falls down 3 flights of stairs

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Does anybody really stop to think about Gravity Falls' Sock Opera episode? I mean, the contrasts between the A plot and the B plot are unnerving. Mabel's plot revolves around her weekly crush on a boy who loves puppets and she spends the whole week creating a fantastic and fun sock puppet show to impress him- it's cheery and bubbly. Meanwhile, Dipper's plot revolves around him descending into sleep deprived madness while trying to crack a code to a computer that might give him all the answers to Gravity Falls, and when the information on the computer is threatened, he is desperate enough to make a deal with an untrustworthy demon who literally ends up using his body as a puppet. This gives Mabel's puppet show a much darker meaning, since her brother's body becomes part of it- both in the fact that there is a demon in Dipper's body and that Dipper's soul has to possess one of Mabel's socks in order to be heard or seen. Also, Mabel didn't even notice that her brother's behavior was out of the ordinary at first, and if Dipper hadn't figured out how to contact her, he could have died (as revealed in Journal 3). Bill, as evidenced in the various actions like sticking forks in Dipper's arms and throwing his body down a flight of stairs, could have cared less about the state of Dipper's physical self while using it to achieve his own ends. In fact, he even wrote a suicide note to Mabel from Dipper, and would have thrown Dipper's body off the Gravity Falls' water tower and framed his death as a suicide, leaving his mental self to wander the Dreamscape forever in madness if Dipper had not gotten his body back. Literally how is this a canon series of events in a kids show what in the everloving f-

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today during PE I fell down a flight of stairs. we were supposed to do this exercise where you run around the track except you also go on the bleachers and run up and down all those stairs. the teacher didn't see me fall down and I didn't tell her since she'd probably make me keep running since I wasn't bleeding since I fell only like 3 steps worth of stair but still. also I'm really into homestuck so you can guess where that lead to.

3 steps worth of stair it’s too late for this

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A women that doesn't know shit about cars? Not surprising

i don’t say this a lot but i hope you fall down three (3) flights of stairs today

Fire Alarm

pairing: bucky barnes x reader

summary: A mysterious fire alarm goes off every night in the apartment complex, and this leads you to meet someone new.

warnings: none

For a week straight, the fire alarm went off in the apartment building that you were unfortunately living in. 2:12 Am, it was like god damned clockwork. When you first moved in, your landlord made it clear that if you don’t evacuate with any alarm sounding, he could technically sue you. Since you didn’t have the money for anyone to sue you, you prepared for the nightly routine once it happened past Wednesday. You made sure that you had some comfy sweatpants on and a hoodie, and you brought some tea with you while you bounced down the 3 flights of stairs into the parking lot. This particular apartment building was in upper state new york, so not a lot was around other than a convenience store, and a target about 15 miles away. Oh and some trees.

It was already half way through fall, so the leaves were scattered all around the parking lot and crunching under peoples boots as they descended the outdoor stairs. You’d thought you’d seen it all in this life of yours. Except when hot guy from 4b across the hall, came down the steps in his underwear, and a red sweater. His long black hair was blowing all over the place in the wind that was whipping through the complex, he looked beautiful. And of course, he made a beeline for you, with that flannel blanket wrapped around your shoulders. Before he even was a few feet in front of you, you were already unwrapping the blanket and getting ready to give it to him.

Once 4b mystery man got over to you, you handed him the blanket and he thanked you. That’s when you noticed the metal hand reaching for the blanket, it must’ve been from some sort of accident, and you thought no mind of it. “Thank you, I did not want to be still in my apartment when the firemen came around.” His smile was simply gorgeous, “I’m Bucky, by the way.”

You smiled back, “I am y/n, nice to meet you Bucky.” Even through the frigid wind, you felt a tinge of pink spread across your cheeks. You hoped he just thought that it was from the arctic air and not meeting his hot self. From the time your mind started to roam, people were starting to shuffle back into the building. And there went Bucky with your favorite blanket, bouncing up the stairs in front of you.

When the two of you reached the top of the stairs, Bucky made a realization. “Shit, my keys are on the table in the living room.” The frigid air was becoming too much for you to handle as you shuffled into your apartment, so you quickly offered for him to come in. “Seriously? Thank you so much.” Bucky smiled and shivered slightly as he walked over the threshold into your apartment. His eyes wandered around, taking in the living room that was branched off the kitchen. Then he took it upon himself to get comfy on the couch while you grabbed a snack from the fridge.

“So, you have a spare key anywhere?” You asked and sat on the love-seat adjacent to the couch he was occupying.

Bucky ignored your question, and looked at you through squinted eyes, “Why haven’t we met before, doll?” This man had a grin that pulled you in, in a way that you couldn’t explain. There was some things you knew about him, but none of it was his charm.

Something told you to play along, “Well I had seen you from afar, but you seemed a little too bachelor to approach.” Then your eyes drifted to his metal arm that was resting on his left thigh. “You have a war story?” You figured that you’d get this question out of the way before some wild story came out later on in the relationship you were planning in your head.

Bucky’s eyes dropped for a moment, “You wouldn’t….Wait, how’d you know it was a war story?” his head quickly rose and turned to the side, and eyed you up.

“You think that I haven’t seen Captain America running out of your apartment every Saturday? I was going to pop over one afternoon, but seeing as you guys need some bestie time, I figured I shouldn’t.” A smile spread across your face as you explained, and Bucky couldn’t help himself but smile as well. He thought to himself that you were growing on him, more and more by each passing minute. It had been a while since he’d had these feelings for anyone, so he wanted to make a move on it.

Bucky decided to be bold, “Let’s go out to dinner, tomorrow.”

Your smile said it all.



“What if they don’t like me?” You whined out loud, and pushed a stray piece of hair behind your ear. The sticky air of May was not kind to any hair, and this only added to your list of worries for the night.

Bucky laced his fingers through yours, and gave a little squeeze, “Baby, it’ll be fine. The avengers are going to love you, because i love you” He gave a small kiss to your temple before turning the knob to the living room door. Behind it was all of the Earth’s mightiest heroes. You had yet to meet all of them, you’d been pushing it off for a long time in hopes that they’d forget about it. But they finally pushed to have a dinner for everyone to get acquainted. After taking a deep breath, you walked into the room with Bucky’s arm wrapped around your waist.

The conversations immediately ceased, and you smiled brightly while you waved to everyone. One by one, they greeted you. Before you even knew it, dinner time had arrived and the many chefs brought out the various dishes. The designated dinner table was huge, you wondered how many heroes have sat at the table once before. Everyone continued with their conversations, but then Tony Stark decided to make his point loud enough for everyone to listen in. “Y/n, did you know that I’m the one that set you and our dear Bucky up?” He grinned with a tilted head, and took a bite of steak.

You furrowed your brows, “How so?”

Tony smiled and made eye contact with the infamous Black Widow sitting across from you, “Remember that fire alarm that mysteriously went off every night?” Tony smiled nonchalantly as he continued, “And it suddenly stopped after you and Bucky decided to go on a date?” He laughed, and it did indeed make you laugh as well. Tony went on to explain that Bucky had mentioned you before, and that he just simply wanted to ‘nudge’ the two of you together.

And little did you know, Tony would tell the same story at you and Bucky’s wedding a year later.

Persist to Please

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Member: Exo D.O./Kyungsoo; Kai/Jongin; Sehun

Type: Angst/Smut

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Your mind was much too foggy to really think about exactly where you were going; you just ran, wanting to get as far away from your husband as you possibly could.

It was a miracle that you didn’t fall down the stairs- you were too freaked to even wait for an elevator down, so your feet carried you quickly down the flights of stairs, your breathing heavy and your heart racing.

You were outside the building, the cold air hitting your skin and you looked around you frantically, not knowing which direction to go or where to go or what to do. People were looking at you, you knew they were but none stopped to ask you if you were okay. You initially thought they were selfish, but then you realized that you wouldn’t help the crazy person who was running around with little clothing in the cold day.

Day? It was still bright but you had no way of telling the time and you took off again running, your feet carrying you as you pushed aside bystanders who watched you like you were some form of entertainment.

You wanted to scream, you wanted to hide, your mind was spinning and- Sehun, oh god Sehun, you needed to find him but how, where-

Someone grabbed your shoulders and you felt your world spinning, your eyes squeezing shut at you felt the fear of your husband. He had you now and he wasn’t going to let go and you let out a blood-curdling scream as the man turned you around and pulled you into his hard chest.

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Haikyuu Tattoo and Piercing HC’s - Part 3: Nekoma

This is way later than I planned to post rip me let this be a PSA that @seijoumemeteam​ is a dumb and forgets to post a lot 

I think @animeugh​ wanted to hit me when I came up with some of these lmao.

Here we go! :

  • Kenma with tongue, nose and belly button piercings.
  • Lev with tattoo of a glass of milk. He refuses to explain it for ages. Until one day… it happens. He falls down a flight of stairs and everyone’s panicking cos “Holy fuck is Lev okay?!”. He looks up at them all, and with a shit-eating grin, and says “Jeez guys, no use crying over spilt milk”. They refuse to speak to him for the rest of the week
  • However Lev does manage to convince Yaku to get a tattoo of a cookie so they match.
  • When questioned about it Yaku responded “That’s just how the cookie crumbles”.
  • Yaku has his belly button pierced and Lev slowly kills himself while staring in the locker room.
  • When Yaku got his belly button pierced, so did Kenma and Yahaba. It was a wild night…lots of alcohol and small bodies
  • Inouka and Shibayama get matching dog and cat tattoo’s, they’re just simplistic outlines but they love them nonetheless. Inouka wanted to get really detailed ones but Shibayama managed to convince him otherwise because they (more like he) still had time for a growth spurt so the tattoos would stretch
  • Kuroo wants a tattoo so he had artist!Kenma draw up a really cute cat design for him (although it doesn’t matter how it looks bc Kenma drew it and gosh dang it he was gonna get it).
  • Kenma being all of Nekoma’s go-to person for help choosing tattoos
  • Despite this Kenma refuses to get a tattoo. He’s secretly afraid of needles.
  • Kuroo being a tattoo artist with his own parlour, where he hires Kenma to do concept designs for clients.
  • Kuroo has a tongue piercing and uses it against Kenma when he’s ignoring him (he also likes playing with the belly button piercing bc the cold metal from both makes Kenma squirm).

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Can you do jerejean getting drunk together????

this probably isn’t what you wanted but??

  • the trojans have these getaways to karaoke bars for “team bonding”
  • ofc jean is always invited and he mostly declines but now that he and jeremy are together he’s like “what the hell” and decides to tag along to coddle his drunk bf
  • getting drunk wasn’t part of the plan but he somehow starts downing shots with alvarez
  • and jer is on stage fucking belting out taylor swift, along with laila (she’s the designated driver and isn’t even drinking but “t-swift needs two part harmonies”)
  • no matter how wasted jean gets he will never be on that stage
  • jeremy is an energetic drunk that crashes VERY FAST
  • when he gets off the stage he’s super giggly
  • and jean is in between tipsy and drunk but he still looks sober
  • jer just trots on over to his Tall French Boyfriend™ and leans on him and probably almost falls asleep because the unavoidable energy crash has hit
  • jean kind of stumbles and he sashays over to the exit, getting jer outside for some fresh air
  • jeremy is like a soft little puppy and jean sits them down on the curb 
  • jer leans his head on jean’s shoulder and just nuzzles his head closer to jean’s neck because “you’re so waRM”
  • and jean is too intoxicated to care about anyone seeing him looking down fondly at jeremy
  • jeremy falls asleep and jean just looks at his cute bf sleeping (in a non creepy way)
  • laila exits with her mess of a girlfriend pressed into her side
  • alvarez telling laila “you should’ve let me fight that guy”
  • and laila just nods like “uh-huh yeah babe you could’ve taken him but we gotta get these lovebirds home” 
  • she drives them back to the dorms and jean somehow gets jeremy up like 3 flights of stairs without breaking his neck?? (or waking jer, amazing)
  • because apparently he’s too cool for elevators, even though laila tells him not to take the stairs
  • jean waking jeremy up when they get inside their room because he has to brush his teeth 
  • “i swear to god jeremy knox if you crawl into that bed without brushing your teeth i won’t kiss you for a month” 
  • the threat is slurred but it still gets jeremy moving
  • after they both brush their teeth they sink into the bed and jer puts their foreheads together 
  • jeremy is still Very Drunk and he’s giggling and he kisses jean really quick and fucking passes out
  • and jean smiles slightly and falls asleep with his arm wrapped around jeremy’s waist

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Pain is weakness leaving the body

Send “Pain is weakness leaving the body” and I will randomly generate how your muse will find mine

11. after falling down the stairs

Myde wasn’t too sure what had happened. One moment he was at the top of the stairs, about to head to his apartment and the next he was at the bottom of the long flight of stairs, groaning quietly. Ow, that had hurt.

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I want a murder to happen where three people are killed, and by that I mean a clumsy person commits a double murder, and then, I guess, they trip and fall down a flight of stairs and hit their head on one or something. That would be great.

mix between welcome to hell / gravity falls au… like using the gravity falls plot but instead of bill being an 1000 year old demon he’s a kid who’s been sent to mess with karkat

so karkat and kanaya are siblings who get sent to gravity falls. karkat is really into the mysteries even though he claims theyre dumb and fake. he goes adventuring and when hes about to almost die from the tree monster, kanaya runs in and cuts it down with a chainsaw

rose takes the place of pacifica by being a girl kanaya’s age who’s standoffish but not the actual bad personality. vriska takes the place of wendy as being a Cool Lumberjack who kanaya had a crush on (but then decides nah and dates rose)

like i said, instead of being an evil demon trying to orchestrate everyone’s demise, dave is just a loser demon who is sent to mess with karkat by some Big Dude up top to stop him from ruining their evil plans. so he’s just this teenage boy with a sword through his chest floating around and messing with karkat. and then he accidentally gets a crush on karkat and is like FUCK

also dave possessing karkat and 1. having to do a bad impression of him, 2. having to deal with karkat yelling at him as he does a bad impression, 3. forgetting how to walk since its been so long and falling down a flight of stairs

when nobody shows up.

i sometimes wonder what would happen if we played a rock show & nobody came.

(came as in, nobody showed up, you sickos)

like, if we were to go on stage in portland, austin, tampa, or buffalo (total a coincidence that i happened to come up with the four cities that are lagging behind in ticket sales for our upcoming tour) & the floor was completely empty except for the bartender & the sound guy who keep giving us the “this happens all the time in buffalo” look. 

jordan decides to take 3 extra long solos in the spoken part of sanctuary & marcus falls asleep & i wallow in misery from then until eternity.

it’s a branch of the “crippling self-doubt” section of my brain that puts the image in my head, but it finds me at least three times a week, some mornings when i wake up & some nights when i’m falling asleep & sometimes even unconsciously when i’m dreaming. i have no doubt that at one point or another in their career, it haunts every performer. i think probably everyone gets it, actually. nobody wants to throw a party & have nobody show up.

when i even imagine it, i feel miserable. my brain shuts down.

it’s not like we haven’t done it before. at the warehouse in la crosse, wisconsin. november 11, 2010. we loaded our gear through the rain & up 3 flights of stairs to play a show for exactly 0 ticket purchasers. there’s a sign on the wall of the warehouse that details how much debt the venue is in, & we had to play directly to that sign, knowing we were part of the problem. i felt pretty shitty most of that day.

i have no reason to believe that will happen any time soon. tickets for this tour are outpacing every other tour we’ve done, so unless everybody forgets that they bought tickets, we won’t be stuck playing to ourselves, even in buffalo. but i think the more important questions are: why do i care? should it matter whether people show up or not? why is it that even imagining people not showing up makes me miserable?

i make music because i love making music. 

that’s what i tell myself at least, & on the most important levels, it’s true. i get excited about writing songs & i get excited when i listen to them after they’re finished. i love rehearsing & performing those songs with my friends, & i love traveling the country, & in a weird way i love the way that shitty, dirty, dusty venue smell. i like to believe that, even if not a single person listened or cared, now & forever, i would still want to live a life in, for, & through music.

if that’s the case, then why is the buffalo nightmare where no one shows up so much worse than the sold out new york city show? aren’t they both just playing music?

is it audience connection?

an audience is part of the experience & that can’t be understated. art is nothing until an audience gives it life. the purpose of live performance is to, through art, open up a glowing & glorious connection between artist & audience. 

the more people, the stronger the connection - this isn’t always true, but in the case of 0 people vs. 500 people, it definitely is. i want to feel like i’m a part of something, & having an audience proves that it is something. 

but that argument only works in the case of small show vs. big show, which is not the actual question being asking, which is: “why do i feel miserable when no one shows up?” strip away the audience, i’m still playing music & traveling the country with my friends.

connection is important, but doesn’t explain my misery.

is it money?

in thank you for smoking, jason reitman posits that 99% of human motivation is to pay the mortgage. i want to summarily reject that, say there are thousands of things i love more than money & that money isn’t my motivator. i want to say that if money was what i was after, i probably could have done other things that would have made far more than i ever will as a musical artist. i want to say that our generation is a new kind with new values, that we do things because we love doing them, not for money.

but i don’t think that’s all 100% true, for me or for most anyone. i worry we use that candy-painted, usually-hollow rhetoric to misdirect & distract ourselves from the shame we feel about actually, on a deeper level, being addicted to money.

i think below our surface motivation lies a deeper attachment to money & to the things it buys, & that attachment prevents us from doing anything that may endanger our longer term financial security, regardless of what other motivations are at play. we say all is justified in the name of ensuring we have “enough” money, & we tell ourselves that “enough” is just a little more than we have now. that’s why most people place career at the top of their obligations list, & only donate money when they have excess. if we really valued humanity over money, we’d give it all away.

so let me at least say this: i don’t care to be rich, & i don’t write & perform music because i think it’s my best method of getting there, but i am worried that no one will buy my record & i’ll have to pick a different career. i do worry about not having “enough” & i don’t know how much “enough” is. 

but one show won’t dramatically effect my financial security. i might be motivated by money on a more macro level, but it doesn’t explain me being miserable if no one came to a show.

is it validation?

i don’t want to care how many people appreciate what i’m doing, because i’m doing it for me. 

that’s a lie.

with the rush of fear about no one showing up comes a wave of other fears. people will find out, & as a result, they won’t like me. critics won’t like me, venues won’t like me, the bartender from la crosse wisconsin won’t like me, the band won’t like me, friends won’t like me, strangers won’t like me, she won’t like me, no one will ever want to hang out with me or have sex with me ever again, all of these plans & goals that i had for our band & for music & for my future are shattered because all i am & all i will ever be is the guy who played to nobody in buffalo.

then i go on twitter & realize my last tweet only go 29 favorites & so i rush to tweet about pizza or One Direction because i need to be retweeted to be reminded that maybe there’s hope for my life yet. some people would call it “good business,” or “market research,” but i’ve come to call it by its birth name: “addiction to validation.” i’m obsessed with everyone being obsessed with me. i need everybody to love me.

this is why the image of an empty venue shoots crippling terror through me. this is why we think we’re alone if we’re not being contacted by anyone at any particular moment. we’re addicted to ourselves & addicted to each other.

i need to feel validated, & i wish i could stop needing that. i wish i didn’t need everybody to love me. but i do. so now what?

20 ways the internet of things could kill you: a definitive guide

1. Your facial recognition-driven pillbox doles out a deadly dosage.

2. Someone remotely turns off your pacemaker.

3. Your Nest thermostat turns itself off in the dead of winter.

4. You are walking down the stairs to pee in the middle of the night. All of the Wink-connected lights suddenly turn off. You fall down two flights of stairs.

5. Your brave little toaster calls it quits and sets your house on fire. Your phone is dead and yoursmart lock won’t unlock. Very “Ghost in the Machine.”

6. Your car hums itself on and kicks into Ludicrous Mode. It drives itself into your living room, where you were watching TV.

7. Your (bugged out) smart water bottle tells you you’re only at 50% hydration. You keep drinking. You can’t seem to reach 100%. You die of hyponatremia.

8. You’re driving to work and your smart contact lenses start pulling up a slideshow of dog GIFs, proving that you can die from a cuteness overload (when it obfuscates your vision). You drive off the road dreaming of the driverless car you were too afraid to hop in.

9. You hailed an Uber using your Amazon Echo. Alexa tells you to get in the unmarked van outside. (Murderer.)

10. You just bought yourself a pair of spiffy new smart shoes! They were on sale — maybe because they had a faulty battery. They explode while you’re in ‘em.

11. Your friend just exploded in her new smart shoes, so you opt for GPS-enabled insoles. They lead you straight into a serial killer’s lair.

12. Someone slips poison into your drink and hacks your smart water cup. It says you are about to gulp down an eighth of today’s delicious serving of H2O. False.

13. A murderer hides in your shiny new Samsung smart fridge. He knows you’re lazy; rather than simply opening the refrigerator door, you’re going to look at live footage of the inside. He hacked it to show you an image of the yogurt, kale and leftovers he moved aside to squish his murderer ass in there.

The rest are even worse. Though number 20 is probably the least plausible yet most entertaining way.

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