Forged from Steel: Fallout Aesthetic

including OCs by @gwyncath, @spooky-brewesss & @nebularogue

Life for you, has been less than kind
So take a number, stand in line
We’ve all been sorry, we’ve all been hurt
But how we survive, is what makes us who we are

“Survive” by Rise Against

courier 6 is basically florida man
  • Nevada Man survives two bullets, beds the shooter
  • Nevada Man doesn’t know what fish are
  • Nevada Man fights army of roman empire cosplayers
  • Nevada Man sends zombies into space
  • Nevada Man fights giant mantises to the death in an arena
  • Nevada Man gets his brains scooped out, doesn’t die
  • Nevada Man gets fisted by robot prostitute
  • Nevada Man hates Johnny Guitar
  • Nevada Man serves faithful companion as dinner
  • Nevada Man gets mistaken for grandchild by giant blue lady
  • Nevada Man wishes he had spurs that jingle jangle jingle
  • Nevada Man kills the president, walks away wearing pajamas
  • Nevada Man gets his shit wrecked by giant wasps
  • Nevada Man breaks world record sarsaparilla soda consumed/minute
  • Nevada Man murders person(s) for their cool outfit
  • Nevada Man sells his house doctor into slavery
  • Nevada Man has no idea how to play card game
  • Nevada Man kicked out of casino for being too lucky
  • Nevada Man debates philosophy in front of nuke
  • Nevada Man says fuck you, attacks with robot army

the fallout 4 fandom lasted for maybe a solid two months of people saying “haha look at this cool synth. look at this cool settlement i made. shaun shaun shaun” before everyone got tired of fo4 and went back to more important things, like FNV and making mods that boosted the volume of Benny’s “what in the gooddamn” line by 500%

fallout at level 1: *dies from 2 radscorpions and a light breeze*

fallout at level 30: *i sit on my throne of cazadore corpses, sipping wine out of a deathclaw’s skull. through my binoculars, i see a supermutant in the distance. i release a single shot. it travels 25 miles and hits it square in the head, which explodes violently. the force flings the decapitated body into the sky at the speed of sound. on the other side of the colorado, an eyeball hits caesar in the head, killing him instantly.*