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overwatch: new vegas part 2 (part one here)

i got overwhelmingly positive responses on the first one, thank you all for your support! i will probably do more doodles for this in the future.

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headcanon danse has a sandpaper dry sense of humor that when coupled with his awkwardness and difficulty communicating with others makes him one weird but hilarious motherfucker to be around

You know what I would like? I would like if you could unlock the first rank of a few perks right at the beginning of the game relevant to your character’s backstory, instead of having to rely on the raw S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats until you level. Like your character’s backstory has to give them SOME kind of edge right?

You’re telling me that M!SS was a soldier and doesn’t have a rank of Rifleman or Commando or Basher from being trained in these weapons and having first-hand combat experience before the bombs fell?

You’re telling me that F!SS got her law degree and she doesn’t have Awareness or Local Leader or Black Widow from engaging in cutthroat legal procedure and necessary mind games and establishing herself in a male-dominated uptight ‘50s culture?

Imagine if you didn’t actually meet the skill criteria of the perk but you could unlock one rank of it because of your backstory. You might never fully level that perk but you get this one little edge because you were trained in it before the game.

And why the fuck is Scrapper even a perk. Unless I set Intelligence to 1 I would like to think that my Sole Survivor is at least smart enough to recognize a goddamn screw. It’s a screw. Why do I need to level up and grow as a person to learn how to recognize and remove a screw.


Ripley Tuttle

My third sole survivor, but the first one that I’m actually enjoying playing as. Also, finally got some tattoos going. Still not satisfied with the arm tattoo and need to make the back darker, but not bad for my first attempt. Plus, the belly button piercing looks cute. Thanks @dreaminginstasis for helping me out! 


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