falls down to the floor

Batfam cleaning headcanons
  • Dick once accidentally sucked up Tim’s iPad charger with the vacuum. 
  • Damian once intentionally attacked Tim with the vacuum. They ended up having to cut his hair just to set him loose and Tim was not happy.
  • When told to clean his room, Jason would, without fail, stuff everything into the closet and drawers… only to be busted by Alfred. 
  • Cass tends to do the same thing at her place, but more because she genuinely thinks she’s cleaning? Alfred is appalled when he opens a closet door and Literally Everything pours out.
  • Damian and Tim once had a “Windex fight”. 
  • Dick is really bad for not pointing the nozzle in the right direction when dusting or cleaning, and has sprayed himself in the eye many, many times. 
  • Jason once mopped the kitchen and forgot to tell anyone… so Bruce came back from patrol and slipped, falling face-down on the floor. When confronted, Jason shrugged and said that if Bruce had let him go on patrol “this wouldn’t have been a problem”. 
  • There is an ongoing competition to see who can scare Damian while he’s cleaning and wearing his headphones the most. Dick is currently winning with 7 confirmed scares. 
  • Eight-year-old Dick being made to do the occasional chore (at the behest of Bruce, “to teach him the values of diligence and hard work”) and singing “It’s The Hard-knock Life” from Annie just to piss of Alfred and Bruce. It works. 
  • Dick fell out of a window once when he was cleaning one of the top floor windows. Tried to do it again because he claimed it was “good practice”. 
  • Steph is forbidden from cleaning or touching anything in Wayne Manor after breaking a rare, antique vase that cost $1.2 million. She’s allowed to sit on the couch though.
  • Babs definitely stress cleans. Like, everything in sight. Don’t leave your stuff out when Babs gets really stressed because she will probably throw it away.
  • Dick dances and sings while he cleans, which means it takes him much longer and gets on everyone’s nerves because it’s usually cheesy pop or 80′s tunes. 
  • Bruce once took it upon himself to clean his own shower and Alfred found him laying on the bathroom floor, barely conscious, a strong fume permeating the room:
  • Alfred: *coughing through the fumes* Master Bruce! What on earth is— is that fear toxin?! Laughing gas? 
  • Bruce: No… *weakly points to a spray container* I used too much… Cillit Bang…. 
  • Alfred: *slowly stands and leaves the room without another word*
  • Ruby: So let's get this straight.
  • Weiss: My sister and Ruby's uncle know each other?
  • Winter: Unfortunately, yes.
  • Weiss: Wait a minute, you look familiar. Like, I even thought so that time you fought Winter at Beacon.
  • Qrow: I don't think we've met before that.
  • Winter: You haven't. Now, changing the subject-
  • Weiss: No, I swear I have.
  • Winter: Weiss-
  • Whitley: Wait wasn't he that guy you had a bunch of posters of in your room during combat school?
  • Winter: ................NO-
  • Qrow and Ruby: *Break down laughing, fall onto the floor*
  • Winter: Look, I hadn't met him yet so I didn't know how much of a-
  • Qrow: Wait, wait, wait, which poster did she have? Was it the swimsuit one?
  • Whitley: I don't know, there were a lot of them.
  • Qrow and Ruby: *On the floor, dying of laughter*
Going Down || Jughead J.

Sorry for the wait and how bad it is!!

15. “Take. It. Off.”

Combined with:

6. “You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!”

Requested by: @rubyeun and anon

“Take. It. Off.” Jughead demanded, prepared to tackle me.

“And if I don’t?” I giggled, fixing my hair so it’ll look well with his beanie. I heard him growl under his breath before he came at me. He tackled me on my bed, pinning my arms down, the beanie falling down to my floor. “Now that’s not far!” I said, struggling against his restraints.

“It’s not fair that you took my beanie.” He said, blue eyes staring into my E/C eyes. I leaned up and kissed him, diverting his attention, and flipped us over so I was on top. “Talk about ‘not fair’.”

“You started it,” I said, giggling. “And I’m gonna finish it.” I attack his sides with my hands, tickling him.

“That’s it!” He grabbed my wrist flipping us over yet again, by now both of us are on the edge of the bed, close to falling off. “I banish you from this bed.”

“You can’t kick me out! This is my bed!”

“Watch me,” he started tickling me, from my laughing and fighting him off, I slide off the bed and let out a little yelp.

“Jughead!” I yelled, he gripped onto my arms, and lowered me down to the floor slowly.

The panicked look on his face changed as he cracked a smile. “I kicked you off, didn’t I?”

“You butt!” I said, grabbing his beanie and throwing it at his chest, he brust out laughing, falling back into the bed.

Once his laughter died down, I speak up. “You know, the floor is a lot more comfortable, especially without you attacking me.”

“Then maybe I should come down there?”

“No! Stay up there, I’m enjoying my banishment.”

He chuckled, “I love you Y/N,” he peaked over my bed, looking down at me.

“I love you too, Jug.”

Masterlist || Prompt List


“Y/N!” Dean shouts as he storms out of the room, walking hurriedly down the hallway.

“Y\N!!” He shouts louder this time. “Y/-” Dean stumbles with something and trips. He falls down to the floor doing an awkward barrel roll when he encounters the few steps leading to the library. A sort of growl escapes his mouth. “Sonovabitch!”

Dean looks up and his eyes meet Sam’s, surprised and holding in a laugh. “Don’t!” Dean warns pointing a finger at his younger brother.

“I wasn’t gonna.” Sam lifts his big hands in the air.

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Rose Theory (YEP Another one)

Everyone except Daehyun and Himchan dies (Daehyun is most likely the killer, as teased by his uncropped teaser, and Himchan most likely escapes or is an accomplice). Why?

Everyone but these two are lying in very uncomfortable, unorthodox positions and locations. Plain and simple; it isn’t normal behaviour for a 20 foot tall man to squish himself between a wall and a kitchen cabinet, or to lean against a heater during winter, or to crouch next to filthy pots in your expensive suit.

Why do they do this then? Because the teaser pics are enactments of the positions that those members die in:

Jongup falls down against the heater:

In a quite obvious and dramatic placement, youngjae falls onto the carpet:

Junhong is shoved between the kitchen cabinet and a wall:

and Yongguk is attacked in the kitchen and falls down against a cabinet onto the dirty floor:

Holding Hands

Summary:  Jack loves Bitty, that’s a given. But sometimes his attempts at affection backfire a little, or a lot.

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Bitty was baking, as usual, when Jack came home from an afternoon practice. Jack was exhausted, and ready to eat and spend the night with his boyfriend. It was still amazing to Jack that he could think of Bitty that way. After going through so much, Jack finally had somebody special all to himself. He was falling in love.

Jack stumbled through the door, throwing his bag down on the floor. He heard the familiar beeping of the oven, and smiled to himself. Jack walked to the kitchen, and sat down at his breakfast bar. Jack knew better than to disturb Bitty while he was baking, even if things were different. He suspected that Bitty wouldn’t mind if Jack distracted Bitty a little by kissing him, or something; but Jack didn’t want to risk it. Bitty seemed so serene, so at home in the kitchen. Jack didn’t want to disturb the peace more than necessary.

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It had been a pretty late night. Mark, Amy, Tyler and Ethan had stayed up late working on some videos at the office before heading back to Mark’s house for the night. They stopped and grabbed some food on their way home, so they finished off the night sitting in the living room eating take-out Chinese food, laughing and talking with each other. Ethan and Amy were the faster eaters of the four, so they finished earlier than Mark and Tyler. By the time Mark and Ty had finished their food, Amy had already passed out on the couch with her head in Mark’s lap, and Eth was very close to falling asleep on the love seat he was sharing with Ty. Not wanting to wake Amy, Mark just reclined back and decided to fall asleep on the couch, while Ty laid down on the floor to give his friend more room.

They all slept in fairly late, but Ethan was the first to wake up. However, upon doing so, he became extremely confused. He could have sworn he fell asleep on the small couch, but he woke up on the big one. He looked up to see he was resting on Mark. “Mark! What the hell?” Ethan asked very confused.

“What??” Ty answered, woken up by the yelling.

“Not you Ty, I said Mark.” Eth explained.

“Yeah Amy, I know, but why are you yelling at me?” Ty asked before looking up and instantly getting a very confused look on his face. “Wait how…how am I…over there… if I’m right here?”

“Tyler, what in the fuck are you talking about? And why the fuck did you call me Amy, you know I’m Ethan,” the blue boy asked, confusion clouding his mind. By this point the other two had just begun waking up.

“You’re not Ethan, Ethan is right there. You’re Amy. And that’s apparently Mark,” Ty said pointing to Mark, “but I’m Mark,” Ty said pointing to himself.

The two looked at each other in complete disbelief in their situation. “There’s no way. That’s impossible, literally completely impossible,” Ethan rambled. It was at this point that Mark and Ethan (or whoever were in those bodies) were fully awake and just as confused at the first two.

After some very odd discussion time, it was apparent that Ethan was in Amy’s body, Amy was in Ethan’s, Mark was in Tyler’s, and Tyler was in Mark’s. Nobody could come up with any explanation for any of it, so they tried to just go on as normal as possible. Luckily all the videos for the day were recorded, so Mark and Ethan didn’t have to worry about trying to get Amy or Tyler to record in their place. They tried their best to just have a normal day in the hopes it would go back to normal soon.

The day was surprisingly not as weird as they had expected. Ethan and Amy had the most difficulty adjusting, since they switched genders, but after a few hours, it was surprisingly normal. After dinner, they were all hanging out in the living room again. Tyler was on the floor leaning against the loveseat researching body switches, as if he could actually find anything useful. Ethan decided to just unwind and was seated on the loveseat watching YouTube videos. Amy and Mark decided to watch a movie together and were sitting on the big cough together. For a while, everything was fine, nothing weird. Until Ethan looked up from his laptop and saw his body cuddled up against Tyler’s. He instantly stared blushing and tried to hide his face in his laptop as much as possible. It wasn’t him of course, but just the sight was enough to make him flustered. As much as he hoped nobody would notice, he saw Tyler look up at him from the floor for a second, before giving him a confused look. He climbed up on the small couch next to Ethan and asked what was wrong.

“Oh it’s nothing. Just uh…it’s a bit…odd.” He answered vaguely.

“Just our predicament or what?” Ty asked.

“Well yeah, but I meant…that” Ethan answered, nodding his chin towards the couple cuddling on the couch. Right at that moment the couple kissed, making Ethan blush even more. He tried to remind himself that the people who were doing it actually were a couple and that it wasn’t weird, but he just couldn’t help but feel very flustered at the sight.

“Oh…yeah, I guess it’s a little weird.” Ty answered.

“Well you seem to be handling it a lot better than me,” Ethan joked with a small laugh, trying to lighten the mood.

“I mean it’s nothing I haven’t imagined in my head a million times.” Ty said. It seemed to take him a second to realize he actually said it out loud before trying to laugh it off awkwardly. Meanwhile, Ethan practically almost choked on nothing when he heard Ty’s confession. Albeit, it was weird to hear it coming from Mark, but he of course knew it was actually Tyler.

“Um…what??” Ethan asked stupidly, unsure of how to respond.

It seemed like Ty scrambled for an answer for a few seconds before finally sighing and confessing. “Well I mean I thought I had made it pretty obvious with all the flirting, but uh…yeah…I have feelings for you I have for a while now.” Tyler explained in an awkward tone of voice He wasn’t really one to talk about his feelings much, so stuff like this was sort of his downfall.

He became very nervous, and actually got very close to just getting up and walking away, being sure that Eth would never return his feelings. He stopped when he saw Ethan smile and just say a very simple, “me too.” At that point Tyler really couldn’t help himself as he grabbed Ethan’s chin and leaned in to place a small but affectionate kiss on his lips. Psychologically, it was weird to kiss someone in Amy’s body, but he knew he was really kissing Ethan. He had to pull back when he heard Mark jokingly shout, ‘Hey, what the fuck? Don’t use my body to kiss, you whores!” Ethan and Tyler just began to laugh and leaned their foreheads against each other. Mark and Amy returned to watching their movie, so Tyler took this opportunity.

“So Ethan,” Ty asked in a gentle whisper, “will you finally be my boyfriend?”

“Of course I will, you big doof,” Ethan answered lovingly.


Original idea was from @sinfulblueberry. An anon aksed her about something like this, but I took it in a bit of a different direction. (Also check out that blog bc it amazing k bye)

How to describe KNK's laughters

Youjin: A mild-mannered, typical (sometimes forced) human laugh. Sometimes it’s just a mouth wide open with no/very soft sounds, but that is when he is actually amused by somthing.

Seungjun: Haunted neighbourhood cat. Literally just goes “Ha ha ha ha ha”.

Inseong: Extremely loud, high-pitched, almost morning-alarm appropriate uncontrollable laughter. Think chipmunk laughter, just a bit more human like.

Jihun: seal wheezing-like noises while repeatedly falling down & rolling on the floor, totally oblivious to his surroundings. Would probably still be laughing even if you told him the sky is falling.

Heejun: Almost like he’s gasping for air, wheezing noises. Something like “Heu-hahahahahahaha-HEU-hahahahaha-HEU-”

You feel you are falling apart when you wake up and just check your phone, seeing there isn’t a good morning text for you. You fall apart when you get home after the tired day in school and want to talk to someone but you aren’t there. You fall apart when you see the sun shining and see you are stuck alone at home. You fall apart when you pass that place or places and you are just falling down to the floor. You fall apart when you are laying in bed and thinking for the good moments and after a minute you realize they don’t exist anymore. You fall apart every night before sleep and don’t get a good night texts. You fall apart when you are trying to sleep but you can’t because of your broken mind. And when you finally fall asleep, you have the best dream and wake up after midnight and realize there’s nothing like this. You fall apart trying to sleep and just put your headphones in the ears and just cry. You fall apart in the morning when you realize there was another bad night. You fall apart everytime.
Remember Me...

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Reader (Beta) x Stiles Stilinski
Words: 1,082
Warnings: season 6 feels! 
Request? yes or no
Inspired By: season 6 feels. also the scene where lydia is holding Stiles lacrosse jersey and trying to get the sheriff to remember him.
A/N: yet another archive story, i wrote this long before season 6 started and I decided to bring it back to this blog. sorry for taking it down in the first place.

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Prove It (7/?) [Ft. Reader x Loki]

Summary: Loki receives a marriage proposal from a young princess and accepts, becoming King of his own realm. However, he gets more than he bargains for as he learns that the kingdom has more than meets the eye and he finds himself in the middle of something sinister. What will he do when he falls in love with his wife and her life is at risk?…

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 8 / Part 9/ Part 10 / Part 11/ Part 12

“Must I wear these awful heels?” you grimaced.

“Do you not like them?” Kenya asked.

“Not really, they pinch my toes and they are ugly.”

The shoes were white and had a twisted heal with thick straps that were pushing your toes together painfully. When you moved your foot it felt like your toes were going fall off, you sat down on the floor and pulled them off. You scowled at them and walked over to the window, you looked back at Kenya and she smiled at you.

Holing the heels above your head you tossed them forward out the window, watching as they disappeared from your sight. Turning around you walked over to the cart of shoes, most of them were just a crazy and painful looking as the ones you threw out. Kenya answered the door as you sat down in front of the cart, one pair shoes caught your eye.

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BTS Reaction - When you start talking in your sleep

Thank you @classydeerfox for your request! :)


You woke up by him laughing and falling down on the floor. 

You: Jin.. What are you doing down there?

Him: You are so cute when you talk in your sleep, i think i just cried.

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Since you were talking about him and giving him small compliments in your sleep, he was not going to miss a chance to record you so he could listen to it while on tour - or get a chance to brag to the guys that he had a girl that thought that he was so awesome.

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All he could do was just to watch you and smile like an idiot to the sound of your voice. “What did i do to deserve this angel?”

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Since he was sleeping harder then you, he would not notice.

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“Ah listen to her! She just said that she wanted a bunny! So freaking cute”

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“Alright so who made her say that Jimin was more good looking then me? I will sure find out”

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You woke up by the sound of his giggles. He just smiled and winks at you. “I never knew that you had those dirty words in you.. Don’t worry, i will not kiss and tell”

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“No, no, no!”

Chuck backed away from the computer, fisting his hands and resisting the overwhelming compulsion to write. His back collided with the bookshelf behind him, which shook and caused the empty beer bottle resting there to fall down to the floor, bursting into tiny shards of glass. 

The writer froze on the spot. He had just witnessed the first of three omens that had come to him in the form of a vision and foretold the death of a loved one. 


Dean. The last person Chuck wanted to see right now; the second omen.

“Why are you here!?” Chuck cried, stumbling across his living room to meet the Winchesters, who at the sight of him stiffen and went into alarm mode.

“Chuck, what’s wrong?” Sam asked. His face betrayed the calm tone of his voice. Chuck Shurley was not someone who got easily scared nowadays, not after going through something as damn scary as the Apocalypse. Whatever had him like this was definitely something to worry about.

“It’s you!” Chuck pointed an accusatory finger at Dean, who tensed up at the gesture.

“The hell did I do?” barked Dean.

“You coming here, asking for me. That’s the second sign.” Chuck looked around, his eyes wild. “Shards of brown glass, that was first. Then you calling my name, that’s the second–”

Sam walked over to Chuck and gripped his shoulders. “Chuck. Signs of what?”

“Y/N! It’s her, she’s going to die!” Chuck lamented. “Drop dead on the floor, just like that.”

Dean and Sam flinched. No, not you. Their most dear friend, a fearless and kind hunter…just dropping dead? That wasn’t possible. 

“I–I thought if I didn’t write down what I saw, I could stop it from happening,” Chuck sobbed. “Thought that–that if I acknowledged her death it would become unavoidable.”

“What can we do?” demanded Dean. “Chuck, please!”

The eerie chiming of the grandfather clock filled the air before dying and leaving an echo behind, raising goosebumps on the three men.

“Chuck?” Dean’s face went pale as he stared at the longcase clock in the living room. Sam’s hands on the writer’s shoulders dropped to his sides, his whole body shaking lightly. Without the support of Sam’s hands, Chuck fell to his knees and buried his face in his hands.

“Is she–” Dean started, gulping down the sudden knot that had formed in his throat, “Is Y/N…dead?”

“She is, in this life anyway.” Chuck took a shuddering breath. “We will never see her again.”

“What do you mean, ‘in this life’?” 

“I mean, she is in a completely parallel world that is not our own.” Chuck rose to his feet and leaned on a chair nearby to prevent his shaky knees from collapsing. “Definitely alive, and I hope happy.”

“If she’s alive then we need to get to her!” Dean said. “We just need–”

“She doesn’t remember anything from her life,” Chuck interrupted. “It’s too late.” 

“But she’s watching over us as we speak,” he said after a moment. “Well, ’reading about us’ is actually a better description for it.”

“She’s…reading about us?”

His eyes glazed over when he looked up to the ceiling, as if he could see past it and up to infinity. “At the other side of where we are, staring at a computer screen is Y/N, not knowing that the characters she reads about were once part of her life.”

Forgiveness Pt. 2

((Fell!Goth POV))

~Before the Fire~

I walked back inside still laughing my head off, but something felt off…even though I wanted memories to go away they didn’t. They proceeded to drill into my mind…mocking my every move. I was so caught up in my thoughts I hadn’t heard the fire alarm going off.

“What the hell?” I looked towards the small bonfire outside only to see that it had spread drastically. “Sh*t!” that was the only thing I could say, I didn’t prepare the yard for a fire, I mentally slapped myself, I started heading towards the front door, only to be blocked by falling wood. I the whole second floor would’ve come down in that area if I wasn’t careful, so I stepped back.

Windows? No…

Any other doors? No…

I was trapped in my own stupidity, ‘Heheh, nothing knew…’ I thought.

((Fell!Palette POV))

~Back to the Present~

I gripped the ground, cursing my actions under my breath. I was blaming my self for everything. If I hadn’t yelled at him…no if I hadn’t talked him into it…NONE OF THIS WOULD’VE HAPPENED! My eyes sting from the tears streaming down my face…I had only one choice…

~Small Time-skip~

The fire had completely vanished, I walked towards the charred debris. What I found made it even worse…Nothing…Nothing but his f*cking scarf and a pile of dust…He was gone because of me…I never thought I cared…But I did, and now he’ll never know it…

~ Bad Ending ~

I gripped the ground, cursing my actions under my breath. I was blaming my self for everything. If I hadn’t yelled at him…no if I hadn’t talked him into it…NONE OF THIS WOULD’VE HAPPENED! My eyes sting from the tears streaming down my face…I had only one choice…

I noticed a moving pile of debris, I ran towards it almost instantly. I pulled broken and burnt wood off the figure, I didn’t care if it hurt…I…only cared if Goth was okay. Soon after some digging I found him, badly injured. I picked him up and carried him out of the “hell fire.” He looked weak and close to death

“Goth? Please talk to me…You can’t die like this you hear me?!”

He opened his eyes slowly, I couldn’t help but smile. However he glared when he saw me…

“Wh-What do you want?” He said coldly. That was harsh, did he not understand what the hell I just did for him?! But before I could answer him, he started coughing horribly. Damnit…He wasn’t gonna end up making it…I hated to admit it…I liked him, actually LIKED him…this wasn’t fair…

I put my arms around him, he looked shocked, made him look even cuter in my eyes. I quickly pulled him into a kiss before he could object, he tensed up but relaxed…


A moment later…


He slowly turned to dust in my arms…

~ Neutral Ending ~

Alright SO! Sorry!!! XD

Fell!Goth - @nekophy

Fell!Palette - @angexci

does it ever hit you that Bill’s been waiting over one trillion years to take over our dimension. meticulously planning and manipulating and biding his time. carefully watching. always watching. “I’ll be watching you”. So certain that nothing is going to get in his way. but the one thing he wasn’t counting on, the thing that’s going to be his downfall, is Dipper reaching Mabel’s bubble and leaving it with her.

the one thing he wasn’t counting on was Mabel Pines seeing through her perfect world and shattering Bill’s hold on her because there’s no one in reality or fantasy she loves more than her brother.

the one thing he wasn’t counting on was Dipper Pines fighting through literal hell on earth and resisting his every desire because there’s nothing in the entire universe he loves more than his sister.

the one thing Bill Cipher was not counting on was two 12 year old twin siblings loving each other more than anything.

do you ever think about that