Going through old F:NM ask art and… I’m actually still pretty proud of how most of these came out.

Considering discussions I’ve had with people and suggestions in the past, maybe I should go back to the Ask format.

Or maybe a mixed format? Asks between updates, so there’s less pressure between updates? Maybe that’d be more of a ‘two cakes’ situation…?

I may change how I do the asks so they’re black and white like the ‘raw’ images here, because a lot of details get lost when I sepia things…

I’m thinking out loud, but wouldn’t mind feedback.


Alright, here’s what I’ve done today. The base ‘Talking Head’ for Tails. If you’ve been following, you’ll have seen that I made a base before, and that this one is significantly different. Here’s why!

  • I found the straight on view kinda creepy looking
  • I wanted the player to be able to see Sonic at the same time during a dialogue, so two side by sides worked better
  • I wanted the art to more closely resemble the art on the ask blog

So here we go, Tails with a variety of expressions (well… one is a joke…) minus any equipment. Why do I say minus equipment? Because when you put an armor or other type of outfit onto a character, it’ll actually show!

And also, sorry but not really for the watermark.

Finally got the sketch of Dogmeat from falloutnewmobius finished!

Based his fur colours on the FO3 Dogmeat; had no idea what sort of colours were intended for his clothes so I went with a neutral red/navy combo.

I highly suggest checking out Fallout: New Mobius if you’re into Sonic and/or Fallout!

I couldn’t figure out wtf I was even doing with his hands in the original sketch, so I had to tweak it so I could ink it. :x

My friend @sciver has been helping me tweak my linework settings in Blender.

This isn’t ‘perfect’ yet but it’s really getting me psyched about all the possibilities. I am absolutely loving how I can change line thickness and colour by distance, because that’s exactly what I do when I hand-draw FNM’s linework. Another step of my usual work flow done automagically. Nice. Nice nice nice.

Now I just need to apply my brush texture to the line strokes, but I haven’t found a tutorial that covers that in a way that ‘clicks’ with me yet.


Got this system ironed out! When you change armor/outfits in game, it’ll reflect in the character art!

Here we have Tails in his usual pilot jacket, wearing ‘nothing’, and wearing Sonic’s courier duds- and he’s still able to fully emote regardless of what outfit he’s in, because each portion is actually a different layer!

Skip to the bottom for tl;dr

I probably do more research than actual work when I start a complex project like Fallout New Mobius… (As such, you can expect it to not even be in pre-alpha for a very long time. I’m working hard on my skills and learning a lot about different things for Fallout modding, and I am actually doing something, but you probably won’t see any actual progess reports for a while. I really wish I could wave my magic wand that I don’t have and it would be done… I mean, I’d play the hell out of that mod, seriously.)

Ahem, as I was saying. I have a research update:
It appears that head morphs and (maybe?) color morphs are possible after all… I cannot guarantee it, but it seems like I might be able to create a facial morph set from scratch… MAYBE.


I’m coming late to the Fallout modding scene, so there’s a lot of old and new files, techs, and programs I need to sift through. I don’t know what the most current status is for what can and can’t be modded, and how hard it is…
(Technically anything in any game can be modded if you screw around with the assembly (x86, x64, ARM, THUMB, whatever else) and hex edit the files ad nausium, ad mortem, ad infinitum…)

My ideal situation would be to have a single head model that can be morphed into various mobian races with various characteristics, snouts, eyeshapes, etc, and maybe even have it support phonemes (id est: the mouth morphs used for talking animation)…

Ideally the body will be similar, two bodies, one male, one female, for all races with hair and tail being separate options based on race and applied later… This is of course, all IDEAL. I don’t think I CAN do it this way. Most likely skin(or fur rather) colors will be broken altogether and will require a separate race for each color * each species * male/female
I don’t have the patience for all of that in truth.
I do believe HAIR will be supported relatively easily, probably with color. This is already supported by the engine, and won’t require much work… as far as I’ve read anyway. (And hell, mobians tend to have simple hair anyway)

Tails may be possible, but they may have to be static, and they may not attach to the body in any pretty way… I really don’t want either of these things, but it seems likely. I believe it is possible to add new bones to the existing fallout skeleton, which will support tail animations, however, the animations I have, obviously, don’t have tail movement in them… Fallout’s default animation set is in the HUNDREDS… and that’s just player animations. There’s another set that is just for NPC idle animations. I Honestly Can Not Animate Several Hundred Files.

What would be a realistic solution to this, is if there was a program that could MERGE NEW ANIMATIONS into EXISTING .KF FILES.
(If you want to help me out, I can always use more research and toolsets related to the NIF/ KF/ EGM/ EGT file types… but moreso I could use help from someone who has done work on Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout, etc, which all use variations on the same file formats.)

Sorry, I’ve extended my stay too long…

I ramble a-effing-lot,
You won’t see any mod pics for a while,
I am actually doing things,

Still need some experienced modding help,
may be able to morph heads after all,
tail animation might be possible if I can get a program to merge .KF files.

Yeah no I don’t think I’ll ever be able to do Fini-Mun’s idea justice.

Anyway, this is what I think Scourge might look like if he were in Fallout.

I kinda…this is kind of a joke?? Because the Tunnel Snakes (or whatever gang he’s in) RULE.

This is not his official Fallout New Mobius design, and Fallout New Mobius is Fini-Mun’s AU.

Check it out!

There’s also an Ask Blog! 


Should post on my Fallout: New Mobius blog instead but I can’t be bothered to log back into that tumblr.

Amy isn’t even done here, she’s lacking her headband/bandana/ehhh. … and stress lines around her eyes, now that I look at it. Whoops.

Sonic and Tails have each other’s outfits all done, so Sonic can wear Tails’s and Tails can wear Sonic’s, etc. And I’ll do the same for Amy, too.

Yes, Sonic and Tails can wear dresses. Or at least equivalent clothing. I’m not sure which direction I’ll take on that. Where-ever the winds blow me.

( Just realized Tails’s chest fur is clipping through his coat there. Whoops. Forgot to turn that layer off. Blah. Oh well. )


Holy crap they look so great! My horrible camera skills don’t do them justice. I love the stamp of the logo on the box, too! Really neat idea!!

seriously fini if you sold these individually i would probably buy like 50 if i could i am such a sucker for little lore prop replica things like these omg