fallout terminal

every terminal in fallout

Log 1: the boss man is makin us do these status reports regularly now

Log 2:Dont tell anyone but we use human Bones in our food, ok?

Log 3: Date:  October 22, 2077: my wife is giving birth tommorow! fucking win!


Sins of the Father

Hancock, Ada, and Cass discover the Robobrain facility and confront the Mechanist.

Accompanying Music: MGSV - Sins of the Father - Donna Burke



Story Archive for comics thus far!

Thanks to @george-nordington​ for your input and to @n1ckv4lentine​ and @neonhuegoggles​ for the prompts that went into this comic. I hope it was worth the wait.

The dash is dead

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this is the most random thing but back on about cheese in the fallout universe, there’s a terminal in vault 21 that gives you a menu with one being  Brahmin Sirloin on Blue Bighorn Cheese, so it is canon. i wish it was a consumable, along with the mesquite flavored cazador wings :’(

everyvault  terminal in fallout

entry 1: the overseer boss man is makin us do these maintenance logs for now on

entry 2: log date: january 24th 2078: small amounts of RADIATION are seeping into the vault, im sure its nothing

entry 3: log date: january 25th 2078: im turning feral aaahh!!!!


Just a stupid comic I felt like making as the X-01 Power Armour in FO4 makes me feel like the Terminator with the sheer ease I can shrug off puny raider bullets and how I relentlessly pursue everyone within a hideout/camp until they’re all dead. Also this theme usually plays in my head whilst its all happening.