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The Way You Looked at Me. [Chapter Five]

Pairing: Jung Hoseok x Reader

Genre: Angst

College AU!

Word Count: 3k

[Teaser] [Chapter One] [Chapter Two] [Chapter Three] [Chapter Four] [Chapter Five] [Final Chapter]

Warning: Implications/Mentions of several sensitive/triggering topics. Please read at your own risk. (I do not wish to hurt or offend anyone).

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She continued to ignore me for days, if she spotted my presence then she would do her best to avoid me. It hurt, not going to lie. It’s as if she really doesn’t want anything to do with me anymore. Because she was always doing her absolute best to avoid me, I saw her less and less. She would go to class before I even woke up, I’d either see the back of her head in the lecture theatre or she’d be looking at the back of mine. When she got back, she never stayed in the living room for more than five minutes, unless Wootak was over to dance with her. Which then I’d leave them alone and stay away because seeing her dance with another guy other than me is still a little overwhelming, I know that it’s selfish because my dance partner now is Chaeyoung but I guess now I know how she feels when she first saw me dance with someone else other than her. The more I didn’t see her or argue with her, the more I felt distant, the more I felt like I was losing her. But it’s my own fault even if I do, because I couldn’t suck it up and be a man, instead I was cowardly and stupid. No matter how much I want time to turn back so that I can fix my mistakes, or just apologise and make things right with her now - it seems like I’ve already lost all my chances and that there’s no way this can be fixed, because what we had is already too broken, to the point where the tiny pieces were missing and they couldn’t be found again to fill in the gaps.

My train of thoughts were put to a stop when I heard Y/N shout from her room -

“OUCH SHIT!” Without taking another second to think about my own actions, I was already crouched by her side in her room where she was next to a big cardboard box and a knife next to her feet.

“You idiot, what happened?” I could have guessed that the knife slipped as she was trying to slice through the tape but, as a natural reaction, that was the first thing that came out of my mouth and my own hands held hers in mine examining her bloody finger closely until she pulled her hand out of my grasp.

“I’ll be okay.” Her voice quiet, as she stepped away from me and walked towards the bathroom. The way she snatched her hand away, leaving me there as if my existence ceased to exist made me feel shitty. But I didn’t want to give up. So I went into the cupboard and took out the first aid kit and dragged her out of the bathroom and over to the counter.

“Just leave me alone, it wouldn’t even matter if I bled to death. It has nothing to do with you.” She tried to walk away again but I didn’t allow her to. Her finger was still bleeding as she held a tissue over it, blood seeping through.

“Don’t say shit like that Y/N, I know I’ve been a prick about things and I know I’ve told you many times that I hate you, but I hate hearing that shit come out of your mouth. And yeah sure, I said I despised you but I’m just a dick and I’m lying to myself, I do still care for you deep down inside, whether or not you believe me it doesn’t matter but I’m just telling you the truth.” I held onto her waist and lifted her onto the countertop, standing directly in front of her where she had nowhere to move to.

I opened the first aid kit and took out the antiseptic wipes, holding her hand in mine I took away the tissue and started to clean her wound for her.

“But how could you care about someone you hate and despise?” She scoffed, no longer trying to pull herself away from me.

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  • half of the characters on this show: *kills and/or tortures people on a daily basis*
  • lee: *breathes*

wanna move thru the world in a way that makes sense. let august cut me open and let light spill out (or in). let things happen that are good to me and don’t feel guilty abt it. wanna make my body my body and love it how i should and let it love others the way i want it to. the music is so soft, here. wish i could be like that - drifting a tiny bit and always here for everyone.

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Howdy naf! First ask here, I really dig your art and you as a person!! I aint so swift with color when it comes to fashion/outfits and such, i've seen you write a bit about this before but wouldja mind at all givin' some pointers for not falling into the dreaded ditch that is [horror music plays] mismatched blacks?

HAHA ok before I go off on my rant I just want to say that mismatched blacks aren’t universally seen as a fashion crime, even though I know tons and tons of people who don’t like it. There are never any rules in fashion, just guidelines, and if you end up disagreeing with me and my gothic ass that’s a-okay

but the reason I personally don’t like mismatched blacks is because I think it shows a lack of dedication. I know that sounds weird, so I’ll explain.

Let’s start with some examples of good all-black ensembles, and what the monochrome color story does to highlight the outfit.

When the blacks are all unified in an outfit, it creates sleekness and reduces the amount of distractions in order to highlight other things like texture, silhouette, and detail. 

And this is actually one of the ways you can try to avoid mismatching your black clothes, by relying on differences in texture. It’s very difficult for anyone to find perfectly matched clothes, so if you can pair close-enough tones and use enough texture contrast, it helps maintain the all-black ensemble.

A classic example is a leather jacket with a cotton shirt and denim pants

Not only does the change in texture help the outfit and retain the sense of sophistication, the texture contrast is suddenly the entire point of the outfit, bringing attention and focus to it. It has dedication and deliberate curation.

Now let’s look at a bad example of an all-black outfit and some potential edits

The original is giving us 3 separate tones to work with: a deep black shirt, charcoal pants, and an off-teal blue jacket. The similar (but not-quite-the-same) texture and tone between the jacket and pants is distracting, and not letting the unique shape of the jacket sing. And because there’s two midtones (jacket and pants), the deep black of the shirt has nothing to rest on, and ends up just looking bland.

  1. In fix 1, we unify both the jacket and pants to being charcoal, letting them stand out as a unit. The black shirt becomes a complimenting “staple” piece and plays well with both. This is essentially a good one-two punch of visual effect
  2. In fix 2, we actually embrace the color of the jacket completely, letting it be the focal color pop while the shirt and pants take a back seat. Because the shirt and pants are now secondary pieces, they work together because their closeness in tone allows them to exist in the same family. However, the texture and silhouette of the pants still stands out from the shirt, giving the outfit more interest, but not enough to fight for attention with the jacket

Both fix 1 and 2 are more dedicated to showcasing different parts of the outfit, while the original gives us 3 elements fighting for attention.

Again, this is my personal opinion, but I hope it helps you out!  (´//▽//` );;

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I have a migraine and I actually want to fall in a ditch but oh well :/ do you think you could do a got7 Mark au please? I really love your account by the way. It really helps me calm down because your writing is so smooth.

  • athlete doctor!mark tuan 
  • specializes in athletic injuries and knows too much about,,,,too many sports,,,,,,shouldn’t he be an athlete himself why does he have a medical degree
  • mark: because i went to med school,,,,,,,,,,in cali,,,,
  • everyone: we didn’t need to know it was in c-
  • mark: in California 
  • everyone thinks he’s really handsome and super smart,,,,but he isn’t much of a talker. like when he’s with patients usually nurses do all the talking and he just explains what’s going on and what kind of treatment the person is gonna need
  • he’s polite and all that but literally every patient that’s ever tried to be like “dr. tuan, what are your hobbies?” mark answers really simply and cuts to the chase
  • and it’s like,,,,,,,,you really separate work and your personal life don’t you
  • but it’s actually kinda cute,,,,you don’t have to hear him say something to tell how family orientated and sweet he is. like his desk is covered in framed photos of his parents and siblings. him holding his nieces, him with cousins, him with his best friend fellow doctor jackson
  • and for someone so quiet and serious on the job,,,,his social life looks great LOL
  • even though every nurse who’s ever asked him out has been (gently) rejected
  • you come in because you’ve been having really bad leg cramps ever since you got injured at your soccer game and instead of asking dr. tuan about his hobbies or telling him you need more pain meds
  • you’re like “doctor, let’s be real - do i have to get my leg cut off?” and you’re looking at him dead serious and mark,,,,,,,,he bursts into laughter
  • and he never does that except when dr. wang visits
  • and he’s just like “no one has ever started a conversation with me like that before!” and you’re like fffff please don’t laugh!!!! im seriously worried
  • and he regains his composure and he’s like “no, your leg will stay. it’s probably another pulled muscle.”
  • and he examines your leg and writes a prescription but he asks you why you’re smiling so wide and you’re like “because!!!! i get to keep my leg that i love so much” and mark, again, can’t hold back his chuckling
  • and he’s like “you’re,,,,,incredible you know that?” and you’re like hmmm why
  • and mark is like no one has made me laugh that hard since forever,,,,,plus they’re cute,,,,,,and he looks at your chart and says your name and he’s like
  • “call me at this number if the pain doesn’t go away, send me updates on how you’re feeling ok!”
  • and you nod and thank him and as you’re leaving you’re like talking to the secretary and you’re like “he gave me this number to call if anything happens” and when she sees it her eyes go wide and she’s like ,,,,,,that’s not our direct line,,,,,,,you got dr. tuan’s own!!!!! cell number
  • and you’re like H U H,,,,really,,,,,,,,
  • and she’s like omg omg omg he neVER DOES THAT
  • and you look over at the office where mark is going over another patient’s chart,,,,,and you remember how strong his features are, how he looks more like a model than an average doctor
  • and you can’t help but feel really lucky,,,,like you have his number,,,,,the hot doctors number,,,,,,
  • and hell yeah a week later you find yourself on a dinner date with said doctor because mark finds you charming and adorable and you make him laugh so hard he almost spits his wine out at the table LOL 

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If you're still doing the drabble thing could you do “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore." for tree bros. If it's not to much to ask, that is.

This is probably ooc, but I hope you enjoy it!

Contrary to popular belief, Connor Murphy is not, in fact, the worst kid in school.

Sure, there was the whole Mrs. G/printer fiasco in second grade, but, aside from that isolated incident, Connor hasn’t done much that would label him as a bad kid. He turns in his homework on time, he does well on tests, and he doesn’t talk to people in class. Well, that last part is less because he’s a good kid and more because he doesn’t have any friends to speak of and so doesn’t have anyone to speak to in class, but still. He doesn’t get into fights. Not really. Connor’s shoved a kid or two in his grade, but that’s always just been in response to someone being an asshole to him, and he shouldn’t get in trouble for standing up for himself. But he does.

Not that he even has to stand up for himself much; there aren’t even that many kids who dare to bother him since he shoved that one kid in the parking lot and the kid ended up with a broken ankle. Which wasn’t Connor’s fault—how was he supposed to know the kid was going to lose his balance and take a dive off the edge of the pavement? And isn’t it the school’s fault that they built the parking lot right beside a ditch so if someone trips or is gently pushed they’ll fall straight into the ditch? But, Connor digresses. The only kids who really bother him are the few brave souls desperate enough to be considered cool that they’re willing to bother the school’s resident psychopath, and even they have started laying off of him recently. Connor guesses everyone’s started in on the kids even lower on the middle school food chain than him.

Which brings us to now, when Connor’s standing outside the boys’ restroom in the science wing, listening to Evan Hansen’s stuttering explanation of why he doesn’t have any lunch money to give whatever dipshit cornered him in the bathroom peppered with an obscene amount of apologies. Seriously, this kid is apologizing a lot for someone who’s being harassed.

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So glad you're okay tight now! I'm sending all my good thoughts your way!

Thanks, Anon. Irma has mostly passed through my area. They say that there might be some residual gusts blowing through later in the day, but the worst is over. My backyard is a complete mess of uprooted trees and bushes and coconuts, and my power is out and I’m slowly melting into a puddle of my former self from the heat, but I am safe!


*stanley groaning offscreen*

fiddleford: if ‘ya think this is bad, ‘ya shoulda seen him in college

Richie Having a Crush HCs

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  • he doesn’t know what the feeling is because he’s never been in love??
  • Eddie is like,, his younger brother love doctor who tried to talk to you once
  • Richie got pissed when Eds made you laugh 
  • he successfully got you to go to the Arcade with Rich
  • Richie thinks you’re  in love with Eds when you really didn’t like anyone
  • you slowly fall for him after Eds ditched the Arcade and Richie and you were the only ones
  • He obviously is trying to make you laugh
  • it works most of the time
  • he has no idea how to make you get the hint
  • you got the hint a long time ago
  • he gets hit by an air hockey thing and you make him feel better
  • the boy’s SWOONING
  • you’re like
  • “are you okay? your forehead has a big bruise”
  • He’s completely in awe
  • then he says
  • “It’ll be better if you kiss it”
  • he expects you to walk away
  • but you kiss his forehead
  • he fREAKS
  • he loves it
  • he tried to kiss you again 
  • it worked and then he says he kinda maybe might like you
  • you say you kinda maybe might like him back 
  • the end

Skater!Eds Headcanon

- I think around his freshman or sophomore year of high school Eddie would get a little tired of biking to school

- he needed something smaller that didn’t require so much effort to lock up every day

- one day when he’s on his way home he passes by some kids at a skate park and notices how agile they all are

- before he can think about it too long and talk himself out of doing it he goes to a store and spends his allowance on a cheap but sturdy board

- at first he’s a little intimidated, and getting on seems like a daunting task

- eventually he works up the courage to try it out in the privacy of his back yard

- there’s not a lot of space to work with on the patio, but it’s enough for him to figure out the most comfortable way to stand, what foot to kick with, etc.

- once he’s got the hang of going back and forth he decides to take a gander down his block, but he’s absolutely sure to do it when there’s almost nobody is outside so he won’t be too embarrassed if he falls

- after weeks of practice, falling, more practice—and more falling—he’s good enough to ditch his bike and skate to school instead

- And just IMAGINE the sheer SHOCK on everyone’s face when they see little ol Eddie Kaspbrak, skating up to school

- in his red short shorts, pastel yellow shirt fluttering, wind blowing through his curly hair, (I feel like Richie would have convinced him to grow it out a little bit because he just loves his hair so goddamn much), and a shit eating grin plastered on his face

- this is also the first time the losers have seen him skating (he kept it a secret because he wanted to surprise them with the sudden change)

- Eddie is DROOLING because “LOOK at how COOL my little Eddie spaghetti is!!!”

- He tries to act nonchalant about it, but inside he’s bubbling with joy because he’s finally starting to feel like he’s figuring himself out

- sure it’s just a skateboard, but the newfound confidence he’s been gaining is really shining through

- I feel like Richie would tie rainbow colored streamers to the back trucks so when Eddie would skate fast enough he’d have this GAY ASS FLAG flying behind him

- Eddie pretends to be annoyed, but secretly he thinks it’s the cheesiest, most adorable thing

- Eddie standing on his board while Richie holds his hand and walks / pulls him down the block, talking about absolutely nothing

- Eddie likes that because he’s finally (close) to being the same height as Richie when he’s on his board

- Eddie, just being the happiest, kindest, little skater boy in all of Derrry, Maine

At first I was thinking “Okay, maybe they don’t understand English.” So I decided, “let’s put a little picture instead” (idea courtesy of @eizabet). Now there’s just no excuse. This is the same group that stole my anti-repost art btw.

To whomever is frequenting my blog and stealing my art, fuck you. Go fall in a ditch. 

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holy shit i just started following you and u have the BEST cole headcanons! do you have any glacier? ;))

ABSJSNW THANK YOU I LOVE YOU?? I will take glacier to the grave with me friendo so yes I do, I offer you these for your kindness ❤

  • Cole: Zane I hurt my bicep I need you to come kiss it better ;))
    Zane: oh no of course D: *kisses cole straight on the lips* is that better :((
    Cole, who is now the colour of Kai’s gi: yEAH UH HUH SURE THING
  • One time they take arm wrestling too far and Cole snaps Zane’s arm off by accident and cries for three (3) days.
  • Zane: cole make me a sandwich stat
    Cole: sure *comes back with a single slice of cheese on top of one slice of bread*
    Zane, putting Cole’s head between two slices of bread: WHAT ARE YOU
    Cole: an idiot sandwich
  • Cole will try to one up him with knowledge and Zane is like bby, why are you trying
    • Cole: babe I can do maths SO much faster than you
      Zane: fine what’s 56 x 34
      Cole: 72
      Zane: that’s not even close
      Cole: yeah but it was quick
  • Cole loves to eat and Zane loves to cook and honestly if Cole hadn’t come up with some serious restraint he would be like 30 stone with coronary heart disease and diabetes
  • Cole: you have the prettiest blue eyes
    thank you do you want to see them closer *pulls eye off*
    Cole: nO PUT IT BACK ON
  • Zane downloads Cole’s favourite musicals so he can learn everything about them and sing when with him and laugh when he makes jokes about them
    • He also learns how to dance so he can do all sorts of dancing with him because it makes cole smile the size of the sun and that makes Zane very happy
  • Someone: your boyfriend is… A robot
    Cole: um yeah and that means he’s perfect which is more than I can say for your crusty ass get outta here before I bitch slap you into next week??
  • Cole is just talking to himself one time and is like “man I wish I could get a dog” and 3 hours later Zane shows up outside his room with an armful of 7 puppies and just goes “I didn’t know which one you wanted and it got out of hand I’m sorry please help me”
  • Zane is most definitely Cole’s impulse control
    • Cole: Zane is on a mission so I’m gonna cut the sleeves off all my shirts
      Kai: why would you do that
      Cole: cause he’s like 83% of my impulse control so
    • Zane: cole no you cannot punch that old lady in the face
      Cole: Zane she barged you out the way?!? And then looked at us like we were dirt?!?!! Just one punch I promise!!
      Zane: I got this bby *walks over to the lady* *inhales* wHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT THE LOVE OF MY LIFE :))
  • Cole: Zane ask me why I love you
    Zane: why do you love me
    Cole, opening up his 130 slide powerpoint presentation: I thought you’d never ask
  • Cole would kill for people to play with his hair so Zane will brush it and braid it and tie it up for him and Cole is always sat there like :) I love this boy :)
  • Someone: throws something at Zane
    Cole: *running jump kicks the object out of the air and then backhands whoever threw it*
    Zane: what was that noise
    Cole: oh nothing baby I love you :)
  • Zane can breathe and cole will be like “you’re doing amazing sweetie”
  • Zane: ice is nice!!
    Cole: I’m so gay I’m so gay I’m so gay I’m so gay I’m so ga
  • Zane keeps a very close eye on cole during battle and he doesn’t like when they have to split up and he can’t be with cole, because how is he supposed to keep an eye on him? How is he supposed to stop him getting hurt? Oh no what if he gets hurt it’ll be Zane’s fault he promised to look after him
    • Cole is like I love you be safe!!!!! *smooch* and Zane is like “ok I feel a bit better now”
  • Cole is like unbelievably good at picking up vibes, Zane doesn’t even have to say anything and cole will know if he’s upset or stressed or angry and he will just squeeze his hand and give him a soft smile and Zane is like :D !!
  • Very convenient that Zane is the master of ice because they can still cuddle in the summer and Zane can just turn up the AC so cole doesn’t melt and all is well!!!!!
  • Cole: *winks*
    Zane: *short circuits*
    • Kai: being gay isn’t contagious Zane
      Zane: then how come I get gay thoughts whenever cole takes his shirt off >://
  • Piggy backs for the win
      Zane: :D!!!!!!!!!!!!! *trips and falls in a ditch*
  • Zane: cole, you are the most beautiful boy in ninjago. Trust me, my database has scanned and compared everyone across its entirety.
  • One time Zane accidentally flings cole off the bounty
    • Cole: hey babe give me a boost I need to reach something on the roof
      Zane: oh of course *picks up cole and throws him so high he flies completely over the roof*
  • Movie nights because Zane can download anything and everything
    • Zane: you had better appreciate this movie I almost download a malware for this >:/
  • Cole is so smad because who is knocking on his door at 2am but he opens it and Zane is standing there and he just goes “I have done some extensive research and I have come to the conclusion that I am in love with you :D” and cole swears he sees the light at the end of the tunnel that’s how much he nearly dies
  • Cole: Zane can you make me a pie
    Zane: no.
    Cole: when did you stop loving me
    Zane: oh no he thinks I don’t love him??? I didn’t realise he wanted a pie so badly oh no I don’t want him to be sad D:
    *An hour later*
    Zane: *shows up with 15 pies*
  • Cole would die a thousand deaths just to make Zane laugh and it’s not that hard to because Zane doesn’t even really find Cole’s jokes that funny but he laughs because he sees how happy it makes cole and that little triumphant glint Cole gets in his eyes and oh my goodness he is done for
  • Cole: Zane can you lend me a hand
    Zane: *pulls his arm off and throws it across the room*
  • Cole: I can’t stand people talking about their girl. I like lowkey stuff.
  • zane is the only one on the team strong enough to lift cole so he will use that to his advantage.
    • is too tired, zane needs to carry him
    • has hurt his knee, zane needs to carry him
    • is sad, zane needs to carry him
    • had a near death experience, zane needs to carry him
    • is too hungry, zane needs to carry him
    • needs to be carried, zane needs to carry him
    • zane knows his game you ain’t slick cole, but who is he to say no to his bf he is only too happy to indulge him
  • the only time they have ever had an argument is when Zane beat Cole on guitar hero and Cole has honestly never felt more betrayed in his life and wouldn’t talk to Zane for the rest of the day
  • Lloyd asks zane to help him map out something for a mission and he just goes “I’m sorry Lloyd but I am gay :/” and cole is like I have been waiting for this day because he says it all the time and now they can twin
  • speaking of twinning, matching outfits. that’s all I will say. they’re the cutest matching couple ever.
  • zane will play airhorns whenever cole burns someone but it gets out of hand
    • wu I need to borrow some money” *air horns play in the distance*
  • zane and cole rolling in wearing cool sunglasses as zane plays a cool theme song is obviously a must

ask me ninjago headcanons!

When one of your cousins likes MLP and the other likes Star Wars and you’re short for time on Christmas presents