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Fallow Deer

The island of Strömsö is located in the Tammisaari archipelago where there are as many as 1300 islands. This place has been my home for about 6 weeks and it continues to amaze me with the variety of animals and birds that inhabit it. This young Fallow deer was kind enough to pose for a second before disappearing in the lush flora.

Gone for good

So this is me quitting again, for the last time, this isn’t a fucking imvu porn community, its a fucking war zone, if people aren’t shit talking or calling others out this fucking war, how can this possible be a community if everything is base on how big a porn star is? gotta pay for scenes? bitch you ain’t a porn star your a fucking escort, learn the fucking difference and why are scenes and modeling getting mixed up? if your dick is in her in the picture it isn’t modeling get your shit straighten out, and why bother being a pornstar if you have your list of people only wanna work with? and im talking about Dawnee, Dolly and a few others, y'all been fucking the same dudes over and over why not someone new? oh forget there not on that list huh? what the fucking point then, all this shit is rigged and set-up make a enemy out of me i dont fucking this shit is the truth and like it fuck off, im not the only one who agrees the imvu porn community needs to wake the fuck up cuz yall are looking like a bunch of high class, stuck up assholes and im sick of this shit, it use to be fun now its all about the fallowers and how much you got and getting more shit out there just to get more half of the shit these days arent even good, and stop with the fucking re blogging shit you wont get anymore fallowers or viewers re blogging the same shit that includes old shit so just fucking stop. yall need to get your heads out of your ass and come together as a community as a family and work this shit out, 

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I need to fix my dash with more amazing motivational people.

I’ll admit it I followed a lot of “unhealthy” blogs while struggling with mental stuff last few months. I just spent a good amount of time unfollowing them. Now i want to follow a bunch more healthy blogs

Ideally you are a fitness/recovery/spoonie fitness type blog, you make occasional or lots of personal posts. And you don’t post lots and lots of bodies. What I mean by that is I’m fine with you showing your own body love or spreading body positivity but i can’t fallow blogs full of shredded or perfect bodies.

Reblog for a follow, the name I follow back as is @inlovewiththerush you do not have to follow that blog.

Also feel free to comment/reblog with suggestions of your favourite blogs

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm trying this fallow more pjo related blogs but I also want to support smaller ones too! Do you know of any smaller pjo blogs that deserve more love?

I don’t really keep track of how many followers/how popular blogs are… It doesn’t exactly make sense but I think of every blog I follow as being a popular blog because I’m like… ‘they have such great content, of course everyone knows about them and how awesome they are!’ so I can’t really give you any blogs that are specifically smaller, I’m sorry?

Taken from some of the PJO Awards and the LGBT+ PJO Awards categories, maybe check out:

@falafel-philosophy  @pipabethh  @nicosmiles  @thetransking109  @spqrose  @peacefulpercy  @piperreynas  @annabyeth  @percy-the-sorcerer  @alex-fierr0  @paulblofish  

Hey i just made anouther blog this one is all about my life and the fun of haveing celiac disease and possibly some chronic fatigue(maybe more idk). It will have a lot of ranting, puns, and sometimes tips and tricks on how to avoid gluten. So if your into that, or have a simillar condition, or want to see me get irrationally angery at certain foods then fallow!!! Oh yeah the blog is called @glutenfreefish so yeah thank you!

@ask-asylum-shaco-blog fallowed so have a starter!

Recently Singed has been commissioned by a Asylum for some kind of calming medication for a certain inmate.After the needed paper work was done Singed was escorted to Shacos cell. “ There he is…be careful with him” The nurse said “I will see what i can do” Singed said as he walked into Shacos cell