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IDK how this fits with canon, especially the timing of the fairy hill appearing, but I was in chapel this morning and happened to wonder if EU ever had one, and what the Fair Folk thought of it if it did - I can’t imagine they would have approved at all.

The absence of a chapel on the Elsewhere University grounds intrigued observant visitors in the 20th century. They were taken (always before noon and never on a Sunday) to look at the ruins of the once-beautiful building, hidden behind a swathe of trees. The students, returning after the summer the fairy hill appeared, found it in this condition; the staff and professors who remained behind had no clear memory of anything happening but, through discussion, were able to pin the timing down to the summer solstice. If you were brave enough, or drunk enough, to steal a fragment of stained glass on a moonless night for a dare, it would make a strong lucky charm - and of course a great story. But not many people wanted to go anywhere near the territory of any of the Fair Folk who were strong enough to completely ignore the protection of the hallowed ground, instead curdling its sanctity to feed their own power. Deals with the right creatures could get you stories told in hushed whispers of the rituals that took place there, as well as the power struggles over the place - it was not often that a church was claimed by the Fair Folk.



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The Grishaverse: Countries

Ravka:  Home of the Second Army, a military force of Grisha soldiers sworn to protect Ravka. Exhausted by centuries of war with Fjerda to the north, and the Shu Han to the south, Ravka is itself divided by the Unsea (or the Shadow Fold) which has left much of the country vulnerable and without access to its port cities. 
Shu Han: Sharing its northern border with Ravka, the two countries have been at war for centuries. Shu Han mercenaries often travel into Ravka to capture and perform experiments on Grisha, seeking the source of Grisha power.
Novyi Zem: A relatively young country comprised mostly of farmland, an expanding frontier, and bustling coastal cities. Largely separated from global conflict by the expanse of the True Sea, Novyi Zem has prospered and is popular among those seeking opportunity and anonymity—including Grisha. Also, the orange flowers (alemanth or waysu) are used in the manufacture of the stimulant jurda, and it’s one of Novyi Zem’s chief exports. 
Wandering Isle:
A lush, green country where Grisha blood is prized as a medical cure-all. - for impotence, wasting plague you name it.
Kerch: A small island nation with tremendous economic power. The hub of all international trade and a country rich in art and culture, but also home to a teeming criminal underworld centred in the capital city of Ketterdam. Despite slavery being illegal in Kerch, Grisha and others are often bound to wealthy merchants as indentured servants under terms that amount to slavery.
Fjerda: An icy northern country separated from Ravka by thick permafrost. Fjerdan witch hunters called drüskelle capture and burn Grisha as witches.

Gorillaz Humanz House Party Locations

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51.51532, -0.13214
England, London, Soho Square

34.09864, -118.26158
America, Los Angeles, Silver Lake Meadow

-23.58741, -46.65763
Brazil, São Paulo, Parquet Ibirapuera

4.66807, -74.09892
Colombia, Bogotá, Jardin Botánico José Celestine Mutis

-33.44158, -70.68186
Chile, Santiago, Museo Nacional de Historia Natural

40.75358, -73.98345
New York, Manhattan, Bryant Park

50.84674, 4.35251
Belgium, Brussels, Grand-Place de Bruxelles

22.30207, 114.15485
Hong Kong, West Kowloon Cultural District, Nursery Park

19.35297, -99.17291
Mexico, Mexico City, Vivero Coyoacán

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Asshai by the Shadow

The buildings of Asshai are made out of a black stone that can feel greasy to the touch. The stone seems to drink in light, dimming torches and hearth fires alike, causing the city to have a dark and gloomy appearance. All foodstuff and freshwater is brought in by ship, as animals brought into the city soon die, and the waters of the Ash, river which runs through the city, glisten black beneath the noonday sun and glimmer with green phosphoresence by night. The only fish that dwell in its water are blind and deformed, with only fools and shadowbinders daring to eat of their flesh. There are no children in Asshai, and all who dwell there wear masks or veils, and often walk alone or ride in palanquins of ebony and iron, hidden behind dark curtains.

Asshai is a popular trading destination for ships, part of the traders’ circle in the Jade Sea. It exports goods such as amber and dragonglass. Gold and gems are also common exports, though some say the gold of the Shadow Lands is as unhealthy as the fruits that grow there.

The Asshai'i are well versed in witchcraft and wizardry, and have a language of their own, used in their spells. It is rumored that spellsingers, aeromancers, and warlocks practice their arts openly in Asshai. Asshai is welcome to all sorts of practitioners of the “higher mysteries”, as well as torturers and poisoners, and even worshippers of the Black Goat and the Lion of Night. Nothing is forbidden in the city, however depraved. 

The shadowbinders of Asshai are considered to be the most sinister of all sorcerers of the city, and are the only ones who dare to go upriver, towards the Shadow Lands however even they fear Stygai the City of the Night upriver from Asshai. Ghost grass grows throughout the Shadow Lands and it is said that demons and dragons are among the creatures dwelling in cliff caves. 


Warframe scenery: Ceres

Ceres is the extreme example of the Grineer’s utilitarian ignorance of the natural landscape. Their expanding shipyard operations pollute and shroud the planet in smog and industrial waste as they manufacture machines of war. These foundries are scattered across the Solar System, giving them near-limitless reach with their fleets. —Ceres Fragment

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I’m actually literally in the middle of that ~canon campus page and here’s what i’ve got about the walmart so far -

There is a Walmart right by the highway turnoff onto Elsewhere land. It doesn’t look big, for a Walmart. Inside it is virtually endless. They employ a lot of students. You have probably found yourself working there two or three times over the years, although you can’t remember applying, or arriving at all, for that matter. No one lasts longer than three days. This is not because of any particular danger. Rather, you quit because roughly half the cash you accept turns to dead leaves in the morning, and it’s taken out of your pay every time. On particularly busy nights you end up owing the Walmart money. In every sense of the phrase, you aren’t being paid enough for this. But at least it’s safe to visit as a customer.

(More often than not the person on the next register has horns/five arms/hands that are more or less just suction cups, and they seem as confused about wearing the official uniform as you are. The Walmart is a liminal space for all entities on campus, without discrimination. This is also the only known situation in which one of the Gentry can be seen using a computer without something awful happening, but then the computers seem weirdly…organic? So who knows what’s up with that.)


“Have you any idea how worried I’ve been?” said Mrs. Weasley in a deadly whisper. “Sorry, Mum, but see, we had to —” All three of Mrs. Weasley’s sons were taller than she was, but they cowered as her rage broke over them. “Beds empty! No note! Car gone — could have crashed — out of my mind with worry — did you care? — never, as long as I’ve lived — you wait until your father gets home, we never had trouble like this from Bill or Charlie or Percy —”

places → the weasley’s burrow

Plains of the Jogos Nhai

The Jogos Nhai are a people of Essos who live east of the Bone Mountains on the plains of the Jogos Nhai, which lie north of Yi Ti and the Shrinking Sea. Jogos Nhai are a nomadic people who live in yurts, tents, and saddles and are described as squat, bowlegged, and swarthy, with large heads, small faces, and sallow-colored skin. Men and women both have pointed skulls, a result of the custom of binding the heads of their newborn during the first two years of life. To show off their skull modification men shave their heads but for a single strip of hair down the center of the skull, while women go wholly bald.

The Jogos Nhai live their lives on horseback, and have their own breed of horse which is crossed with zebras. They travel in small bands closely connected by blood. Each one is commanded by a jhat, or war chief, and a moonsinger, who combines the roles of priestess, healer, and judge. The jhat leads in war, battle, and raid, whereas other matters are ruled by the band’s moonsinger. There are also female jhats and male moonsingers, but girls who choose the warrior’s way are expected to dress and live as men, whereas boys who choose to become moonsingers must dress and live as women, making it difficult to tell apart when such cases take place.

Unlike the Dothraki khalasars, Jogos Nhai’s band do not make war upon one another, as their gods forbid them to shed the blood of their own people. Young men do ride out to steal goats, zorses, and dogs from other bands, while girls go forth to abduct husbands, but these are rituals hallowed by the gods, during which no blood may be shed. However, the Jogos Nhai do live in a perpetual state of warfare against all their neighboring peoples, and have had long wars and feuds with all their neighbours including a bloody border war with the Patrimony of Hyrkoon and a long an bloody war with Yi Ti.

The Jogos Nhai often raided into the empire of Yi Ti and many YiTish cities, towns, farms, and fields beyond count have been reduced to ruins and ashes. Over the years many Imperial generals and three God-Emperors have led armies to bring the nomads to heel but as soon as they return to Yi Ti the raids began anew, even when jhats were compelled to vow eternal fealty to the God-Emperor and foreswear raiding forever. During his long reign, forty-second scarlet emperor Lo Han led three such invasions of the plains, yet by the time of his death the Jogos Nhai carried out bolder and more rapacious raids than when he began his reign. His successor, Lo Bu determined to end the threat of the nomads for all time, assembled a mighty host, said to be three hundred thousand strong, and crossed the borders of the empire with slaughter as his only purpose. History tells a million Jogos Nhai died at their hands. Eventually the rival clans of Jogos Nhai unified under jhattar Zhea, a woman in man’s mail, who, in the period of two years isolated each of Lo Bu’s thirteen armies, slew their scouts and foragers, starved them, denied them water, led them into wastelands and traps, thus destroying each army one by one. Finally, her riders fell on Lo Bu’s own host and carried out a slaughter to terrible that every stream for twenty leagues around was choked in blood. Among the slain was Lo Bu himself, whose skull was stripped of flesh and dipped in gold, becoming Zhea’s drinking cup. Ever since, every jhattar of the Jogos Nhai has drunk fermented zorse milk from the gilded skull of the Boy Too Bold By Half, as Lo Bu is remembered.

Alternative Study Spots

I recently received a question, asking me to make a post about study spots that AREN’T your university library, along with what to bring with in order to efficiently study. This really depends on your university and their campus… but I will do this to the best of my ability. 

As far as what you need to study at each location is typically up to your discretion and dependent on what you need to accomplish your study and homework tasks. I generalized my answers for that for each location to what I would bring.

  1. Coffee Shop: (Yes, you can go to other shops that AREN’t Starbucks, too!)
    1. Perks of studying here: 
      1. The background noise of a coffee shop is actually known to help increase productivity and focus/concentration.
      2. Coffee, snacks, and treats are available to you at all times!
    2. What you need to study here:
      1. Books, laptop, notebooks, notecards, pens, pencils, etc.
      2. Headphones, just in case!
  2. Empty Classrooms
    1. Perks of studying here:
      1. Allows your mental state to get into the “study mood” because of the location and surroundings.
      2. Typically extremely quiet and will allow you to do your own thing.
        1. Side note: Be aware of whether or not you needed to rent out the room you want to use before you do it… Otherwise you may get kicked out for a class.
    2. What you need to study here:
      1. Books, laptop, notebooks, notecards, pens, pencils, etc.
      2. Headphones, as per usual. I like to listen to piano music when I study. (I have a playlist on Spotify for it!)
  3. School “Union”:
    1. Perks of studying here:
      1. Gives you the background noise for concentration as mentioned with a coffee shop.
      2. Has comfy lounge chairs, couches, etc. along with regular tables and chairs.
      3. Sometimes has vending machines or food shops/coffee shops.
    2. What you need to study here:
      1. Books, laptop, notebooks, notecards, pens, pencils, etc.
      2. Headphones, just in case.
  4. Laundry Room:
    1. Perks of studying here:
      1. Gives you the background noise.
      2. Freshens up the “typical” study spots.
      3. Sitting on top of a washer or dryer makes you have good posture, which can lead to better concentration and focus.
      4. You can get laundry done AND be productive at the same time.
    2. What you need to study here:
      1. Books, laptop, notebooks, notecards, pens, pencils, etc.
      2. Headphones
      3. Small back pillow, just in case. 
  5. Study Rooms In Your Dorm (my dorm has 2 study rooms per floor):
    1. Perks of studying here:
      1. Allows you to leave the room and be in a new surrounding.
      2. Sometimes gives you the kick in the butt to finish what you need to finish because others typically come in and out of the room to study/do homework as well.
      3. Sometimes quiet study hours are enforced which provides you guaranteed silence while you work.
    2. What you need to study here:
      1. Books, laptop, notebooks, notecards, pens, pencils, etc.
      2. Headphones, just in case. 
  6. Lounge In Your Dorm (my dorm has a lounge on the main floor):
    1. Perks of studying here:
      1. Allows you to be surrounded by other students getting work done to motivate you.
      2. Gives you the kick in the butt to focus and stay on track due to the constant filing in/out of other students coming and going.
      3. Gives you the quiet murmurs of other students for background noise to help focus.
      4. Sometimes strict quiet hours are enforced here as well which provides you guaranteed silence while you work.
    2. What you need to study here:
      1. Books, laptop, notebooks, notecards, pens, pencils, etc.
      2. Headphones, just in case. 
  7. Dining Hall:
    1. Perks of studying here:
      1. A little noisy, but you can still hunker down and focus.
      2. Food is around you and drinks.
      3. Typically during off hours the dining hall is WAY more quiet and has other students trying to focus as well.
    2. What you need to study here:
      1. Books, laptop, notebooks, notecards, pens, pencils, etc.
      2. Headphones
  8. Tutoring Center:
    1. Perks of studying here:
      1. Usually has quiet chit chat for background noise.
      2. Help is around you if you need it.
    2. What you need to study here:
      1. Books, laptop, notebooks, notecards, pens, pencils, etc.
      2. Headphones

Hopefully this helps, or helps jog your memory about other possible study spots on your campus when the library is just getting old. 

Happy studying!!