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Alice and Shaun

        Losing, finding and killing Shaun was the hardest blow of Alice’s life, but she somehow survived again. She took the synth child from the Institute, although she didn’t know if it was the right decision at the moment. She just thought that if this Shaun believed he was her son as firmly as Danse believed he was human, then… well, he was her son. She didn’t tell the truth about the boy to anyone except Danse.

        Alice treats synth Shaun as she would treat any other child put into her care. She is kind to him, protective, but not very affectionate. This upsets Codsworth, who is beyond happy to see young Shaun back. He thinks something must have been broken in Alice’s “maternal programming” due to long separation. Codsworth tries to compensate for her coldness by fussing over Shaun and explaining to him that his mother is just such a heroic woman, always busy saving someone in the Commonwealth. The boy and the robot become great friends eventually.

        Alice is sure she will never want to have another child. It was hard enough even with all the pre-war comforts, and this new world, poisonous and ruthless, is just not suitable for children. 

Who the fuck is Alice?

Ghoulbus Update

I know people have been asking about it, and I’m sorry about hyping it up, only to have you all wait. I’m just as excited about finishing it and sharing it, as you all probably are about wanting to read it. Between work, parenting, and other life situations that come up, I don’t get much time to progress.

I’m about 10 pages in, and just getting to the part where other Ghoul OCs, who will be helping work on the Ghoulbus, are being introduced. That means about 2/3rds done.

I thank everyone for their patience and support, and will post it up as soon as it is finished. :D