I can’t believe it’s already been over a week ago since we were here. My first and last fall rally was such an amazing experience, words can’t even begin to describe it. From scrambling for the last few hours to finish up my keyblade and get bus snacks, to heading to Western at 2am and heading out to California on that very sleepy bus ride. Then of course the spirit session , where even though we lost, we managed to keep the Spirit Stick in Vegas! Holla. Roaming the park, seeing clubs call each other out, asking how they feel, carnival games, selfies. All of it was just sooo perfect

The level of spirit and friendliness between everyone was just unreal! Like, if I had a dollar for every time I heard/did the “How Do You Feel!?” cheer and hugged somebody, ya boy would be ballin’, LOL. 

I didn’t ride many rides, I seriously only rode the carousel, because I’m a wuss. So instead I focused on meeting and greeting a plethora of my fellow CNH clubbers and that was awesome, too bad I didn’t really get to get anybody’s contact information, but oh well. I’m just so happy I got to go and wish I would’ve been able to go before this time. The post FRS is still too real and from it I’ve come to love Key Club at least 10 times more. I can’t wait to go to DCON and hopefully ICON to finish off my senior year and be in the presence of all the amazing CNH Key Clubbers that there are, but OH MY GOD TAKE ME BACK TO FRS PLS.(T^T)


Thanks to all the key clubbers for making this year Fall Rally an amazing experience.. I made a video to capture this experience for you guys to relive those feelings over and over again 

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Hey everyone, meet my twerking buddie.

the funnest part of Fall Rally was when everyone was getting ready to leave. We challenged different divisions for spirit battles, we didn’t win all of them, but it was fun overall. Also, we had a shit load of group hugs, JUMP JUMP JUMP, DISPURSE! (Not to mention that I fell on the ground…) we also formed a conga line with the white tigers, and pink bunnies and ran around the Key Clubbers. & last but not the least, we twerked on people. OH MY GLOB, one guy said that we gave him a boner, and another guy grinded on me. LOL, that guy was so beast at twerking though, he was like the twerking King. He’s from D4West, so if you are reading this, I would LOVE to talk to you. xD

Overall, Fall Rally was amazing. Not only with tree, but also with other people that I met. I am really looking forward to next year’s Fall Rally. #fallrallysouth #fallrally #twerk #twerkingbuddy #d13N #d4west #d4w #greenmonkeys

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Seriously my last fall rally was the best one yet. D19S we might of came in 2nd but aye we showed everyone that we got the best spirit out there!! We shouted our hearts out and made people know who the bunnies were. I love you guys and I will miss you guys a lot. You guys made me proud and made me proud to be one of your leadership team members. It hit me when we were going home that I won’t be a bunny next year and that I won’t be with all the people I met and got close to…I’m going to miss my Ohana a lot… 😭💔🐝 I love you all with all my heart and I hope to see you all at DCON 2014!!! 💖💖 #fallrallysouth #frs #myohana #d19s #crying (at Six Flags Magic Mountain)

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Fall Rally South pt. 3

Hi Anne & Cal, the reason why I’m posting this is because I love you both dearly. From the group that we’re in we will be the last ones once they’re gone. It’ll just be us for our last year in Key Club that’s left, but enough talking about leaving and everything. You are both capable of so much in Key Club and I’m really glad I was able to meet you two. In the end of this wonderful journey of Key Club, we will all look back on what happened years ago and have that bittersweet feeling once WE leave. I’m happy that I’ll be able to say that this friendship will last for a long time. I really love this picture and now it has to be a tradition LOL. I’d love to say more but eh I’m lazy and I need to post more. I love you! #LETSDOTHEBATTERY #BATTERYGANGORDIE HAHAHAH #fallrallysouth #fallrallysouth2013 #frs

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To my D25W, Region 7, and my Key Club Ohana who attended Fall Rally South,

Thank you for making my last Fall Rally in Key Club a ONE OF A KIND! Thank you for making me go home crying LOL Honestly, I have a bad case of Post Fall Rally Syndrome. I miss you guys so much now! :( let’s all meet at DCON 2014, yeah? :D L-O-V-E, I love my D-I-V! L-O-V-E, I love my CNH Bees!! ❤️💛💙

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Fall Rally South pt.2

WE GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET! It was great hanging out with you especially towards the end hahaha our horses were definitely the best and CONGRATULATIONS on that spirit stick you hippos won! You were so worthy of winning. L-O-V-E I LOVE NICK LEE omg that works. @hoyitstommy I hope you guys chant that bc it actually works LOL. THANKS FOR A GREAT TIME NICK 💙 p.s using this pic for everything bc golden ticket and u hippo u. #fallrallysouth #fallrallysouth2013 #famousnick #d21 #hippos

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