I can’t believe it’s already been over a week ago since we were here. My first and last fall rally was such an amazing experience, words can’t even begin to describe it. From scrambling for the last few hours to finish up my keyblade and get bus snacks, to heading to Western at 2am and heading out to California on that very sleepy bus ride. Then of course the spirit session , where even though we lost, we managed to keep the Spirit Stick in Vegas! Holla. Roaming the park, seeing clubs call each other out, asking how they feel, carnival games, selfies. All of it was just sooo perfect

The level of spirit and friendliness between everyone was just unreal! Like, if I had a dollar for every time I heard/did the “How Do You Feel!?” cheer and hugged somebody, ya boy would be ballin’, LOL. 

I didn’t ride many rides, I seriously only rode the carousel, because I’m a wuss. So instead I focused on meeting and greeting a plethora of my fellow CNH clubbers and that was awesome, too bad I didn’t really get to get anybody’s contact information, but oh well. I’m just so happy I got to go and wish I would’ve been able to go before this time. The post FRS is still too real and from it I’ve come to love Key Club at least 10 times more. I can’t wait to go to DCON and hopefully ICON to finish off my senior year and be in the presence of all the amazing CNH Key Clubbers that there are, but OH MY GOD TAKE ME BACK TO FRS PLS.(T^T)

Fall Rally bruh! CRAZY NIGHT! I just love all of yall that were there. Who knew Magic Mountain is a great place to make a crap load of memories. I was that hugger of the night. I counted about 247 people or something.  Yall probably remember me by either sneaking up on you from behind.. sprinting straight to you and making it seem as if i was about to tackle you! Or asking if yall do free kisses also!! AHAH <3 love to all key clubbers out there! #d25w Ay follow me if you remember me hugging/lifting you in the air or kissing you! <333 I follow back