fallout: new mobius

Fallout new vegas dlc characters as dril tweets

Dean domino: i have been tasting my own piss everyday in order to develop a immunity to it. I am immune to piss. If you piss on me I’ll just laugh at you.

Christine: I’m actually, probably the most superbly relatable, and normal person in this jail cell as of right NOw.

Dog: my massive shoulder span constantly prevents my tiny, malnourished ass from absorbing sunlight. My body is essentially at war with itself.

God: I can only hope that when a kangaroo court of dipshits come to haul me to prison that i have the grave and humanity not to get mad at them.

Joshua graham: I put years of hard work into getting my torture degree at torture college and now everyone’s like “oh tortures bad” “it’s ineffective” fuck off.

Waking cloud: man while you were “gaming”, I tasted 100 different wines in a cave behind a waterfall and cried into a shamans arms.

Follows-chalk: I’ve never heard of this “Europe” but it sounds like a big bunch of shit to me.

Doctor Borous: bring me your dead pet and i will make a sword out of it for $39

Doctor 0: by ripping my phone book in half I have not only proven I’m strong, but that I’m also a cool and independent guy who doesn’t need to call anybody.

Doctor Klein: YO *points to the spinal cord on brain diagram* THATS THE BRAIN;S DICK

doctor dala: spending time thinking about a fucking disastrous hypothetical penis that has a hole that’s wider than the shaft, like a funnel. And frowning.

Doctor 8: accidentally brought my piss detector into the men’s room again and cowered beneath the sink as the deafening screech echoed off the hard tile.

Doctor Mobius: blocked. Blocked. Blocked. You’re all blocked. None of you are free of sin.


Ulysses: Friday night gathering up together a big pile of things I like to respect (flags, crucifixes, etc) and just roll around in it, give kisses,

I still, STILL, love how for most of Old World Blues you’re gearing up for a big confrontation with Dr. Mobius, told by everyone he’s an evil scientists hell bent on domination. He constantly taunts you with messages and sends robot scorpions at you. Then you meet him and he’s this goofy old guy who gives you drugs and forgets where he is. It’s such a great twist and I feel like it’s exemplary of New Vegas’ tone and ability to turn the player’s expectations on their heads.


Holy crap they look so great! My horrible camera skills don’t do them justice. I love the stamp of the logo on the box, too! Really neat idea!!

seriously fini if you sold these individually i would probably buy like 50 if i could i am such a sucker for little lore prop replica things like these omg


Should post on my Fallout: New Mobius blog instead but I can’t be bothered to log back into that tumblr.

Amy isn’t even done here, she’s lacking her headband/bandana/ehhh. … and stress lines around her eyes, now that I look at it. Whoops.

Sonic and Tails have each other’s outfits all done, so Sonic can wear Tails’s and Tails can wear Sonic’s, etc. And I’ll do the same for Amy, too.

Yes, Sonic and Tails can wear dresses. Or at least equivalent clothing. I’m not sure which direction I’ll take on that. Where-ever the winds blow me.

( Just realized Tails’s chest fur is clipping through his coat there. Whoops. Forgot to turn that layer off. Blah. Oh well. )