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Sins of the Father

Hancock, Ada, and Cass discover the Robobrain facility and confront the Mechanist.

Accompanying Music: MGSV - Sins of the Father - Donna Burke



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Thanks to @george-nordington​ for your input and to @n1ckv4lentine​ and @neonhuegoggles​ for the prompts that went into this comic. I hope it was worth the wait.

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Seven Items Your Character Would Have In Their Pockets At All Times:

I did one of these a while back for my main sole Charlie, so I decided to this one for my full BoS sole Jade. (It took me a sweet minute to finish this because, until now, she just wasn’t as fleshed out as Charlie)

1. Glasses repair kit. Jade needs her glasses. Being unable to just go downtown and pick up a new pair means she better have the means to fix the ones she’s got.

2. Her and Nate’s prewar dog tags. She left Nate’s wedding ring with him, she knew that he’d want to keep it. They were both proud of their service though (even if they weren’t always proud of the actions of their government) so she keeps the dog tags to remind her of Nate, how they met and their life together.

3. A small pack with back ups of all the necessities (1 stimpack, 3 bobby pins, 1 rad away, 1 purified water and 5 50 cal. bullets for her rifle) She’s big on being prepared for anything, this pack isn’t to be counted with regular supplies and isn’t allowed to be touched unless it’s an emergency.

4. A small smooth stone that she rubs when she feels herself loosing her temper. Jade usually keeps herself tightly under control, but all that bottled up emotion has to go somewhere. For her blind rage is a literal thing. When she does lose control, her temper is the stuff of legend. Atom bombs ain’t got nothing on her.

5. A toothbrush. Biggest pet peeve…fuzzy teeth. No, just no. Even if she can’t find toothpaste she has to at least be able to scrub them.

6. A switchblade, it’s really all she needs to be lethal. Jade is a melee expert and usually has and assortment of weapons at hand, but she always, always has one extra switchblade hidden somewhere on her person…good luck finding it.

7. Jade eventually comes to carry a  baseball that once belong to a boy named Kim Wu. Through a series of evens (thanks to the magic of mods) Jade becomes Elder of the East Coast BoS*. Kim Wu lived before the war, he loved baseball and because of the fear and prejudice of her country he ended up in an interment camp. She carries the baseball to remind herself that as a leader she will never allow fear and prejudice to reign.

*no she didn’t kill Maxson. He’s just having a time out at Listening Post Bravo.

I think most people have done this by now, but if you haven and want to, or just want to do it again, feel free to grab this! Link me if you want I’d love to come read about your OCs :)

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Just a stupid comic I felt like making as the X-01 Power Armour in FO4 makes me feel like the Terminator with the sheer ease I can shrug off puny raider bullets and how I relentlessly pursue everyone within a hideout/camp until they’re all dead. Also this theme usually plays in my head whilst its all happening.