falls into her dimples

The Truth About Dating Ashton

Aside from him drumming on every possibly surface, including you….

He would work so hard to sneak you everywhere. His hoodie pulled up and sunglasses on as you strolled around New York. A beanie with his curls tucked away while you walked on the beach in LA. Asking restaurants to sit you in the back as opposed to the window seat they first suggested. He wasn’t trying to hide you, he was trying to protect you.

He would do anything to impress your family. He didn’t feel like selling out arenas and selling millions of albums was quite good enough. He hadn’t even met them yet and he would fly you to your dad on his birthday, send flowers to your mom for her promotion at work. You could sense his tension when he was going to meet them at your house. Being an only child your parents were protective. Your mom would fall for his dimples and his charming demeanor, laughing at all of her jokes. Your dad was think he was ‘okay’ after he chatted with him about sports and your dad’s ACDC vinyl collection.

He would make sure you didn’t see hate on social media. He would make sure you weren’t checking it. He would make sure fans saying anything bad about you were stopped. He would catch you reading some and immediately stop you. He constantly wanted to defend you, but also wouldn’t want to put you in the spotlight. He knew how hard it was to read things like that so he made sure you never saw it.

He would treasure every second with you. The minute he could fly to see you, he would. Even if it required leaving at 4am alone. He would stay as late as he could, sometimes you would have to make him leave to catch his plane. He would take secret pictures of you for himself. He would leave you sweatshirts and flannels. The last night he was with you he would constantly be touching you, even just his hand on your leg or his feet tangled with yours. He would soak up every second with you so he could remember it when you were apart. 

Luke. Calum. Michael.