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Headcanons for Piper and Male Sole realizing they have feelings for each other and eventually getting together?

Piper x M!Sole

  • The first time Piper really noticed that she was attached to Sole was shortly after the first time he dismissed her. They had been traveling together ever since the interview Piper took with Sole, they hadn’t left each other’s side since. Piper found it oddly lonely being at home again, not out in the Commonwealth with Sole. She found herself missing him and thinking about him, even started writing newspaper stories about him to get over the feeling of loneliness.
  • The Sole Survivor and Piper had been traveling together for so long that Sole found himself thinking about Piper, wondering what witty remark she would say about his actions or what she would say about their surroundings. He found himself missing her constant babble and snarkiness, always thinking in the back of his mind: “What would Piper think about this?”.
  • Sole started collecting and saving sweets and Nuka Cola for Piper while out on his own. He sometimes even went intentionally out of his way to collect sweets for her. He just loved the way she smiled when presented with the gift of sweets. He could see it now, the way her eyes crinkled at the corners and the way her beautiful lips turned upwards at the corners…
  • Once the Sole Survivor returned to Diamond City to pick up Piper, he was greeted by Nat. Nat kept cutting off Piper’s sentences and embarrassing her by saying stuff about the Sole Survivor and her. It was almost like she was implying Piper had a crush on Sole. Probably not, Sole thought. There was no way Piper could like him.
  • One time Sole was away for a lot longer than usual. Piper was becoming worried, Sole NEVER took this long on his journeys around the Commonwealth. He returned just as Piper’s mind started thinking the worst had happened and he was surprised by a hug that knocked him off his feet. Piper was, of course, very sheepish and claimed that she just really really missed him, nothing more. He didn’t believe her.
  • The Sole Survivor sometimes came over to Publick Occurrences when he had a break between quests, hanging out with Piper and Nat for a day or two before going on his way. One of those times, Piper fell asleep on the couch while she and Sole were hanging out. He noticed that and gave her his jacket to use as a blanket, giving her a quick and very nervous kiss on the cheek before leaving. What he didn’t know was that Piper wasn’t fully asleep and witnessed it all. She sat up, race red as a ripe tato. Nat mocked her for days after that.
  • When they finally confessed to each other is a great story to tell. They were traveling through Cambridge to respond to a Settlement’s call for assistance. They were playing the radio through Sole’s pip-boy and paused for quick break. Piper was doing something with her back to Sole when all of the sudden Sole yells. They had forgotten about the ghouls there, even though Sole was almost positive he cleared all of them out of the area. Sole was on the ground, a feral ghoul trying to tear at his neck and chest. Piper almost shot Sole, missing the ghoul and shooting the ground near his head. When they finally managed to take care of it, Piper was on top of him blubbering about how much she loved him and how she couldn’t live with herself if he died right in front of her, etc. He also confessed to her while soothing her and calming her down. They kissed shortly afterwards.
  • Now that Nat knows they are in a relationship, most of the time when they are together and she is nearby, she is yelling “EWW” at them. They did nothing to provoke it, except maybe for that one kiss in front of her…and that other time they flirted while she was next to them…maybe they did provoke it.
Lore Fix - Asian Daniel Mod

Word of God himself, JE Sawyer, writer of the Honest Hearts DLC, has stated that Daniel was always intended to be Asian and that unknown to him, sometime during the late stages of the development of the DLC his race was changed to white. He wrote a very interesting post addressing a lot of things about HH actually, and you can check it out here: link

This is an incredibly simple mod that just toggles his NPC race to Asian. 

You can download it here: Nexus link

Results (no ENB used):

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Companions of all three games in a Fallout au? What kind of "class" would they be and skills would they have? Advisors for inquisition too plz

Coincidentally, Mod Sarah is writing a Fallout/Dragon Age crossover, so this was fun to do, but took me a long time.

Cassandra: She’s an agent for the NCR’s president, and commonly wields an assault carbine. She’s also more than capable of using a machete or a sword if in close-quarters combat.

Iron Bull: While he acts as the boss of a mercenary company, he’s actually spying for the Brotherhood of Steel. He’s grown fond of his group of misfits, and starts having doubts about the Brotherhood’s morals and mission. He carries around a super sledge and a Fat Man and just LOVES beating people with the super sledge.

Blackwall: He’s a mercenary that has wandered all over post-war America. He was, once, a soldier for the NCR, but left over reasons he won’t disclose.

Sera: She’s a thief in New California Republic (the city that’s the capital of the NCR) and picks on the politicians on a regular basis. She carries around a sniper rifle, and she’s adept at sniping and hacking computers and robots.

Varric: He’s a writer who lives in the Atomic Wrangler permanently, and he’s an investor in several of the casinos. He’s eternally curious about what’s going on in the Lucky 38, and hounds the Courier for details. He carries around a tricked-out sniper rifle he’s fondly named Bianca.

Cole: No one’s quite sure what he is, but he pops up as often and as mysteriously as the Mysterious Stranger, helping those in need at chance and then disappearing just as quickly. Some say he’s a ghost, some say he’s a ghoul, but no one knows the truth.

Dorian: He was born and raised in the Institute, but left over differences with their morals, so he settles in Diamond City. He ignores the suspicious whispers, and continues to study his field of science. He uses a quick-shot laser gun, and prefers energy weapons.

Vivienne: She’s a politician in the NCR, and one of the most shrewd senators. Rumor has it that she’s gunning for the presidency. Her preference is for plasma weapons.

Solas: He comes out of a vault, fully intact and not a ghoul, after being inside for 200 years. He refuses to talk about what happened in the vault or why he’s still alive, but he’s left appalled by the state of Earth following the Great War. He begins his own crusade to “restore” it. He’s an adept user of energy weapons.

Josephine: She’s an NCR ambassador, and does her best to smooth relationships over with whoever she handles. She’s very good at her job, and comes from an old family that’s been involved in the NCR from its birth. She does not like to fight, and balks at even holding a pistol.

Leliana: Like Cassandra, she also works for the NCR, and is the best spy they have. She is fond of Pre-War music, and has learned how to play a bunch of old instruments, which she tries her best to preserve. She prefers the use of a silenced 10-mm pistol when working, but if she can fight at a distance, she’ll use a sniper rifle.

Cullen: He’s a commander in the NCR’s army. He prefers shotguns or carbines in combat.

Aveline: She’s an NCR cop that gets sent to Freeside to try to maintain the peace; Wesley dies on the way. Within a few years of her work, Freeside is actually somewhat less shit than it was before. She prefers assault rifles.

Fenris: He’s an escaped synth from the Institute, and hates it and its scientists with a burning passion. He will kill any coursers that are sent after him, and aids other escaped synths to freedom. 

Carver: He comes from a family in the NCR, and eventually moves to New Vegas with his sister, older sibling, and mother. He constantly feels as though he’s overshadowed by his big sibling, who gets much attention as a top-notch mercenary.

Bethany: She comes from a family in the NCR, and eventually moves to New Vegas with her brother, older sibling, and mother. She doesn’t care much for New Vegas, and is very private person, but an effective user of energy weapons.

Anders: He is a psyker with very blatant abilities, and it has led him to be shamed in society, so he has taken to protesting for acceptance and rights. He is also an experienced doctor and is good at using energy weapons and explosives, namely grenades and C4 explosives.

Merrill: She’s from a tribe in the Midwest, albeit one she finds herself kicked out of due to her interests in old world technology. She primarily uses energy weapons.

Isabela: She’s a smuggler of illicit goods such as chems across the NCR border. She hails from the Great Khans, originally, but seems to have little interest in it and speaks hardly at all about her past. She’s exceptionally good at sneaking and stabbing people while using a stealth boy.

Sebastian: He hails from New Canaan, and lived there until it was sacked. He survives and seeks out revenge against the White Legs. After that, he takes to New Vegas for a time, hoping to spread his beliefs there.

Alistair: Rumor has it that he’s the illegitimate child of a former NCR president, but he doesn’t seem to talk much about it. He was originally pegged to work for the NCR’s army, but he had a sharp lack of interest in it. Alistair is experienced with rifles.

Sten: A straight-laced member of the Brotherhood of Steel, he abides by the Codex firmly. He eventually becomes the Elder of a chapter of the Brotherhood.

Shale: She’s a super mutant from the Master’s army, a particularly stoic nightkin who resides in Jamestown. She prefers using a super sledge, and has little patience for others, even other super mutants.

Oghren: He’s from a vault, and he was assigned guard work until he got into a fight, following his wife’s disappearance into the depths of the unexplored parts of the vault. Like several of the others, he prefers a super sledge.

Dog: A good and loyal dog. Unproblematic fave.

Zevran: He’s an assassin from the Talon Merc Company, having been sold to them at a young age. He botches a mission on purpose and ditches them. He’s an excellent infiltrator, capable of picking any lock or hacking any computer, and is never without a stealth boy.

Wynne: a member of Maud’s Muggers Wynne hails from the Capital Wasteland, and is an experienced doctor. She may or may not be a psyker, and had a near-death experience during the Enclave’s attacks, which she miraculously survived. She knows her way around energy weapons.

Morrigan: She hails, originally, from deep in the swamps of Point Lookout. She was raised away from most of civilization with a mysterious old woman who is a psyker, and she’s one, too. She eventually ventures out into the wastes, and is proficient with energy weapons and poison.