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link + memories

link only knowing his name because zelda told it to him immediately after he woke up

link hearing zeldas voice again for the first time in a century and understanding it as a strangers voice while it simultaneously stirs some tiny speck of familiarity somewhere in the deepest part of his subconscious

link walking around hyrule, feet wandering down paths he doesnt even remotely know through seemingly alien muscle memory

the scars littering links skin aching in a vague, hazy memory of the pain that accompanied them there, but with no recollection of what put them there

the familiar feeling of the raising of the hair on his neck upon catching the movements of a guardian out of the corner of his eye, despite having only just learned what the relentless monsters were

the aching tug of guilt in his chest when faces fall after their ecstatic cries of dont you remember me? are met with silence

the vague, ever present sense of déjà vu that accompanies everything he sees, hears, smells, tastes, does

the incessant guilt weighing on his skin at some thing hed done that he cant even begin to recall

the constant tickle at the back of his mind of i know this, ive seen this, i know i have but not knowing quite how or why or when or where or who

finally getting at least a few precious memories back only to realize he was remembering the dead, remembering a hyrule that hadnt existed for a hundred years

BTS reaction to their enlistment

Anon Asked:  Can I have a reaction when BTS have to go for military service (it lasts 21-23 months in Korea). Like they have a gf and they’re sad that they have to leave her and members?

Angsty shit. Like I don’t want to think of them enlisting. I don’t But like Seokjin in a uniform..;)  BUT LIKE SEOKJIN IN A UNIFORM CAUSE MY BB IS ENLISTED. -Admin Cat


You couldn’t believe this was how you were finding out about this from a trashy blog. Seokjin would have told you he had enlisted. How could he not have told you? Just as you were pondering this thought the front door of your apartment opened to reveal a tired and puffy eyed Seokjin. The moment you looked at him all anger washed away and you hurried over to envelop him in your arms. He let out a shaky sigh and you felt his arms wrap around to keep you close to him.

“Jagiya, I am enlisting.”

“I know, the fans are talking about it.” you murmured and Seokjin gripped you tighter to him.

“Promise me something” Seokjin croaked out, his throat thick with tears. “Promise me you’ll wait for me and we’ll keep in touch.”

“Jin…” you felt tears fill your eyes and you pressed a kiss to his neck.

“Promise me you’ll take care if the boys, come to the dorms and cook for them. Make sure Yoongi rests and Jimin eats.” You nodded, you would keep the boys safe and healthy.

“I promise, I love you Kim Seokjin.”

“I love you too.“

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He broke the news to you over text. Which was very out of character for him. He would have normally called you with such news. You almost didn’t believe him, so you called Hoseok to get the truth. Hoseok confirmed your fears and you sat in bed for hours, it didn’t really make sense. You knew it was inevitable, him enlisting, it was mandatory and you had your own feelings on the matter. You didnt even hear Yoongi come in, entering your bedroom and he sat down on your bed.

“Hey baby,” Yoongi ran a hand up your thigh and you looked at him. His face was unsmiling and his hand gripped yours tightly. He looked supremely stressed.

“Yoongi, are you okay?” You weren’t dealing with this the way he was. You had to understand this wasn’t about you. Yoongi shook his head and leaned into you, his head gently resting on your shoulder.

“I just, I can’t believe it. What if BTS fails?” He asked and you squeezed his hand. “Babe, I just cant imagine leaving them and you.”

“I’ll never leave, you know I’ll wait and BTS wont fail, the members and fans wont let it.”

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You eyed the enlistment form with a sigh, it had been roughly twenty minutes since he had come home and shown you the letter. You weren’t surprised and honestly, you had been waiting for this to happen. You looked over at him and placed your hand on his.He was very much so ready to do his military service and you both had discussed the topic at length. 

“Y/N, do you think the fans will forget about me?”

“What?” You asked incredulously. You looked over at Hoseok who had a frown upon his normally brighter features. 

“You know,” He began and breathed in a heavy sigh. “They’ll focus more on the group and think it is better off without me.” You turned to look at your boyfriend and shook your head. You couldn’t believe he was thinking like this. You reached over and grasped his hand, bringing it to your lips and kissing it.

“I will never let that happen. I will scream the name Jung Hoseok from the rooftops.” You ran your thumb over his hand and he smiled at you. God were you going to miss that smile.

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“Jagi” Namjoon wrapped his arms around your waist.

“When do you go to basic training?” You asked and he sighed. He knew this was all you would think about until he left.

“I leave the 10th of October.” He replied, he kissed your temple. “Babe. Do you think I am abandoning the group?” You turned and pressed a hand to his cheek.

“You aren’t abandoning the group.”

“It feels like I am, How can I be a good leader if I am not there?” Namjoon questioned and sighed heavily. You pressed a kiss to his lips, his eyes fell closed. You wouldn’t let him think that way. You couldn’t.

“I’ll keep the boys in line I promise. We’ll skype every day and you can yell at them.” You attempted a joke and he laughed lightly.

“You have 5 more months with me, lets make the best of it.

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You scrambled off of the couch as soon as you heard the news. Jimin was on his way home and Jungkook had told you that Jimin was worried about enlisting. You opted to make him the best dinner he ever had. Making his favorite foods. Anything to keep his mind off it. Jimin strode into the house an hour later, apologizing and telling you all about bad traffic. Thats when his nose caught the smell of grilled meat enticed him into the kitchen. “Babe, is this for me?“ 

"Of course.” You replied and turned the burners to low, walking over and pressing a kiss to his lips.

“God, I am going to miss this.” He cried, he crushed you to him and you smiled a bit. You knew that he was upset because his smile never touched his eyes.

“You don’t ship off until November, thats six more months of my cooking.” You cooed. He admired how strong you were being. He couldn’t believe you were keeping it cool. “Now, sit down and lets eat.”

“I love youso much,” Jimin replied and kissed you again. This time the smile reached his eyes.

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A letter! You had been waiting eagerly for a letter from Taehyung. He was away on tour and was to be home tonight. Which is why he told you his letter was going to be late. When you began reading though, you discovered that Taehyung had forgone his usual sweet talk, this time he delivered news of enlistment. He described to you his worries and most importantly how he felt like he was letting the fans down for leaving in September. You headed to the airport, hoping to greet him since it was so late at night. When you arrived you parked you car and strode inside, waiting with other families until you saw his mop of dirty brown hair. You sprinted towards him, shouting his name and he dropped his bag.

“Jagiya!” Taehyung cried as he held you. “I missed you so much.” You pulled away and slapped his chest. An angry look falling on your face.

“Ow!” He cried He ran a hand through his hair. “I guess you read my letter.”

“You should have called or waited to tell me in person!” You hit his chest again. You were angry. It wasn’t fair.

“I didn’t want to worry you.” Taehyung mumbled and you watchedcas his expression became solemn. You loved this stupid dork and he was worried more about you than himself.

Tae, I will always be here, just talk to me.“

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It was your last night together. Jungkook was going to be shipped off to base tomorrow. You guys had been quiet all night, just laying next to each other. He had been trying to cope with leaving you and the fact that he felt like he was abandoning his group and ARMY’S. Jungkook squeezed your hand tightly and you turned your head to look at him. 

“I’m going to miss you.” He announced looking at you and smiling sadly. You smiled half-heartedly. Jungkook rolled over to lean over you, pressing his lips to your forehead. “I’m going to miss your laugh,” He kissed your lips. His lips ghosted their way across your skin and you moaned slightly. 


“I’m going to miss everything about you, your skin, smile, the way you feel in my arms everything.” He whispered into your skin. “We’ll write to each other and my hyungs will keep you safe.” 

“You better write Jungkook.” He laughed and you spent the rest of the night tangled up in your bed sheets. 

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BTS Reaction to you saving them from getting hit by a car

@yona–hime requested:  Hi can you please do a BTS Reaction To You Saving Them From Getting Hit By A Car, thank you 😬💕

Like I promised! A reaction before I go to bed ♥ I hope you enjoy this :)

Jungkook: After you pulled him back with all of the strength you had causing him to stumble back and fall to his bottom. Jungkook couldn’t help but be scared of the incident that just occurred. His heart would be pounding and breath quickened as he couldn’t comprehend what just happened. “Y-You saved me?” He stammered looking up at you. All you could do was nod, still shocked by your own actions as well. “I-I could’ve-”

“Sh.” You quickly cut him off kneeling down and wrapping your arms around him. You didn’t want to think of what could’ve happened, you wouldn’t be able to bare it.

Taehyung: Taehyung was an absolute wreck. The minute it resignated with him that you had just jumped in front of him causing him to stop from walking in the road he broke down. Tears fell down his face and loud sons wracked through his body. You quickly wrapped your arms around his torso not saying anything as you were afraid if you did speak your voice would crack and you had to be strong for Taehyung right now. The tighter you squeezed the quieter he got but you knew once you two got home his emotions would get the better of him.

Jimin: Unlike Jungkook or Taehyung, Jimin would immediately grow angrier by the second. A little at you but most of it was directed towards the driver of the car that could have easily hit both you and him. “Watch it jackass!” Jimin yelled staring at the car as it sped off at an incredibly too fast speed. Curse words left his mouth by the second and you could just tell his face was getting red. The moment the car got out of his sight he quickly whipped his head staring at you still very angry. “Wha-”

“You could have gotten hurt! Do you not think before you do anything?!”

“I was thinking of you!” You yelled back at Jimin. Jimin rarely got mad at you but he was more upset at the fact you didn’t think of your well being first, you could have gotten hurt and that’s all he cared about.

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Hoseok: “Did you just..?” Hoseok stands behind you astounded and excited in a way. He saw you do something so selfless and brave he couldn’t believe his eyes. A big smile rose upon his face and tears rimmed his eyes seeing you standing there. Toes over the curb of the sidewalk and eye wide when you turned back to see if he was okay. All he could do was nod pulling you into his arms and mumbling a million praises to you.

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Namjoon: Namjoon didn’t care about himself in that very moment, all he cared about was you, if you were okay and most of all what the hell were you thinking to do that. He pulled you back away from the road and held you tightly in his arms. “What the hell were you thinking?” He mumbled against your neck closing his eyes. “I don’t care if it was me, you do not put yourself in danger okay?” He pulled away for a moment to look at you to see tears already falling down your face. “I was scared.” You cried clinging onto his shirt looking up to him worried. You thought that was it, the car came by so fast you had to get him out of the way, you didn’t care if you got hurt, he was more important.

Yoongi: You had pulled Yoongi back so hard that he had fallen back landing on the concrete ground. At first, he was taken aback, he wanted to snap at why in the first place you would pull him back knocking him to the ground, but once he saw the car zoom past you both and heard your loud screaming and cursing a smile formed on his face. He was staring up and smiling at you while you consistently screamed at the driver that was long gone. He was thankful to have you.

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Jin: His mouth hung open at the strength you had managed to have, he knew he was stronger than you and on many occasions have you failed to push him aside, but with all the adrenaline that went into you when seeing his foot step on the street and the black car zooming up you had to do what you thought was best. You pulled him back and quickly hugged him tight, you were terrified of what had just happened but all Jin felt was thankful, he was happy you were the one he was with. He wrapped his arms around you kissing the top of your head mumbling a “Thank you.” He had so much more to say to you but all he could say at the moment was ‘Thank you.’

MCR Things To Make You Cry

1• “We’re going to keep being a band as long as you keep believing in us” -Gerard Way

2• March 22 will come EVERY YEAR

3• My Chemical Romance brought a message to love yourself and the world, then just left us all

4• We never get to see recent pictures of them together

5• Think of all the good music they could have made from 2013 to now

6• this thing I found online that said
One last time,
Make some noise”

7• *piano* *g note*

8• Gerard is married. Frank is married. They have children. THEY’RE NOT TOGETHER. *cri*

9• “It’s a phase, one day you’ll forget about MCR” m8 it’s nOTTTTTT


11• The last song they ever performed together was Helena. So, the last lyric they ever sang was “so long and goodnight”


13• “whose your favorite band” “My Chemical Romance” “loser, you know they broke up, right?” “dId I fOoKiNg AsK”

14• You don’t know whether you want MCR back together or not because you want them to be happy and not force themselves to do something and you just ARRGGHHHH

15• Friend: Just get over it already

16• Frerard was a stage act

~~“Tears are words the heart can’t express”~~

When Atem gets drunk...

(I dedicate this post to @teppa-is-sonic-trash​ ;D)

Atem (1:34 am): *very clingy cuddles* Aibo, I love you soooo much! *smooshes cheek against Yugi’s*

Yugi: *has difficulty breathing* I love you too but i really need to go to the bath room now, other me.



Atem (3:14 am): Oh my gosh, aibo, how can you be this beautiful, I will never stop looking at you, I swear *awkward stare*

Yugi: Uhm….okay… O__o


Yugi: Oh dear… *facepalm*

Atem: (4:27 am): *cries* Aibo, you’re so wonderful, you’re an angel and I dont deserve you, how can you be so wonderful, oh god, I love you so much Imma die! *gross sobbing* Please never break up with me, I know im not worthy of an angel like you but please dont break up with me, Imma do my best, I swear! *cries more*

Yugi: I wont break up with you, other me, dont worry *pats atems head*

Atem (5:20 am): *sleeping on the couch, head on yugis lap*

Yugi: Oh my gosh, finally…!

enough : part 2

credit to original owner for gif

words: 2,272

genre: angst + smudge of fluff

warnings: you might cry 

A/N: the long awaited continuation :))


“Let’s break up.” You proposed, hands shaking as tears fell from your eyes.

“P-Please don’t say that.” Jimin croaked, voice breaking in the process.

But what else could you say in situation? You loved him with all you had to offer and at one point, you knew he did too, but what’s going on with him? Jimin used to carry you to bed and sing you lullabies until you fell asleep, tracing circles on your back while your legs were sprawled around his body. He would wake up early in the morning and cook you breakfast, wishing you luck on your big exam. At times, he would even prepare a feast for dinner when he knew that you were stressed out and on the verge of breaking down. He was there for you at all times, maybe it’s not him. Maybe it’s you. 

“Why have you been neglecting me lately? Do you even know how much that hurts?” You began. “Is there someone else?”

Jimin’s eyes widened as he rushed to your side, embracing you in a hug as he sobbed loudly, “How could there ever have been someone else when the only person I’ve ever loved was you?” 

Falling to your knees, you cupped your face in your hands as you cried. The person you’ve spent the majority of your life with was leaving tear stains on your clothing and yet here you are, unsure of what to do. Jimin was the one you wanted to spend your life with, but did he feel the same way? There was no way to be sure: if you asked him, he could just lie. But Jimin wouldn’t do that, right? You knew him better than you knew yourself and that is a fact that can’t be denied no matter what. You love him, but does he love you?

I’m home!” you shouted, walking through the door with bags of groceries dangling on your weak arms.

Footsteps came running down the hallway and your eyes met with a half-naked Jimin who clearly just came out from a steamy shower, the only thing covering his body being a white towel.

“I told you to call me before you came up so I could help with the groceries!” Jimin scolded, rushing to your aid.

“I’m a big girl!” You huffed and did the infamous empowering stance.

“Yeah, yeah.” Jimin chuckled, taking the bags from your arms and placing them on the counter. “How was school today?”

You groaned in response.

“Same. I’m getting tired of doing all these dumb essays about irrelevant things that don’t pertain to my major in any way possible.”

Laughing slightly, you did the flower pose as you leaned against the marbled counter. You loved hearing Jimin rant about how much he despised school, despite doing so well. He was smart and everything you weren’t, yet he motivated you to do better. To become a better person than he was and in all honestly, that was the most important part of being in a relationship. You set goals together and accomplish them one by one. To you, a relationship isn’t about coming home to expensive gifts or being taken out on luxurious dates. It was all about being successful together and this is exactly why Jimin was head over heels with you.

He loved the fact that you didn’t care about his wealth, but more about who he was as an individual. You judged him based off the content of his character, not what others had to say. The way you openly spoke your disagreements is definitely one of the things Jimin loved about you. If he were doing something wrong, you would let him know. Whenever he pissed you off, you would tell him on the spot. You weren’t the type to keep your mouth shut when it came to him and that was truly something he adored. 

Placing a kiss on your lips, Jimin connected your forehead against his before saying, “What are you thinking so hard about?”

“I’m so lucky to have someone like you by my side.” You smiled. “I must have saved China in my past life.” 

“I must’ve saved the entire Earth if that were the case.”

After putting the groceries away, Jimin carried you to bed knowing that you were very exhausted. Gently taking off your shoes, he rubbed the sore spots in you foot before massaging your tense shoulders. He was always one to put you at ease, despite always being on edge. Wrapping his arms around your waist, you smiled as he laid a soft kiss upon your cheek, lips lingering as he spoke.

“Let’s get some sleep, baby.” 

And with that, you were out cold faster than a blink of an eye.

You let out a shaky breath, holding his hands as you cried.

“I’m sorry.” Were the only words that escaped past your lips before you got up and walked away, leaving a heartbroken Jimin lying in an abandoned park in the dead of the night. 

It’s been years since the day you left Jimin. To this day, you still don’t know what really happened with him. You took all your belongings from the apartment you had shared and moved to Seoul. As of now, you were employed at a cafe while you worked for your masters degree to pursue your dream career in the medical field. After you left him, you cried for months on end. Everything reminded you of him, but you knew things would be better off this way. With you out of the way, he could be able to focus on whatever he was always so damn stressed about. Now that he’s gone, he’s all that you can think about. You thought that you would do this for yourself, to protect yourself from harm, but turns out, you were only trying to protect him from himself. Neither of you knew any better. All you knew was that Jimin would always be your one and only until the end of time. 

Upon hearing the ringing that echoed throughout the shop, indicating a new customer had arrived, you sighed and retraced your steps to the cash register, awaiting the customer’s order.

“Good morning, how may I take your order?” you asked in a monotone voice.

“What a way to greet your customers.” 

You chuckled upon hearing this familiar voice. Looking up, you smiled as you looked up.

“Long time no see, Jungkook.” 

“How have you been?” he asked, leaning over the counter.

Jungkook was one of your colleagues, in fact, he was your first friend in Seoul. He knew all about your past relationship with Jimin and has been by your side ever since. Your relationship with Jungkook was strictly platonic. He knew that your heart belonged to Jimin, so he never even bothered to really get into anything serious with you. You two were bestfriends and that was that. Of course, Jungkook was extremely attractive and all, but you just had this gut feeling that it wasn’t meant to be. Nonetheless, Jungkook still used you as an excuse to not go out with all the other girls at your prestige college

Walking down the popular streets crowded with hard working citizens, you couldn’t help but let out a laugh as Jungkook yelped when he burnt his tongue after taking a swig from his hot coffee.

“I told you to be careful!” you scolded the older one.

“I couldn’t help it!” he whined, stomping his feet on the pavements. 

It was Valentine’s day, one of the busiest days of the year. Avoiding traffic on the way to school, you both maneuvered your way through the crowd as your rushed to make it to class on time. Today was like any other day, being the reason that you and Jungkook are antisocial and too awkward to go on a real date which works out perfectly fine since you have each other. In fact, rumors around school say that you two are together: some even say that you have slept together in the janitor’s closet. But you two knew better than to listen what others had to saying, so you disregarded the rumors and continued on with your daily life. 

Upon entering the school, girls were lined up at the entrance, patiently waiting for Jungkook’s arrival. He was the most popular boy and you? You were the most popular girl. You both had brains and looks, who wouldn’t like you? The only thing you two didn’t have was a desire for a relationship which only caused people to become more intrigued by your sole existence

“Jungkook!” a girl with glasses came running up to him “T-These are for you! I made them myself.”

Jungkook looked at you, smiling nervously as his eye twitched. He hated when girls did this, absolutely despised it. He was very grateful that they were so kind to, but they consistently invaded his privacy and crossed the border line. These gifts were given to him every single day and Jungkook would kindly decline each and every one of them. He got sick of it, but still plastered a smile on his face nonetheless.

“Sorry, but I’m taken.” Jungkook, intertwining his hands with yours as he walked away from the crowd.

“I’m going to kill you.” you said in a low voice, glancing over your shoulder to see his fan group throwing daggers at your back.

“Don’t worry. I’m probably going to die anyways.” Jungkook laughed, nodding his head towards your very own fan group. 

Snapping back into reality once more, you rolled your eyes before saying, “I’m doing fine, I guess.”

“Still miss him?” Jungkook teased.

“Never forgot about him. Now move aside, I have more important customers to get to.” 

You already knew what Jungkook would have ordered. He came to the front just to bother you and tease you about your nonexistent love life. You didn’t mind him doing so because you did the same to him all the time. Visa versa. 

Punching in your ID number to sign in, you smiled as you spoke, “How may I take your or-”


This warm, soothing voice sent chills down your spine. You knew this voice, but refused to believe it. Looking up, you felt your insides melt as you locked gazes. 

Park Jimin

The man that made your legs as weak as jelly, the reason for your pearly white smiles and snorts at three in the god forbidden morning; your sun and stars. He was the one you would love until the day you die. Jimin was truly irreplaceable, no matter what. There is no one in this would that could ever compare with him and you knew this. All those blind dates were never bound to work out. Jungkook would always purposely set you up with the most boring and hideous men he could find, so it was only fair that you repaid the favor. But with Jimin… with him, you felt as though you could conquer the world, but the moment your relationship had ended. Your entire sky came crashing down. All the colors that once surrounded you were now replaced with shades of white and black. 

A smile unknowingly found it’s way home on your face as you spoke, “Jimin.”

“I missed you.” Jimin bluntly stated, looking for any signs of your undying love for him.

“I missed you too.” You shamefully admitted. 

Luckily, the cafe was empty at the moment, so you could talk to Jimin as long as you wanted. 

“How have you been?” You asked, curious as to what he’s been up to.

“After you left, everything was hell.” Jimin averted his gaze. “I couldn’t eat or sleep. I refused to go to my classes and stayed in the apartment. I even tried calling you at one point, but you changed your number…”

You nodded your head, unsure of what to say.

“I still love you, Y/N. I’ve never stopped.” Jimin reached for your hand in which you allowed him to grasp as he continued. “I know that I don’t deserve your love, but please just know that even if you are happy with some other man, I will always be besides you. I will never stop loving you.”

Eyes welling up with tears, you blinked rapidly as you placed your other hand on top of his.

“I really don’t know what to say.” You looked around until your eyes landed on Jungkook who was giving you a thumbs up, bunny tooth smile sprawled over his adorable face. 

“Let’s start over.”

You took a moment to respond before a grin etched upon your face. “I would like that.”

Jimin’s face lit up in response as he released your hand, causing you to look at him, but before you could vocalize your confusion, he put his hand in front of you and said, “ I’m Park Jimin, nice to meet you.” 

You chuckled, shaking his hands before you replied, “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you as well.”

“I hope to see you around more often, I think you’re quite attractive.”

“You took the words right out of my mouth.”

This was the start of a new beginning. When a door closes, a new one opens. Now, it’s time to fall in love with Park Jimin all over again. 


Genre: Angsty I guess

I don’t know what to title this so I’ll just leave it blank for now. 

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Part 2

He thought it was a good idea. ‘it’s just one date Seungcheol, what could possibly go wrong.’ he had told himself this 2 days prior to the night of his first date since his son’s birth.

Overall, when seungcheol had arrived back from the date, he definitely knew there would not be a second one. Now all he wanted to do was see his lil man.

Seungcheol opened the door and was greeted with 2 eerily smiling faces. Soonyoung and Seokmin stood nervously, their hearts pounding in their chest.

“Soo funny story.” Seokmin led the conversation.

Seungcheol pulled his jacket off, staring at them questioningly, “Funny as in laughing funny or funny as in I’m going to kill you if anything happened to my son.”

“Well!” Soonyoung clapped as he jumped, “Looks like its time for me to leave, Seokmin you got it from here.”

Seungcheol gripped Soonyoung from the neck of his shirt, “What happened to my son.”

“What happened is you’re lucky I was in the neighborhood and decided to stop by.” You walked into Seungcheol’s view, the four year old boy resting on your hip, “Chan was running around the apartment building.”

“WE WERE PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK!” Seokmin screamed.

You smacked his arm, “that doesn’t mean you leave the door unlocked so he can wander off. What if Chan got hurt.”

“But he didn’t.” Soonyoung butted in with a smile.

“Get out.” You smack the two boys as they quickly got their shoes on, leaving quickly before Seungcheol could get his hands on them.

Seungcheol sighed, taking the boy from your hands, “How’s my lil man.” He earned giggles from the younger as Seungcheol lifted him up in the air, tossing him lightly.

You followed Seungcheol into his home, “I’m guessing your date didn’t go well.”

Seungcheol chuckled, “Definitely not. I thought you were on a date too.”

Chan wiggled out of his father’s arms, trudging his way back to you. You picked him up, kissing the boys cheek, “Too douchey for my taste.” You set Chan atop the kitchen counter, grabbing a few animal crackers and treating him, “who needs a boyfriend when I have this lil guy.”

Chan giggled when you nuzzled your nose into his cheek, stealing a peck onto the tiny boy, “Cookie?” Chan offered you a piece to which you gladly took into your mouth.

Seungcheol watched the scene unfold. His lips tugged upward, his eyes sparkling, 'god she’s beautiful’. He loved you so much more than he wanted too. From the day he accidentally hit you with a basketball in college to the day he watched you push the boy in your arms out into the world.


Seungcheol snapped out of his thoughts, “Yeah.”

You gave him a sweet smile, “Why don’t you rest. I’ll put Chan to bed.”

Seungcheol only nods as he watches your figure slink away and slip into Chan’s room.

Seungcheol brushes his teeth slowly. Mind wandering to that night years ago, the drunken kiss, the heated room, bodies pressed together, the hunger of it all. At the time still young, nearing graduation, for a moment the mutual feelings you both shared were released.

'Easy’ he remembered the words slipping from his tongue 'one night stand’ he slapped the hand of one of his friends. He wanted to keep his image, his cool and playboyish mask. Your heart shattered when the words spread around campus and he realized he’d lost the thing he loved.

It wasn’t until a month later he heard your voice. The words 'im pregnant’ ringed in his ears. And he wanted to hug you, hold you up, spin you happily, kiss you passionately. Only your eyes showed different. Your eyes showed resentment against him and he cowered. He promised himself he would help you, anything you needed he would do it. No matter how much you tried to shove him away, he bounced back.

“Get away from me Seungcheol.” The venom in your voice pierced him.

He followed from behind slowly, “I just want to make sure you’re okay.”

“I’m fine.” you snapped at him, “Now stop following me.”

Seungcheol paused in his steps. You wobbled with your large front, a hand placed protectively over the mid. 'Im fine’ you convinced yourself. The pain came excruciatingly quick, your back arched as you let out a cry.

Seungcheol was by your side like the wind, a hand rested on your back, “Are you okay. What’s wrong.”

You winced with each contraction, “I…I think I’m in labor.”

For 15 hours he stood by your side. As you cried out in pain, Seungcheol let you grip onto his hand. The crushing feeling, he pushed aside as he looked at the sweat fall from your face.

“I can’t!!” You cried out when the doctor instructed you to push once more.

Seungcheol leaned in close to you, his hand numb from your hard squeezing. He pushed your hair out of your face, whispering, “Listen. You can do this. Just a little bit more and it’ll be over. I promise okay.” Seungcheol could see the weariness in your expression, “Look at me.” you complied, “I promise, everything will be better after this.”

With one last push, the screeching cry filled the room. You threw your head back exhausted, you hadn’t realized your hand was still connected to Seungcheol as they brought the newborn back towards you. Emotions filled you as you held the child, tears filled your eyes and Seungcheols reassuring hand rubbed circles on your back.

“Hey Cheol.” you poked your head into the bathroom just as Seungcheol finished rinsing his mouth, “I’m gonna head out now.”

Seungcheol followed you to the door, he had changed into a white t-shirt and sweatpants while you still donned on your form fitting dress. His eyes scanned you up and down, heart fluttering with your every step.

You slipped on your heels, pulling the coat around you before glancing at Seungcheol, “I’ll pick up Chan on Monday.” Seungcheol hummed in agreement. You turned your back and he wanted so much to stop you, to pull you back, to ask you to stay.

“Oh!” Seungcheol jumped at your sudden spin, “I almost forgot. Can you pick up Chan from preschool on Thursday. I’m sorry, Jeonghan set me up on a blind date and apparently it just could not wait until later.”

Seungcheol stuffed the broken pieces of his heart down his throat, “Yeah sure no problem.”

“Thanks I owe you one.”

Your hand rested on the door handle, pushing it, Seungcheol watched the door slam shut in his face. The silence plagued his apartment until the light pitter patter of feet reached him.

Chan pulled the blanket alongside him, a hand rubbing his eyes, “Did mommy leave.”

Seungcheol lifted the young boy into his arms, a sigh leaving his lips, “Yeah. Mommy left.”

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Hi! It' my first time to make a request ^^ Can you make a scenario of hoshi? Make it super angst but fluff in the end. You can do whatever you want I just want to cry right now lmao btw I love your blog 😘

- kwon soonyoung is immortal
- he’s lived for over two hundred years now and he’s somehow still not bored??
- with every new era, he just finds something new to do and someplace new to explore
- he meets many different people and makes new friends
- and it’s just so easy for him because he’s so funny and cute and kind and everyone who meets him automatically loves him
- you may ask HOW is soonyoung immortal??
- we’re going to get into the magic now ok so basically when he was born, words were tattooed on his wrist which said the words “you’re my hero” and turns out they’re the first words his soulmate would ever tell him
- he would grow until he’s 22 years old and then aging would stop for him
- once he finds his soulmate, and if they loved him back, then he would age
- that was the contract. if he couldn’t find them, he’d be cursed to roam the earth forever
- so it’s the joseon dynasty and soonyoung is a foreigner to this little village where he sees this suspicious-looking person jump over a fence and he’s like well this should be fun
- he silently follows them and looks over the fence to see the person practicing their sword-fighting and he’s like WOAH THEY’RE SO COOL
- he overhears two guards approaching and one of them is like “hey we should probably go check if someone’s behind that fence, the queen specifically ordered that anyone found be brought to her”
- and soonyoung’s like NOT HAPPENING and he jumps over the fence and grabs the sword-fighter’s hand who looks at him like ??? UM WHO ARE YOU
- soonyoung’s like “shhh stay down!!” and he pulls them behind this stack of torn-up dummies and chipped wood the sword-fighter probably created while practicing
- they’re both down while the guards walk around the area, and they shift a little closer when one of the guards walks a little too close to the pile
- luckily the guards leave, and soonyoung and the person let out a sigh of relief
- they both sit up and look at each other before bursting into laughter
- soonyoung says “that was close huh?’
- the person nods and says “you’re my hero”
- and soonyoung’s world just stops
- he looks down at his wrist, at the words written on his skin….. and he SMILES because he found his soulmate!!!
- he doesn’t immediately tell them that in fear of scaring them off so instead he says “if it’s all right….. would i be able to meet you here every day?”
- the person just nods their head and says “i’ll be here. you can call me (name)”
- “i’m soonyoung!! it’s nice to meet you!!”
- and they both become acquaintances, meeting there every day, just talking and laughing and soonyoung even learns how to sword-fight a little
- one day soonyoung gets called up to the palace and he’s like WHAT DID I DO I WAS SUPPOSED TO LIVE A QUIET LIFE
- but then he gets there…… and sees the sword-fighter in royalty clothing….. and his eyes just go wide
- but instead the queen says “i’ve been looking for someone to watch over (name) for a while now…. someone who could keep up with them, that is. and it seems they’ve chosen you”
- and so soonyoung becomes their knight or bodyguard i guess you could say, and he even gets a nice little room in the palace as per his soulmate’s order
- he’s more like babysitter though because theY’RE ALWAYS KEEPING HIS HANDS FULL
- they’re pretty rebellious royalty
- they’re always escaping the palace to practice their sword-fighting in that restricted area, out climbing trees in the nearby forest, freely running along the fields under the bright sun
- and soonyoung admires their bravery, their adventurous spirit…. it’s refreshing to watch, really
- one night before soonyoung can even get some sleep, he overhears someone trip in the hallway and he already knows who it is
- he gets up and slides open the door only to catch his soulmate standing frozen in front of his door
- soonyoung laughs “what is it now?”
- his soulmate grabs his hand and says “shhh let’s go” while pulling him forward
- they sneak out of the palace and go to the nearby field, where there’s a beautiful view of the night sky sprinkled with shining stars
- soonyoung knows all about constellations so he points at each one and tells his soulmate all about them and they’re so fascinated by it all
- when soonyoung finishes, his soulmate gives him the nickname hoshi
- “why hoshi??”
- “it means star in japanese. every time i look up at the night sky from now on, it’ll remind me of this moment”
- and the nickname just….. sticks
- soonyoung starts introducing himself as hoshi after that
- one night after sneaking out to the field again, his soulmate says “let’s get out of here” and hoshi sits upright and looks at them like…. “what did you say?”
- they say “let’s get out of here. you know…. explore the world? i’m sick of this place”
- hoshi screams “what?! we can’t—anyone caught outside the village’s borders gets killed how could you even think of that?!?!?!”
- his soulmate says “i sneak out every night and don’t get caught, i’m sure we could do it. besides, my mom wouldn’t kill her own child, and she loves you too much to kill you too. the worst thing that could happen is that we get dragged back here. and it honestly wouldn’t even matter if i left….. my sibling could take my place. they’re more fit for the throne anyway”
- hoshi KNOWS it’s such a horrible, risky idea
- if they do manage to escape….. how would the village react to an heir disappearing?
- there would be CHAOS
- but the thought of living an adventurous life….. growing old with his soulmate…… he makes the selfish decision of “let’s go”
- the next night, they pack up some food and clothes and head outside to meet up, making sure to disguise themselves and sneak past guards
- “i can’t believe this is happening” hoshi’s soulmate says
- and when he looks at them….. for the first time since he met them…… they’re smiling genuinely, and he’s starting not to worry anymore about their decision
- they spend a few days walking in the forest, taking breaks for meals, and sleeping under the stars
- but everything goes downhill when they finally pass the border
- they’re caught by the guards of the neighboring village, and rather than giving in and being dragged all the way back to the palace, hoshi’s soulmate takes out their sword
- he’s like “ARE YOU CRAZY?!?! YOU SAID WE’D JUST GO BACK IF WE GET CAUGHT” and his soulmate says “i lied, there’s no way i’m going back there”
- hoshi, who really doesn’t want to fight, knows that they can’t fight alone and so joins in on the fight
- but they’re no match against six knights
- hoshi is being held down by three knights, while his soulmate clashes swords with the three others
- one of the knights say “drop your sword now or die” and obviously the rebellious royal says “never” and kicks the sword out of their hand before sending a swing at them, injuring their arm
- hoshi screams for his soulmate to stop
- but the world stops instead when one of the knights stabs their stomach
- hoshi screams at the top of his lungs and escapes the knights’ grasp as he rushes over to them
- “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!!?” he screams, punching the guard who stabbed his soulmate down
- he of course ended up getting really injured, but he faked being unconscious and was left behind along with his soulmate
- the guards though they were dead so they didn’t bother taking them to their queen
- when the guards are out of sight, he quickly crawls over to his soulmate and lies their head on his lap
- “don’t die don’t die on me come on (name) you’ll be all right i promise you’ll be all right”
- but he knows it’s a lie, and his soulmate knows that very well too
- “why didn’t i just stop you…. if i wasn’t so selfish you’d….. we…..” hoshi cries, covering their wound with his hands but the blood keeps pouring out and their breathing is slowing down
- they place a hand over hoshi’s and smile “hoshi…. i’m sorry it turned out this way but….. thank you for everything you’ve done for me…. thank you for this little taste of adventure….”
- and their hand falls
- hoshi’s eyes widen and he tries to wake them up but…… nothing
- he sits there with them on his lap while his tears fall on their face while he cries “i’m sorry” over and over
- when night falls, he looks up at the stars and recalls that night they first snuck out together to watch the stars
- unable to withstand that painful memory, he takes back his real name soonyoung
- and he starts to hate stars
- the next morning, he buries his soulmate and places the healthiest flowers he can find on top of their grave
- he whispers “i love you” before getting up and leaving
- he decides to start over in a new village because going back would bring back too many painful memories
- many lonely years pass after the death of his soulmate and while he’s out running some errands, he passes by a crystal clear lake, where he stops to stare at
- but then he sees his reflection in the water and realizes
- he hasn’t aged a day
- his soulmate…… didn’t love him back
- they liked him. they liked him A LOT. but “like” is different from “love” and it isn’t enough to break the spell
- this news hits hoshi HARD because this means he would never age because they died
- he hated it……. he hated knowing that he ruined his one chance and now he would be alone for the rest of his life
- because he knew that he’d outlive any friend he makes
- the happy, energetic and smiley hoshi we all know
- is now the sad and lonely soonyoung
- fast forward a few centuries and it’s now modern day, and soonyoung is living a relatively normal life as a part-time choreographer for a dance school
- and one day this person he’s never seen before enters the dance studio wearing sunglasses and a hoodie and he’s like oh well must be a new student or something
- so soonyoung’s class is normal as usual; he turns on some music and continues with where he and his students left off last class
- when suddenly these two bodyguards enter through the doors and one of them says “we’re looking for (name)”
- and soonyoung’s students are all like omg!!!! (name) is here????
- soonyoung’s like “(name)?? as in the idol (name)?? why would they be here—” and his mouth opens slightly when he sees you place a hand over your lips going shhh!!!
- that’s right you’re the person with the sunglasses and hoodie
- one of the bodyguards says “don’t lie to us, we saw them enter through here” and soonyoung says “you must have made a mistake because only my students are allowed to enter this place” and so the guards just give up and leave
- you let out a sigh of relief when they leave and you shoot soonyoung a thumbs up
- soonyoung lets class end early that day and while you’re packing up your things, he walks over to you and laughs “that was close huh?”
- you laugh and say “you’re my hero”
- the world stops
- and after hundreds of years…… soonyoung’s eyes light up again
- he looks down at his wrist and stares at the tattoo for a while before looking up at you who’s still laughing about the whole thing
- but that’s when you sling your bag over your shoulder and say “it was nice meeting you. if it’s no trouble at all…. would i be able to come back again?” and soonyoung just nods his head while staying silent
- you wave goodbye as you leave the school and soonyoung’s lips curve into a genuine smile for the first time in forever
- he found you
- so you start passing by more often and you notice how good soonyoung is at dancing and honestly he interests you a lot to the point that you even contact him to be your personal choreographer
- and soonyoung doesn’t know what to say because…. this is all too familiar….. he feels like he’d just lose you again
- but he makes the final decision of yes because he realizes that maybe he was given a second chance to find his soulmate
- and this time
- he’ll make it work
- so he goes to your company the next day and you meet him at the door where you officially re-introduce yourself and you both head to the studio to start practice
- but then soonyoung realizes “wait. you don’t dance. you just…… sing. or they’re simple steps?”
- and you grin “so you do know a bit about me. i can’t dance at all….. which is absolutely pathetic considering i’m an idol huh? i was recruited for my voice. my dancing skills are non-existent”
- and you tell him that you always escape the building to clear your mind off of it because it stresses you a lot and hiding is the only thing you could do for now
- soonyoung realizes just how similar you are to his past soulmate but he realizes just how different you guys are too
- you both like to run from things you don’t think you could do
- for his past soulmate, it was ruling as the heir to the throne
- for you, it’s performing like an idol should
- soonyoung grins “okay well i’ll teach you how to dance. your comeback is in about three months right? i promise i’ll help you with dancing until then!”
- and for once, you feel confident in yourself
- he goes through the basics with you with simple choreo but it gets especially hard when you have to sing while dancing
- “how do you dance so amazingly?? it’s like you’ve been dancing for centuries”
- and soonyoung’s like “HA you have no idea”
- you say “you should be an idol too. you can sing and dance?? you’re a born star” after realizing what you said, you laugh and say “hey, what do you think of the nickname hoshi?”
- soonyoung freezes
- you continue “it means star in japanese!! i think it matches you well—”
- soonyoung firmly says “no.” and you look up to see his eyes covered by his bangs and his signature smile isn’t on his face like it always is. he continues “i… hate stars.”
- he ends practice early that day and you just wonder what you said that was so bad that made him this upset
- soonyoung immediately feels the regret after saying because WOW HE JUST FOUND HIS SOULMATE AGAIN YEARS LATER AND HE’S PUSHING THEM ASIDE
- but he always feels bad…. you’re his soulmate but…. is he falling for you only BECAUSE you are?? only BECAUSE you remind him of his past soulmate??
- he wants to change that…… he wants to love you for you
- dance practices are kind of awkward now and you both HATE it
- after a long day of practicing, you and soonyoung both part ways and you’re on your way home when you pass by the park and decide to go to your favorite spot to kill the time
- but then you notice that someone’s already there you’re like whO THE FRICK ARE YOU
- the person then turns around to reveal soonyoung
- he says “oh (name)! what are you doing here??” and you say “oh i…. usually go here to kill some time…. not really in the mood to head back yet”
- you walk over and sit next to soonyoung and it’s quiet at first until you ask “if you don’t mind me asking….. why do you not like stars?”
- and he just smiles sadly and says “let’s just say i used to know someone who loved them.” you notice that he said “used to” and you don’t say anything after that
- but one thing soonyoung doesn’t like is silence so he starts a conversation with you and it goes so smoothly
- you guys even find out you have so much in common and you laugh as he goes off about how much he loves shinee and fried chicken
- he then brings up the thing about you dancing by saying “so have you been coming by my dance school to hide from those bodyguards??”
- and you shake your head and say “it may seem like that but no….. the first time i came in was to hide form them but after that, i came willingly….” he asks why and you reply “BECAUSE you’re just so amazing when you dance. you really inspired me to actually work harder in dancing”
- and that’s it. soonyoung’s face warm up and he smiles widely at the compliment
- this becomes routine for you guys: intense dance practice, dinner, park.
- you both become really close because of this and time goes by way too fast because before you know it, you’re already standing backstage for your comeback performance, ready to go up in about thirty mins
- you’re panicking like “what if i forget the steps?? what if i get backlash for dancing so badly??”
- soonyoung notices your stress and leaves the room only to come back with a cold drink in hand
- he walks up to you and holds it against your cheek and you jump in surprise
- you turn around and he grins “don’t stress!! i know you’ll do great!!” and you just kind of blush as you open the can and drink from it
- you finish your drink and you’re called up to perform a few mins later
- you turn to soonyoung for reassurance one last time and he grins at you and says “do your best!”
- you get on stage and the whole audience is AMAZED by your dancing!!! you’ve proven yourself to be a hard-working and good performer!!!
- after the show, you can soonyoung decide to go to your usual spot and by then the sun just went down and stars begin appearing in the sky
- you look up worriedly and ask “is this all right?” and he says “it’s fine.”
- you say “so? do you think i did good?”
- soonyoung teases “ACTUALLY you were a beat off in the second chorus—”
- you’re like “HEY” and he says “I’M KIDDING I’M KIDDING YOU WERE GREAT LOL”
- you laugh and look up as stars start appearing in the sky and the moon is so bright and pearly that night
- you smile and tell him “it’s all thanks to you, soonyoung”
- and he’s as humble as ever and he says “no, you’re the one who worked hard to improve”
- you shake your head and say “without you, i don’t even know what i’d be doing now. it’s only been three months but it’s just…… been so fun with you…..”
- you turn to him and look into his 10:10 eyes while he gently places his hand over your cheek
- you both lean in and share a kiss under the night sky, pulling away after a while to look up at the stars once more
- and that’s when soonyoung realizes
- he doesn’t hate stars anymore
- you say “i think i love you, soonyoung” and he just grins and says “call me hoshi”
- one day, while you and hoshi are taking a walk in the park you suddenly run over to the little bridge connecting one part of the park to the other
- you’re waving hoshi over and when he makes it there, you point down at the water below you two and exclaim “i loved this place when i was younger!! i loved seeing all the pretty fish”
- while you’re watching the fish swim around in the lake, hoshi is just focused on one thing
- he aged
- he knows he did, even though the change is so small. he was shorter when you both first met, and now he towers at almost a head taller than you
- while you’re still watching the fish, he takes your hand which surprises you for a second
- you turn to him and see him still looking down at the waters, and you just smile and squeeze his hand a little tighter

thank you for your request!! ^^

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Nalu & 6 because I'm evil

6: “ I lost the baby. ”

Title: Together

Rated: T

Words: 885

Prompt from here

(anon you must know me and how much I love to write angst)

It had been a long day.

First, Natsu had to deal what that annoying cop Fullbuster who was investigating a fire he put out the week before, then Captain Dryer threatened a demotion if he didn’t stop causing even more damage to the buildings that only had small fires. 

He couldn’t help it. 

If he say a cat stuck in the building he was going to save it. 

So, when he got home all he really wanted was a long shower and to cuddle his beautiful wife, and eat as much food as his body would let him. 

“Lucy, I’m home!” He called out, throwing his coat on a chair and kicking off his boots. 

No answer.

“Lucy?” He tried again, making his way through their house. The lights were all off, not a sound to be heard.

He started to panic. Lucy always answered him when he got home, and she would’ve called to tell him if she wasn’t going to be there. He took off in a run, racing to their bedroom. He prayed that she was just sleeping- he didn’t know what he would do if she wasn’t there.

Or worse.

Throwing the door open, he immediately spotted a head of gold, his wife curled up in a ball on their bed, sheets thrown haphazardly around the room as she clung to a pillow.

“Lucy?” Making his way over, Natsu sat beside her on the bed, hand moving to rub her back in a comforting manor, “what’s wrong?” 

She didn’t answer him, and Natsu felt confusion take over. She wasn’t like this. He had never seen her like this. 

A sudden thought came to the forefront of his mind, and he desperately tried to push it away. His eyes glanced to her stomach, eyebrows furrowing in worry. 

He shifted on the bed, lying down so he could press his front against her back, wrapping his arms around her securely. Tucking his chin in the crook of her neck, he took in a deep breath, her smell filling his senses. 

He moved his arm up and down her arm, humming a random tune as he just lay there, waiting for her to tell him what was wrong. He was starting to get really worried, but he knew he had to just let her gather her thoughts, he had to just be there for her.

A sob filled the air, and after letting that first one out, Lucy couldn’t stop it. She weeped, tears falling and throat turning raw. 

Natsu’s eyes widening, not sure what was happening or what to do. He just continued to stroke her arms, hoping it helped. He mutter lowly in her ear, random words of reassurance.  He hated seeing her like this, and it was even worse not even knowing why.

“Natsu,” she whimpered, once her cries lessened and her breathing evened out. “I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.” She heaved, cries ripping through her once again. 

Natsu was confused. He didn’t know anything Lucy would have to be sorry for. 

“Hey, it’s okay,” he tightened his arms, throwing a leg over hers. He figured being as lose to her as possible right now was the best solution. 

“No, no it’s not. It’s all my fault.” 

“Lucy…” He just wanted her to be happy again. To smile, to tell him he was an idiot with her lips turning up in the corners while she pretended to be angry. He couldn’t deal with sad Lucy- it scared him when she was like this. 

“I’m sorry Natsu. You’ll hate me, god, you’ll hate me so much.” She sounded so utterly broken Natsu felt his heart tear. 

“Oh, Lucy,” he soothed, kissing her neck, letting his lips linger. “I could never hate you. You’re my world.”

Suddenly she flipped around, startling Natsu as she faced him, eyes red and wet, but that wasn’t what shocked him.

Her eyes were filled with sorrow, a sadness he couldn’t comprehend in the slightest, but there was also something else, something he couldn’t quite tell what it was. 

“It’s-I lost the baby, Natsu.” And then she broke.

Natsu thought she had already cried all her tears, but this was something else. Something feral. Her sobs were uncontrolled and heart wrenching, hands clenching on the sheets that were still left on the bed as she curled further into herself and away from Natsu.

He was in shock, eyes staring at her in disbelief before turning soft, a sadness filling him that he had never felt before. 

“Oh, Lucy,” he sighed, moving close to her once again, not letting her jerk away like she tried. “This isn’t your fault. I’m so sorry.”

He repeated it over and over, not letting her think for one second that she had anything to do with this. 

Across the room he spotter their comforter, quickly getting up to grab it before wrapping himself around her again, slinging the blanket over them as he held onto her for dear life, tears falling down his face. 

He breathing deepened, her cries lulling her into sleep from exhaustion, and he lied there, finally letting out a sob of his own when he knew she was asleep. It hurt, it hurt so much.

But he still had Lucy, and they would get through this.


Plane Mishaps // 3:53 pm

Pairing: Reader x Tom

Warning: idk clumsiness ??

Featuring: Tom Holland, Harrison Osterfield, and [YOUR] friend

Prompt: you don’t like flying and turbulence isn’t your fiend.


Flying was like your worst enemy. No, planes were your worst enemy, flying was the epiphany of hell. That’s right.

You would always get motion sickness, your body didn’t like high elevations and you didn’t like heights. Sitting by the window might have been a bad decision, but your friend didn’t like heights anymore than you, and she wanted to nap. She couldn’t nap with the sun shining through the window. It wouldn’t be a problem, but you two got the luck of having a broken blind, so the sun shone directly in your face. You wanted to use the bathroom, but standing up in mid air made you more light headed then you were already.

But your stomach didn’t feel to good. Every thought of the plane moving, of not being on the ground, made your stomach make very uncomfortable movements.

“Okay, I need to get up.” You spoke to your friend that was reading a Vogue magazine. “Sure, sure.” She knew that face, you were going to throw up.

You stood from your seat and scooted past your friend, shuffling as fast as you could to the bathroom. The line had dispersed by the time you got to the bathroom, gladly. You stepped in and locked the door behind you.


It was always a good idea to carry gum around with you, you were very happy you remembered to stuff a pack of excel into your sweater pocket. The bathroom was very tight quarters and if you stood in there any longer, you’d probably faint from claustrophobia.

You unlocked the bathroom door and stepped out, just as turbulence hit the plane. It shook you over and you hit the wall.

Ow, you thought.

It stopped momentarily and the flight attendant scurried over to see if you were okay.

“Yes, in fine.” You spoke through gritted teeth. You just needed to get back to your seat. You started to walk slowly as the ding sounded, the seat belt sign flashed on above your head. You were panicking now. Would you make it back to your seat before another strong wind knocked you over?

You took two small steps down the isle when the plane shook, and down you went. Although, you didn’t go face down, or fly backwards. With your luck, you fell sideways into another passengers lap. He was startled, to say the least. You were positive you woke him from a great nap, too.

“Ahhhh!” He yelled, as you landed holding onto his shoulders, you were really just ready to brace yourself to fall face first.

“I’m so sorry!” You cried, wanting to get back to your feet, but the turbulence wouldn’t stop. He noticed how frightened you looked and quickly, somehow gracefully, swept you up in his arms and placed you into the empty seat beside him. Your heat was going a million miles a minute as his arms let go of you and left you cold.

The turbulence passed after another moment and you could finally catch your breath, your head was a little fuzzy but you felt okay enough to get to your feet and find your seat. But you didn’t move.

The guy you fell on stayed silent. It was awkward, you thought, what were you to say? He cleared his throat, “are you okay?” He asked. OH, he had an accent.

“Uhm, yes. I’m so sorry I wasn’t prepared for that and I didn’t mean to fall-” his hand waved through the air, stopping you.

“It’s okay, really. I’m not that good with flying either.” You faced him now. Oh no, bad idea. He was very good looking. Your jaw almost fell to the floor, but you controlled yourself. He looked a little taken back as he stared at you, too.

Was there something on your face? Oh no, please don’t let there be anything on your face, you thought.

“I-I’m Tom.” His voice sounded far away, was he really awestruck because of you?

“[First Name].” You offered a smile. You’d normally offer your hand, but you were profusely sweating right now in such a hot persons presence.

“So, flying isn’t really your thing , huh?” His laugh sounded like a harmony.

“No, not really.” You shrugged, but you added a laugh to seem friendly enough. But really, you were still in a daze.

“What brings you on a plane, anyhow?” He was trying to keep the conversation going, you realized.

“My friend and I wanted to travel a little before we both went out separate ways.” You answered, watching as he nodded his head in understanding.

“I would kill to take a year off, even just a month, to travel.” His voice sounded sincere, but your eyes were fixed on the other person that walked up to stand beside Tom.

“I’m gone for ten minutes and you’ve already replaced me,” the guy said, he had an accent as well.

“Oh please, Haz. You left me to go talk to a girl, what else was I to do?” Tom said to the guy (Haz? You assumed) in a teasing tone.

“She was cute,” Haz shrugged.

“I better get going,” you said, realizing that you were taking up this Haz guys seat.

As you shuffled past Tom to the isle, Tom swiftly and softly grabbed hold of your wrist, you turned to face him.

“Would it be completely inappropriate if I asked for your number?” Tom asked, as his cheeks turned a light shade of red. Yours felt a little hot to as you shook your head.

“Of course not.” Tom handed you his phone and you quickly typed in your name and number, handing it back to him, he gave you a heart melting smile.

“I’ll see you around, [Name].” With a smile you headed over to your own seat, where your best friend was smiling like an idiot as well.

“What’s got you looking like that?” You teased as you took your seat.

“You’re not going to believe the hottie that just gave me his number,” your friend started. You laughed, “oh, I might have an idea.”

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Just Cuddling?

Tyler Seguin x Reader

Team: Dallas Stars

Warnings: Implied sexual themes

POV: Second Person

Hi! Can u please do a Tyler Seguin imagine of how Tyler is either always on the road or always busy at practice & ya’ll never have time together So Tyler calls y/n & lets her know that he’ll bring dinner home to make up for all the lost time Y/n gets excited & puts on his favorite lingerie on her & lights a bunch of candles to make the house romantic. She waits for him & he walks in with Jamie & Jordie walk Y/n runs upstairs crying super embarrassed & Tyler apologizes and makes it up to her

(Hi! I forgot to include the whole lingerie thing until I reread the prompt, so sorry!)

Originally posted by sheercompulsion

Your name: submit What is this?

“I’ll bring you something back, we can chill inside tonight, okay?.” Tyler said, making you sigh. 

“Okay,” Your voice came out more pleased than you intended, yet you were still annoyed. 

It’s not like you didn’t know what you were getting into when you started dating Tyler. You knew he would be busy and you knew things would be difficult, but just because you knew this, doesn’t mean you didn’t want to deal with it. 

You were more sad then anything, you weren’t angry or anything. Just spending so much time away from him kinda brought you down. 

But this night would be different, hopefully.

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Where My Demons Hide

Originally posted by painfulblisss

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x non-gender specific character
Request: 69 and 135 from this prompt list/drabble challenge.
Rating: Teen and up
Words: 1050 

A/N: It may be unclear, but they’re just friends. There is a detailed nightmare scene including fire, so if that is something that you are sensitive to, you might not want to read this. 

My heart is pounding in my chest as I run down the eerie hallway. The cries follow my ears wherever I go, the sound never seeming to decrease. I turn left around the corner and the hallway gets darker. I feel my chaser close in on me. My legs are burning, my head feels light and every breath burns my dry throat. The exhaustion from dashing through hallway after hallway is overwhelming and I want to give up, but there’s a door at the end of this particular corridor and I find hope. Reaching the metal door, I find it peculiarly light and almost trip when I yank it open. Without looking back I sprint outside.

The freedom I had expected is nowhere to be seen. The screams have come to life in the form of bodies in the fire that I can’t find the end of. Heat surrounds my body and I scream until my lungs are empty when something solid takes a hold of my shoulder.

“Wake up!” The voice above me wails, bouncing me back to reality.

Shawn is leaning over me with a distressed look on his face. I touch my forehead to find it damp from the sweat despite feeling like my core is frozen. He moves back and kneels on the bed, but his had remains against my arm.

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Bad Combo (Evan Hansen x Reader)

TW; purging, abusive parents, HAPPY ENDING

AN; I will hug all of you. This was hard to write and I’m sorry it’s short.

WC; 881

You hovered over the toilet, vomit dripping from your mouth. Tears were rolling down your face. You felt disgusting. You knew there was still food inside of you, and you just wanted it out. You couldn’t hear Evan crawling into your room over the sound of your blaring music. The music was to block out your screaming parents, who barely knew you existed. All they did was fight and throw things. Drink and hit you. You were preparing to shove your fingers into the back of your throat and force the food out of your stomach when the bathroom door swung open slowly.

“(Y/n)?” Evan said loudly, trying to talk over the music. “Oh, oh god.”

You looked up and let your hair fall behind your shoulders. Evan knelt next to you, scanning your face with wide eyes. He reached over for some toilet paper and gently wiped the vomit from your mouth.

“I’m disgusting.” You whispered, a scowl on your face.

“No, no,” Evan whispered. “God no, you’re not disgusting.”

Evan had tears falling down his face, more than you had cried all together tonight. Evan pulled you into his arms and sat with his back against the bathroom door.

“Why- why would-” Evan stammered, his face buried in your hair.

“They-they tell me I’m not s-skinny enough.” You whispered, talking about your parents. A shaky sigh came from Evan, and he held you up so you were looking him in the eyes.

“You’re perfect.” Evan said, an odd wave of confidence in his crying eyes.

“You’re you, and that’s perfect.” Evan held you in his arms until the sun was shining through the single bathroom window. He had fallen asleep, so you were just laying in his arms silently. Your eyes were planted on a fading bruise on your wrist, from where your mother had dragged you by the wrist so tightly she left finger prints. You hadn’t noticed Evan was awake until a finger gently traced the bruises.

“Did your mom do that?” Evan asked, his voice soft.

“No.” You mumbled, a sigh coming through your lips. “Yes.”

Evan took a shaky breath as he interlaced his hands with yours. “Come-Come live with me, please.” Evan pleaded, squeezing your hand.

“Evan-” you whispered. “I can’t. Your family is just barely making it, I can’t do that to you guys.”

“Please, (y/n), please. I’ll do anything for you, I’ll get another job, I’ll sell everything I own.” Evan begged, tears gathering in his eyes.

“You deserve so much more, so so much more. So much that not even the richest man could give you.” Evan mumbled, setting his chin on your shoulder Evan treated you like a goddess, even though you saw yourself as so much less.

“It’s just a bad combo,” You whispered, trying to convince yourself. “Some people have it worse.”

“A bad combo?” Evan’s voice cracked. “Please, let me help you, I love you so much.”

A tear slipped down your face and you nodded lightly. Evan sighed of relief, glad you were finally going to let him help you.

“Can-Can we get your stuff today? I want you safe as soon as possible.” Evan asked, letting go of your hands and wrapping his hands around your body.

“Okay.” You mumbled, listening to the silence. “Okay.”

Evan eventually got up from embracing you and left with you to go get his car. When you drove back Evan quickly packed all of your things before your parents could wake up from their drunken sleep. You left a note, and told them not to look for you. You knew they wouldn’t, anyways.

When Heidi came home that night, she was more than confused. She was willing to let you live with them as long as you wanted as long as you could help around. Evan unpacked your stuff into his room, insisting you stay in the same room as him. You shyly accepted and ended up cuddling together every night. Heidi wasn’t home much, but you and Evan had been going strong for a year. Every Friday was movie and pizza night, and sometimes Jared would come over. You got to finally meet the people in Evan’s life. Your parents had never looked for you, but you realized you didn’t need them to be happy. You kept making yourself throw up for a while until Evan slowly helped you break the habit and feel better about yourself. Evan had changed your life for the better- hell, he had practically saved it. You would never tell him or anybody else, but one day you wanted to marry him. It was another late night where you both lie awake in each others embrace, whispering back and forth.

“Evan?” You whispered, a smile shining through your voice.

“Yes?” He whispered back, holding you against his bare chest.

“I love you.” You kissed his chest and closed your eyes, burying your face into his chest.

“I love you too, beautiful.” Evan smiled, putting his hands in your hair and kissing your head.

That’s My Boy.// Draco Malfoy x Reader,

Title: That’s my boy! 

Prompt: Draco and the Reader son was chosen to play in the TriWizard Tournament, but something terrible happens. Something unforgettable. 

Paring: Draco x Reader.

 Warning(s): SAD AF!!! 

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I stood in the kitchen of mine and Draco’s house. Draco was cutting up vegetables and stood at the stove cooking Mac & Cheese. Our two daughters, Rhine and Cassandra were sitting at the dining table, our three month old, Lucius, was in his crib fast asleep. Our oldest son, Scorpius’, owl flew through our window, dropping a letter on top of Draco’s food, “Bloody hell,” he mumbled as he set it aside, “Pesky owls, never dropping it in good places.” He looked at me as my giggle sounded, “Love, it’s most likely from Scorpius, its okay.” I smiled and turned back to the pot, stirring the noodles a bit. “Go read it dear, I’ll finish up.” I kissed his cheek, he smiled and nodded. “Rhine, help your mum. You can cut the vegetables, just don’t cut fingers off.” His voice told our ten year old. Rhine got up from her chair and stood beside me, she was a shorty, yet was almost as tall as me. 

I finished the girls’ lunch; Rhine made their plates and handed it to her five year old sister. The children are a spitting image of Draco, the platinum blonde hair, grey eyes, pale skin, yet they all had one thing in common with me, their personalities were quite like mine, not exactly though. They each had one thing about their personality that reminded Draco of me. I stood at the kitchen window looking out into the backyard, “Dear,” Dracos voice rang from the living room, I turned around looking at the girls, “Can you guys please clean after wards? Daddy and I will give you a couple pounds,” I whispered, do Draco didn’t hear. They nodded instantly; I smiled and kissed their forehead before walking into the living room. “Yes love?” I asked sitting down beside him, he looked at me handing me the letter. 

“Read it,” his voice cracked a bit, I nodded and took the letter from his shaking hands. I could tell it was our son; his messy handwriting was scribbled on the page. 

“Dear Mum and Dad, 

I wanted to send you this letter, allowing you to know something before I actually go into the thing. I was selected for the TriWizard Tournament. I’d love for you both to come.

 It’d mean loads to me. I know you have to take care of the baby and the both the girls, but I hope at least you’ll make it to the last round. 

I love you mum and dad, please tell Rhine and Cassandra I love them.

 -Scorpius Malfoy.”

My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach, “He cant be in the tournament. He’s only fourteen, Draco,” my breathing got a bit faster, “What if we loose him?” I whispered, he shook his head no, “We aren’t going to lose him okay?” he whispered and grabbed my hand. “I’ll have mum go and watch his first two, and we’ll go to his last one okay?” I nodded and looked down, “Girls, go get ready. We’re going to leave for Grandma and Grandpa’s soon.” I yelled, getting up. “Write back to him, please Draco.” I whispered hugging him. His arms went around my waist hugging me back. 

Time passed until the last and final TriWizard match, I anxiously waited for the only two kids to get back, “Where is he?” I muttered under my breath. My mum and dad had taken Lucius for us, so we brought Cassandra and Rhine. I grabbed Draco’s hand as I saw a bright light and people surrounding a couple body’s. I stood up as I heard a scream, my heart falling. “Draco,” I whispered before running down. 

“There’s a dead boy,” one lady said as I ran pass, “Is that Draco’s son?” I heard an all too familiar voice ask, Harry was there supporting his son, Albus. I ran down the steps, Draco and the two girls falling close behind me until we saw the boy. “My son!” I screamed out, falling on my knees, “That’s my boy.” I cried holding onto Scorpius green shirt, I touched his cold face, “Please wake up.” I cried tears falling all over this face before Draco picked me up, holding me in his arms. The two girls were holding onto Draco’s legs, crying, trying to hid. “He’s gone Draco,” I chocked out, “Our boy is gone.”

A/N: I cried writing this omg. I’ve never read someone else do this, and i have a slight obsession with ‘Goblet of Fire’ at the moment oops?? Someone send me some imagines to do, i have no inspiration atm omg. but i believe that Draco would be the one more in shock then anything, he wouldnt act right away, but he would react later.

Just Friends (part two) - Stiles Stilinski

A/N: **MAY BE TRIGGERING** drug use+overdose, suicide

A whole month.  A month of being friends with Stiles.  Best friends, really, seeing he was the closest person you had.  But there’d been a month of eating lunch together every other day.  (on the other days he’d eat with his friends).  A month of walking to classes and lockers together.  A month of texting each other during classes to carry on conversations you didn’t want to end.  A month of fangirling about Star Wars.  A month of him driving you home in his jeep, which you found out he called Roscoe.  A month of hanging out at his house, planning to study but always watching tv.  A month of being best friends with Stiles, and a month of him never going to your home.

Sure, he’d dropped you off there, but never walked through the doorway.  Just to your porch, where you’d thank him, say goodbye quickly, and rush inside.  The door always seemed to close on him before he could blink.  But he never really pushed the subject.  Which made you glad, you didn’t want to drag him into your drama.

It was Friday night, and you were currently walking to his house, he’d invited you over, and since you didn’t have a car… your only option was walking.  But you didn’t mind.  The weather was nice, and it was a good excuse to listen to music.  His house was really only a twenty minute walk anyways.

When you arrived, Stiles opened the door, grabbed your wrist gently, and pulled you in.  “Come on, this is gonna be so much fun” He said enthusiastically, bringing you all the way into the kitchen.

“Stiles why are we-”

“Do you know what today is?” He asked, blocking your view into the room.

“Um.. Friday?”

“Yes, but I mean holiday wise” He said.

“I don’t know-”

“It’s our friend-iversary!” Stiles exclaimed, throwing his arms up and moving so you could see the table.  On it, was a cake, which looked homemade, and on it was messily scribbled in frosting, ‘happy one month friendship anniversary!’.  You had to giggle at his awful culinary and decorative skills.

“It’s wonderful Stiles… but I didn’t get you anything, like a gift or something” You said with a slight frown.

“No no, I didn’t either, I just thought I’d make dessert and we could hang out the whole night” He shrugged, and you nodded.

“That sounds great” You smiled, walking into his kitchen and getting two plates, and two forks.

You ended up eating the whole cake together, while sitting on his bed and watching tv.  A Marvel marathon of course.  You were currently on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  It was late, the both of you laying with your backs against the headboard of his bed, a laptop playing the film between you.  Your eyes were beginning to give up staying open, and you often yawned quietly.  In minutes, you were sleeping on Stiles’ shoulder unknowingly.  He didn’t wake you up, or move you or anything, just smiled and pulled a blanket over you.

“For God’s sake y/n stop getting in the way!” Your older brother yelled at you.  Your seven year old eyes welled up with tears.  “I just want some privacy!” He exclaimed again.

“y/b/n please! Please I don’t want to be alone!” You sobbed outside of his room.  He stood holding his door open and watching you cry.

Your mother and father had gone out for the night, and you’d had a bad dream.  But when you’d come crying to your brother, he wanted nothing to do with you.  He ‘d rather just finish his blunt before going to bed.  His eyes were bloodshot red, face pale and lips swollen and chapped.

“Just go to bed, it was just a fucking dream” He’d sneered, and slammed the door in your face.  You’d cried outside his room all night, falling asleep by the door.

When you woke up a few hours later from another nightmare, your sniffles resurfaced, and you knocked on your brother’s door again.

“y/b/n?” You called quietly.  “I’m sorry, I won’t be annoying or loud” You promised.  “Can I please just sleep in your room tonight?” You asked softly.  “I’ll stay on the floor” You waited for an answer, but it didn’t come.  “y/b/n?” You called again.  Still no answer.  You swallowed your fear, and hesitantly opened the door to the room.

You didn’t expect to find your brother lying on the ground with an empty bottle of your mother’s prescribed medication in his hand.

You awoke with a jump, tears steaming your cheeks.  The action caused Stiles to jolt as well, looking from the movie to you.

“What time is it?” You asked quickly.

“Almost midnight do you want a ride or you can stay on the couch if you want-” Stiles stopped when he saw you were crying.  “Hey.. hey what’s wrong?” He asked softly, reaching towards your face but you turned away, wiping your tears with the back of your hand.

“Just a bad dream” You said dismissively.  “It’s nothing” Stiles got out of bed, opening a dresser drawer.  “What’re you doing?” You asked, and watched him retrieve sweatpants and a tee shirt.

“Clothes for you to sleep in” He told you.  He handed you the pajamas, and you took them with a hesitant hand.

“I don’t want your Dad to be angry-”

“He doesn’t care, he likes having you around” Stiles said with a smile, and you felt your chest warm at the idea of being wanted somewhere.  “Now, I’ll let you change in here, just call when you’re finished and we can just lay and talk about this dream, okay?” You nodded, and he pushed your hair back from your face, thumb caressing gently over your forehead.  “Alright, I’ll be back when you’re done” He said, and walked out of the room, closing the door behind him.

You’d changed rather quickly, having to tie the sweatpants up high around your waist so the material didn’t trip you when you walked.  Although it still came over your feet.  You took a few extra minutes, wandering Stiles’ room, looking at picture frames he ad on his desk and walls.  Pictures with him and his friend Scott McCall.  You particularly liked the ones where he was just a kid, at the zoo with his family or playing outside with his friends.  After looking around for just a little bit, you opened the door, seeing Stiles standing in the hall in his own sweats and tee shirt, scrolling on his phone.  He smiled upon seeing you, and you both walked into his room.

“You don’t mind me sleeping here?” You asked.  “It’s not gonna make anything… weird… right?” Stiles shook his head and pursed his lips.

“Things could never be weird between you and I” He said, collapsing onto the bed.  You crawled in next to him.  “So,” He started, “What was this nightmare about?”

“Oh, it’s fine, I’m okay now” You rushed, but he gave you a look.  One that you knew meant he still wanted to know.  You took a few deep breaths to calm your nerves.  “I don’t want to scare you away” You whispered, not wanting to look up to him from the bed sheets.  Stiles clasped a hand with yours.

“There’s nothing you could possibly say that would scare me away” Stiles said, giving you a smile that you saw in your peripheral view.  He squeezed your hand, grabbing it in both of yours.

“It wasn’t..it wasn’t just a dream” You said quietly.  “It was a memory” You breathed the words out, still worried and unsure about opening up to him.  “Stiles I- I want to talk to you_ i want to tell you these things I do I really do-” Your voice cracked and when you looked at him, he saw the tears in your eyes.

“Hey, it’s okay, I promise” You licked your lips, breathing again.

“I had a brother” You said, and Stiles instantly felt a pang of sadness at your past tense mentioning of him.  “And… and one night… my parents went out for date night and left us home” You breathed in sharply, and looked up at him.  “I fell asleep and had a bad dream” You wiped your eyes with your free hand.  “I went to his room, and I know that he was smoking… he did any time mom and dad left” A few more tears escaped.  “He told me to go away, he yelled at me a lot, and I passed out in the hall outside his door” You sniffed, and Stiles let go of your hands to cup his own around your cheeks, thumbs brushing the tears away.  “I woke up and-and I was scared again-” Your chest heaved and your lips quivered.  Stiles’ brow knit together as he watched you unravel in front of him.  “I opened the door, and he was there on the ground” You closed your eyes, and it was like you were reliving it all over again.

“It’s okay, I understand, you don’t have to say it” Stiles spoke softly, but you shook your head.

“I need to say it” You said, opening your eyes, and looking at him.  “He killed himself.  He OD’d on my dad’s pills…” You nodded slightly when you finished.  Stiles’ thumbs rubbed circles in your skin.

“And how do you feel now?” He asked.  

“You’re not gonna tell me you’re sorry for my loss?” Stiles shook his head no.

“I’ve heard that enough from my mother that I know it does nothing for anyone” You nodded again.  “Is there… is there anything you want? Anything I can do?” You breathed out, and closed your eyes.

“Can we just… lay here for the night, I don’t really want to do anything” Stiles nodded, and watched you shuffle a little closer.

“Goodnight” He said, combing his hand through your hair with a soft smile.

“Goodnight Stiles” You responded softly.

xoxo ~ jordie
i just want to say that it’s going to get pretty serious and intense in the chapters to come, and i just want readers to know that i’m always here to talk to :) ok i’m done with the sappy stuff.  thanks for reading!