beautiful day for a walk, seeing as the sun was out. Continuing to stroll down the path, you finally realized how quiet it was.

“Hey, Pietro, where are the children?” You asked suspiciously, stopping in your tracks when you saw the abandoned playground set. Eyebrows furrowed, Pietro began to look around.

“I don’t know… Usually they are out,” He remarks, finding it odd for the usual kids to not be here. Feeling a bit on edge, both of your eyes began to scan the surrounding area looking for danger. Feeling his hand grip yours tighter, you turn to look at him. “I don’t like this, we need to-”

Your boyfriend was cut off as two jets materialized above you, finally revealing themselves. Seeing the all-too familiar red logo on one of the wings, you grip onto Pietro’s hand.

“Pietro, run,” You whisper out in panic. In a blink of an eye, Pietro has slung you onto his back, leaving you to grip onto his waist tightly. Dashing off in a blur, Pietro tries to avoid the appearing HYDRA agents that began to drop from the jets. Just as the two of you were about to reach the exit, Pietro skids to a halt as a large forcefield is placed in his path. Whipping around, he began to assess his surroundings, looking for a way out. As the HYDRA soldiers begin to close in on the two of you, you feel a dread spread through your body.

“You’re cornered, surrender now,” A voice from the nearest jet calls out over the P.A. system. Feeling Pietro grip onto your legs tighter, he looks back at you, panicked.

“(Y/N), we’re trapped, I can’t get us out of here, I’m so sorry,” He whispers to you with tears in his eyes. Nodding solemnly, you climb down from his back, moving to his side as you grip his hand tightly.

“Together?” You ask, glancing at him from the corner of your eye. The agents are less than six feet away from you now, holding handcuffs in one hand and a bag in the other. 

“Together,” He says determinedly, giving your hand one final squeeze as the agents separate you. Feeling the cold cuffs being placed on your wrists behind your back, you look at Pietro one last time just as the bag is placed over your head.

Waking up from your induced sleep, you hear loud noises coming from the end of the hallway. Curious, you try to move but find yourself strapped to your bed. As the loud noises become louder and clearer, you can start to hear shouting once more. 

“Clint, head off down the corridor to your right. Natasha, the left. Tony, you and me will head straight.” You hear Steve demand. Steve! Relief spreading through your body, you try to wrestle your way out of your straps trying to get to him. Finding that you can’t escape, you hear Steve and Tony approaching you cell. Hearing the cell door two down from you slam shut, you begin to scream for them, finding that you have been gagged as well. 

Blasters firing, you watch as the lock on your door become a smoking hole. Pushing the door open, you almost cry from relief at seeing the familiar red and gold suit before you. Faceplate retracting back, you see Tony’s relieved face looking back into yours.

“Guys, I’ve found (Y/N)!” Tony shouted, stepping out of his suit. “Century mode,” Tony demands, walking towards you. Unbuckling your restraints as fast as he can, Tony finally frees you as he pulls the gag from your mouth. Crying from relief, you fling your arms around Tony’s shoulders, clutching him tightly.

“S’okay, you’re okay,” Tony soothingly says, clutching you tighter too. Not letting go of him, you feel the sobs rack through your body. Finally looking up, you see Steve, Clint, and Natasha standing in your doorway, looking down at you, shocked. Releasing Tony, you fling yourself at the three of them, clutching them tightly to you as you continue to sob.

“Shh, we’ve got you,” Clint calmly says, petting down your tangled hair. Realization hitting you, you pull back from your rescuers, eyes wide.

“Pietro! We have to find Pietro!” You shout, rushing out of your cell. Pulling back on your arm, Steve holds you back in your cell. Confused, you look at him.

“Let’s get that tracking device off your ankle first, okay?” Steve asks. Nodding your head, you let Tony get it off your ankle as Nat begins to question you about Pietro.

“Where is he?”

“Last time I saw him they were dragging him towards the room at the end of the hall. I’m not sure if he’s still there or not, seeing as they made me unconscious,” You reply, looking at them all. Glancing at Steve, he nods at Clint and Tony, silently sending them to find Pietro. 

Looking back up at Nat and Steve, you furrow your eyebrows. “Let me go, I need to see him,” You say as you start to stand up. Pushing you back down onto the bed, they give you a sympathetic look. 

“I need to get you back to the quinjet, all right? Make sure you’re okay,” Nat calmly says. Seeing the unjustness of this, you start to retort, but are cut off as Steve gives you a look.

“We’ll find him for you, (Y/N), but right now we need you back on the quinjet, okay?”

“Okay,” You begrudgingly say, letting yourself be led out of the horrid facility by Natasha.

Sitting on the bench of the quinjet, you feel Nat drape a blanket around your shoulders. 

“Thanks,” You mumble, pulling it close to your body.

“Not a problem,” She replies, leaning back against the wall of the quinjet. Looking you over, she notices just how shaken up you look. Moving closer to you, she gently pats your back in reassurance. Flinching, you feel your shoulder flare up in pain. Taken aback, Nat looks at you suspiciously.

Gritting your teeth through the pain, you feel it turn into a dull pain. Breathing out, you look at her. 

“Sorry, I injured my shoulder trying to break down the door,” You mumble out, looking at the floor.

“Did you aim near the lock, like I told you?” She asks, quirking up an eyebrow. Seeing you nod, Natasha feels pride flow through her body. Smiling back at you, she nods her head. “Good, I’m proud of you. And we’ll get Pietro back, don’t worry.”

Nodding along to her words, you were about to respond when the hangar door opened. Jumping to your feet, your eyes scan the group of boys, looking for Pietro. Seeing him propped up between Clint and Steve, you let out a cry of relief, seeing him awake. Running up to him, you help Clint and Steve lay him on the bench next to you. 

Groaning at the pain of being laid on a hard surface, Pietro looks up at your face. “Told you I would get us out of here.”

Crying from happiness, you drop on your knees next to him and begin to brush through his tangled hair with your fingers. Not even understanding what he meant, you crashed your lips onto his. Moving your other hand up to hold his face, you ignore the pain in your shoulder as you continue to kiss him. Pulling back, you smile for the first time in a week.

“What do you mean?” You happily ask, remembering his statement. Wiping away the tears, you continue to run your fingers through his hair as the others start assessing his injuries. 

Smiling, Pietro lets out a small chuckle. “When they dragged me into the room, I saw a computer there. Before they could strap me down, I ran over and sent out a message to everyone, saying that we were kidnapped. They didn’t see me do this, because they just thought I was trying to run away. Then, a day later, they showed up,” Pietro finished with a glance towards his teammates. 

Too tired to even respond, you gently place your lips onto his once more. Smiling at the contact, you hear a groan coming from the corner of the jet.

“Blagh, you guys are still gross,” Tony mutters out, causing the two of you to laugh as you pull away. 

“Tony!” You hear the other three yell, causing your rescuers to begin to bicker. Looking back at Pietro, you see him watching the others, amused. 

“I love you,” You whisper out, causing his eyes to flicker towards yours. 

“And I love you,” He replies, gently brushing his lips over yours. And with that, the six of you head home, desperate to forget what had happened over the last dreadful week. 

"No Matter Where You Are or Who You Are With, I Will Always, Truly, Completely Love You" ~ Kyle Spencer

*Your POV*

Tears flooded my eyes as I heard Zoe and Kyle muttering words of love and affection. Little does he remember me, his best friend of ten years wiped from his brain. Not that I blame him though. It had been around five years since I had been sent away to the Coven by mom. I was just fourteen years old, him fifteen. He is my only friend, besides Cordelia, who did try her hardest but it never stopped the feelings of loneliness I constantly felt when around the other girls.

My depression and insecurity had flooded to the point of no escape. It didn’t help with Madison constantly being rude to me and yeah I get that it was her personality, but it still hurt like hell.

I hadn’t left my room in a months as I attempted to use my magic to block Nan’s from reading my thoughts or anyone attempting contact me. It left me exhausted, as I hadn’t closed my eyes for at least a month. I would use my mind to create slits up and down my wrist and legs, barely deep enough to keep me alive.

Shivering, I lit a candle with my mind and moved it towards me. At this point, I wanted to use enough power to knock me out. I wanted to sleep but when I did, I couldn’t escape my nightmares, hence I would tend to ignore it, but each day it grew harder and harder to carry on. My life had become a nightmare so I had nothing to loose.

Every time I think that I am close to sleep… or to overdosing my power or bleeding out my power switched on me, forcing my self to heal as if saying I couldn’t die.

Part of me wondered if I was the next Supreme and then Fiona would break down the door and slit my throat for me. Consume my power.

Nothing possible sounding better to me.

“Y/N….. Please come out.” A voice from behind the door called, “Fiona is…. Dead. We know you are eligible to be the next supreme. We are making all the girls test their fate. You, in my views have the best luck.”

The door barged open a creak and I opened my hand closing it.

“Please Y/N…. Please just let me in… ”

I laughed, smiling sadly and looked down, my hand still wide open.

Laughing, I looked at the door and nodded, allowing it to come crashing down and with that, I fell the ground, darkness covering my eyelids.


It was something that Zoe had encouraged. I didn’t want to go, at all, especially with Madison, but Zoe insisted. 

Of course he was there and of course he didn’t go for me. He went for Zoe.

We were so close before I got taken.

We were sleeping that night in my tree house. It was cold. My parents were fighting. I had to sneak out in order to get the fresh air. I texted Kyle and he met me inside, holding my shivering body regardless of the cold white snow falling around us. He didn’t care… He knew I needed him… He knew my parents had began fighting again. I needed his warm caress. We were best friends, true, but he was the only thing that I loved and I loved him so much more than a friend. As soon as we managed to get inside the treehouse I was in his arms as he kissed my hairline, murmuring sweet nothings into my ear, humming soft melodies in my ear.

“Y/N…. You’re bleeding…” He muttered after my breathing had settled. Slowly, he pulled up my sleeve to see a cut on my shoulder. A lot deeper than he assumed as began to panic a little. Standing up, he tore a bit of the curtains and tied it tightly in order to stop the bleeding. “Your dad throw bottles again?” I nodded and he sighed sadly, kissing my check, “You are such a warrior Y/N”

“Really Kyle?” I laughed, “What about you?” He shook his head and I grabbed his hand, leading him to the wall where we both sat and I laid against his shoulder, looking into his beautiful eyes as he fought back tears. “Kyle? Why are you crying?”

He sighed, wiping a tear and looking down at me, “It’s just not goddamn fair Y/N.. And I got a feeling it’s about to get a lot worse.“ Sitting up, I moved my hand to his face, grabbing both of his cheeks, wiping away tears with the pads on my thumbs. Slowly and nervously, I moved my hands down to his waist, engulfing him in a huge hug while holding his lips on his forehead.

We were just teens, what should be the height of each witches powers. Yet he knew more than I as I was yanked from his arms the next morning, Kyle held down and knocked out as I was dragged away kicking and screaming. Then I was in this school with a women, Cordellia, who was a better parent and teacher than any I had had before. Girls came and left after me but I was the first one.

Then there I was, making eye contact with him again.

I couldn’t help but stare in shock. He looked the same besides being taller and more muscular. I probably have changed, growing weaker as stress had been a lot more recently in my life now instead of what it was then. Then was just…. depressing… I just tried merely to keep my head up now and do the best possible in my studies. But here was my past on a silver plate eight years later and I wanted nothing more than to go back. Slowly making my way towards I stopped, seeing him with another girl.


Zoe… the only one who was nice to me and genuinely cared. Sweet, kind, beautiful Zoe.

Of course.

She may have just arrived but she was already like a sister to me and I could see in her eyes how helpless she felt. How completely drawn in and in love she had already become, though knowing him for such a short amount of time.

Love at first sight.

Something I didn’t believe in until now and it burned like fire inside.

My satisfaction no longer mattered. Here was a girl, pure, broken, and now, touched by light from the same man who treasured mine. And I knew how important it was to have and hold him.

Nothing stays…

I cant have held him forever….

Yet why am I upset? Why do I yearn for him as we were once upon a time?



I ran out and locked myself in my room, leading to where  I now am.

Alone in beautiful, numbing solitude.

And now I line in this blissful sleep where I hope I’ll never wake up.


"I didn’t even know she was here…..”

“It would be hard to know because she’s been locked in her room for weeks.”

A small moan escaped my mouth as I was hesitant to open my eyes, disappointed that I had to even. Still, I allowed them to open. the light streaming into orbs at such a strong quantity that it burned my irises.

“Y/N… Thank goodness!” I heard the voice of Cordellia, “We didn’t think you would wake up.. What on earth were you thinking using your powers like that? You could’ve killed yourself!”

“Exactly,” I spoke, sitting up and blinking in attempts to see better. “Where’s Zoe? Queenie? Nan?" 

"Queenies resting. The competition has truly wiped everyone out. And the others-”

“The others?” I asked nervously.

“Dead.” Another voice spoke and I came to the realization my hand was being held, “Madison just….. disappeared.” I felt my knuckles stroked as I looked towards the figure who stiffened, clearly in slight shock, “You’re the supreme Y/N.”


“I do not wish to be supreme.” I spoke coldly, “Dellia can oversee the duty.” Letting go of Kyle’s hand I stood up, refusing to meet my “mothers” eyes nor Kyle’s “I have to go.” I grabbed onto the chair, feeling dizzy but not letting it stop me from slowly making my way to the door until a hand touched my shoulder.

“You’ve got no where else to go.”

Sadly, I removed the warm hand from my shoulder.

“You need to heal.”

One step

Two step

Three step


“C'mon Y/N… There’s no need for you to-”

Seven… Wipe those tears away. Don’t let them see.




“JUST STOP IT PLEASE STOP!” I yelled, falling to the ground in sobs, hiding my face in my knees. My head rung. My body ached. And I just felt a release. A release from being numb and concealing everything and it stung a lot but damn… I felt relieved.

Tears like a never-ending waterfall flowed and I looked back up at my friends a final time, seeing their upset faces I felt utterly disgusted in myself and used transmutation to get myself away from the area… Anywhere, where I could be alone.

And it brought me to the tree house.

Breathtaken, I immediately sat down in a chair and breathed. Inhaling the cold brisk air seemed to numb me and stopped the tears from streaming so fast but I still felt drained. I needed help. But what’s the point. I could heal myself.

All I could see was Zoe…So helpless… How helpless was she when she died? What happened? I fought to see her, closing my eyes and attempting to do all Dellia taught me, to go into the past to see her thoughts and revel their meaning but nothing such worked. Such a kind, innocent soul… Didn’t deserve to be set lose so soon and I should have died in her place.

I should’ve gone instead.

Why didn’t I go instead?

“Y/N…. You’re bleeding..” A familiar voice called out to me, grabbing my arm and wrapping something around both of them and grabbing my right hand. “Don’t run out on me like that again please.” He spoke and I imagined a smirk spreading up his lips when he kissed my forehead.  

Kyle….. My Kyle…..

Or Zoe’s Kyle?

“I cant believe you remember me….”

He laughed and wrapped me his arms causing me to open my eyes, “Why is that so surprising?”

“Five years.” I muttered slightly.

“Not enough to forget you…But clearly you’ve forgotten some things…”

“How could I ever.” I smiled slightly at the memories that came flooding back. “Your smile. Your kind eyes. Your floppy blonde curly hair.” I laughed, shaking my hand through his hair, “Sleepless nights in the treehouse… Like that night…”

“That….That night..” He sighed, “The last one.. They tried to make me forget about it. About you. I never did. I couldn’t. For a while I did believe that you were a mere imaginary friend that I invented out of PTSD.. But… But you’re real and actually there in front of me and somehow you’re standing taller and stronger than I ever thought you were. You always were strong enough for the both of us. But-”

“But?” I chuckled, leaning away from him so I could look in his eyes. “You cant fill me up with lies and then leave something out.” I smirked, causing him to chuckle muttering a small stop and leaning to repress his forehead to mine and looping one hand around my waist and the other running through my hair.

“You forgot what I kept saying that night didn’t you?” He said barely above his breath, movie himself closer, “That night before you were taken..”

I thought about it… And all I could remember was mummers. Frowning, I looked at him, a saddened expression of guilt reflected on my face as sad tears came down my face. "I’m sorry.” I sniffled leaning into him again as he began to shhh me.

“No..No..” He sighed stroking my hair, “Don’t… No more  apologizes… It just means that I get to say those words again… And I can repeat them as often as I please…”

I chucked, “Hopefully next time I’ll remember.” He echoed my laugh until, once more the silence…  This time… comforting? More than ever. “K-K-Kyle?”

“Hmmm?” He asked as I sat up looking into his eyes.

“Can you tell me?”

“Right now?” He laughed grabbing my hand.

“Right now.”

He smiled, pressing his forehead to mine and placing his free hand to my cheek.

“No matter where you are or who you are with, I will always, truly, completely love you.”

The author sobs, grabbing Dennis’s shirt. “Please…. forgive me……”

Dennis shoves the author off of him. “Don’t touch me.”

The author falls to the ground. “PLEASE!” The author screams, sobbing.

Dennis walks away. The authors eyes glow. The author is no longer crying. The author flies above Dennis. Dennis stares in horror.

“Y O U W I L L F O R G I V E M E!” The author screams.

You're okay. I've got you.

for celestialcas because she’s sick ♡

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Dean closes his locker with a dramatic sigh and rests his head against the cool metal. Today was going to be long day.

Suddenly a too perky blonde is shaking him from his self-pity session. “Hey Dean!” Jo looks around confused for a moment, “Where’s Cas?”

And there in lies the issue. Cas is home sick, and in turn is making Dean suffer through a Monday of all days without his boyfriend. He gives a mumbled response that Jo picks up on as “not here” if not “sick” either way she gets the message.

“Damn and you actually showed up? I’m proud of you Winchester.”

Dean gives another mumbled response that was almost definitely “fuck you.” Jo laughs, clapping him on the back and running off with Charlie as she passes.

In truth Castiel had kicked him out of his house and made him come to school that day. He’d spent most of Sunday afternoon and Sunday night taking care of Cas as he vomited. Alternating between tucking him into bed, handing him the trashcan, rubbing his back as he hurled, and cleaning him up afterwards. It was a mess and Dean’s honestly surprised he’s not throwing up with him right now.

The result is a very tired and very worried Dean being expected to pay attention to things like calculus, physics, and fucking Spanish of all things. He resolutely banged his head against the locker as the bell rang. Letting out a sigh he sends a quick text to Cas reminding him to drink water and heads to whatever the hell class he’s supposed to be at first period.

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Bucky x Reader


There was something cathartic about crying. Not quiet tears that were easily wiped away but loud, uncontrollable sobbing, hitting the walls, falling onto the ground and screaming until your lungs hurt and there was nothing left. It left you utterly exhausted afterwards but pleasantly numb. He had done it himself on occasion out of anger, frustration, sadness and just about every feeling there was.

So when he heard the tell tale gasp of someone holding in a sob he didn’t hesitate to drop his bag and knock on the bathroom door, ‘Bad day, doll?’ A mumbled, stuffy sounding denial came from the other side of the door and he gave a half smile, leaning against the doorframe, 'You wanna talk about it?’ There wasn’t a reply this time but a stuttered sob that made him sigh in sympathy. 'Come on…I don’t care if your nose is running or that your face is all red and blotchy. You can go all out – Not like I could judge you if I even wanted to.’

Slowly the door opened and he looked down at his girlfriend with a gentle smile, 'Don’t look at me… I’m really ugly right now…’ Y/N walked into him and wrapped her arms around the man’s middle, nestling her head under his chin with a defiant sniffle. She had had her cry and now she needed to get over it.

'You’re not ugly.’ His lips pressed on top of her head, 'You’re the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen and no amount of snot or puffy eyes is gonna make me think different.’ When he realised she wasn’t going to cry in front of him he did something he hated, the one thing that could break down the strongest walls and it took only three words, 'Are you okay?’

Her fist hit his chest and he sighed, 'You bastard! Why…Why w-would you… Dam it, Bucky!’ Her voice cracked and he felt her shake, felt her take in a loud gasp and let out a miserable sound followed by tears and nails in his back. She felt him grip the backs of her thighs and lift her, he carried her to the sofa and sat down with her on his lap, never once breaking their embrace. He rearranged her legs so that she wouldn’t get cramp and pulled her shoes off before rubbing his palms up and down her back.

'Is that all you got?’ He asked in a tone that seemed uninterested, 'You just gonna have this little whine – doesn’t seem worth it…’

Y/N pushed back from his chest and sent his a watery glare, 'Well excuse me for not being worth it! I’m sorry if I’m spoiling your day and you got better stuff today but maybe I had a really shit week! Maybe I’m allowed to be a little bit fucking selfish and have a cry! I just…It’s…Why can’t I just…I’m trying so damn hard!’ This time she let out an angry little scream and thumped his metal shoulder in frustration, sobbing loudly into his chest to muffle the heart wrenching sound.

Bucky continued to rub her back and comb his fingers through her hair, 'Good girl, there we go.’ He didn’t like that she was so upset but he understood that people just had to cry sometimes, 'I know you got more than that…let it out.’ The brunette squeezed her a little tighter, huddling her against him as if sheltering her from everything else, 'Gonna look after you.’
He kept hold of her even when she seemed to calm, her head turned and she rested her cheek against his now damp chest, wobbly sounding whimpers escaping her as she tried to reign it in, the fingers of her right hand were hooked into his shirt and all she wanted was to simply lay there, possibly forever to wallow in her misery. The tears were drying on her cheeks but her eyes were still wet, vision still blurred, she could have fallen asleep against him there and then. Bucky made her sit up and gently wiped her face with his flesh hand, 'Want me to kill someone?’

A bitter laugh escaped her, her face scrunching up as another hiccup of sadness bubbled up, 'No…maybe? Would you get in trouble?’

His smug little smirk made her smile a little more, 'Doll… I used to be an assassin. Before that I was a damn good sniper – I can have them dead and not even be in the country. Steve would probably help me get rid of the body if I told him it was to stop you crying.’ Leaning forward Bucky kissed her forehead and gave her bottom a tap, 'Go wash your face, get in that ugly sweater of yours and I’ll make you a toasted sandwich or something.’
She had her favourite sweater, it was knitted and full of holes she didn’t know how to fix but it was comfortable and warm and she loved it too much to ever throw out. Bucky sat beside her, raising his left arm for her to nestle under and later likely fall asleep half way across his chest, for now he flicked on one of the movies in their queue and held the plate whilst she nibbled on the corner of her sandwich, he’d even cut it into triangles for her – every now and then she would brush the crumbs off him – Occasionally she would sniffle and Bucky would turn his head and kiss her temple.


Four Hours

A Spencer x Reader where the reader and spencer have been dating for a couple of years and the reader gets kidnapped.


Warnings:Abuse Violence

You woke up to the sound of Spencer phone vibrating on the bedside table. You had always been a light sleeper which was fortunate for Spencer because he was not.

“Spencer.” You said rolling over. Easier said then done since Spencer’s arms were wrapped tightly around you. “Spencer.” You said forcefully this time elbowing him in the stomach.

“I’m up.” He yells shooting up out of bed and grabbing his phone. You can only hear his side of the conversation but you know what it is. “I’m sorry.” He said.

“You can’t leave you just got back last night.” You protested. You knew you sounded selfish but you didn’t care. Last time he had been gone for three weeks.

“I know I know I wish I could stay but they really need me.” He says “I swear when we get back I will take some vacation time and spend some time just the two of us.”

“No it’s ok you go, the people need you.” You say jokingly. “Just be safe promise you’ll come back to me, preferably in one piece.” He leans down to kiss you and goes and gets dressed.

“I love you baby don’t you forget that.” He kisses you goodby and walks out the door. When you look over at the alarm clock and see it’s only 6:30 you roll back over and go to sleep.


“The unsub in targeting females that are shorter and have (Y/H/C) and (Y/E/C) in Virginia. They are usually by themselves in a secluded street or parking lot.” At first Spencer couldn’t figure out why all these girls looked familiar but then it hit you all at once. They looked just like (Y/N). He stood up and announced he was making a phone call no one questioned him knowing exactly why.

“Hey (Y/N) what are you doing right now.” He asked. “I was sleeping.” Was your groggy and not so pleasant reply. “Ok well when you wake up again later please don’t take your morning run today just to give me some peace of mind.”. You were drifting in and out of consciousness but managed to reply with a “Sure no problem.” Be falling back asleep.

Spencer laughed quietly when he heard your soft snoring through the phone “I love you” he said before hanging up.


You woke up again at around 11:30 you vaguely remember talking to Spencer on the phone at around 7:30 but didn’t remember any of the conversation. You apparently fell asleep still on the phone because it was still in your hand. You got up and dressed and went for your morning jog. It was more of a lunchtime jog though since you never got up earlier then 11.

You were running on your usual path when something just didn’t feel right. You shook it off and kept running and someone grabbed you from behind. The last thing you remember was getting something put over your mouth and nose before blacking out.


Spencer decided to call you again at around twelve to make sure you were ok but you weren’t picking up. Each voicemail he made was more and more panicky than the last.

“Garcia find the last place where (Y/N) phone last pinged.” He said. He was sitting on her office mostly so the rest of the team wouldn’t see him so freaked out and also because she was your best friend.

“Oh no.” Was all she said. “What” He demanded “What do you mean by oh no.” Spencer yelled his voice breaking. “ It seems that her phone last pinged in a fairly secluded neighborhood by your apartment.” She said sadly.

When the words came out of her mouth Spencer new exactly what they meant. “No.” Was all he said before the tears said before the tears came out one by one. He dried them up before going out to tell the team.

They were all siting around the table talking about the case when Spencer walked in. “(Y/N) has been taken by the unsub.” He said.

“We know buddy.” Morgan said standing up. “A video came in a couple minutes ago from the unsub.” He said pulling a video up on the screen.

You were sitting tied up in a chair in just your underwear with a gag in your mouth. You were awake but not showing any emotion. That was good since as Spencer always told you the unsub gets off when you show him emotions.

“I finally found her.” Said a voice from off screen. “It took a few tries for the idiots with me to find the right one but we did. You have four hours to find her Dr. Reid, or should I say Spencer, before punishment begins for her as well as you. You locked me away, you dragged my name through the mud and now I’m going to pay you back. Tick Tock.” He said before the video ended.

“(Y/N).” Spencer said quietly, his voice cracking. “Garcia.” JJ called out “Get me a list of any escaped criminals in the area.”

“There are three that match the profile. An Adam Laxly, a Sidney Gray, and a Jacob Smith. Do any of those names ring a bell Reid?” She said.

“Yes the first one Adam Laxly he was arrested a few years ago for the murder of four people. We need to find his base of operations fast.” Spencer ordered.


It had almost been four hours by now and they couldn’t find anything there were a lot of abandoned buildings around and could not narrow it down just as they finally the place that you could be they got a incoming video.

“It’s been four hours” said that haunting voice over the video “You know what that means.” The man walked into view and over to (Y/N) he drew a knife and dug it into your arm. You let out a blood curdling scream that caused Spencer to let loose the tears he’d been so des pretty keeping in.

“We need to go now.” Spencer yelled. “Alright.” Hotch said your screams in the background “JJ Morgan and I will go get her. Rossi you stay back and keep an eye on Spencer and(Y/N)

“What about me ?” Spencer asked “She’s my girlfriend I have to go get her. I can’t just sit here and wait on you.”

“You are emotionally compromised and will stay here. The longer you argue the longer (Y/N) is in his hands. Let’s go.”

Spencer sat there not looking away from the screen. Every smack or cut brought out another sob from Spencer. Just as Adam grabbed you by the thighs and and spread your legs apart Spencer could hear Morgan’s voice yelling as the team ran down the stairs.

“Ahh just in time.” Adam said. “Drop the weapon” Morgan yelled holding a gun “Maybe I will” Adam said plunging the knife right into your stomach as a gun went off.

“NO!” Spencer yelled “NO! DAMNIT.” He screamed slamming his fist on the table. “(Y/N)” He yelled again picking up whatever was in his reach and throwing it. Rossi tried to restrain him telling Spencer that the ambulance was right there and you were going to be ok. “NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, SHE WAS PREGNANT DAMNIT.” He yelled falling of the ground sobbing.


By the time Spencer and Rossi got to the hospital you were in surgery. The nurse said that you should be fine but we’re going to stay here for a little while.

Spencer was the first to see you. You were still asleep when he went in but he sat at your bedside the whole time holding your hand and crying.

It was four hours later when you finally came to. “Hey” you said your voice still raspy.

“Your awake.” He exclaimed. “Oh my god. I was so scared please don’t ever scare me like that again.” He sobbed.

“I’ll try. I’m so sorry Spencer. The baby..” You started breaking off crying. “I know.” He said “I thought that after two miscarriages this would be the one that stuck. I’m so sorry sweetheart.” You both sat there crying for the loss of your baby and the stress of the past day and also for the fact that (Y/N) was home and safe once again.