Sole Survivor Outfit Meme    Courier Six Outfit Meme

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Rules: show off four pictures of four separate outfits that your Sole Survivor Courier Six wears the most (and explain them if you want to), then tag four friends.

1. The Courier’s Duster.  Obtained when completing the DLC Lonesome Road. The back of the duster’ has the NCR symbol on it even though Travis went Independent.  I’m sure he got this one simply because the NCR idolizes him.

2. Elite Riot Gear.  Obtained in the DLC Lonesome Road.  He likes this armor a lot as it provides protection and is lighter than his normal re-enforced metal armor.  Plus he looks pretty snazzy in it.

3. Ranger Vest Outfit.  Travis particularly loves this outfit for the cowboy look.  In fact, it is similar to what he wore on a brahmin drive years ago.

4. Pre-war Spring Outfit.  This is Travis’ absolute most favorite thing to wear.  It’s light and comfortable and has a red shirt which is his favorite color.

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