falls to the ground pathetically


{synopsis} 1940′s bucky takes reader dancing; the night goes on, some brownies get eaten, and someone feels like they’re flying.

{warnings} sO MUCH FLUFF, marijuana use/consumption, protective!bucky, 

{pairing} 1940′s!bucky x neutral!reader

{word count} 1237

thank you nonnie for the wonderful request! lot’s of love xx

AUTHOR’S NOTE - this is extremely exaggerated. eating a single pot brownie will most likely not cause you to hallucinate, or exhibit any other symptoms written into this one-shot. i just made it dramatic because drama makes everything more interesting. 

   Bucky had somehow convinced you to go dancing. It’s not that you were bad, you were just so shy. People (let alone dance halls) were not your thing, and as the sparkling-eyed boy dragged you towards the flashing lights, distant chatter, and the very pungent smell of alcohol, you were regretting your decision. You stopped hard in your tracks, a rather adorable frown etching it’s way onto your face as you stared at the now concerned James. He placed a loving hand on your shoulder, “What’s wrong, doll? Don’t tell me you’re playing chicken, now…”

   You bit your lip and whined, “I don’t know, Buck! You know crowds aren’t my area… why can’t we just go to the movie house? I hear they’re playing a wonderful film about a girl with skin as white as snow who falls into the hands of a band of dwarves-”

   “Hey!” -Bucky shook your shoulders- “It’ll be alright, sugar. You have me to hang on to. We’ll stay for an hour, then go to the movie house. Alright?” -he grabbed your hand and continued your journey to the hall- “C’mon, Y/N, they’re playing your song.” And as you looked into his hopeful glowing eyes, the chilly September air seemed to melt away, the giggles and hollers of the people around you drained away, and a warm feeling settled in your stomach. Bucky would keep you safe. This was going to be fun.

   Ten minutes. It had been ten whole minutes and you hadn’t even considered going home. You were, well… you were having fun. The band played the most wonderful songs, each having a beat of it’s own, and you couldn’t help but sway your hips along with the rhythm. Bucky had led you through the more complicated dances (he was really good), and the warm feeling only grew as your saw the smiles on the faces of the people around you. The atmosphere in the hall was friendly, inviting, charismatic. Everyone knew what they were doing. After your fourth dance together, you suggested a break was well earned. So, while you took a seat in a bar stool, Bucky rushed off to the men’s restroom. You saw some giggling fellas rush after him, so you assumed he would take a while catching up.

   You couldn’t stop the giddy smile taking over your face, warming up your thoughts. You were having fun. And you were about to have even more fun as a plate of brownies caught your eye. Your head turned left towards the restrooms, checking to see if Bucky was exiting. He was no where in sight, so you hopped out of your stool and quickly made your way over to the table which the brownies were on, eyeing them and the people around you cautiously before taking one lightly in your hand. You smelt it, normal. Bit a small chunk off, heavenly. No one seemed to care that you were indulging yourself, and you were thankful. Though you did notice a few kids sitting in the chairs surrounding the table looked a little whoozey. They’re just tired, you reassured yourself. Bite by bite, you devoured the brownie. The chocolaty goodness invaded your insides, making your brain fuzzy and your stomach a bit jumpy. You weren’t allergic to dairy, right?

   Suddenly a wave of throbbing pain took over your senses, blurring your vision and making you stumble back from the plate. Sensing something was wrong, you fought your way to the back entrance, past the bathrooms, and violently pushed the door open. The crisp air did little for the waves of heat coursing through your veins, nor the pounding headache splitting your skull. You vomited, silently and shamefully, onto the pavement beneath your feet. Your stomach heaved up the remains of your day’s meals, exhibiting them onto the ground in a rather colorful mix. Was it colorful, though? You couldn’t tell, everything looked so colorful.

   The overhead street lights blared painfully bright, and you gasped sharply as you shielded your eyes. Stumbling back, you landed roughly against the brick wall and knocked your head harshly, crying out in pain and falling pathetically to the cold ground below. The door opens suddenly, and a strangled cry of your name splits the quiet. You hiss at the noise, holding out a shaking hand and telling them to “shhhhh!”

   A panicked Bucky kneels in front of you, his hands caressing your droopy face and his obnoxiously loud voice ringing in your ears.  “Hey!” you start, your voice slurred, “Stop that noise mister, or I’m gonna have to call” -you puff up your chest and deepen your voice, your hand coming up to point dramatically at no where in particular- “Captain America!” your lazy giggles fill the air and Bucky looks rather horrified.

   “Oh god, doll, who did this to you!” Bucky’s voice shakes as he lifts you from your rather comfortable space on the floor. You pout and try to fall again, you liked that spot. But Bucky holds onto you tight, quickly shifting your position so that he was carrying your almost limp body bridle style. As you rambled and he worried, he began the short walk back to your neighborhood.

   “Gosh, Bucky! I was trying to”- you hiccup- “sleep! The plate did it, the plate… he’s the one who killed Washington!”

   Bucky shakes his head and glances at your worriedly, “Doll… god I’m so sorry, I should’ve never left you, we should’ve gone to the theater, we should’ve gone to the fucking theater.”

   You gasped in a mocking way, “James Buchanan Barnes! Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?!”

   Bucky chuckled and smiled lightly, “No, darling, I kiss you.”

   You smiled, giddy again, “Yeah, yeah ya’ do.”

   The next morning was absolute hell. Your head throbbed, your back ached, your feet were cold, and you looked like shit. You slowly craned your head to the other side of the bed and saw that Bucky was asleep as well, a small frown etches onto his near perfect features. You turned over (groaning lightly in the process) and brought your index finger up to trace his feature. His creamy skin, thick lashes, sinfully plum lips, and the soft curve of his jaw were all greatly appreciated by your tired eyes. When you had gotten to lightly running a hand through his hair, he woke, cerulean blue eyes bright and lively. But also worried.

   He caught your hand and brought it to his chest, scooting closer to your form. “Hey, babydoll. You ok?” he breathed.

   You nodded innocently, avoiding his eyes. “Hey,” he dropped your hand and raised your chin up to look at him, his fingers stroking your jaw lovingly, “it wasn’t your fault, baby. It was mine, I should’ve know not to leave you alone, I-”

   You stopped him, “James! It was neither of our faults, you shouldn’t have left me alone, yeah, but I shouldn’t have been so stupid as to eat a random brownie. Our faults cancelled each other’s out, alright? It’s over.” He smiled softly, nodding his head in understanding.

   “Now,” you began, a small smile gracing your features, “I need to sleep this off. Cuddle me?”

   He laughed happily, then engulfed your figure in his arms. And you both laid like that, in each other’s arms, you minds at ease, and the past behind you.

Hi I was wondering if you could do an imagine where y/n has bad anxiety and Peter doesn’t know so he yells at her over something ( idk what have fun with it) so she freaks out and he consoles her and it is just super fluffy and cute from there so if it’s weird it’s just I have anxiety so I wanted to have an imagine where I can relate more you know

Requested by:  sparkleestefania 

y/n= your name


Today was the day Pan was going to teach me archery. I’ve always wanted to learn and he offered to start giving me lessons. I pull my hair back in a tight ponytail and trud out of my tent. The sun was just coming up. He wanted it to be peaceful so I could focus. So no one would distract me.

“You ready?” He asks, handing me a bow.

I nod, he smiles. “Great, lets go.”

 He grabs my hand and my stomach does flips. I’ve always had a small crush on him. But he would never like me.  He leads me far away from the camp, he never told me where we would be going. But he promised me it was the best place to learn. Finally, we get there. Peter sets the arrows down carefully and beckons me over, “You’re going to be shooting trees today. Moving targets tomorrow.” He jokes. I giggle and tightly hold the bow in my hand. He hands me an arrow and steps behind me, grabbing my hand. I blush as he guides my hand, teaching me how to put the arrow in right. 

“Alright, now you just pull back…” He lightly tugs my arm, “And let go.”

 The arrow goes flying and misses the tree by a couple of inches.

 “Now try without my help.” That didn’t go so well. After a few tries Peter starts to get frustrated. “You’re not pulling back hard enough.” He says in a firm voice. I can feel my anxiety creeping up on me, “Sorry.” I mumble. I try again. No luck.

“Jesus Y/N, can you do anything right?” I drop the bow and look back to him. 

His face changes from anger to regret, “I’m sorry I just-” I start sprinting through the woods, not letting him finish his sentence.

 Tears threaten to spill out my eyes as the cold wind nips at my skin. God, i’m so fucking sensitive. I hate it! I hate myself. I slow down and look behind me, no Pan. He probably just gave up. My knees shake and I fall onto the ground, tears rolling down my cheeks. I let out a pathetic sob, stuffing my head into my hands. I don’t really know how much time past. Actually, technically time stands still in Neverland. But you know what I mean.

“There you are.” I jump, startled.

 Pan runs towards me and envelopes me in his arms, “I was looking for you everywhere.” He says, stroking my hair.

 I wanted to be closer to him. I hug him back tightly and that causes him to fall onto me, “Oh bloody..”

 He struggles to get up which causes me to laugh. He looks into my eyes and raises an eyebrow, “That’s kind of rude.”

 I roll my eyes, “Deal with it.”

 He sits up and pulls me into his arms, “I’m sorry for yelling at you.” I shrug, “I overreacted.” He shakes his head, “No, I was being an arse.” I smile, blushing slightly.

 He looks down at me, “Are you blushing?” Pan asks loudly, “NO!” I yell, which causes me to blush even more.

 “Oh my goodness, love, I didn’t know you had a crush on me.”

 I open my mouth, “Who said that?” He laughs, kissing my forehead, “Don’t deny it.” I roll my eyes, closing them, “You suck.” I sigh, “You suck.” He responds smuggling.

Decisions in the Distraction - Part 2

Request:  Could you do one were your dating Sam and you go on a hunt with Dean you both get caught and Dean has to watch you get tortured so when Sam comes to save you he has to pick between a nearly dead reader or Dean and the reader starts begging Sam to save Dean and you can make up the rest but I would like it to make me cry plz thank you so much I can’t wait to read it!!.

Request: Could you do one were the reader is dean girlfriend and they get caught and tortured while Sam has to watch and when dean comes to save them he has to pick between a close to death reader or Sam and you can pick the rest, sorry for being long but I love you one shots. Thank you.

Request: Could you PLEASE write me a tall!reader X Sam?? (Because I’m a 6"2 female that really isn’t ‘small" nor ‘fragile’ to /anybody/ with my height… And since authors that write Sam X reader tend to–with reason, write Sam as a mammoth compared to a short reader; I totally get that but I’d also like to have a little one-shot with a reader I could relate to better. Thanks~ <3 @sorry-theres-feels-in-my-eye

WORDS: 1521

Part One

A few moments later, Dean and I were alone. He was strung up to the wall across from me in the same way that I was. His hands were bound and attached to two hooks hanging from the ceiling and his feet dangled just above the floor. He looked over at me with his jaw set and and his eyes doing their best to appear unaffected and unafraid.

“Well,” I groaned. “How are we getting out of this one?”

Dean’s jaw relaxed and was replaced with a smug smile. “You know me.”

“Please tell me you have a plan.”

He chuckled in return, “A good boyscout always comes prepared.”

“Dean! You weren’t a boyscout!”

“Right.” He looked above him, straining to take in our surroundings and fighting against his restraints. I began doing the same, trying to see if it would be possible to shake my bindings off of the hooks suspending me. Fortunately, my height worked to my advantage. The ceilings were low and my toes just grazed the floor. But it was enough to give ma boost. I couldn’t make out any windows. Just the dull light coming out of the yellow forty watt in the center of the room. The hooks that we hung on were screwed tightly into the ceiling and the hooks themselves curved up just enough to where I was pretty sure we wouldn’t be able to swing ourselves off of them.

“Dean, I don’t think we can get down.”

“Of course not,” he retorted sarcastically. “That would just be too convenient. Son of a bitch.” His anger was beginning to get the best of him. But his anger I could work with. It was if he gave up that I would run into problems.

I heard footsteps stomping their way toward the steps. “Dean,” I whispered, panic seeping its way into my voice. “Someone’s coming.” His eyes locked with mine. I could see my fear echoing in his eyes.

“Y/N! Hey, Y/N!” He shouted at me as my eyes snapped away from the stairway. “We’ll get out of this, you hear me? You just stay strong? No two bit demon’s going to gank us. No way!”

I nodded my head stiffly, painfully aware that his words may very well have been lies. I heard the door creek at the top of the stairway as the same stomps began to descend towards us. I took a deep breath, attempting to strengthen my resolve or at least make my expression appear as if I had.

“Two bit demon?” The same man sauntered up to Dean, a knowing smirk across his face. “You foolish ape. By the time you put together the pieces and figure out just who I am, you’ll be dead. Or wishing that you were.”

I laughed heartily. “Look pal,” I sighed. “We don’t need to know who you are to know that you’re no match for us.” His focus switched back to me, a flicker of anger running through his eyes as they seemed to immediately dilate into jet black orbs. “No match for you?” His voice rose angrily, as he stepped towards me. “I’ve already beaten you!” His face contorted as he screamed the words just inches from my face as his fist, tightly made with a world of strength behind it, came barreling into my abdomen. He repeated the action. Continually punching my stomach, hips, waist and chest so fast and so strong that I felt as if every bone had been shattered.

When he relented, he leaned his lips down to my ear and whispered. “No one is going to save you. Not the Winchester’s. Not yourself. Not even your precious Castiel. There will be no rescue for you.” He paused, an audible smile separating his lips as he strung out his next words dramatically. “I am going to kill you.”

His words pierced through me as I came to the realization that he very well could. I did the only thing I could. I took a breath, feeling the ache in very thoroughly broken rips, and began the incantation. “Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus-” his open palm slapped my cheek, hard enough to instantly welt and to jar my thoughts.

“You insignificant whelp. That won’t work on me,” he hissed.

“A knight,” I murmured, feeling as if the wind had been knocked out of me. “You’re a knight of hell.”

“Well,” he said smiling as genuine surprise appeared on his face. “Give the girl a gold star.”

I heard Dean laughing across the room. “You know,” he almost cackled. “We’ve killed one of your kind before. And from the looks of you, you were probably her bitch.”

In an instant, the knight was on Dean, punching his face and landing kicks to his knees. I heard the sickening snap of bones more than once as I averted my eyes and did my best to ignore Dean’s painful tones. “She was mine! And I was hers!” he screamed. “And I killed her!” Dean yelled back, antagonizing the man even more.

The Knight became relentless as he savagely beat Dean. Blood poured out of his nose as still more trickled from his lips. It was when I saw the blood coming down from his ear that I knew it was time to intercede. My entire body ached, but knowing that the more Dean took, the closer to death he would be terrified me.

“We stabbed her,” I taunted. “Ran her right through. I watched blood pour out of her.” It was working, he walked away from Dean and towards me.

“That is,” I took a breath, “until she flamed out. Burned up from the inside. I saw her body fall to the ground. Pathetic.” His eyes flickered with sheer rage. “Bet her last thought wasn’t even of you.” That was the final nail in the coffin of his sanity. His fist struck my temple with a force that no words could describe. He wrapped his fingers around my throat, constricting my air flow while his other hand repeatedly assaulted my ribs. I could feel myself slipping into unconsciousness, but Dean’s voice rang through the fog.

“Sam?” Dean’s voice was weak but I heard him call to his brother. I forced my eyes open as the grip on my neck slackened. I caught a glimpse of Sam, his gun pointed directly at my assailant, and a flicker of hope coursed through me. A smile returned to my face as I whispered his name as if it were a lifeline.

“Ahh, Sammy,” the man smiled. “The main event!” The two men who had subdued me appeared at Sam’s sides, grabbing hold of his arms and kicking the backs of his knees until he was forced to kneel. His gun slid across the room, nearly landing at my feet, tauntingly close but impossibly far away. I began to relax, sure that we were about to rally and take the entire operation down for good. But the wide smile and once-again-strong stance of our captor told me otherwise.

“Oh Sammy. I’m so glad you good join us,” he mocked. “It’s not every day Lucifer’s meatsuit walks into your home. Can I offer you a cold beverage? A sandwich perhaps?”

“You can go screw yourself,” Sam spat at him.

“Tsk tsk tsk,” he clicked at him. “Such an awful way to talk to your friends. I’m not going to hurt you Sam.”

“Then tell your goons to release me.” Sam’s words were venomous and challenging. But beneficial. The Knight looked up at his hired help, nodding at them as they let go of Sam’s arms and allowed him to stand in front of them.

“You’re free to go at any time, Sam.” I watched Sam look over to me, taking in my slumped over body as I found myself unable to ignore my wounds any longer. His eyes shot over to Dean who seemed to be recovering quickly but still losing blood. The Knight reached his hands out towards us as we both were slammed back up against our perspective walls. I tried to catch my breath, feeling a sickening tear as one of my broken ribs pierced my lung. I felt as if I were drowning as I struggled for freedom, my mouth gaping open as sickening wet breaths came out of my mouth.

“Y/N!” Sam yelled taking a step towards me.

“There are of course, conditions to you taking your leave of me.” Sam glared at the man.

“One, you won’t be killing a single demon while you’re here. That includes on your way out. Two, you don’t have to leave alone.” I clung to hope at this. “I’m not a monster, Sam.” The Knight paused thinking over his next words as he again laughed. “Well, I guess technically I am. But I am fair. You don’t have to leave alone. You can take them with you.” Sam began walking towards me, pulling a pocket knife from his jeans as he did so. “Eh, eh eh, not so fast, Romeo. You can take them with you, yes. But you’re only taking one of them.”​

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Pairing: Liam x reader

Prompt: He gives you a promise ring but you catch him cheating on you, and when you leave you get stabbed by Theo.

You watched as Liam pulled out the beautiful diamond ring. He wasn’t asking for your hand in marriage but he was making a promise. A promise that someday he would ask you to marry him. That someday you two would be together through thick and thin, through sickness and in health. Adults would say it was immature since you both were only sophomores and only have been dating for six months.

“Don’t you think it’s too soon?” Or “are you sure he’s the one?” Were questions you often received and you always said:

“Yes! I love him to pieces!” But now You weren’t so sure.

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I grab her around her thin, fit waist. She seems a little underwhelmed by how small my arms are as i pull her closer to me. I hug her and her gorgeous breasts are so big they almost knock me over. I grab her tight ass i gasp in excitement as she sighs. I move up to grab her breasts, i get too excited as i grab her massive boob. Im breathing heavy, as she rolls her eyes, im losing my mind and shes completely unsatisfied. I stare as her boobs in amazement as i continue to grope them. I shove my face into them she shoves me off as i fall on the ground. ‘Pathetic’ she says as she walks off.

Imagine 009: Dean Realizing that you’re his Type of Girl (Final)

Here is:First Part

Here is:Second Part

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(Dean’s Point of View)

Looking at Sam I see him standing there with a serious look trying not to panic. “What do we do?” He asks in a stressed voice.

That is when I hear Sam’s email make a new email sound; racing over to grab a piece of paper and pen I begin writing down the address. “We’re not going to do anything Sam; I am going to do something.”

“What?” Sam asks very anger at me for leaving him out of the equation.

“I’m going to get her and you are going to stay here.” I tell him as I grab my duffle sorting through my weapons such as a sawed of shotgun, ruby’s knife, holy water, and salt. What am I supposed to do?

“Dean you can’t go in there alone!” Sam yells trying to get his point across.

“Yes I am Sam, it is my job to protect!” I yell back at him in a deep rough angry voice.

“No you’re not and you’re not the only one that wants to protect her.” He steps closer to me.

“Sam you heard what he said, if I don’t come alone he is going to kill Y/N. I just can’t let that happen, and I can’t have you getting hurt either.”

”You need my help.” Sam says as a last attempt to get through to me.

“What I need from you right now is for you to stay here.” That is all I say before I walk out leaving him in the hotel room.

(Normal point of view)

You spit out a mouth full of blood for the fifth time trying to make it where you’re about to speak. To be honest you can’t even feel the pain anymore, the only thing you want is for Dean not to show up. If there one thing that you could make come true is making sure Dean and Sam stay safe; then you can worry about yourself. You glare spitefully at Rick who is now sitting across from you where the camera used to be sitting. He continuously spins a huge knife in his hand trying to intimidate you, only it’s not working because he doesn’t scare you.

“Careful there with that knife it’s something you shouldn’t be playing around with.” You rudely smirk at him.

He holds the object up to smile asking, “Oh this knife here?” He throws it at you just missing and hitting the part of the chair near your neck. “As you can tell I’m pretty handy with it, I think I’ll be fine but thanks for your concern.”

You release a deep breath to see how close that knife was at piercing your neck. He slowly walks over to you jerking the knife out of the chair holding it still close to your face. You look up at him tilting your head, “Hmm that knife is pretty big for you; are we compensating for something?”

He leans closer down pressing the knife against your neck making your lean away from him. “Oh Y/N your smartass comments are hilarious; another one of those and next time I won’t miss.”

“Yeah I’m sure you won’t miss; Rick you do realize that you don’t scare me right?” You ask him in a confident tone.

That is when all the sudden he stabs your leg leaving the knife there sticking up in your thigh. He grabs your face by your cheeks as you let out a muffled scream keeping your mouth closed. “Do I scare you now?” He asks in a menacing voice.

You don’t say him all you do is jerk your head out of his hands to look away trying to act tough. He swiftly pulls the knife out, and instantly you see the blood start to spread in the fabric of your jeans. You try to keep the tears in as he walks back to his seat; you’re feeling the pain now. “Don’t worry your knight in shining armor will be here in no time to save you.”

“I hope not.” You mumble to yourself looking down.

He hears your comment, “Oh he’ll be here because I saw the look on his face once he realized it was you sitting in that chair.”

“Shut the hell up!” You yell feeling terrible that you’re the reason why he is coming here.

“Looks like that’s a touchy subject, must be a case of puppy love.” That is when you look behind him to see Dean standing there looking at you. Rick turns around saying with a smile, “Well speak of the devil, look who decided to show up.”

“Dean no I told you not to come here.” You say softly.

“You wanted me here so I am here, now I want you to let her go.” Dean says in a low voice not taking his eye off of you.

“Your right I did and I am always a man of my word.” He walks over to you and cuts you free, but before you can walk away he yanks you be your hair and presses the knife against your neck. “Only first I want you to put the salt, holy water and shotgun on the ground.”

Dean gives you a sad look as he lays everything down on the ground, “That’s a good little hunter Dean, you must think I was born yesterday.”

He pushes your head forward making you fall forcefully against the hard cement ground; Dean rushes over to help you up. He pulls you into a tight embrace to feel him sliding something into the inside pocket of your jacket. You look up at him from him to give you a kiss on your forehead holding it there for quite a while. Rick says in a sappy mocking voice, “Aww isn’t that just so cute, come on Dean don’t get all sentimental on me now.”

Dean lets go of you to start heading over to the chair; you try not to look too sad even though you know that you can get out of this mess. Rick looks at you with a smile, “Oh sweetheart don’t cry, I’ll make sure he has a quick death.”

You stand there with your arms crossed, “Sorry I won’t let that happen.” You say through gritted teeth.

He pushes Dean in the chair tying him up, and looks back at you. “Now Y/N don’t be dumb, the smart decision would be for you to just walk out that door and to not look back.” He points behind you.

You ask with a smile, “Never said that I was good at making decisions, did I?” That is when he comes lunging forwards hitting you in the face but you dodge it hitting him in the stomach. Next you kick his feet have him fall to the floor kicking him in the stomach with your good leg.

Only he puts his hand up before you can grab the knife from your jacket, and slams you against the wall. You fall to the ground as he says, “You’re such a weak pathetic little human, and did you really think that you could beat me?”

That is when Sam comes out of nowhere grabbing both of his arms to keep him confined. You race over pushing through the pain you pull the knife out from you inside pocket to stab him in the stomach. You say in an arrogant tone, “Who’s pathetic and weak one now?” You push the knife further into his stomach as his eyes light up to see him die right in front of me.

You pull the knife out as Sam let’s go of him to have his body drop to the ground. You go over to untie Dean as he asks Sam, “You never listen do you?”

Sam smiles proudly, “It’s a good thing too because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have been here to save you both.”

You lightly punch his arm as he takes the knife from you, “I had it all under control Sam.”

“I could tell.” Sam says jokingly as he places the knife in his pocket. That is when he walks away leaving you and Dean alone, knowing that you guys will want to talk.

“So do you have something to say to me?” Dean says with an arrogant smile.

“Oh what? That you’re welcome since I saved your life, yeah I know I’m pretty amazing.” You give him a cute smirk.

He smiles once again walking over to you, raising his eyebrows as the corners of his mouth go down. “Hmm that’s funny, because I’m pretty sure I’m the one that slipped you the knife.”

You walk with your arms crossed meeting him halfway trying not to limp too much; so that your arms are touching his chest. “Yeah we can leave that little detail out.”

He looks at your leg, and puts his hand on your cheek to see your cuts and bruises, “Don’t worry Bobby and Sam will patch you up.”

“You know you seem pretty worried when you saw that he had me.” You change the subject.

”Yeah, because if something happened to you; I wouldn’t have anyone else to annoy besides Sam.” He says not wanting to admit you’re right.

You put your hands on your hips, “Hmm is that so?”

“Yeah it is.” He slides his arms around your waist pulling you even closer to him, “Come here Y/N.”

He puts his hand on your face to have his lips lightly touch yours; this is really happening. You wrap your arm around his neck wanting his body closer. You could feel him deepen the kiss as you feel his hands applying pressure to your waist. You stand up on your toes, to have your hands gliding through his hair. Only you pull away knowing the Sam is there, you look at Dean with the biggest smile. You whisper, “Took you long enough.” He doesn’t answer you all he does is pull you in for another kiss.

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Katniss and Peeta watching fireworks on a rooftop together and some kissing happens maybe? :))))

Anon, I am SO sorry this took me a week to complete! I hope you’re still around to see this, and I hope you enjoy!

BTW this take place in the same universe as my Girl Scout cookies drabble.

“Pull back like this,” I say, bringing the string of my bow back so my hand rests near my ear. To one side of me, a string of young girls follow suit, copying my actions, aiming their beginners arrows at the large targets a few feet in front of us.

“And… let go!” My arrow flies, cutting through the air and lodging itself solidly into my target. The other girls let go of their own respective strings; some arrows fly forward, with one or two even making the target. Others fall pathetically to the ground. Each girl moves to retrieve their arrows to try again.

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Can you do a fic where Killian and Emma are separated somehow and he finds her, but she thinks she's hallucinating and he has to convince her he's real? Thanks

She hates him for this.

(Well she can never really hate him because she has this big crush on him.)


But he is the first kid who ever respects her for who she is, and she’s never had someone like that - more or less - a friend.

And when things are going well - she’s not being sent back into the foster system to find another family - they become best friends quickly. He makes her laugh and smile when she’s having a horrible day. He makes her talk when she doesn’t want to, and that always lifts a tremendous weight off her shoulders. He allows her to vent about her frustrations and troubles every time she is aggravated from her dumb foster parents.

At one point, she nearly runs away, but she simply can’t pull through because Killian wouldn’t have liked that. In any sense, he’s always been her anchor at bay, and she’ll be forever thankful for his contribution to her life.

At another, when she’s sitting outside under the bleachers because at least ten people picked on her for being an orphan with no friends or family, he somehow locates her despite the odd choice of escape, and holds her closely. “I’ll always be your friend,” he murmurs. For any reason, she’d usually ignore that, run, deny that - but - no, this time, he’s real and serious about this promise he’s made her.

She knows when she gets into any fights, it risks getting her sent back. That’s why when she’s sitting in the Principal’s office with a bag of ice against her cheek, a split lip, and scratches on her knees from falling on the pavement, she knows it’s going to be a big hole in her chance of staying with her current family. They may not be the best, but they’re better than some of the other people she’s been around with, so it’s of course better than that.

And the fight isn’t her fault. She gets tired of being picked on, it was only a matter of her own self-defense and pride, nothing she should be punished on.

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Mistakes || Snily

Severus walked with Lily from the castle into the courtyards. “I feel like I did really well on my Charms exam. Thank you for the tutoring, it really helped.” He looked over at his best friend and smiled softly at her. He adjusted his hold on his books as they made their way to their tree. They were finally finished with exams! They hadn’t been as bad as he had expected. For his first time taking O.W.L.s, he really hadn’t been too nervous. He and Lily had spent months preparing for them together.

“Oh, great,” Severus muttered, looking down as the band of idiots approached them. He had no idea why they always bloody targeted him. He didn’t even say anything to them! He was convinced that James Potter was obsessed with him.

“Hey, Snivvy! Evans,” James smirked, strutting up to them. “Out for a nice nap?” He took out his wand and flicked it at Severus, making his robe go over his head. Severus grumbled and attempted to get it off. “Aw… Poor thing. Let’s help him out, shall we?” He waved his wand, “Levicorpus!” 

Severus levitated in the air, turned upside down, and was hanging from the tree by his robes. He struggled against the spell that he had created! It was stupid of him to ever let it get out in the open. “Let me down, Potter!” His wand had fallen out of his pocket so he couldn’t perform the countercurse. He was so embarrassed. Why did they always do this sort of thing in front of Lily? It never helped his chances with her. He wouldn’t be surprised if she was down there laughing at him! He was, for lack of a better word, a loser.

"Who wants to see me take off ol’ Snivelly’s trousers?” James laughed, pointing his wand up at the boy. By now, a group of people had surrounded the scene. James looked at Lily, who was screaming at him to let Severus go. He rolled his eyes. “Alright, alright. Just for you, Evans.” He let Severus fall back to the ground. He laughed softly. “You’re so pathetic, Snape.”

Severus got up and rubbed the parts where he was hurt from falling. He stood up, stepping away from her. He was so humiliated and angry. Everyone was laughing at him and teasing him. “Get off me! I don’t need help from a stupid little Mudblood!” He growled, everyone going quiet. 

There had never been another moment in his life where he wanted the world to swallow him up and never let him see the light of day. He felt sick as soon as the word came out of his mouth. He looked at Lily. “Lily, I…” He watched her scoff and walk away. He started to follow her, but James had stopped him. “Stay the hell away from her, Snivellus, you piece of shit.” He stormed off after Lily, everyone leaving Severus alone. Severus watched them walk back to the castle and he felt as though his life had just crumbled right from under him. What was going to happen now?